15 Celebs Who Perfectly Embraced Their Nerdy Side On Halloween

Halloween is one of the best nights of the year to embrace some of your favorite passions and turn them into tremendous costumes that leave people talking. Celebrities have several advantages at their disposal that help make the costumes they throw together stand out above the rest.

Which is extra fun when many of Hollywood's favorite (and most attractive) celebrities show off their nerdier side. For some, it's the world of superheroes that intrigued them. Leading to some versions of these male superheroes that you didn't know were about to become sexualized. Such as Ashley Tisdale doing her best take on Batman or Beyonce who has gone as everyone's favorite web-slinger.

Or perhaps video games are your biggest passion, in which you may fall in love with Eugenie Bouchard's take on Bowser. You can also get ready to play "who wore it better" as we have a few repeats below, though with how good looking these women are, there really is no loser!

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15 Khloe Kardashian - Storm

We're sure that Khloe Kardashian has already started thinking about what costume her, Tristian Thompson and their alleged baby that is on the way are going to dress up as next year. But in 2016, Khloe's only objective was to look as stunning as possible when she donned the black leather needed to pull off her version of Storm.

Thompson was also close by her side, electing to dress up as the Black Panther. While some people online sassed Khloe for the decision to essentially spray paint her forehead, nobody can question that she wasn't at least dedicated to the role! When you consider Kim also makes this list for her rendition of Wonder Woman, perhaps the Kardashian clan is just super into superheroes!

14 Kim Kardashian - Wonder Woman

There are many reasons to dislike Kim Kardashian. But if you're one of the people who love her, part of why may be because she has moments in her life where she looks absolutely beautiful. And when you consider the amount of attention that the family gets on a regular basis, you can't be all too surprised to see that she was going to pull out all the stops for Halloween.

While she has embraced her nerdy side on multiple occasions, including dressing up as Poison Ivy, perhaps your favorite nerdy rendition of hers comes from when she dressed up as Wonder Woman.

We don't know if she's as captivating as Gadot, but then again, who is?

13 Beyonce - Spider-Man

There have been many versions of Spider-Man over the years. Fans are perhaps the happiest with the latest rendition of the character that is brought to life by Tom Holland. But we wouldn't blame you if even if you'd rather see Holland play Spider-Man, that you also wouldn't mind more opportunities to check out Beyonce wearing the costume too!

Beyonce wore the outfit in 2009. You can imagine that if her children end up being huge superhero fans that this definitely won't be the last time she dresses up as a superhero for Halloween. Who knows, perhaps it's only a matter of time before you get to see Jay Z be the person in the Spider-Man suit? Though if that was the case we wouldn't be surprised if the mask stayed on for most of the night.

12 Shay Mitchell - Poison Ivy

Shay Mitchell is not the only Poison Ivy to make her way to our list. But when you check her out alongside Jessica Lowndes who also takes on the character, you'll quickly understand why it would be impossible to leave either of them off.

Perhaps it's the fact that the comic book villain is so used to using seduction as one of her main elements that helped inspire these women to step up their Halloween game! Though we bet Mitchell would require a lot fewer tools than Poison Ivy to get the job done.

Shay owes much of her career success to her relationship with I. Marlene King who helped create both of Mitchell's starring shows, Pretty Little Liars and an upcoming series The Heiresses.

11 Jessica Nigri - Hermione

Jessica Nigri is one of the most popular cosplayers, so naturally, she must have at least a few costumes on-deck to bust out for Halloween. But while she often portrays people from the video game world, one of the outfits that she was using to promote herself this past Halloween was from the world of Harry Potter.

There aren't many characters nerdier than Hermione and while Emma Watson looks tremendous in the role, Nigri may have other elements that may help capture your attention. With close to 3 million followers on Instagram, we're sure Nigri has plenty of fans who were quick to give her costume their approval.

10 Eugenie Bouchard - Bowser

Eugenie Bouchard is one of the most talented female tennis players to come out of Canada. And while her career has had some difficulties, including battling through a concussion, Bouchard's career still has a bright future ahead of it.

When she isn't trying to kick some ass on the tennis court, perhaps she loves spending some time with Mario. Though considering she dressed up as Bowser for one Halloween, perhaps she finds herself being more sympathetic towards the antagonist!

Let's hope there wasn't someone dressed up as Mario at the party or there could have been a throwdown and if history has told us anything, Bowser probably wasn't going to come out on top.

9 Nicole Scherzinger - Catwoman

Nicole Scherzinger has earned acclaim for a variety of projects over her career. While she is currently known for her role as a judge on The X Factor, she is also a previous winner of Dancing With The Stars and had a solid career as one of the lead singers in The Pussycat Dolls.

Perhaps her experience with the Pussycats was why she was inspired to embrace Catwoman for Halloween back in 2013. While we don't know if Anne Hathaway's version that you saw in The Dark Knight Rises was quite as revealing, we're sure you don't mind seeing Scherzinger's interpretation of the outfit!

8 Rihanna - TMNT

If you have a close group of 3 other friends, there is no way you haven't at least considered going as the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for Halloween. It's easy to spot them when they're at the party, helped in part by the fact that when you dress up as them, you get decked out in green!

But nobody may have pulled off the look better than Rihanna (and her friends) who donned the heroes in a half-shell back in 2014. While she looks tremendous, with the amount of work that all that green paint must have taken we definitely don't blame her for not wanting to take on the character again.

7 Lais Ribeiro - Mystique

When you look at some of the photos that Lais Ribeiro has done alongside her modelling career as a Victoria's Secret Angel, it becomes evident that she is comfortable in her own skin. But for this past Halloween, she elected to change her skin-tone entirely, donning blue paint to transform into the (often antagonistic) Mystique.

The popular X-Men character has been brought to life by the gorgeous Rebecca Romijn, as well as Jennifer Lawrence on the big screen, but we're sure you agree that Riberio looks just as gorgeous with her rendition. When you consider one of her friends (and fellow model) Josephine Skriver dressed up as Hannibal Lector, it's clear they wanted to embrace their evil side!

6 Stephanie Beatriz - America Chavez

Stephanie Beatriz didn't pick the most common superhero character when she stepped out on the town for Halloween in 2017. But her rendition of Miss America, aka America Chavez, has understandably gotten people talking about how amazing she looks.

Chavez entered into the comic book world in 2011 and in doing so became the first Latin-American LGBTQ character to have a lead in a comic book series. While it's not clear on if Chavez is going to make her way onto either the big-screen or the small-screen (such as Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D), if it does, they know who to call! Especially because Beatriz is no stranger to kicking some ass and defending those who need it with her character as Detective Rosa Diaz on Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

5 Dwayne Johnson - The Hulk

Dwayne Johnson is used to using his physical size to help in his career. It's not like he would have succeeded in the WWE if he wasn't able to throw people around. And being 6'5 and over 240 pounds of muscle may also play a factor in him being one of the biggest action stars in Hollywood.

But Dwayne Johnson also knows how to use his size to his advantage when it comes to Halloween. There may not be a better costume choice possible for such an avenue than The Incredible Hulk, who Johnson dressed up as in 2012.

Johnson Tweeted out his costume along with the message "Don't make me angry. You wouldn't like me when I'm angry." - The People's Hulk.

4 Ciara And Russell Wilson - Catwoman And Batman

Ciara must love superheroes, as when she had her birthday party back in October 2015, it was superhero themed! Credit goes to her husband Russell Wilson who along with dressing up as Batman organized the event, including getting the Batmobile from the Batman V. Superman car to pick up Ciara.

You may agree that one of the smartest things he did was pick out that outfit for Ciara to wear as she embraced her love of Catwoman. And while technically it was a birthday party and not Halloween, the fact that the party fell on October 26th is definitely close enough for us!

Ciara has also donned her best take on the X-Men character Storm in the past.

3 Jessica Lowndes - Poison Ivy

Jessica Lowndes may not have the most accurate rendition of "Poison Ivy" in the entire world, but you might not be sitting there and thinking about how much you hate how much skin she elected to show.

Lowndes wore the outfit back in 2013 when attending a party in Beverly Hills. Perhaps Lowndes wanted all eyes to be on her in order to boost some of her confidence as it was reported that her long-term relationship had ended only a few days prior to Halloween!

While Lowndes is best known for her work on 90210, which she was on from 2008-2013, she recently appeared in two episodes of Major Crimes. With no current projects on the horizon, we hope Lowndes is at the very least using this gap in her filmography to relax.

2 Jaimie King - Power Rangers

Jaime King is an accomplished model, but she also succeeded in the world of film including starring in the television series Hart of Dixie and appearing in movies such as Pearl Harbor and Sin City.

This past Halloween perhaps she was trying her best to prove that she would also make a great addition to any future Power Rangers movie! Bonus points go for Jamie also including her two kids, both aged under 5, in on the fun.

King is currently working on the film Escape Plan 2: Hades that saw Arnold Schwarzenegger get swapped out of the lead role for Dave Bautista. Considering the increase in support that Bautista has seen as of late, including for his role in Blade Runner 2049, it may end up being a smart decision for her to have signed on to the film!

1 Ashley Tisdale - Batman

If we're being blunt, there is no way that if Batman was real that he'd ever be able to get anything done wearing as little protection as Ashley Tisdale has going on with her 2012 Halloween costume. But we don't know if you'd be quite as big a fan of her costume if she elected to cover up her body with a big brooding suit that is more similar to what you're used to seeing on the big screen.

The following year Tisdale was named one of the 10 hottest women in Hollywood by Maxim. Perhaps they remembered her outfit from Halloween when deciding to place her so highly!

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