15 Celebs Who Looked Hot AF Dressed As Wonder Woman

Ready to see some hot celebrities dressed up as Wonder Woman? Pretty much no guy ever has ever said no to that offer. Is there anything out there that's hotter to guys and that's still okay to women? Dressing as Wonder Woman is something that women like to do because it makes them feel cool and powerful and something that men like women to do because they look so amazing. Just thinking about her brings up certain images -- and not the type of images that the folks at DC Comics were thinking when they first came up with her. A chick dressed up as Wonder Woman is super hot, so it's no wonder that so many famous actresses have dressed up as her in cosplay.

But come on! A woman that's a warrior princess of the Amazon, wearing an incredibly hot costume? What could possibly go wrong? Even a woman who's not so hot looks amazing dressed as Wonder Woman. And if she's hot? Game over. In fact, I found all sorts of hot photos of celebrities dressed as Wonder Woman that I didn't even include because there are so many of them.

What you're about to see may just be the hottest collection of Wonder Woman shots anywhere. Now, if only you could see some of this in real life so you could be tied up by her magic rope...

Here are 15 hot celebs who look amazing dressed in Wonder Woman cosplay.


15 Kaley Cuoco

If you're a dude and into women dressed like Wonder Woman, you probably already know that Kaley Cuoco once dressed up like her on The Big Bang Theory. Kaley definitely has that whole thing going on of being super hot and still not that intimidating, and she manages to pull both of those things off even while dressed up as Wonder Woman. Of course, she probably would look a lot more fierce if she dressed up as Wonder Woman when she wasn't on the show; nerds probably couldn't handle that though. Still, no matter how you slice it, seeing Kaley in this type of cosplay is not a bad thing, and we can all only hope that we get to see a lot more of it in the future. And I mean a lot more.

14 Kim Kardashian


I know, all of us are sick of Kim Kardashian. We're so tired of everything about her scene, except of course for when she's dressed as Wonder Woman. That makes everything okay. While Kim is not the hottest Wonder Woman, there's no doubt that she pulls off the look much better than most people could. She has the face, the hair, and the boobs -- there's no doubt about that, although her hips are way more Ben and Jerry's than they are warrior queen.  I imagine if she wore this outfit the night she got robbed, things would have gone down a little bit differently. Who would have the guts to rob Wonder Woman? Although Wonder Woman also would never hang out with Kanye West, so I guess the comparison ends there.

13 Jenny McCarthy

Over the years, it's kind of been forgotten how ridiculously hot that Jenny McCarthy actually is, possibly in part because she's so incredibly irritating in certain ways. Remember when she first appeared on the scene and made it seem like a woman could be hot and funny at the same time? Okay, she isn't funny, but you get the point. But no matter how you slice it, there's no doubt that she looks incredible as Wonder Woman. I know that in reality Wonder Woman is not supposed to be blonde, but let's be honest: who really cares as long as she looks like Jenny does here? She certainly has the Amazon queen thing down to a pat, and she fills out the costume. We can give the blonde hair a pass.

12 Miranda Kerr


Miranda Kerr is yet another who doesn't have the typical Wonder Woman vibe that we really can't complain about a whole lot. She recently did a fashion shoot dressed as Wonder Woman, and of it, Grazia Australia magazine's fashion director said, "We’re a fashion magazine - and this is art. We’re taking a risk - because Wonder Woman is a globally recognized icon and not just anyone could pull it off. But Miranda is an Australian icon herself. She’s the star who, time and time again, our readers say they most admire; a businesswoman, a wife, a mum. She is our wonder woman." Well yeah, she's all that and is super hot, which, in all honesty, is all anyone cares about. Good job looking smoking as Wonder Woman, Miranda.

11 Olivia Munn

Olivia Munn is way into Wonder Woman; she's dressed as her often at comic conventions and always looks pretty darn amazing when she does. When she thinks of getting a big role in the movies as Wonder Woman, though, she doesn't think it will happen.  She says, "It would be great, though, if the producers could make Wonder Woman an Asian-American, but that's probably not what they would do.... I don't know a lot of Asian-American women who are getting great opportunities yet, and the other actresses [vying for the role] are probably really famous, and Hollywood tends to go for the girls who are already in the big movies." Hey, Olivia, you can be Wonder Woman in my movie anytime.

10 Sara Jean Underwood


Every once in a while, someone comes along who looks pretty much nothing like Wonder Woman but still looks amazing dressed up as her. One of these people is former Playboy Playmate Sara Jean Underwood. Does she look like an Amazon queen? No, not even a little bit, actually. Does she look totally hot dressed as Wonder Woman? Oh yeah, she does. Of course, Sara Jean would look hot dressed as pretty much anything. I imagine if she were dressed as a clown it would still look pretty hot. That doesn't take away from the fact that she looks like a total smoke show as Wonder Woman though. Maybe we should start a Gofundme and see if we could get her to dress like this all the time? It couldn't hurt to try.

9 Tori Black

Tori Black is well known for being one of the top performers in the adult industry, which means that she often isn't wearing a whole lot of clothes and is doing things that are rather naughty. So why does she look so much hotter when she's fully clothed wearing Wonder Woman cosplay? I don't know the answer to that, but she surely does. It says a lot for the draw of the costume that even women who are known for wearing nothing at all are being photographed wearing it. Of course, not just anyone could pull it off like Tori Black does; she looks like she was born to wear this costume. Maybe she would keep doing so if the money was similar to when she works wearing nothing at all.


8 Megan Fox 


Megan Fox is not a huge fan of Wonder Woman. According to Screenrant, she said, “Wonder Woman is a lame superhero… She flies around in her invisible jet and her weaponry is a lasso that makes you tell the truth. I just don’t get it. Somebody has a big challenge on their hands whoever takes that role, but I don’t want to do it.” That all kind of makes the above photo even more awesome as it was made by a fan. So Megan can't stand Wonder Woman, but still, there's a photo of her out there of her wearing Wonder Woman cosplay. Well, Megan, apparently, you can make the choice of not playing her in a movie, but it seems that when it comes to dressing up like her, you're kind of out of luck.

7 Katy Perry

One could not do a list of this nature without putting Katy Perry on it. She has the whole Wonder Woman look down pat, and by that, I mean she's totally smoking hot. When it comes right down to it, wouldn't we all like to have our own Amazon queen that looked just like Katy Perry? Well, I guess all of us would, except for Russell Brand, that is. What's wrong with that guy?

The coolest thing about a list like this is it will always keep expanding. The world will always have hot women, and it will always have those who wish to become empowered by dressing up as Wonder Woman in cosplay. And when they do, we guys will be here, ready to watch. Because let's face it: there truly is nothing hotter than a hot woman dressed in Wonder Woman cosplay.

6 Rachel Bilson


Rachel Bilson is totally short for Wonder Woman. She's only just a tad over 5 feet tall. Still, the scene in The O.C where she did a little striptease dressed as Wonder Woman is nothing to complain about. The hair works, and she sure fills out the costume quite well. Still though, there needs to be some integrity here. Wonder Woman is supposed to be tall and powerful, not a tiny rich chick. But hey, to complain about such things really is not very good form. We all got to see Rachel Bilson dressed as Wonder Woman, and is there really anything wrong with that? Not from where I'm coming from, Rachel can dress up as anything she wants, and I would probably still want to take a look.

5 Erica Durance

Erica Durance rocked the Wonder Woman outfit on Smallville. Of this experience, she told TVGuide it was "a little daunting, and partially because having been in the comic world for a while now, I'm really very respectful of the people that love this character. I do take it very seriously. As a side note, just to be light about it, any woman wearing tight pants is not super excited the first time she puts them on. I wasn't exactly, you know, tight pants- or underwear-ready." Erica, no offense but we have to disagree. You look so ready that it's kind of ridiculous. Erica makes an excellent Wonder Woman; there's no doubt about that.

4 Denise Milani


Okay, now this is more like it. Denise Milani is, according to her Instagram, a wellness coach and a personal trainer. It honestly is hard to tell if any of these things are actually true, because I keep getting totally distracted by how incredibly hot she looks. I mean, I suppose if I didn't feel very well, looking at this photo would make me feel better, so in some ways, I can see how she would be a wellness coach. Although I would probably keep pretending I was super depressed, just so I would have another reason to make an appointment with her. But I digress... this article is about women that look hot in Wonder Woman cosplay, and there's no doubt that Denise looks amazing in this photo.

3 Alessandra Torresani

Okay, so Alessandra certainly does not fit the style of an Amazon Queen, but let's face it: there are a lot of guys out there that get intimidated by a hot chick who's bigger than they are. I can tell you that I'm certainly not one of them. I totally dig my women to be a bit on the Amazon side. I always think it's odd when women that are tall, stacked, and gorgeous complain about their looks. To me, they're perfect. So for all you guys that are total nerds, that dig The Big Bang Theory and like their women to be totally tiny, here you go; this one's for you. I have to warn you, though: we're going to get right back to the Amazon Queens, and if you don't like them, well... there's something totally wrong with you.

2 Rhona Mitra


Rhona Mitra made her career as a Lara Croft model and has gone on to star in movies on her own. If you don't know what I mean by her being a Lara Croft model, I'm talking about her being the woman that would appear at trade shows, conventions, and other live events as Lara Croft. If this sounds like a super odd way to make a living, I totally agree with you. With that said, if she can pull off Lara Croft, she sure can pull off Wonder Woman, and if you don't agree with me, just check out the photo. One thing is for certain: if you're the kind of woman that can pull off Lara Croft as well as Wonder Woman, then you're the kind of woman that I would totally like to hang out with.

1 Adrianne Curry

Adrianne is the first winner of America's Next Top Model and has been become a fixture at comic conventions, dressing up in all sorts of cool ways. She isn't all that into the new Wonder Woman look as she told, "Lynda Carter's series, she made that classic," Curry declared. "She killed it, and I have yet to see one where I'm like 'Wow, that's just as cool as that one.'" Curry isn't alone in her ambivalence over the new look, which has drawn some heavy comparisons to Lucy Lawless's costume in "Xena: Warrior Princess." One thing is for sure: whatever you think of the original costume, there's no doubt that Adrianne fills it out totally fine, although there are some coming up that are even hotter.

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