15 Celebs Who Look 20 But Are Actually Turning 50 In 2018

Aging is merciless – there is no way you can stop time. Sooner or later we will all be old unless a secret to immortality and youth is discovered, which is unfortunately very unlikely. Of course, none of us want to think of growing old – it’s a scary idea, after all.

We all try to defy the aging process by doing everything we can – exercising, keeping a good diet, and, in some cases, resorting to botox. Of course, celebrities are no exception – just because they are rich and famous does not mean that they can escape aging.

However, because celebrities' lives and appearances are always in the public eye, they try even harder than normal individuals to stop the aging process. Most of them fail miserably and do more harm than good, while some embrace their old age with grace (à la Meryl Streep). Others, on the other hand, turn 50 years old and still look about 20. We sure would love to know their secret. Here are 15 celebs who look 20 but are actually turning 50 in 2018.


15 Naomi Watts

The English actress and film producer Naomi Watts was born on 28th of September 1968 which means that she is turning 50 years old this year! Of course, it’s hard to believe that since she looks absolutely amazing.

Watts started her acting career in 1986 when she was cast in the 1986 film For Love Alone. However, initially her career in film was not going so great - "At first, everything was fantastic and doors were opened to me. But some people who I met through Nicole [Kidman], who had been all over me, had difficulty remembering my name when we next met. There were a lot of promises, but nothing actually came off. I ran out of money and became quite lonely, but Nic gave me company and encouragement to carry on."

Nonetheless, the actress persevered and is now known worldwide both for her stunning appearance and her enormous talent.

14 Lucy Liu


The actress Lucy Liu has many other talents besides acting. She’s also a singer, a producer, and a director. You probably remember her from the TV series Ally McBeal as well as films such as Charlie’s Angels, Kill Bill, Payback, and Chicago.

Lucy Liu was born on December 2nd, 1968 which means that at the end of 2018 she will turn 50! That’s rather hard to believe, isn’t it?

So how does the actress maintain her youthful looks? Well, she is incredibly serious when it comes to taking care of her skin – “I work long hours and am constantly out in the elements. I have to be very rigorous about reapplying sunscreen and wearing a hat and handkerchief around my neck and chest, which are actually more sensitive to the sun than your face.”

13 Molly Ringwald

The actress Molly Ringwald is probably best known for starring in numerous iconic 80’s films such as Sixteen Candles, The Breakfast Club and Pretty in Pink. In fact, it was her role in these iconic movies and her unique looks that turned Ringwald into a teen icon.

Nowadays the actress looks as young as ever which makes it hard to believe that she will be turning 50 in February 2018.

However, a couple of years ago Ringwald confessed that she did not like her appearance when she was younger but that she learned to love herself nonetheless – “The beauty icon was blond hair, blue eyes, and tawny skin. It was everything that I was not. It was really intimidating for me until I realized that I was never really going to be that, so it was better to just take what I was and pump it up.”

12 Debra Messing


The actress Debra Messing is probably best known for her role as Grace Adler in the wildly popular TV series Will & Grace. In fact, it was for this role that she received six Golden Globe Award nominations and five Primetime Emmy Award nominations.

The talented actress is turning 50 on 15th of August 2018 even if it doesn’t seem likely or possible based on her appearance! While it may be that Messing is resorting to plastic surgeries she also acknowledges the importance of natural beauty routines, such as drinking enough water and taking off her makeup before going to bed, to keep her youthful appearance

11 Will Smith

Will Smith is one of those actors who constantly puzzle their fans – the years keep going by and yet he doesn’t seem to be aging at all. In fact, if anything Smith seems to be aging backward in that he appears to be getting younger and younger every day.

However, while it may seem like Smith is not aging (or is aging backward), if you look at the numbers you will see that that is not true. In fact, on 25th September 2018 Smith is going to turn 50 years old! If you find that hard to believe, don’t worry – you’re not the only one. We just hope that Smith shares his secret to maintaining his youthful looks.

10 Kylie Minogue


Can you believe that the singer Kylie Minogue will turn 50 years old on the 28th of May 2018? It seems like only yesterday that she released her hit single Can’t Get You Out Of My Head, even though the song was actually released in 2001.

Minogue actually started off as an actress – she appeared in a few soap operas as a kid but often forgot her lines and cried on set. Thus, not surprisingly, Minogue eventually realized that she was much more suited for a singing career. In fact, Minogue has earned herself several flattering nicknames, such as ‘Princess of Pop’ and ‘Goddess of Pop.’

9 Carrie Ann Inaba

Carrie Ann Inaba is a dancer, choreographer, TV dance competition judge and singer. However, despite her many talents, Inaba is probably best known for her involvement with ABC’S Dancing with the Stars where she appears as one of the judges.

You have to admit that Inaba is not only talented and youthful but also absolutely stunning. It’s hard for us to believe that on January 5th 2018 Inaba is going to turn 50 years old. Could the fact that she doesn’t remotely look this old may have something to do with the fact that she is a dancer?


8 Parker Posey


The actress Parker Posey is best known for her role in the cult hit film Dazed and Confused as well as for her roles in various indie films such as Party Girl and the House of Yes. In fact, Posey’s preference for indie films has since earned her the nickname ‘Queen of the Indies’. Still, Posey has also appeared in films such as You’ve Got Mail, Scream and Superman Returns.

Posey was born on 8th of November 1968 which means that 2018 is the year when she turns 50! That’s hard to believe seeing as Posey still looks as stunning as ever, even if she does consider herself an aging hipster – “But I’m not anti-hipster. I’m an aging hipster, myself.”

7 Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman is an actor who has tried many different roles throughout his career in acting. Jackman has appeared in films such as Wolverine and X-Men as well as Kate & Leopold, Van Helsing and Prestige. He has experience in various genres, such as romantic comedies, horror films, and historical dramas.

While Jackman may appear youthful, he is actually going to turn 50 on 12th of October 2018! It is interesting to note that unlike most other actors, Jackman did not land his breakthrough role until relatively late in life – it was only in 2000 that he was cast as Wolverine in X-Men.

6 Kristin Chenoweth


Kristin Chenoweth is a talented actress and singer. You might remember her from her guest roles in Sesame Street and Glee. In addition to her talent, Chenoweth is also extremely beautiful and youthful.

In fact, you’d probably never guess that on 24th of July she will be turning 50 years old! Unlike many other aging celebrities, Chenoweth is not afraid to own her age. She has said – “Now I’m in my 40s – I own that. Anybody that thinks that’s too old or too young, or whatever, for a role – then it’s not right for me anyway. I think the important part is to have a realistic view of who you are and play the roles that feel right. I’m not going to go out for a 25-year-old [role]. I couldn’t even do it, because I’m not even there anymore. I don’t know if I could play a 35-year-old. I could probably play a 40-year-old – 40 and up, but I’m not going to try to play young. I’ve already lived that life."

5 Chynna Phillips

It is hard to believe that the singer and actress Chynna Phillips is going to turn 50 years old on February 12th 2018. She certainly doesn’t look or act that age! And yet numbers do not lie. However, while Phillips is certainly a natural beauty she has nonetheless decided to try Botox in order to keep her youthful appearance for as long as possible.

Phillips has said – “I was a little nervous. I hadn’t had very much, if any, work done at all before then. I was very skeptical of needles. I definitely didn’t want to get near a knife. … I had this vision that it was going to be a lot knives and needles. Then she explained it to me over lunch. ‘We don’t use any knives or needles,’ she said. ‘It’s looking beautiful without surgery,”

4 Owen Wilson


Owen Wilson is no doubt Wes Anderson’s favorite actor ever. How else would you explain the fact that the unique director, responsible for amazing films such as The Grand Budapest Hotel and The Royal Tenenbaums, keeps recasting the actor in almost every single film he directs?

But we can see Anderson’s fascination with Wilson – he’s talented, good-looking, and witty. He’s everything a good actor should be. In addition, he looks and acts very youthful.

However, we shouldn’t forget that on 18th of November 2018 Wilson will turn 50 years old! And he certainly does not plan to “lose himself” and get addicted to botox and plastic surgeries to keep himself looking young. After all, he doesn’t need to.

3 Celine Dion

There’s no denying that the singer Celine Dion is extremely talented. A number of her songs have gone on to become international hits, including My Heart Will Go On, The power of Love, Think Twice and Because You Loved Me.

It seems like Celine Dion has been with us forever. And yet it is still hard to believe that on 30th of March 2018 the singer will turn 50. She doesn’t look or act 50 and yet there you have it. You can’t stop aging.

Although the singer has previously said that she does not worry about aging – “There's no such thing is aging, but maturing and knowledge. It's beautiful, I call that beauty,"

2 Kathleen Hanna


The singer Kathleen Hanna is going to turn 50 on 12th of November 2018. If you find that hard to believe – don’t worry, you’re not the only one. Despite her age Hanna still looks as youthful and stunning as ever - it is impossible to even imagine the singer ever looking older than twenty or thirty years old.

A few years ago Hanna and her friends formed a band called The Julie Ruin – “It’s awesome that we’re at our ages now, and all these bands from our era are out there too, and it’s not like ‘the Golden Oldies’ tour, they’re out there rocking. I think that wasn’t the case a generation earlier.”

1 Sarah McLachlan

Sarah McLachlan is an incredibly talented singer and songwriter best known for her emotional ballads. Over the course of her singing career, McLachlan has won numerous awards, including two Grammy Awards (she was nominated for the award four times) and four Juno Awards.

Believe it or not, but on 28th of January 2018, McLachlan is turning 50! We know, we know – you find that hard to believe. After all, the singer looks as attractive and beautiful as she did when she was 20 years old. We just hope her music career continues to thrive because she certainly deserves it.


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