15 Celebs Who Looked Like They Were On The Verge Of Death (And Bounced Back)

There are many stars who get so wrapped up in the stress of being a star that they lose themselves and never return.

Hollywood is an interesting place, that could be considered another planet as far “outsiders” are concerned. I mean, do these people even age? Of course they do! Just like all of us. Take a look at Johnny Depp, many say that he should have his “acting license” revoked due to how far he’s gone. Not because he looks bad, but because he’s going through a rather rough stage.

Then we have others, who not only don’t age physically, but mentally as well. How can one become wiser and better looking with age? Ask Hollywood! There are many stars who get so wrapped up in the stress of being a star that they lose themselves and never return. This can often lead to their deaths, in cases such as Michael Jackson and Amy Winehouse. Then there are other stars who just never let it affect them negatively. These are the only two options, right? Wrong! There is a third option. This one is the star that goes through that rough stage, looking like death warmed over, and they bounce right back, looking as good as, or better than, ever!

So let’s talk about them for once. Not the ones who are “perfect” and not the ones who have ruined their lives. But the ones that almost ruined their lives and then realized just what they were doing. They deserve to be recognized more than anyone. After all, they overcame some pretty tough obstacles and have a lot to teach us…and they’re not unpleasant to look at.

15 Macaulay Culkin

Let’s start with Macaulay Culkin, who you were probably just thinking about. I mean, he was an adorable kid, there’s no mistaking that. We all loved Home Alone and The Pagemaster. But, then, he got a little older and wasn’t Hollywood cute anymore. This led to him going for darker roles, making fun of himself and everyone else. He was forgotten for the longest time before returning to the spotlight looking like he was drug addiction personified.

After we all saw how he had spiraled downhill, he was once again forgotten. Until this year of course, when he re-emerged looking like no Macaulay Culkin I’d ever seen. He wasn’t cute, he wasn’t scruffy and dirty looking. He was perfect. Like angelic almost. This is no doubt the most amazing transformation of 2017.

14 Lindsay Lohan

Poor, poor Lindsay Lohan. She’s been through a lot. But that’s what happens when you start so young. She started modeling at age three, that can mess up anyone. But, as a child and young teen, her life in the spotlight seemed fairly normal. She was adorable. But then, she ended up being one of the most arrested celebrities in the country.

Her first arrests were for DUIs. Then possession of cocaine and assault. Let’s just say, for about ten years there, you would not want to meet Lindsay Lohan in public…or a dark alley. Word was that she was one of the worst people to work with. She was always late and had an awful attitude. Well, now, at 31 years old, it seems she’s cleaned up quite a bit. She seems fairly normal and hopefully she can stay that way. If not, it’s back to rehab!

13 Britney Spears

How did the perfect pop star go from that to shaving her head memes to teaching little girls how to dance? Well, obviously, Britney Spears was a perfect pop star until she lost it! She was an adorable member of the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse! Then she recorded the biggest selling debut album ever by any artist in history.

Then, after a few failed relationships and criticism about her as a parent, she shaved her head and went to rehab. For a few years, she went through a lot, but it seems she overcame whatever it was that was so troubling in her private life. Because as of 2017, she’s looking better than she has in years, posting normal things on the Internet, and holds the occasional dance class for children.

12 Kirstie Alley

Next to Oprah, Kirstie Alley's weight loss journey has been the most publicized in the world. If she loses a pound or gains a pound, you can be sure the whole world will know. So that’s how I know she started gaining weight in 2003. But by 2011, she had lost 100 lbs. Since then, she’s had countless ups and downs, which is in fact due to the stress of being in the spotlight. Her depression was evident. She had gone to being one of the hottest stars in the world to being the object of teasing and cruel jokes.

This is wrong, but it’s hard not to hear what others say, especially if you feel it’s true. Well, she is showing them now as she’s looking good in 2017!

11 Robert Downey Jr.

Yes, really! Now why would I put Robert Downey Jr. on the list? Well, not many know that back in the 90s he had a bad drug addiction. So bad that it pushed his then-girlfriend Sarah Jessica Parker away from him. This happened to every relationship he had at the time as repeated trips to rehab and jail got the best of them.

Thankfully, he claims he has been clean and sober since 2003. He credits his wife Susan Downey for his success as she helped him overcome his demons. Drug addicts don’t usually meet bright ends in Hollywood. If anyone can give you hope, it’s Robert Downey Jr. He is one of the world’s favorite “heroes” on screen and in real life. He’s even been said to now be a pleasure to work with by co-stars. Who knew?

10 Shia LaBeouf

This one’s a little odd, as Shia LaBeouf is a lot odd. He claimed his father was very abusive and an alcoholic as well as a drug addict. He would turn to comedy to make light of his home situation where his mother turned to food stamps. It seems this as well as stardom affected him drastically. As a teen, he was drinking, doing drugs, and most definitely dealing with anger issues that put him in jail.

It wasn’t until 2014 that he decided to seek treatment. He took that year and cleaned himself up, saying that while filming Fury, he found God. It seems he was sincere, but as of 2017, he seems to be on a slow decline again, after getting arrested for public drunkenness. Maybe he can bounce further back…at least he’s still making movies and looking better than he did a few years ago.

9 Amanda Bynes

For the first time in years, Amanda Bynes appeared and spoke to the public this year. She had previously been charged with DUIs, hit-and-runs, and was diagnosed with mental health issues. So to clear her head and get off of the drugs and alcohol that was messing with her, she took a break from the spotlight. She had posted crude comments on Twitter in a drug-induced state, and even apologized for them.

But now, she feels stable and she wants to get back into acting as well as start her own fashion line. She’s been hiking, going to fashion school, and feeding the homeless. We hope she keeps it up and can stay clean and healthy. We loved her back in the day, but substance abuse got the best of her for a while there. Thankfully, she bounced back.

8 Josh Brolin

Remember Mikey’s older brother Brand in The Goonies? Yeah, that was Josh Brolin and that was the movie that launched his career. He wasn’t too popular in the 80s or early 90s, but by 2000, he was becoming more known. Sometimes for being arrested for altercations. And in 2013 he went through some rough stuff. He kept reliving his mother’s death and got a little mixed up over it, until he decided to make a change himself, saying, “I realized that I was on a destructive path. I knew that I had to change and mature."

Now, he will be starring as Cable in Deadpool 2 and is looking great! Aging like a real Hollywood star! We can expect that his career has only just begun.

7 Miley Cyrus

Who would be the perfect godmother in Hollywood? Dolly Parton! Who would most people say is the least deserving person to receive such an honor? Miley Cyrus! She has had her ups and downs…like way down. From "Wrecking Ball" to slurs to just some really nasty stuff, Miley Cyrus has been one of the most hated people in the world. Or at least the most disrespected.

But as of 2017, with "Malibu" reaching the top of the charts, there seems to be a change in her. It could be her sister Noah coming for the spotlight that has urged the change. Or perhaps her more wholesome fiancé Liam Hemsworth. She has hinted it was both. That, and realizing just how far she had gone, how she had gone through the worst phase. Hopefully she can stay here! She seems happier.

6 Justin Bieber

Another child who was pushed far too hard at a young age was Justin Bieber. Only, unlike most, his was rather sudden. So, it was even harder to take. His mother posted a video of him on YouTube for friends to see. Well, they weren’t the only ones. A marketing executive for a record label saw him too and contacted his mother. She didn’t want him to go at first, not unless it was a Christian label, but ironically, the church convinced her to let him. It wasn’t long until he was a household name after that. And that sweet kid was gone in just a few years. Then he was hitting headlines for all the wrong reasons.

He has now been arrested for light drug charges, vandalism, and assault. Now, he still hits headlines at times for not so reputable reasons, but as far as appearance is concerned, he seems to be cleaning up a bit.

5 John Mayer

Known by many Hollywood ladies as a lady’s man and heartbreaker, John Mayer is often called Trouble. As a young man, he suffered from anxiety attacks and feared entering a mental institute. Getting into singing and becoming a star only made things worse. He even claimed he went through times where he really knew better. That would be the time the "Your Body Is a Wonderland" artist was called a racist, sexist, and misogynist.

But it seems as of late, he has been dealing with his anxiety and issues in a healthier manner. In fact, he’s asking for another chance. He asks for his old fans to listen to his new songs and see if they can see the change. Or just look at him physically, like, seriously.

4 Katie Holmes

She has been called one of the hottest stars under 25 to the most beautiful woman in the world. But what many people don’t know is what Katie Holmes has gone through since entering the spotlight. It seems this unstable state began when she met Tom Cruise and began studying Scientology the week this Catholic girl met him. They were engaged weeks after they met and had a child exactly one year after their first date. For one, that moved way too fast!

Five years later, she filed for a divorce and said she feared Tom and his Church of Scientology would abduct Suri, their daughter. She gained full custody and returned to the woman she was before her marriage. You don’t want to hear the stories surrounding the abuse in their marriage, so let’s just enjoy how happy Katie looks now!

3 Fergie

Fergie has always been fergilcious, but she’s also been through more than you know. In the early 2000s, she developed an addiction to crystal meth before joining the Black Eyed Peas. We don’t know everything she went through but we know that it didn’t look good on her. She said once, “it's why you start doing it [drugs] in the first place that's interesting. A lot of it was being a child actor; I learned to suppress feelings.”

Obviously, she learned to share her feelings, possibly with Josh Duhamel, who she married in 2009. The two seem very happy together with their son Axl. After her addiction problems were overcome in the 2000s, it seems that she hasn’t had any problems, but is always looking as Fergilcious as always!

2 Jonathan Lipnicki

Who is that man? Oh, you probably know him as the little kid in Jerry Maguire, Stuart Little, and The Little Vampire. He was adorable, right? It's Jonathan Lipnicki! You may not see him around much, but he is indeed successful, though he did go through a rough stage where he was constantly bullied by classmates of being a has-been in middle school and high school.

He said he was "made to feel like garbage every day of middle school to the point I had a panic attack every night before school."

He was so stressed, he became introverted, unhealthy, and gained weight. But now, he’s back, the successful young man we knew he would be. This may not be a drug story, but a depression one rather, which is more common than any tangible drug I know.

1 Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Remember A River Runs Through It, Angels in the Outfield and 10 Things I Hate About You? That’s where Joseph Gordon-Levitt got his start in the movie industry, and his career never really let up. Honestly, he never really went through drug or alcohol problems. If he had depression, the media never knew. He married a normal woman in 2014 and had a child recently. He was your typical, well-rounded actor. He seems kind and stable.

But let’s just talk about his appearance. He was a cute kid in his older movies, and your typical 90s grungy teen in 3rd Rock From the Sun. But for a while there, he looked a little…too grungy. Thank God he got out of that stage and is now one of the freshest faces in the industry.

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