15 Celebs Who Look Better Pregnant

Pregnancy is basically an industry within itself. Obviously we all need it because it's how we're all born, and the products and advice that have sprung up around getting through a pregnancy, making pregnancy easier, and dealing with the aftermath has become massive. And unsurprisingly, pregnant celebrities tend to make the news even more than they usually would, because it's an experience that everyone can relate to and in a lot of ways it makes famous people seem more accessible to everyone else. And fame certainly doesn't protect you from all of the trials and tribulations that can come along with being an expectant mom, and especially lately a lot of famous women who have gone through the experience have been open and honest about some of the more difficult sides of their pregnancies.

But just as in regular life, there are some famous women who have really awful or hard experiences with their pregnancies, and there are some others who seem like their bodies and minds were pretty much tailor-made for the pregnancy experience. So out of all of the visible celebrities who have rocked their pregnancies in public, which ones seem to take to it the most? Who really seems like they look and feel even better when they're with child than when they aren't? And who seems to like being pregnant even more than not, or who actually looks even better than they normally do when they're pregnant?


15 Olivia Wilde


Talented actress Olivia Wilde gained a lot of attention early in her career, both for her considerable performing skills as well as her unique and stunning beauty. But Wilde always tended towards the slim side of the actress spectrum, so I think it's safe to say that her pregnancies have actually made her exceptional beauty even more appealing. Most pregnant women worry about weight gain during their pregnancy, but for the women who are starting off at a slenderer size it can be just the ticket to making them look soft and curvy in a natural way. I think it's safe to say that Olivia falls into the latter category, and the pregnant actress looks extra healthy and glowing with the added weight and hormones. She definitely looks great either way, but I think pregnancy gives her a little extra oomph, especially since she's so clearly stoked about being a mom.

14 Gal Gadot

If you'd think that any woman could look unreal during pregnancy, Wonder Woman, a.k.a. Gal Gadot, would have to be near the top of that list. The former Miss Israel is an absolute stunner under any circumstance, but Gal's strong and sexy physique plus natural statuesque body seem tailor-made to make pregnancy look pretty. Gal is one of those lucky girls who hardly looks pregnant for most of her pregnancy and then still looks amazing even when she actually starts to look pregnant, and considering how bada*s she looks in almost any physical state it's really no surprise that she was cast as the iconic Diana Prince. But the actress is also a former physical trainer in the Israeli Defence Force, which has obviously left her with an impressively athletic and powerful looking body. She certainly looks gorgeous either way, but if you like a more soft and feminine look on Gadot then the pregnant Gal is definitely the gal for you.

13 Jessica Alba


Actress and The Honest Company entrepreneur Jessica Alba is pretty much physically incapable of looking anything other than gorgeous, but the soon-to-be mom of three seems to look extra adorable when she's expecting. Pregnancy seems to work really well with the naturally curvaceous Alba, and the naturally glowing actress seems to have even more shine during her pregnancies. She also manages to keep herself impressively fit, and the fact that she has already managed to flawlessly rebound from two babies is quite an accomplishment. Alba's maternity style is nothing to overlook either; her day-to-day casual outfits are as classic and body-enhancing as her many red carpet pregnancy looks, and Jessica definitely looks to be an expert at highlighting all of her best assets under any circumstance. Even though Alba isn't in the spotlight now as much as she once was she still looks fab from head to toe during her current pregnancy.

12 Angelina Jolie

Ever since unexpectedly losing her own mom to cancer, the formerly curvaceous Angelina Jolie seems to have lost a significant amount of weight that she has really never regained. It's an understandable stress reaction to losing one of the most important people in your life, but it's an unhealthy state for someone's body to be in and it looks worrisome as well. But there have been a few occasions when Angie has put on some much needed weight and revitalized her appearance, specifically when she was pregnant with first daughter Shiloh and with twins Knox and Vivienne. The aptly named Jolie will never not be beautiful, but the added weight of pregnancy definitely suits her much more than the slimmer frame she has sported for a long time. The normal "pregnancy glow" effects seem to be twice as intense as they are for the average pregnant lady, and if taking care of her future children is enough reason for Angelina to put on some pounds then it seems like an obvious benefit to everybody.

11 Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge and future queen of England, seems like the kind of girl who has been naturally pretty thin for pretty much her entire life. While she hasn't ever really looked unhealthy, she also looks like the type who would carry off some more weight really well, and the princess seemed to prove that during her pregnancies with children George and Charlotte. The extra pregnancy pounds looked to have taken Kate from thin to a pretty smokin' hot physique, and unlike most pregnant women it looks like the pregnancy weight gain took Kate into a more normal body size instead of making her extra large. The duchess apparently had to deal with some pretty severe sickness during her pregnancies, but you certainly can't tell by looking at her. With the pregnancy glow and some extra filling out, the pregnant Kate looks like the near picture of health and beauty.

10 Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman's stunning, classically beautiful face can sometimes look a little mismatched with her ultra petite body (Natalie has even said that she has been mistaken for a child into her 20s and 30s), but she certainly looks every inch the classic Hollywood star with her rounded pregnancy belly and pretty, super feminine styling. And while Natalie still looks like a tiny lady carrying a pretty sizeable baby bump it doesn't look like her entire body is completely overwhelmed by pregnancy in the way that some super small pregnant women can look, she actually looks head-to-toe elegant in a way that looks totally appropriate for the Academy Award-winning Harvard graduate. She definitely knows how to work what she's got when she's expecting, and the fact that she can still comfortably rock high heels is pretty impressive. Portman will always be small, but pregnancy makes her look womanly in a way that she's never really looked before.

9 Blake Lively

Considering that Blake Lively played TV style icon Serena Van Der Woodsen on the CW's hit show Gossip Girl for six seasons it's no surprise that Lively seemed to take her off-screen styling and fashion as seriously as Serena does on screen. But if there were ever a time that most women would want to slob out and sit around in their sweatpants all day, it would probably be when they're expecting. Not so when it comes to Blake, though. If anything she appeared to up her fashion game even more during her two pregnancies, and she managed to look sexier and more stylish while expecting than most women can look, well, ever. It doesn't hurt that Blake looked like she only expanded around the middle, but her next level pregnancy looks were far and away more daring and beautiful than most celebrity expectant moms, and Blake actually managed to incorporate her bump into her overall look instead of making it something that she was trying to hide.


8 Chrissy Teigen

Chrissy Teigen has been really open with her struggles with getting pregnant, but after a few rounds of in-vitro fertilization with husband John Legend, the couple finally successfully conceived their daughter, Luna Simone. And considering how much time and effort Chrissy had to put into conceiving her daughter, it's really no surprise that Chrissy's pregnancy look and style would be totally on point. I'm sure being a model didn't do any harm either, but Chrissy's fitness level along with her cute pregnancy fashion sense is a look that most pregnant women (or women in general) only wish they could achieve. Add that to Chrissy's total lack of shame in her game when it comes to fulfilling all of her pregnancy cravings, and it would seem like she basically had the dream pregnancy experience, even if it took a lot of effort to get there. Now that Chrissy has announced she's expecting again it should be interesting to see if she rocks it as well as she did the first time around.

7 Kourtney Kardashian


It's no wonder that Keeping Up With the Kardashians star Kourtney Kardashian has pretty much been non-stop pregnant ever since accidentally conceiving her oldest son Mason Dash Disick with troubled on and off boyfriend Scott Disick. Their relationship has never seemed very solid and he doesn't seem like he has the kind of stability that most women would want out of the father of their children, but according to Kardashian herself, she just loves having children and being pregnant. I'm sure the end result of her children, Mason, Penelope, and Reign make the entire experience worth it in the end anyways no matter what she has to deal with. But unlike sister Kim, who had extremely difficult and troubled pregnancies, Kourtney seems to legitimately enjoy the experience, so much so that she has even asked Kim if she wanted Kourtney to be a surrogate for Kim's next children. It's definitely a look that suits her, though. The super petite reality star carries the additional size exceptionally well.

6 Anne Hathaway

The entertainment media seems to have quite a love-hate relationship with Academy Award winner and new mom Anne Hathaway, but Anne seems more than willing to work around that fickle relationship in more ways than one. When Anne started getting a lot of heat for pretty much everything she did in public she basically decided to remove herself from public view for a few months, and when a paparazzo caught the star lounging on the beach with her husband and a very noticeable and very new baby bump, Anne decided to cut them off at the pass and post a picture of her as yet unseen pregnancy belly on her own social media. It's good that she wants to control her own narrative in the media as much as she can, and it's sweet that she didn't want to let a stranger rob her of her own pregnancy announcement, but aside from all of that, Anne also looks totally fab and happy in her pregnancy bikini.

5 Heidi Klum

If you could ever rest assured that a woman would look spectacular during pregnancy, I think assuming that supermodel Heidi Klum would still look amazing is a pretty safe bet. And while it would take a lot to make Heidi look anything other than stunningly gorgeous anyway, even for a supermodel she wears pregnancy impressively well. The model and mother of a whopping four children still looks better after four pregnancies than most woman look after one, and if anything the extra curves and glow Heidi seems to get from pregnancy seem to make the already inhumanly beautiful woman look even better. But Heidi's supermodel nickname was "The Body" because of her unreal proportions, and it's pretty rad that Heidi didn't let a suddenly expanding stomach change her always sexy style. The former Victoria's Secret Angel clearly knows how to work what she's got under any circumstance, and considering how often she's been pregnant it only makes sense that Heidi's pregnancy style and physique are as good, if not better, than her non-pregnant style and physique.

4 Lauren Conrad

Lauren Conrad first came on the scene as the adorable teenage star of the hit MTV reality shows Laguna Beach and The Hills, but despite her rocket to reality TV superstardom, Lauren's interests always seemed to lie more in the fashion industry than in the entertainment industry. Lauren did eventually launch her own successful line of clothing and accessories, and considering her lifelong passion for fashion as well as her natural cuteness it should really be no surprise that she rocked the hell out of pregnancy as well. LC hasn't physically aged too much since the end of Laguna Beach and The Hills so it's easy to still imagine her as the doe-eyed teenager and unsure twenty-something that she was when she first made her claim to fame, but her stylish and casual pregnancy style definitely make her look like a fashionable and self-assured adult instead of like a kid.

3 Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley has made a career off of her incredible curves, so it should be no surprise that she knows how to work her pregnancy curves in a way like no other. The stunning model basically can't ever look bad under any circumstance, but Rosie's soft and curvaceous pregnancy look certainly works well for her, and her own styling only make the natural beauty look even better while pregnant. What stands out about Huntington Whiteley is not just that she looks great, it's that while most pregnant women go for a softer and more girlish style the expectant mom actually looks extra strong and bada*s during her pregnancy. I guess if you're carrying action star Jason Statham's child you kind of have to go a little harder than the average new mom, but Rosie looks more like a powerful Greek goddess than she does an awkwardly oversized and proportioned pregnant lady.

2 Kristin Cavallari

Most people know Kristin Cavallari as the sassy and aggressive star of the MTV reality show Laguna Beach, but as the years have made Kristin older and wiser she has kind of rebranded herself as a caring mom who focuses a lot on the health of her family and her children. Kristin shares three children with her husband, new Miami Dolphins quarterback Jay Cutler. But the mommy business seems to be shockingly well-suited to the former reality TV wild child, as Kristin seems genuinely passionate about the lifestyle advice she doles out and as you can see, she certainly knows how to look the part really well. The feisty girl definitely carries pregnancy incredibly well, and the cuter and mellower Kristin is honestly a bit more appealing than the alpha woman attitude that Kristin seemed to have in her younger days.

1 Bar Refaeli

If you make your living as a swimsuit and lingerie model it's understandable that you might feel nervous about the radical changes to your body that pregnancy can bring, but clearly supermodel Bar Refaeli has nothing to worry about. The Israeli stunner is probably best known for her modelling career and her long term relationship with superstar Leonardo DiCaprio, but Bar eventually settled down with Israeli businessman Adi Ezra and is now expecting their second child. Bar can certainly rock the pregnancy look and it looks like she knows that, because even with the added bump she still looks every inch the swimwear model she's always been. But ultimately that shouldn't be such a big surprise. If you have made your name off of the incredible curves of your body then adding one extra curve should only be an improvement. And that is pretty clearly the case when it comes to the always stunning Refaeli.


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