15 Celebs Who Look Like They Belong On MTV's Jersey Shore

Many people indulged in their reality television guilty pleasure when they tuned into MTV's series Jersey Shore. With an interesting mix of cast members as wacky and wild as “Snooki,” “The Situation,” and “JWoww,” it's no wonder the show was such a hit. Drunken nights and hungover days made summer at the shore the place to party, and hookups and slip-ups made every episode more insane than the last.

With their orange-hued fake tans and a style (or lack thereof) all their own, the Jersey Shore cast stood out from the pack and they wouldn’t have had it any other way. We may have thought they would be embarrassed by their antics on TV, but these gals and guys were proud of their instant fame, no matter how they reached their celeb status. They may not have made their parents proud, but not everyone can become a doctor or an engineer.

But what if some of Hollywood’s other famous faces had a chance to chill with the Jersey Shore cast? Not everyone would fit in; could you imagine Gwyneth Paltrow dancing on top of tables and doing shots of cheap vodka? Only a certain type of celeb would feel at home “down the shore,” and this list of 15 seem like they would be sure to hit it off with the likes of DJ Pauly D, Vinny, and Ronnie just smashingly. As long as nobody had to fight for the “smoosh room” at 3 in the morning, these 15 celebs would be the perfect addition to the summer house.

15 John Cena

40-year-old wrestler, actor, and TV personality John Cena may be a tad older than the “OG” Jersey Shore crew, but there's just something about his muscular build and no-nonsense attitude that would have him fitting right in with the cast. Sure, the bickering and brawls on the reality show were heavy, but a WWE star like Cena could handle those silly spats and fistfights in his sleep. The girls would go crazy over him at the bars and clubs, and he would certainly be able to hold his liquor. OK, so he's currently engaged, but if he had hit the shore before meeting his lady love, Cena would've had quite a blast partying and playing around with the cast members. Plus, it would've been fun to note the size difference between him and Snooki!

14 Kesha

Kesha is a 30-year-old singer, rapper, and songwriter, but she doesn’t need that sort of talent to be part of the Jersey Shore crew. She just needs to be herself with her bold attitude and rockin’ ways to fit in with the gals and guys from the east coast. While Kesha calls Nashville, Tennessee her hometown, she would have no trouble boarding a flight to New Jersey so she could meet up with the reality show crew. Since Kesha is a music lover, she could hit up the dance clubs with the group and rock out to loud music while drinking and having a blast. Kesha seems to have no problem being outspoken and outrageous, just like the rest of the cast. She would fit in seamlessly and would be such fun to watch.

13 Christina Aguilera

Singer and superstar Christina Aguilera may seem too rich and famous to “slum it” down at the Jersey Shore, but the 36-year-old celeb may just realize how much fun it can be to chill with down-to-earth chicks like Sammi and Snooki and forget about the glitz and glam of Hollywood. Aguilera has shown that she has a thick skin and won't take crap from anyone – just what a Jersey Shore gal needs in order to deal with the crowds and chaos at the shore’s bars and clubs. She loves showing plenty of skin, so she would be dressed just like the regulars at the clubs that the cast loves to frequent. Her bright blond hair may stand out, but there's always room for a little change on set.

12 Aubrey O’Day

Former girl-group star, 33-year-old Aubrey O’Day would be the perfect roommate for the badass bunch at the Jersey Shore. She's been on reality TV before, so she’d be totally comfortable in front of the cameras. She’s just the type that the fellas from the show find attractive, and O’Day isn't shy about showing off her body in skimpy clothing, just like the gals on the show. While O’Day hails from California, she could easily move across the country to have a chance to chill with JWoww and Sammi. They could share clothing and makeup and hit the hottest clubs looking sexy and ready for a fun night of misbehaving. While her blonde hair may stand out from the sea of brunettes, O’Day would still be Jersey Shore-appropriate and would have a blast with the cast.

11 Blac Chyna

29-year-old Blac Chyna is no stranger to reality television, making her a good contender to appear alongside the wild Jersey Shore cast. She's an attention-seeker and seems to be a party girl at heart. Her relationship with Rob Kardashian seems to have gone down the tubes, so Chyna is ready to hit the Jersey scene and find a new man to shower her with affection and attention. She started out as a stripper, so dressing scantily and dancing at clubs would be a piece of cake for the curvaceous mom of two. Plus, she's only 5’2”, so she, Snooki, and Deena could be the three “meatballs” who could spice up the shore scene with their partying ways and outrageous behavior. The Kardashians may not like it, but a gal’s gotta make a living!

10 Pamela Anderson

The blonde and buxom Pamela Anderson is known worldwide, but why not steer her in the direction of New Jersey for some fun with a wild and drunken bunch? Anderson still looks great, but she's actually 50 years old, making her a mentor of sorts for the wayward cast of Jersey Shore. As a woman in television, doing a reality show would come easily to Anderson, who loves to be in the spotlight while showing off her sexy figure. We've seen plenty of pics of the mom of two in skimpy outfits and tons of makeup and hairspray -- just like the go-to look for the gals on Jersey Shore. And if anyone gets washed away in the waves at the shore, Anderson can put her Baywatch skills to use and save them from drowning.

9 Leah Remini

Television actress and former Scientologist Leah Remini may not be from New Jersey, but she's from Bensonhurst, New York, so that’s close enough for us. The 47-year-old’s no-nonsense ways, thick-skinned exterior, and tough-as-nails demeanor would have her fitting in perfectly with the other Jersey Shore cast members. Her look is similar to the other party-loving, often-wasted gals on the show, with her bronzed skin, brunette hair, and attractive facial features. As a seasoned actress, she's comfortable in front of the camera, so being part of a cheesy reality show would be a hoot for the BFF of none other than superstar Jennifer Lopez. Now, if only MTV could get Lopez to sign on for a season or two. That would make for some real excitement down the shore!

8 Joe Manganiello

Magic Mike star Joe Manganiello may be married to one of Hollywood’s sexiest ladies Sofia Vergara, but if we imagine him unhitched, then he’d be the perfect fella to join the group on the Jersey Shore. He seems to love showing off his fit body, just like the other guys on the show do, and he has a similar look to the fellas with his tanned skin, dark hair, and mischievous glimmer in his eye. He’s a bit older than the crew, but his youthful demeanor and fun-loving attitude would have him fitting in just fine with the group. While it would be difficult to imagine Vergara and Snooki becoming BFFs, we can see Manganiello and Ronnie hitting it off. And since Manganiello is from Pennsylvania originally, heading to Jersey isn’t such a stretch.

7 Adrienne Bailon

Adrienne Bailon is one of the hosts of the TV talk show The Real, and she's a former member of singing groups 3LW and Disney’s The Cheetah Girls. Bailon is 33 years old and stands at just 4’11”, making her the perfect height to have face-to-face conversations with Deena and Snooki (if they're sober enough to communicate). With her tanned skin, brunette hair, curvy figure, and love of music and dancing, Bailon would be the perfect addition to the Jersey Shore crew, since they all seem to have a similar appearance and style. Bailon is a native to New York’s Manhattan, so she must be familiar with the nearby shore and the activities and the nightlife that take place there. Plus, she's experienced with reality TV, so the cameras won’t faze her.

6 Mark Wahlberg

Mark Wahlberg has been in the spotlight for years, and we've loved seeing him on the big screen and listening to his rapping. Wahlberg hails from Massachusetts, so New Jersey is not too far from his hometown. Wahlberg may be a bit older than the rest of the Jersey Shore crew, but that doesn't mean he's not up for partying and other crazy adventures with Ronnie and Vinny. The gals at the clubs would go nuts over Wahlberg’s toned body and handsome looks, and he would drink it all in. He has that rough-and-tumble demeanor that the shore guys embody, but he also has maturity and stability, so he could bring a new level of class to the show. The Situation may feel threatened by Wahlberg’s presence, but the rest of the gang would be awestruck.

5 Tila Tequila

Can you believe that reality star Tila Tequila is already 35 years old? The party girl and social media fame seeker would fit like a glove as a cast member of the wild and crazy reality show Jersey Shore. With a name like "Tequila," you know that this chick is ready for some hardcore fun, and if anyone can keep up with Snooki’s boozing ways, it would be the 4’ 11” Tequila. Even though Tequila hails from faraway Singapore, she's an American TV and social media favorite, so heading to the shore would be easy for the international traveler. With her revealing outfits and good looks, Tequila would be a sight to see at the shore’s many clubs and bars. Move over Snooki; there’s a new little one in town ready to get her “smoosh” on!

4 Coco Austin

Coco Austin’s real name is "Nicole," just like Snooki’s, so this pair would be a force to be reckoned with at the Jersey Shore. Austin is all about flaunting her assets, so she would fit right in at the shore’s many wild clubs where most of the women show up in revealing ensembles, ready to impress the other partiers. Sure, Austin is married and has a young daughter, but she still loves to shine in the spotlight and have a blast doing so. And while Austin was born in California, she now lives in New Jersey, making her a true Jersey girl to add to the group. She loves to play it up for the camera, so we know that Austin would make the reality show entertaining. Would hubby Ice T do a cameo?

3 Jesse James

California native Jesse James is in his late 40s, but his hard-partying ways would have him fitting in just fine with the cast of the reality show Jersey Shore. Even though he's a west coast guy, a role on Jersey Shore would be reason enough for the motorcycle enthusiast to book a flight to the east coast. We all know that James cheated on his then-wife actress Sandra Bullock, so this info would make for interesting TV plotlines. Yes, he's now remarried, but after one too many drinks at a seedy shore bar, James could find himself in hot water yet again, or at least in the bed of the nasty “smoosh room.” Let’s hope Bullock isn’t a fan of Jersey Shore, as we wouldn’t want her to have to change the station every time she saw her ex’s face on the small screen acting a fool.

2 Wilmer Valderrama

Actor Wilmer Valderrama has the outward appearance that would make him look like many of the other fellas who hang out at the clubs and bars as seen on the reality show, Jersey Shore. Although he's from Miami, FL, surely, nobody would mind if he took a quick flight to New Jersey so he could chill with the hard-partying folks on the crazy and fun reality show. Valderrama’s good looks, charming ways, and fit body would make him a real hit at the Jersey clubs, and the ladies on the reality show would be throwing themselves at him after drunken nights of clubbing and bar hopping. The actor's been known to be a ladies’ man, so we'd just love to see him in action as he gets some action!

1 Kevin Federline

Britney Spears’s ex Kevin Federline would be the perfect addition to the MTV reality show, Jersey Shore. His cheeseball ways with the ladies and his love for being in the spotlight would make him a cast member that would be fun to watch. While Federline is now happily married and has a bunch of kids, he would still have no issue with putting on his party hat and hitting the bars and clubs with Vinny and Ronnie. He could go back to his nickname of “K-Fed” and use his D-list fame to his advantage. While being on Jersey Shore would be no match to the success of his ex Spears, it would be a relatively decent-paying gig for the guy. With six hungry kids to feed, a man’s gotta make a buck any way he can.

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