15 Celebs Who Need To Do More Squats

It's a bootie world. There's no denying that over the years, the rear end has made a big comeback. As we focus on women's body parts, there are many features people like to consider. The boobs are wonderfully fun to talk about. The "Disneyland" of human body parts is quite fun for those who partake in these two wondrous funbags. A woman's breasts are a special part of our society, being flaunted in magazines, online and in the flesh as often as can be. It's not just men wanting to see more boobs either. Women know what men want and what makes other women jealous, and they flaunt their two biggest "assets" as often as possible. So, boobs have always been a pretty big part of the WOW factor when it comes to physical appearance. And moving beyond a beautiful face and a great set of legs, another "asset" on women that has gained more and more steam over the years is a great behind.

An increased focus on the backside region of women has become more commonplace over the recent decade. More and more people are getting plastic surgery. It used to be that the main focus of the surgeries were just boobs. But nowadays, butt implants have gained in steam. The bootie look is in full-swing, made most famous by R&B and rap artists. Viral explosions like the twerking craze is further evidence of society's increased fascination with a woman's backside. Women around the world have taken notice and worked hard to keep their junk in the same mindset as their breasts -- round and firm. However, some are not as lucky as others. Some women have suffered from the "backside blues." They were born with a butt not nearly as bodacious as others. These are 15 Celebrities Who Need To Do More Squats.


15 Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande is known for a lot of things. One is that she's incredibly tiny and pretty. Another is that she enjoys licking pastries in public. No matter if you're a fan of her singing or not, Grande has a HUGE fan following. She's a successful singer who's now known throughout the world. The young star isn't very curvaceous, though. She's a beautiful young woman, but her dancer-like figure makes her better for tossing in the air than ogling at in a magazine. In particular, Grande's flat, tiny butt doesn't draw the rave reviews her beautiful face draws. The singer is known a lot more for being tiny than she is for having a full figure. She's the opposite of hourglass, and in this photo, you see why she's on our flat-butt list. She's skinny, but she can also round out that behind and make it just a bit more bodacious!

14 Zoe Saldana


Certainly, nobody is hating on Zoe Saldana's beauty. The beautiful NJ native has some striking good looks. 2002 was a big year for her. She found success in two different films: the Britney Spears vehicle, Crossroads, and another coming-of-age story in Drumline. Saldana got her first taste of a big-budget affair when she starred in Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl. Unfortunately for Saldana, her first taste of the big time was not a good one. She was so angered by how much disrespect she received on set, she nearly quit acting. We're happy she didn't, as she went on to star in some massively successful films the likes of the Star Trek movie series re-launch and Avatar. Nobody will ever accuse Saldana of not being talented or beautiful. She just could do some squats and power her behind up a bit is all.

13 Nicole Richie

Ah, drugs, alcohol, and a distaste for all that's right. Nicole Richie has gone through quite the journey during the course of her life. She was an entitled young girl, the spawn of successful R&B singer Lionel Richie. She paired up with Paris Hilton to create a modern-day Laverne and Shirley as the two comically tripped their way through reality television and partied until the sun went down. The pair was inseparable. But an eating disorder, drug and alcohol abuse, and the partying all got to Richie. She had a falling out with galpal Hilton and ended up going her own way. Richie has since overcome a lot of her pitfalls during her early adulthood, but one thing she'll never get away from is her God-given flat backside. That's just something she'll always have to deal with.

12 Ke$ha


Ke$ha has never been one to hit the gym with regularity, but she's always managed to stay in shape through dancing. Her rise and brief career speed bump were like a whirlwind of activity. She came up "Tick-Tocking" along and was an instant success. She gained massive notoriety through her catchy song lyrics and fun beats. It seemed as if the world was her oyster and even shared her life through her own reality television series. But the pressures of success seemed to clearly wear on her. She was seen publicly drunk (like on national television) and looked wasted some of the time. Then she reportedly was being treated for an eating disorder. Reports were that she had serious drug and alcohol issues. Ke$ha then proceeded to take her former producer to court, accusing him of sexual abuse while trying to break her contract with him. It was all crazy, but these days, we marvel at how crazy-flat her butt is. From a side angle, it's almost like a flat board.

11 Lindsay Lohan

It's really not a question of what lists Lindsay Lohan is on at this point; it's what list she isn't on that would surprise us. LiLo has made a career out of submarining her own future. It's been shocking to watch the deconstruction of someone with so much promise and who's had so much success and to have a front row seat for her downfall. LiLo is fortunate she's still standing upright, with her numerous arrests for drinking and driving and doing God-knows-what before she's gotten behind the wheel of cars after partying. She was a star, a bankable young actress about to eclipse A-list status when her partying ways and ego destroyed her career. She's been under house arrest and gone to jail. One thing she always has had, though, is a nice figure, an attractive allure focusing on her breasts. However, LiLo was not blessed with the same kind of production out of her topside as what resides on her backside. A clear lack of focus on exercising has left her with little backside to speak of despite her other God-given talents.

10 Paris Hilton


Paris Hilton broke a lot of ground as one of the first women famous for being famous. Hilton is an heiress who's always been incredibly spoiled and even more entitled. Hilton has been enabled to do whatever she wants, whenever she wants. This is a dangerous combination for anyone who has some talent. However, Hilton, a pseudo model and reality actress (and now DJ), has partied and enjoyed life like we're all just living in her world. She graced magazine covers galore before the internet exploded. Then, she was an internet sensation with her Sunset Strip (Los Angeles) partying ways. She hit Miami, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and New York with regularity. One thing was consistent: she was modelesque and thin but lacked real definition in her rear.  However, these days it does seem like she may have packed a little more punch in her behind as rumors of implants have recently surfaced.

9 Victoria Beckham

We're going to "Spice" things up with a little Victoria Beckham. The former Spice Girl is never lacking in her good looks. Along with her chiseled husband, soccer star David Beckham, the two often are glorified as the most beautiful couple in the world. They may be getting up there in years, but the pair still have some pretty crazy good looks. Victoria, for her part, has always sported some pretty awesome beauty. She's been a successful singer and model. She's strutted the catwalk and always impressed. Her issue, though, if we can call it one, has been her flat backside. She's never had much of a butt and never really focused on that. With a drop-dead gorgeous face and a thin, petite figure, Beckham has been satisfied with her assets. But if we're being picky, a few more squats definitely could've added more power to her bootie and made her a home run.


8 Cameron Diaz


A lot of people fell in love with Cameron Diaz when she appeared in the successful film, The Mask, starring Jim Carrey. It was at this point when a lot of the world was introduced to the blonde, blue-eyed beauty. Diaz was nothing short of amazing in her role. We all watched with excitement as this new star strutted her stuff. The funny thing about that movie is she looked a little more hourglass when she shot it. After that film, Diaz seemed to lose every ounce of fat that has ever existed on her body and is a lean beauty machine still to this day. Her thin, strong figure is impressive, but what she's always seemed to lack is a bodacious backside to go with her frame. There's no lack of effort here. Diaz just has no fat to turn into muscle anymore.

7 Kendall Jenner

Don't cry for Kendall Jenner too much. She probably has already gotten butt implants to combat any complaints or criticisms that she doesn't have an impressive-enough butt. Jenner, of course, is one of the many entitled Kardashian family members who have become reality television royalty. Somehow, they've made an art out of promoting themselves and their brands through television and online media. Their brilliant marketing cannot improve their physical appearances, though, so the family generally goes plastic. That's what the plastic surgeon is for, and the Kardashians are regulars there. Jenner wasn't born with much of a natural figure. She doesn't have much in the way of lady humps, but have no fear: Dr. Schwartz and his knife are always near!

6 Mila Kunis


That 70's star Mila Kunis has done very well for herself since her television success. She's grown into a romantic-comedy darling on the big screen. She's a hotly sought-after actress. In fact, she's so sought-after that Ashton Kutcher left his wife, Demi Moore, for her. Now, Kunis and Kutcher have rekindled a romance that began when she was 16 and he was 21 while they co-starred on the small screen together. Kunis has always been tiny. She's a petite thing who's built more like a small dancer without any curves. So, with regard to her lack of a backside, it does make sense. Nature does try to be fair at times and doles out the bigger butts with the bigger boobs and the smaller with the smaller. In this case, Nature was right on. But we still would like a bit more for Kunis's rear despite Nature's laws.

5 Brooke Hogan

This one is surprising. When you see Brooke Hogan you're not looking at a tiny, petite woman. Her backside definitely is lacking, though. But let's start off with how we even know who this girl is. Brooke is obviously the daughter of Hulk Hogan. She's a blonde bombshell who doesn't do anything real well. She isn't gorgeous but does have a pretty nice topside going on. That's how she attracts attention, which began on the family's failed reality television series. Hogan's wife cheated on him with a much younger man, and the family dynamic imploded. For her part, Brooke has attempted to do what all faux female celebrities do: desperately flaunt their bodies for attention. In Brooke's case, the boobs are good, but she definitely didn't get the butt to go with it.

4 Megan Fox


Michael Bay's ex-"It" girl, Megan Fox, arrives next. Fox is a beauty who has deep blue eyes to go with the freckles on her face. The sexy young star was a huge hit in the Transformers movie series until she got tired of Bay's antics. So, Fox moved on. She was always very thin and petite, so to balance out her body, she opted to get a new pair of knockers. The move paid off, and if you've ever seen This is 40, you know exactly what we're talking about. Fox's body has emerged as a force whereas she used to simply rely on her beauty and thin frame. However, Nature's law plays here. She wasn't naturally given the boobs, so it should come as no surprise that Fox has a relatively flat butt. She may no longer have a matching pair, but this beauty still gets a big thumbs up from us!

3 Miley Cyrus

Sometimes, Miley Cyrus looks like a beautiful young woman. And then, sometimes, she seems to try and make herself look like a boy. We don't know exactly what goes on inside her head, but the talented singer and actress has enjoyed incredible success. Her Disney television series, Hannah Montana, was a massive hit. She left that scene for the singing stage and hasn't stopped with successful popular hit after hit. She sells out to stadium-sized crowds with regularity. But Cyrus also has gotten a little strange at times. She likes to flaunt her body as often as possible. In undressing, Cyrus shows off what she has (and what she doesn't). Cyrus is another thin and petite girl. But she definitely doesn't have much in the way of curves, which is why she lands on this list. She has a very flat backside.

2 Taylor Swift


Nobody should be surprised that T-Swift is on this list. Her body is thin, and she's almost like a rail. Taylor Swift is best known for being a bubbly hit-making pop star. She's made a few acting drop-ins here and there, but it's her voice that brings her to a whole other level. Taylor Swift is a worldwide star. She sells out to massive stadium audiences, and her albums top the charts with regularity. She's THE hit-maker in the music business today. She also is a hopeless romantic who's infamous for tossing grenades at her exes in her music. The beloved singer is highly relatable, and people say she's "very sweet." Her personality often shines in her music and when she appears in public. But, and we mean a very small "butt," T-Swift does lack the kind of backside boogie that could make her an epic beauty. It is what it is. Maybe a lot of power squats can add to her arsenal of beauty. Other than lacking a bootie to speak of, though, T-Swift often impresses wherever she goes.

1 Ciara

Among everyone on this list, it's singer Ciara, who easily has the most potential to turn this frown around. First off, the singer/songwriter has enjoyed a huge amount of success over the past few years. That she can write hit songs is nothing new; she normally writes for some of the most successful singers around. But this time, she kept some of her best songs for herself, and she's exploded in popularity and success because of that. The often-shy singer has some pretty impressive attributes to play with. First off, she's beautiful. Secondly, she does have some hourglass to her. However, a lot of her rear is an "unfinished" product. Ciara could easily hit some squats and turn that bootie into something legendary. She has the goods everywhere else, and all this one definitely needs is a "natural" fix. Just rock some squats, and tighten up those goods!

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