15 Celebs Who Love To Bare It All On Screen But Need To Stop

Going naked on screen is something that not many actors and actresses can agree on. Some say that it’s perfectly fine – after all, they have a great body, so why not show it off? Others feel that since film is art, anything goes with the human body. Then there are some who will only do nude scenes if they have a body double to actually do the nude bits, and others who refuse to go nude at all.

Much like the decisions of actors and actresses to go nude, there are plenty of different reactions to the scenes as well. Some people think they are fantastic, and want nothing more than to see as much as possible in this vein. Others think such scenes are crass and should be banned. Most people are probably in the middle group: feeling that nudity is fine, so long as it contributes to the storyline and is not merely gratuitous. Unfortunately, this being Hollywood, gratuitous is often the word of the day.

Well, we’ve picked out 15 Hollywood stars who have admitted that they love to bare it all. Not only do we have to take their word for it, but they also do it all the time on the big screen (and sometimes the little screen too). They seem to be perfectly comfortable with whipping things out whenever they are given the opportunity to do so. But maybe it’s time for them to start thinking about a change, and wearing some clothes instead. Here’s why…

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15 Julianne Moore

via Microze

We have to admit, Julianne Moore is a great actress and usually a joy to watch. She has a lot of experience and definitely knows how to bring emotion and history to a role. When you watch her, you can’t help but feel that she really has lived through the experiences of her character. Unfortunately, she also takes her clothes off in what seems like every single movie she does. Now, there are exceptions – the Hunger Games role, for example – but she does get naked a lot. Really, a lot. The problem is that she’s getting older now, and besides, we’ve seen it all before at this point. What would be great is if she would start playing more serious roles, in movies that don’t have to rely on nudity to sell tickets, so that we can admire her acting instead of yet another shot of her bare chest. It’s time to move on!

14 Nicole Kidman

via First

Let’s take a look back at the nude roles of Nicole Kidman. She has appeared more or less in a state of undress in Eyes Wide Shut, Billy Bathgate, Strangerland, and now Big Little Lies. Nicole is now 49, and while we won’t say that women should be never seen naked when they are getting older, she should perhaps start to think about preserving her modesty a bit. It’s also quite at odds with some of the more serious roles she has played, including a predilection for feminist role models. But all of that aside, she doesn’t really seem to be able to handle talking about it very well. When interviewed by her friend, radio host Kyle Sandilands, she became flustered about the shower scenes in Big Little Lies and told him to stop talking about it. If you aren’t comfortable enough to discuss it openly on air, then you shouldn’t be doing it, no matter how happy with it you claim to be.

13 Keira Knightley

via cultjer

Keira has never had much of a problem with stripping off. While some people might judge her slim body, which is more of a boyish figure, there are others who would find it just their cup of tea. But there’s another reason why she should consider covering up from now on. Let’s take a look at the ratings on Rotten Tomatoes of some of the movies in which she got naked, shall we? There was The Edge of Love, with a 35% rating, and Domino with a heady 19%. But nothing can match the lows of Silk, at just a 7% rating. Now let’s look at some others, where she was fully clothed. In Atonement, she gives us a few almost-glimpses without stripping off, and that has 83%. PG-rated Pride and Prejudice has 85%, and The Imitation Game has 90%. In other words, Keira needs to stop courting controversy with her scenes and focus on choosing the right scripts from now on.

12 Natalie Dormer

via Pinterest

We’re almost at the point of suggesting that Natalie Dormer drop acting for a while altogether, because what hasn’t she been in? At some near point we will reach a critical stage where Natalie has literally been in every single show on television, as well as most of the movies. It’s hard to maintain suspension of disbelief about characters when you have her appearing in Game of Thrones, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, AND Elementary all at the same time. That’s after her recurring roles in The Tudors and Silk, too. Ironically for a woman who played Anne Boleyn, it’s not hard to find Natalie naked at all. Which is why she should maybe start to tone it down a little. After all, too much of a good thing is bad for you, and in Natalie’s case, we might get to the stage where we’re all just a little bit bored of it.

11 Angelina Jolie

via Sophie Moet

She might be one of the hottest women in the world, but Angelina Jolie has her fair share of controversies where her personal life is concerned. A lot of the stories about her personality seem to be quite disturbing, although many of them spring from her wild youth. She seems to have calmed down lately, but has appeared nude on film as recently as 2015’s By The Sea. While we admire the courage that it took to do a nude scene after her double mastectomy, she is a mother now and should be thinking about her dignity. Do her kids really want to grow up seeing pictures of her naked all around the place? She has 6 altogether – 3 natural and 3 adopted – and if even one of them is uncomfortable with it (which we can’t imagine teenage boys not being) then she should stop out of respect for them.

10 Rebel Wilson

via YouTube

Rebel Wilson hasn’t actually gone full frontal yet, and has even said that she won’t – so there’s some good news. But she definitely doesn’t mind wearing skimpy clothes, and in Sacha Baron Cohen’s latest release, Grimsby, she appears to just about show everything without actually doing it. It’s one of those scenes where you really do have to look twice; if it was up on the screen for a shorter time you might feel convinced that you had in fact seen it all.

While all different body types are acceptable and attractive to some, there’s one thing for sure about Rebel’s: it’s not healthy. While promoting a stick-thin figure is irresponsible, Hollywood should be aware that promoting obesity simply takes us too far off the other end of the scale. We don’t want to see any more of Rebel’s body – at the very least, until she cuts down on her risk of heart disease, diabetes, osteoarthritis, and an early death by gaining a healthier figure. To her credit, she has already begun her weight loss journey.

9 Sharon Stone

via All For You

The problem with Sharon Stone is that she hasn’t really aged gracefully. She has a stubborn refusal to wear a bra, it seems, even though she has a personal preference for thin vests and even though things are now starting to head south a little. Now, there’s nothing wrong at all with the natural processes of the body. That doesn’t mean you have to flaunt them at every given opportunity. At this point we would really like to see Sharon acting with some grace. And really, what’s the point anymore? She already has such an iconic nude scene, in 1992’s Basic Instinct, that nothing will ever top it. If people just aren’t paying attention to those kind of scenes, why bother doing them? They certainly haven’t done anything for her career, as her most recent outing in 2013’s Fading Gigolo was not exactly met with great critical appreciation or awards.

8 Laura Prepon

via NBC

It’s pretty cool that Laura Prepon managed to rejuvenate her career with her role in Orange is the New Black. After all, she was a much-beloved actress when she was starring in That '70s Show, and so it’s great to see her get more work and more recognition. Here’s the problem, though: she’s Donna. To a large portion of a whole generation, she’s Donna. And thanks to the squeaky-clean image of That '70s Show, which never showed anything beyond the odd euphemism and some before-and-after bedroom shots, Donna never got nude. It now feels pretty wrong to be watching that same girl get naked in the prison shower for some lesbian action. Just saying – she’s ruining our teenage memories. And we can’t help imagining what Donna’s reaction would be if she found out people were watching her nude scenes (probably something that started with, “Ewwwww!”, if we’re remembering right).

7 Billie Piper

via OuchPress

We have to say it: we are bored, bored, bored of Billie Piper. This British actress has never seen much acclaim for her talent, and it’s fair to say her career was really starting to go stale when she decided to take the lead role in the TV series Secret Diary of a Call Girl. As it happens, this series was all about a prostitute who wrote a memoir on which the show was based, and due to this fact she ends up getting her kit off quite often. It caused quite a furore at the time with lots of headlines focusing on her nudity. But that’s all that was being talked about, because her acting always leaves a lot to be desired. Note to casting directors: don’t hire someone just because they are willing to take their clothes off. Ensure that there is not another, more talented option you can go for if you agree to shoot tastefully. Your work will be better for it.

6 Kirsten Dunst

via MasalaDesi

This is another one that just seems to bring up feelings of ick. Hands up who has seen Interview with the Vampire or Jumanji? That should cover just about everyone. Those films came out in 1994 and 1995, when Kirsten was 8 and 9. She had roles earlier than that, too. Now think about her nude scenes in Melancholia (which, by the way, did absolutely nothing for the storyline and were there more or less to give us something to talk about after watching it). Isn’t it a bit wrong to have grown up with this girl, watching her blossom from a child into a woman, and then go ogling her naked body? It makes us feel kind of dirty, and not in the good way. We hope that Kirsten will start putting her clothes on more often in the future, and also stay away from Lars von Trier.

5 Amanda Seyfried

via Burlington CMO

Another one that just makes us feel all wrong inside! We love Amanda Seyfried to bits, and it’s usually because she has always played such lovable roles. From her ditsy girl in Mean Girls right through to the weepy chick flicks like Dear John that she has taken in her adult career, she is always the cute one that we can’t resist. She’s sweet and charming, and usually quite innocent as well. That’s why it was all the more shocking to see her getting naked in Lovelace. We get the story – that Linda Lovelace herself was very innocent and should not have been taken advantage of in that way – but, wow. It just feels so odd to see this cutesy actress doing such a lewd role. Hopefully she will stick to more clothed roles in future. Establishing herself as a more serious actress is fine, but she can do it in a dress as well.

4 Lindsay Lohan

via Live Well Network

Okay Lindsay, we’re just going to come out and say it: put some damn clothes on. With her latest roles, it’s actually more difficult to search for stills where she is wearing something than the other way around. But then, taking a role opposite a famous adult entertainment star was never going to be a sign of a gentle and prudish movie. We all know how much of a car crash her life has been – drugs, alcohol, arrests, literal car crashes, and so on. So that’s why it feels very, very wrong to watch her stripping off on screen. Is she even fully in control of her decisions at this point? Judging by her behaviour during the last decade, we’d say no. Let’s put Lindsay back in rehab for a few years until she’s ready to really come back with a cleaned-up image and put all of this nightmare behind her.

3 Lena Dunham

via Slate

Oh, Lena, Lena. It’s admirable that she tries to be an alternative role model for the average woman, it really is. But she just manages to put her foot in it so often. And while seeing different body shapes and sizes on the screen is something that we’re all for, that doesn’t mean we want to see them in their entirety. After all, there’s a reason that most adult entertainers conform to some pretty tight standards. You might want a Lena by your side during the warm days and cold nights, but when it comes to fantasy material, you want a fantasy. And Lena’s made her point. We’ve seen quite enough in Girls, and if anyone feels like they haven’t yet, they can just look for screenshots and keep enjoying them for years to come. There’s no need to keep filming more, even if it is in the name of comedy.

2 Anne Hathaway

via JoBlo

Anne Hathaway is just so NICE. That’s the way that she has come across in every role and interview she has ever done. Even when she’s trying not to be nice, it almost sounds like she’s doing it just so you won’t think she’s nice. She’s so nice that it has become quite irritating. She was also never blessed with a great sense of style, as her numerous red carpet blunders will tell you – not a great combination for someone trying to get a raunchier image. Probably the least convincing, and least necessary, example of this was in Brokeback Mountain. Why was that even included? Did the producers think that they would gain the straight viewers if they put a bare female chest in there? We can’t really think of any other reason, and whenever she strips off in films, it just feels a little uncomfortable. Particularly when you think of her cleaner-than-clean Princess Diaries-era image.

1 Sacha Baron Cohen

via Squareeyed

Where to even start on this one? Well, we know that Cohen likes to star in, write, and produce his own movies. Examples include Borat, Bruno, and the more recent Grimsby. What do all of those films have in common? Uncomfortable levels of exposure to this man’s bare body. It doesn’t help that he purposefully tries to make his characters as unattractive and ridiculous as possible, which then makes the nudity all the more awful. Even if you didn’t have all of the other movies to go by, we’ll never forgive him for that Borat mankini. It has prompted scores, nay, probably thousands of boys and men make ill-advised drunken decisions to purchase this costume for themselves and then wear it in public. It’s just not right. As far as we’re concerned, it would be awesome if Cohen stuck only to ridiculous costumes that cover his full body in the future, though we’re sure he could still manage to twist that into something disgusting.

Sources: Rotten Tomatoes

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