15 Celebs Who Looked Hopeless As Kids

Most celebrities are incredibly good looking. Their appearance is always flawless - their clothes are perfect, their body shape fit and their skin blemish-free. They look so good that we assume that they have always looked this perfect, even as kids.

However, we all know that people and their appearance change. Just because someone is cute as a kid does not necessarily mean that they will grow up into an attractive or even beautiful adult. Similarly, those kids that appear hopeless and are often described as “ugly ducklings” very often grow up to become beautiful swans.

This transformation from a hopeless young kid to a beautiful adult is fascinating. What exactly happens during the process of growing up? Who knows. The fact is, some kids turn into real stunners and end up shocking not only those near them but also the whole world (when their childhood pictures go viral, of course.)

Looking at the childhood photos of today’s rich and famous, it seems impossible that the chubby and hopeless-looking kids in the photographs ended up becoming so attractive.


15 Taylor Swift

If you’d met Taylor Swift when she was a child you would have probably never guessed what a beauty she’d grow up to be. Back when she was a kid, Swift had extremely long hair, a round face and lots of freckles. And also lots of insecurities.

Swift said that when you grow up, these insecurities don’t just go away – “And I think when you grow up and realize that the same things that you deal with in your childhood affect you when you’re a grown up as well... You know, little kid, little problems – big kid, big problems.”

14 George Clooney


Yes, that really is a young George Clooney on the left. If you found it hard to recognize him at first, don’t worry – we did too. There’s no denying that Clooney looked completely different when he was a kid. Did those around him know that he’d go on to become People’s choice for the ‘Sexiest Man Alive’? Probably not.

Nowadays Clooney is considered to be one of the most handsome men in Hollywood. Yet when he was a kid he almost looked like a girl, with longish ginger hair and nerdy glasses. However, it is worth noting that his eyes have stayed the same – even as a kid his eyes were as smouldering as they are today.

13 Rashida Jones

Rashida Jones was certainly no beauty when she was younger. She was chubby and she wore braces. According to Jones, she was “a chubby nerd. Nobody was trying to have sex with me, so I had to find other things, like reading and being good at school.” No one could have predicted that with time the young Jones would turn into a real stunner.

Jones actually keeps a picture of her teenage, chubby self on her phone. Jones says – “There I am. So uncomfortable, so sad, so much food... On family vacations, I used to wake up before everyone else and make a sourdough bread sandwich with butter, eggs, bacon, and cheese, and then go back to bed and, like one hour later be, ‘So what’s for breakfast?’”

12 Russell Brand


Yes, the chubby child you see on the left is indeed Russell Brand. Back when Brand was a kid he was incredibly chubby. In fact, he has said that he had “problems with food” and that he used to eat chocolate obsessively.

When Brand grew tired of food, he turned to pornography. And when pornography no longer helped, he started using drugs – “I don’t know if it’s to do with my personal circumstance, a single mum, and feeling like we didn’t have a lot of money. I felt alienated and unhappy. For me, I couldn’t cope with being me.”

11 Jennifer Garner

Who is that geeky young girl on the left? Yes, you’ve guessed right, it’s young Jennifer Garner. While you can definitely see a resemblance between the two images – after all, Garner hasn’t changed that much – you have to admit that the nerdy Garner on the left has undergone an impressive transformation.

Garner has said – “I was a real nerd. I wasn’t the popular one, I was one of those girls on the edge of the group. I never wore the right clothes and I had a kind of natural geekiness. I was in the school band and I think that has a bit of a stigma at the age of 13. If you’d asked me what I wanted to be, I would have said something like a librarian.”

10 Kelly Brook


The English model, actress and TV presenter Kelly Brook is an incredibly beautiful woman. After all, you kind of have to be beautiful to be a model. Usually, models are scouted when they are still young and a lot of them show signs of unique beauty when they are still children. That certainly wasn’t the case with Brook who, as a kid, was thin as a stick and generally did not seem model material.

The stunning woman had a troubled childhood and could have easily turned to alcohol as a way out – “My parents would spend too long in the [pub], come home pis**ed and eat the burnt Sunday lunch. Then there would be a fight and the police would be called. Or my dad would drive off in his truck.”

9 Zooey Deschanel

The young Zooey Deschanel you see on the left was a chubby little girl. In other respects, she was quite ordinary looking. So it must have been a surprise for those close to Deschanel to see the chubby little girl grow into a stunning young woman.

Obviously, being a chubby kid was not easy and Deschanel recalls her childhood years with horror – “Seventh grade was the ultimate rock bottom – someone spitting in your face while you are on your way to your locker. Having to fight your way through those years makes you ready for the future. I can snap back, I can make fun of myself before they do – I can do all of it.”


8 Jennifer Lopez


While Jennifer Lopez was by no means ugly as a kid, you would have never in a million years predicted that with years she’d become the stunner she is today. Lopez certainly grew from a geeky looking girl into a beautiful woman.

But not only has Lopez transformed from an ugly duckling into a beautiful swan, she has also changed her life for the better in other respects too. For example, Lopez grew up in a poor family in the Bronx whereas now she is famous worldwide and can afford pretty much everything – “It was just like when we were kids, sharing a bedroom in the Bronx – sharing a bed in the Bronx with our other sister, all three of us!

7 Victoria Beckham

You have to admit – Victoria Beckham did not look that great when she was a child. Sure, she was cute, but you’d have never thought she’d grow up to be the beautiful woman she is today. Back when Beckham was a kid she had a tooth gap and a hopeless looking fringe.

In addition, Beckham admits that when she was young she was incredibly spotty, just like countless of other teenagers – “Teenage acne is definitely not a stroll in the park. I had so many spots I could barely put a pin between them. It was just awful.” Of course, nowadays her skin is flawless.

6 Kate Winslet


Titanic actress Kate Winslet is an extremely beautiful woman but she wasn’t always so. In fact, if you would have met Winslet back when she was a teenager you would have never guessed that she would become one of the most beautiful actresses in Hollywood.

You see, back when Winslet was a child she was quite chubby and was even bullied for it at school. However, Winslet has said that her fame has been her best revenge – “I was kind of bullied when I was younger – for being chubby, and I had girls who were envious of me because I was acting a little bit as a teenager. So this is my revenge. This right here. This lovely career that I have been blessed with. I have healthy children, I have a really happy life, so it’s like, ‘look at me now girls!’”

5 Kate Moss

With her thin, boyish body Kate Moss was an unlikely candidate for a supermodel. Yet she was discovered as a teenager, at the mere age of 14, and soon went on to become one of the most sought-after models in the world.

However, if you had seen Moss when she was still a child you would have never guessed that the ordinary looking girl with a twinkle in her eyes would become a world-famous model known for hundreds of iconic photographs that have since made fashion history.

But as Moss’s appearance transformed, she found that being pretty and being a model was not as easy as she thought – “I see a 16-year-old now and to ask her to take her clothes off would feel really weird. But they were like, if you don’t do it, then we’re not going to book you again.”

4 January Jones


You can’t deny that the actress January Jones, best known for her role as Betty Draper in the hit TV series Mad Men, is a classic beauty. Her frail figure, symmetrical face, and blonde, angelic hair make her extremely attractive.

However, it turns out that Jones wasn’t always the stunner she is now. Unlike many other celebrities, Jones is not shy about sharing photos from her childhood. She often posts #TBT (Throwback Thursday) and #FBF (Flashback Friday) photos on her Instagram page and because of that, we know that as a child she wore ridiculously colorful clothes and had that awful 90’s hair that doesn’t look good on anyone, not even Jones.

3 Eva Longoria

Nowadays the actress Eva Longoria is considered to be one of the most beautiful women in the world. And you can see why – she is extremely good looking and has flawless skin, a beautiful figure and an incredibly pretty and well-proportioned face.

However, as shocking as it may sound, she was not so good-looking when she was a child. In fact, Longoria has said that her family used to call her ugly – “I blossomed very late. I was like the ugly, skinny dark one – ‘la prieta fea’ is what my family called me, which is ‘ugly dark one’.”

Apparently, this led Longoria to develop other skills and characteristics – “I was kind of always funny. I was like, ‘OK, I’m not gonna be pretty, I’m gonna be the funny one.” And now she’s pretty and funny!

2 Tyra Banks


The fiery former supermodel Tyra Banks is certainly blessed in her appearance but as shocking as it may sound, she was not actually always a beauty. In fact, if you had met Banks when she was still a kid you’d have never guessed that she would go on to become a stunning woman she is today.

Banks has said – “When I was 11 years old, I grew three inches and lost 30 pounds in three months. So I went from being a mean bully, cute little chubby girl to shooting up, 98 pounds and just looking sick and frail. I wasn’t sick but people thought there was something wrong with me. I was the brunt of every joke, every bad thing. I hated my reflection in the mirror.”

1 Drew Barrymore

There is no denying that the actress and model Drew Barrymore is a beautiful woman. In addition, she has great style - she is worshipped by bloggers and fashion gurus worldwide who to this day seek inspiration from her 90s style moments.

However, as a child Barrymore was not exactly pretty – she was a chubby kid who clearly liked to indulge in food. Who could have predicted that the chubby little girl would turn into such a stunner?

In fact, in 2007 Barrymore was named “World's Most Beautiful Person” by People Magazine. She even beat contenders such as Scarlett Johansson, Jennifer Aniston, and Halle Berry!


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