15 Celebs Who Lack Modesty To Get Attention

Modesty is one of those qualities that isn’t worth much nowadays. In the world of mass marketing and social media, modesty translates into boredom. Celebrities can’t expect to remain relevant if they’re not shoving their images down the consumers’ throats. And that “image” must be well-defined, and by well-defined, we mean exaggerated, obnoxious, over-the-top, and therefore memorable and, again, marketable.

This common anti-modesty trend of flamboyant attitudes has inspired us to compile a list. Here, we have several celebs who are not modest at all. Sure, they may be modest at their home. Perhaps they’re not the greatest cooks or they suck at drawing or fishing. Nobody can be arrogant about everything, right? But when these celebs are under the spotlight, they are flawless and they want us to know it.

These famous folks flaunt their opinions, wealth, and/or bodies in such a way that we can’t ignore. By the way, this is the best list ever created by anyone. You are guaranteed to love it so very, very much.

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15 Kylie Jenner

via Hypebae

Kylie thinks she is on top of the world. And why shouldn’t she? She was brought up in this Kardashian reality TV world and has conformed to its every turn, including the contrived stupidity and lack of modesty. And her ego is through the roof. “It’s hard to do normal things when every single person knows who you are.” Wow. Every single person, huh? That’s a pretty bold statement especially for a celebrity who doesn’t have a talent. And by talent, we mean an art form. There’s no musical edge to Kylie, no acting nor athleticism, which most celebs usually require to reach that “every single person knows you” status. She sure can sell some makeup, though...and some issues of V Magazine. She can rock a sheer dress with the best of them. Of course, those risque outfits should change soon as the baby bump gets bigger and bigger.

14 Jaden Smith

via Racked

This dude is so conceited that it sometimes makes people want to barf. And not only does he lack modesty, but he says some really odd stuff too. Everyone thinks weird things from time to time, but to say them to a reporter, you have to have some serious arrogance. And he loves the attention he gets from saying goofy stuff, or wearing dresses, or cutting his dreds, and carrying them around like a bouquet. Jaden is another one of those second generation Hollywood types, like Miley, who thinks they can do no wrong. “I have a goal to be just the most craziest person of all time,” he says. “And when I say craziest, I mean, like, I want to do like Olympic-level things. I want to be the most durable person on the planet.” At least he’s getting pretty close to the “crazy” part.

13 Miley Cyrus

via Promiflash

Right off the bat, let’s get an obvious one out of the way. Miley Cyrus has a long history of showing no modesty whatsoever. She was born into a show business family, with her famous dad, Billy Ray Cyrus, and his country-charting one-hit-wonder, "Achy Breaky Heart." There are a few second-generation stars on this list, so if your parents are arrogant enough to succeed, it seems like they pass down that dominant gene. After ditching Disney and Hannah Montana to become a solo music act, Miley went off of the deep end. She began to twerk and wear latex, fake dreadlocks, and service bedroom toys on stage at her concerts. All the while, she wore barely anything in a goofy way. She insisted, “I wasn’t trying to be s*xy. If I was trying to be s*xy I would have been s*xy.” She was just trying to be odd? Well, it definitely was not modest.

12 Lady Gaga

via lolwot

Here’s another bleached blonde solo musician who insists on wearing outfits that barely cover any skin. Either that or her outfit looks more like a zany costume. Her wardrobe becomes an artistic statement, and she is constantly trying to push the envelope, which is by no means a modest trait. And fashion is not her only vice. She also thinks she can sing pretty well. She has said in an interview the simple facts, “I consider myself to have one of the greatest voices in the industry.” Well, she may be in the top ten, but to say it outright like that is almost jarring. Her millions of fans don’t seem to mind. Gaga recently released a documentary on Netflix entitled Gaga: Five Foot Two. The film shows the star in awkward situations including a topless sunbathing session, a meeting with her grandmother, and a doctor’s office visit. The personal documentary is actually rather modest, in contrast to her flamboyant as hell performances.

11 Justin Bieber

via Cyber Breeze

Is there anything about this dude that is modest? Probably not. He was on a different planet for a while, remember? Not only did he think he was the biggest, most important star in the world, but he also thought he was above the law. He was busted for possession and drag racing and nearly got deported. It seems like many young stars fall into that trap where they believe they can do no wrong and end up getting into legal peril. Bieber somehow managed to get his act together, thanks partly to counselling from a weird minister. And yet, he still cancels concerts for lame reasons, like fatigue, a.k.a. just being sick of his luxurious job. But the star is still on top, or so he thinks, and that’s all because he is in total control of everything. “I think that, if I’m not on top, it would be because I didn’t want to be.” It’s just that simple, huh, Justin?

10 Kim Kardashian

We can start this entry with a quote that is anything but modest. “I’m not buying her a f---ing pair of shoes. I bought her a f---ing career.” Kim was talking about her sister, Kourtney Kardashian, in that little rant. The funny thing is, there’s some truth to her statement. However, even if Kim is the most famous Kardashian sister, the mom in-charge, Kris Jenner, is the brains behind the operation and has guided the careers of all the Kardashian and Jenner girls into the millionaire zone. What helps Kim rise above is the fact that she is (arguably) the prettiest sister and has the body on top of it. She wears outfits that involve zero modesty at all. She’s done naked photo shoots as well, but the revealing garb she wears on the street is even less modest. At least when you’re in a photo studio, there’s some privacy. But if it’s all hanging out on the street, you’re just begging for attention.

9 Kanye West

via The Verge

Opposites attract. Yet in the case of Kim and Kanye, their arrogant attitudes match up perfectly. Kanye has toned it down as of late. He has stayed away from social media and the press, but his wide array of conceited quotes are hard to forget. Like this one which simply stated, “I am the number one rock star on the planet.” And he gets materialistic too, “I have so many cars I could crash a car every day.” He also gets existential sometimes like saying, “There’s nothing I really wanted to do in life that I wasn’t able to get good at. That’s my skill.” Add these cute little quotes to his musical arrogance too, like titling a track “Jesus Walks.” And we haven’t even begun to recite any of his lyrics. The guy’s feud with Taylor Swift is another modesty failure, everything from hopping up on the VMA stage and taking her award, to pretending to have slept with her in his music video.

8 Beyonce

via Radar Online

Many fans loved the whole “Lemonade” album and the series of videos that all strung together like some odd art house film. Other people thought it was dripping with arrogance, and that’s why Adele ended up beating her out at the Grammys. But, Beyonce is not fazed by it. Not in the slightest. She has plenty of confidence to spare, and the loss will drive her even harder for next time. She has said, “I have an authentic God-given talent and longevity that will always separate me from everyone else.” She also seems to know everything about anything, including the circle of life. Did you see the show she put on at last year’s Grammys? She was pregnant with twins at the time, and she was displayed like the queen of the world. Then, other mothers sauntered onstage, with kids and babies. She was trying so hard to be profound, but it came off like a The Lion King rehearsal.

7 Jay-Z

via Us Weekly

Funny how the lack of modesty seems to attract a partner of equal stature. Here we have Jay-Z and Beyonce, our second married couple on the list, next to Kim and Kanye. These two couples have even been known to double-date once in a while too. You have probably seen the memes of them all dressed up and sitting at some awards show. The meme caption reads, “Bey- 17 Grammys, Jay- 19 Grammys, Kanye- 21 Grammys, Kim- S*x Tape.” Sure that’s a funny dig at Kim, but are these people really superior to her just because they won some silly pompous ego-stroking awards? It’s a surprise that Jay even showed up at the event, since his appearance is so righteous. He said, “This is going to sound arrogant, but my presence is charity.” Oh, thanks buddy, and yes, it was arrogant...extremely.

6 Jennifer Lopez

via Us Weekly

JLo is a celebrity that keeps getting better with age. She’s been around forever. But each year, she seems to be more in-your-face than the previous year. Jen is a busy person, always starting up a new reality television project, or getting married, doing a music tour, or getting divorced, or starring in a movie or TV drama. She also stays in the public eye on social media, constantly posting multiple hot selfies. In order to be that successful in the entertainment biz for this long, you have to work hard and have an ego that is off the charts. Modesty and art are sworn enemies. You have to go for it, and JLo has done just that. “I have my own high standards for what I want in a partner and how I want to be treated,” she says and then adds, “I bring a lot to the table.”

5 Donald Trump

via Committee to Investigate Russia

Oh, Lord, not this guy. We should have just written about beautiful actresses, richest athletes, or kept it strictly to musicians. Instead, we have to include this guy because he certainly lacks modesty like nobody else. This may be the whole reason why he got elected and why he has been such a poorly-received president. Trump doesn’t think about what he’s going to tweet or the possible repercussions of his words and actions because his ego is so huge that it doesn’t allow for any self-criticism. In his mind, everything is wonderful and he can do no wrong. A president needs to have the exact opposite qualities. Sure, you have to have the drive to get elected, but after that, you have to have compassion and actually listen to concerns outside of your private circle. As for a quote, here’s his most infamous view on fame, “And when you’re a star, they let you do it. You can do anything. Grab them by the p**sy.” He didn’t want attention for that, but it sadly didn’t matter. And now, his insane tweets about the NFL or Puerto Rico just distract us from his failure to pass campaign promises.

4 Gwyneth Paltrow

via PopSugar

Here’s another second-generation star who can relate to no one outside her status of wealth. “I am who I am. I can’t pretend to be somebody who makes $25,000 a year.” This quote got the actress some attention, which is exactly what she needed, since her acting career has been in a bit of a lull lately. Instead, Paltrow has focused on Goop, her pretentious website that offers products and advice for rich people. Do all of these products and services need to cost that much, Gwyn? Really, isn’t a scarf just a scarf? Can’t you put a $50 hat on your site instead of a $400 one? Or maybe include both options? Oh, no, Gwyneth can’t be impure to her fans. But she can hire quack doctors to give bad advice on health cleanses and fasts, which have proven to be dangerous. Makes us miss the days when Gwyn stuck to acting.

3 Nicki Minaj

Doing the math here, it seems like this is our third rapper on the list. And we get it. You have to be pretty conceited to be a rapper. Hell, there’s even an emcee that is called Conceited, who raps on Wild 'N Out. Arrogance and rap go hand in hand. You have to be cocky and talk about how you’re better than everybody else. It’s kind of what hip hop has become. Add some s*x appeal into the mix, and you have Nicki Minaj. Not only is she an ace on the mic, but she can rock an outfit that puts modesty to shame. Now she’s got everybody’s attention. Don’t tell me you haven’t watched the “Anaconda” video a few times. Even the woman’s MAC makeup ads are bursting with cleavage. You’re just minding your own business, walking through Nordstrom, and bam! You’re staring at her chest. An effective ad campaign, at least for most dudes. “I don’t have a worst moment,” she says, “I’ve been spectacular.” Indeed.

2 Mariah Carey

via HawtCelebs

Well, if you’re gonna pick on busty musicians, then Mariah Carey is the queen. This woman has no modesty, but also has the pipes and the record sales to back it up. But those outfits, Mariah, really? The stuff popping out of the top is dying for attention like a cry for help. And some of the things she has said have classified her as a diva in Hollywood; her view on education, “I didn’t go to no music school. I went to the school of f--cking life.” Or life in general, “In this world I call the shots, and I think I know best.” Some people would disagree on that last one, like the millions of people who watched her totally flop on New Year’s Rockin Eve. Sure, the music was miscued, but Carey is a seasoned professional and could have done way better. Her fans knew the words and could have sung without a prompter, but Carey failed to remember anything, bent over in a few awkward poses, and then fled offstage in disgrace.

1 Kaley Cuoco

via HawtCelebs

First of all, the woman knows how to look good for the paparazzi, right? When did this all start? Well, she never got any love from the tabloid press until after she dated Superman star Henry Cavill a few years ago. Then, Kaley grabbed the bull by the horns and rode it all the way to the bank. “I’ve been in this business for 20 years, and my whole life, I could go anywhere, do anything. There had not been one paparazzi photo of me. The recognition was crazy.” Suddenly, the paps were everywhere, and Kaley threw modesty out the window. Then she threw down with a lip sync battle of Ludacris’ “Move B*tch.” Kaley was flailing around and acting wild for that bit. She has also been seen grabbing her own breasts in selfies, defacing the flag with her pet dogs, and all types of nonsense on Insta. She must be sensing that the end of Big Bang is nearing, and she’ll need maximum exposure to extend her career.

Sources: HuffPo, Vulture, HollywoodReporter

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