15 Celebs Who Make Fools Of Themselves On Snapchat

Snapchat as a social media platform is becoming more popular with its user base and especially with celebrities. The social media app is a great way for fans to get an up close and personal look at their favorite actors, musicians, and sports stars, giving those interested a play-by-play kind of reality that reality shows like Keeping Up With The Kardashians or even MTV’s Cribs can’t quite capture. The Snapchat app also provides celebrities a means of staying relevant and can often be a quick-fire way of raising someone's status. However, there are times when sharing too much of celebrity’s lifestyle can sometimes backfire with spectacular results. These celebrities who share so much of their lives online frequently cross the line and either show way too much, or show the world just how dumb and ridiculous they can be.

While some celebs are quite happy to make idiots of themselves online on a seemingly daily basis, others aren’t quite so intentional and can often destroy their careers, spoil shows that they are a part of, or completely disconnect themselves from their fans. There are so many different ways that celebrities can mess up their own careers, and many seem to accidentally do this when it comes to Snapchat. We shall take a look at 15 celebrities that have made idiots of themselves either knowingly or unknowingly with Snapchat posts. Some have come to regret these decisions, and some remain blissfully ignorant as to how annoying they really are.

15 Taylor Swift Gets Owned By Kanye and Kim On Snapchat

Via Kim Kardashian Snapchat

In August of 2017, Taylor Swift deleted everything from her social media pages with the exception of her YouTube channel. This means that despite having millions of followers, her Instagram, Tumblr and Facebook accounts were completely wiped blank.

However, it isn’t known whether this was the result of promoting her new album or if she was tired of feuding with the several other celebrities, perhaps most notably Kanye West and Kim Kardashian. Their dispute came to a head when she was apparently caught in a lie regarding providing permission to Kanye in allowing her to use her name in his song "Famous."

Kim uploaded a video showing Kanye asking Taylor Swift for permission to use her name in his song, which she denied to prior to the video releasing. However, while Swift clearly did give the rap star permission to use her name it’s unlikely that she expected to be called an offensive name in his song.

14 Waka Flocka Takes A Game Of Make Believe Too Far


In May of 2017, rapper Waka Flocka Flame posted a Snapchat video of him playing make-believe with his 3-year-old niece. The Snap caused an uproar with viewers because it appears that he locked her inside a dog cage, and she was visibly upset about being in there.

The rapper claims that she locked herself in there and he just let her out. However, the question remains as to why he thought it was funny enough to leave a toddler locked up inside a dog cage, and instead of letting her out he decided to film the moment and upload it to Snapchat. Many fans criticized this cruel behavior. After the incident he stated that doesn't care about the criticism and he could run a daycare center for kids. After this incident, we can’t see too many parents taking him up on that offer.

13 Spoiler Alert: Don't Give Away The Results Of A Reality Show Before It Airs

Via Dailymail/People

The star of 2015’s The Bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe came under fire after she posted, then deleted a Snapchat video of herself getting quite close with one of the contestants from the show. She claimed the Snap was an accident but it didn’t matter to fans or the show’s producers because she spoiled results four weeks before the results were due to air. Many fans of the show bombarded her with questions and comments regarding the unfortunate accidental post. How she accidentally managed to post this is still unclear for many.

For fans of the show, the one good thing to come from that particular series is that Kaitlyn and the winner Shawn Booth are still together and are engaged to be married. While the viewing experience might have been ruined for the fans, and Bristowe probably got in trouble with show runners, at least we now know that not all reality show relationships are “showmances.”

12 Usher Gets A Little Too Steamy For His Fans

Via E Online

The singer and former The Voice coach Usher has never been shy about putting on a display for and with his fans at shows, and as his most recent scandal shows that he even gets a little too close with them in private too. Usher is used to crossing many lines with his fans, but this Snapchat scandal definitely takes the cake. Instead of getting up close and personal with certain fans, this time, he shared way too much of himself for the entire world on his Snapchat account.

On this particular occasion, Usher made a bit of a show of himself on Snapchat when he wanted to give his fans a tour of his luxurious home. The video was pretty standard stuff until he got his steam room where he proceeded to show a little bit too much. As a result, it wasn’t long before his fans got a view of the celebrity, leaving very little to the imagination. While he certainly got the attention he wanted, it disturbed many of his fans.

11 DJ Khaled Posted His Credit Card On Snapchat And Managed To Lose $80,000

Via Daily Mail

The "All I Do is Win" star DJ Khaled is one of the most followed celebrities on Snapchat as he guides his fans through his secrets of success often with unintentionally hilarious results. He’s become known for what has affectionately become his “Khaled-isms” amongst fans with phrases like "Them doors that was closed, I ripped the doors off the hinges and put in the hinges in my boy's hands" and “You a genius”. His outlandish personality has drawn comparisons with Sacha Baron Cohen’s Ali G character.

Khaled, however, really messed up in January 2016 when he flashed his American Express Black on one of his Snapchat videos and lost $80,000 in 30 seconds. It’s likely he was reimbursed but hopefully, this was a lesson for him not to get so carried away in the future.

10 Ex On The Beach Stars Show A Lot More Than People Wanted To See

Via Mirror

Former Ex On The Beach and Celebrity Big Brother stars Megan McKenna and Jordan Davies are no strangers to outlandish and shameless behavior for their antics on the MTV and Channel 5 reality shows.

However, the former couple took their outrageousness to new and even lower levels through the Snapchat app. After attending a Wiz Khalifa concert in 2015, Jordan filmed Megan in a very compromising situation. Unfortunately, the risqué act was shared on Snapchat for all their fans to see.

After their antics on Ex On The Beach, the then-couple treated the incident as a positive thing and openly discussed it via Twitter. However, the Megan now trying to break America as a country music singer it’s probably safe to say that may regret the incident in hindsight.

9 Tom Daley Got Too Close To A Fan

Via Daily Mirror

British Olympic diver Tom Daley already admitted to getting too intimate with a fan during a break in his relationship via the Snapchat app. In 2016, the now married Daley sent inappropriate images to a fan before getting back together with his then fiancé, the Oscar-winning screenwriter Dustin Lance Black.

While this is not that unusual in this day and age, someone of Tom’s status was already at risk of the images being leaked, and in January of 2018 the intimate snaps were released to the public. What the diver did in an intimate moment shouldn’t have been anyone else’s business but sadly his one slip of common sense is now out in the public domain.

8 Cash Me Outside Girl Annoys With Every Social Media Broadcast

via: youtube.com

If you ever needed proof that to be a celebrity in 2018 requires virtually no talent then Danielle Bregoli, also known as the Cash Me Outside girl, is living proof.

Bregoli gained fame after appearing on the Dr. Phil show to discuss her out of control behavior. The segment was called “I Want To Give Up My Car-Stealing, Knife-Wielding, Twerking 13-Year-Old Daughter Who Tried To Frame Me For A Crime.” In addition to all that, she got into a confrontation on the show making the infamous phrase “cash me outside, how bow dah” an internet meme, stole a crew member’s car, and got into a fight with a woman on an LAX airplane.

Instead of punishment, Bregoli has been rewarded with a music contract, and become an internet sensation. Yet despite this, the underage Danielle filmed herself dancing suggestively on Snapchat, and her friend even uploaded a video of her fighting with her mother to the platform all in less than a year.

7 Farrah Abraham Makes Sure She Won't Be Receiving A Mom of The Year Award

via E Online

16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham have been considered a controversial figure for some time. Since the reality shows, she has caused a storm in the Big Brother house and was considered by fans to be the show’s most controversial contestant. Abraham became an adult movie star and is generally considered to be a terrible influence on her daughter.

Farrah became the subject of more controversy and questionable parenting when she allowed her 7-year-old daughter Sophia to use Snapchat and ask strangers to text her. This combined with her daughter’s age resulted in Snapchat banning Sophia from the app. However, the worst part is when Abraham defended her daughter’s use of the app by saying “if she’s hyper, then good for her before bedtime.”

6 Model Becomes The Most Hated Woman On The Internet

via Daily Mail

Prior to becoming one of the most infamous women on the internet, model Dani Mathers was already sharing suggestive snaps on the Snapchat app. However, it wasn’t a risqué image that quite rightly destroyed the 2015 Playmate of the Year’s mainstream entertainment career.

The model came under fire when she shared an image of an elderly member of the same LA Fitness gym that Mathers went to. The snap was a blatant attempt at bullying and left the unsuspecting woman feeling humiliated.

As a result, Mathers now has a criminal record and was sentenced to 3 years probation with one day a week of graffiti removal for 30 days. In addition, the model lost her regular radio job and was banned from LA Fitness for life.

5 Jeremy McConnell Live Snaps His Parole Violation

Via Wales Online

After placing second in a male version of a beauty pageant in Ireland, model Jeremy McConnell became a reality star when he was placed into the UK version of Celebrity Big Brother. It was his on-screen relationship with fellow Celebrity Big Brother contestant the former soap actress Stephanie Davis that gained him some limited fame in the UK.

After having constant rows in the house, the couple was doomed from the start, yet they continued their relationship on the outside and documented their ups and downs via social media. The volatile couple predictably separated after McConnell physically attacked Davis and received a suspended prison sentence and mandatory community service.

However, the Irishman skipped his legal obligations, went to Turkey to get a hair and beard transplant, and then live-streamed the results via his Snapchat. the clip was reported to the authorities and when he returned, the reality star was arrested and the judge sent McConnell to prison. While his vanity caused his him miss Christmas, he was released in time for the New Year after an appeal.

4 Is Serena Williams Dancing Or Trying Out For The New Zealand All Blacks?

Via Eurosport

Serena Williams is one of the most decorated and talented tennis players in the world. Along with her sister Venus, they are two of the most dominating forces on the women’s tennis court. After taking some time away from the sport to focus on motherhood she is expected to come back sometime in 2018 to dominate again.

However, as talented and as great as she is on the tennis court, Serena William cannot dance. Yet despite the general consensus that she can’t do it, Serena insists on uploading more and more awful Snapchat videos of her doing it.

Some of Serena's Snap chat followers compared her dancing to someone having an electric shock or one of the New Zealand All Blacks rugby players performing the Haka before a game to intimidate their opponents.

3 Victoria Beckham Fails At Snapchat

Via aol.com

Victoria Beckham gained fame in the late 1990s as one of the Spice Girls and the one member of the band that refused to smile. She later married the most famous soccer player in the world, became a fashion designer launching her own brand of clothing, and became a successful businesswoman. She hasn’t however, been able to master he Snapchat puppy face filter yet. On a night out with Eva Longoria, they were playing with the social media app and Victoria could get the filter to work properly.

While the selfie-taking app worked perfectly for Eva, Victoria couldn’t the "dog tongue" to stick out. This was probably because even now she refuses to smile or get out of her sultry Posh Spice mode, and to get the filter to work a person needs to actually open their mouths and be a little more animated than shyly poking their own tongue out.

2 Brooklyn Beckham Busted By Dad

Via The Express

This is the second Beckham on the list, but unlike his mother, Victoria, Brooklyn Beckham has mastered social media and knows how to make social media apps like Snapchat work for him and gain fame in a way that allows him to escape the shadow of his famous parents.

Although, unfortunately for Brooklyn, escaping the shadow of your parents when you’re skipping school is an entirely different matter altogether. During a live stream to his millions of followers on the Snapchat app, his father, David Beckham, chastised him for not being in school. Many fans spotted this comment, and were amused to see how easily he let himself get caught. The incident sparked his followers to repeat the phrase “ You should be in school” over and over again in Beckham’s next live stream. This proves that the time-honored tradition of a parent shaming their kids in front of the friends – or in Beckham's case, 9 million followers – knows no bounds.

1 Social Media Star Logan Paul Nearly Destroys His Career With One Video

via Metro

Logan Paul became an internet sensation and so-called YouTube influencer when he gained a large following with the Vine app, although he was already making internet videos for the Zoosh channel on YouTube.

Paul continued his massive success through all forms of social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat. His antics on Vine and Snapchat have left him with permanent injuries. Despite the fact that his brand of humor is an acquired taste, his fame looked like it was about to cross over into Hollywood with acknowledgments from the likes of The Rock in 2017.

However, in early January 2018 Paul – whose audience are often younger viewers – uploaded a video which showed him discovering a man who took his own life in the infamous Japanese forest and laughing. The despicable act has so far caused outrage and disgust amongst his peers and celebrities have condemned him.

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