15 Celebs Who Keep Getting Trolled On The Internet

Internet trolling developed as soon as, if not before the advent of social media came about. From mean memes to troubling Tweets to snarky Snapchats, idiots on the internet always find a way to bash celebrities for any reason they can muster up. Even the most successful and glamorous stars have become the targets of internet trolling, so those D-listers better watch their backs.

Some trolls go for looks, others put down talent, and the rest just generate stupidity in order to garner some needless attention. To these trolls, celebs are the prime targets and are deserving of their insults, and fame puts them in the line of fire they knew they were signing up for in order to become the stars they are today.

Age is of no interest, gender is not a factor, and level of stardom is of no consequence. Trolls are equal opportunists, ready and willing to humiliate, embarrass, and degrade celebrities for any perceived flaw or imperfection. As if the trolls are shining examples of what to strive for.

These 15 celebs are always getting trolled on the internet, and by the looks of things, the trolling won’t be ending anytime soon. Leave it to social media to bring out the worst in people. But then again, without the bad, there would be no opening for these savvy celebs to fire back with far wittier comebacks and land more followers than they had before. Sheesh, celebs always win, don’t they? Isn’t fame and fortune enough!? No wonder the trolls are so peeved.

15 Charlie Sheen

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After the seasoned actor’s “Tiger Blood” and “Winning” rants, it was really not a huge shocker that internet trolls were ready for hunting season and Charlie Sheen was the prey. Things only got worse when Sheen revealed to the world that he was HIV positive. Not only did the trolls have a field day, but numerous alleged former lovers of the star came out in full force declaring that they were never made aware of the actor’s status before shamelessly jumping into the sack with him. While making fun of Sheen when he was simply being a jackass is in poor taste at worst, attacking him for coming out as HIV positive is even beneath the levels the trashiest of trolls generally sink to. From mocking his choice in women to declaring he deserves what he got, trolls went all in on Sheen, yet he seemed to continue to go on with his “winning” ways. Heck, he even got to discuss his treatment on Dr. Oz. Hopefully, Sheen stays as healthy as possible and tries to be the best dad he can be (and doesn’t become one for another time ‘round)!

14 Amanda Bynes

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From sweet and innocent child actress to America’s favorite hot mess, Amanda Bynes has been all over social media in all the worst ways in the past few years. She’s been trolled relentlessly thanks to her peculiar public outbursts and odd getups and hairstyles while spotted out on the town, seemingly intoxicated. She’s been accused of being psychologically compromised, plain loony, or looking for all the worst types of attention by internet losers who are probably worse off than she’s ever been, even on her wackiest of days. She added her own fuel to the fire by posting nasty things online about other celebs and people she used to date, but even so, not much could be worse than the bullying she received on social media by trolls looking for their 15 seconds of fame, and possibly a retweet. Poor Ms. Bynes… she had so much potential. Whether she’s been acting out for the fun of it or is truly in trouble, let’s hope she gets her act together and decides to act again.

13 Jennifer Lawrence

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While the stunning starlet does not have a social media presence, it doesn’t mean the creepy trolls won’t find a way to viciously attack. Remember that scandalous celebrity nude photo hack incident a year or so ago? Well, Jennifer Lawrence’s snapshots were located by these losers and were posted for all the world to ogle at. Of course, despite Lawrence’s evident good looks, those ugly trolls had plenty of negativity to spew about her body when it was already violated enough. A double whammy, if you will. The no-nonsense actress vowed to never join any social media site and her promise was further confirmed by this invasive leak of her NSFW pics combined with the outpouring of horrendous Tweets and other raunchy and degrading commentary. One can say the “silver lining” for the Silver Linings Playbook star is that she learned the hard lesson to never take nudes ever again!

12 Justin Bieber

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The “Biebs” is always under scrutiny and in many cases, some may deem it acceptable. His antics in the past couple of years have been questionable, to say the least, from his peeing in public shenanigans to his asinine bare butt pics posted on Instagram. Naturally, all his ego-centric immaturity allowed for internet trolls to forcefully type their thoughts about the Canadian-born singer, much of which wasn’t too complimentary. In fact, the rampant trolling became so popular that Comedy Central decided to do a televised “roast” of the fella. Of course, this was probably Bieber’s idea of the path to even more popularity, but he declared he was on the road to becoming more adult-like and not quite as “douche-baggy” as he’d been over the past few years. Hell, if trolls can change a boy into a man, then maybe there’s some hope for the next up-and-comers with stars in their eyes.

11 Zelda Williams

The actress and daughter of the late funnyman, Robin Williams, was relentlessly trolled by morons on the web, leading her to delete her Twitter account altogether. Idiots posted pics of her dad (Photoshopped) in a morgue with bruises around his neck after his death. Lots of people were also calling her the “B” word, among other uncalled for profanities. The suffering daughter had enough of the haters and told her followers goodbye when the pain was too much to bear. Some people are truly trolls, and those followers of Zelda Williams were at the bottom of the barrel. Hopefully she got lots of positive comments too, as she could use a pick-me-up while she’s still likely mourning the loss of her iconic poppa. May these internet trolls learn what it’s like to lose a loved one – perhaps then they will offer Ms. Williams an apology. Until then, maybe they ought to find another hobby aside from picking on an innocent young woman who deserves far better. Or better yet, they can watch Mrs. Doubtfire to learn some rules of decent behavior.

10 Sinead O’Connor

The controversial and often bald Irish singer has been in the headlines for all the wrong reasons as of late; one situation was thanks to the throngs of asinine trolls who caused Sinead O’Connor to delete her Twitter account in 2011. O’Connor shared a great deal of personal struggles about her attempts to commit suicide among other battles and demons she was dealing with, but instead of finding compassion, love, and solutions, she was drowned in evil criticism and hatred. Yes, she often posted odd and cryptic Tweets, but trolls always worm their way into the depths of the world’s most vile underbelly to find the filthiest mud to sling. And no matter the content of the singer’s posts, these internet trolls still have no right to kick her while she’s already down. For better or for worse, “Nothing Compares 2 U” Sinead. Perhaps when she’s in a better mindset, we can find the songstress back on social media, but the trolls will never give up their game, so brace yourself for more O’Connor controversy to come.

9 Paula Deen

One of America’s most beloved celebrity chefs, Paula Deen, really got a helping of internet troll crap after it was revealed that she made racist comments and racial slurs years ago. Sure, her fans may still love excessive amounts of butter, but Deen’s attitude left a sour taste in their mouths. The trolling got so outrageous, that The Food Network dropped the portly chef from their lineup. Some folks felt that Deen’s apology was sufficient, while others suggested that her firing was the right choice. While a southern accent and a knack for making delicious and fatty food is always charming, nasty words cut deeper than a steak knife. Folks have slowly come around, but the trolls will always have a cold place in their hearts for the aging chef. At least her sons got to keep their cooking programs on the air. Let’s just hope they keep their mouths shut, unless they’re talking about a lemon merengue pie or a turkey meatloaf.

8 Chris Brown

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Haters gonna hate, and when it comes to the hot-headed Chris Brown, lots of trolls feel justified in their internet badgering of the star, particularly after that infamously troubling Rihanna beating fiasco. Aside from his undeniably horrific actions, his overall behavior leaves a bad taste in the mouths of many, and internet troll-types are always ready to spit out whatever’s on their unpleasant palate in the form of online nastiness. Lots of fans still hung in there with Brown even after the debacle, but some of his most die-hard followers were too pissed off to forgive the fella. Although he made amends with his ex, Rihanna, the trolls still have plenty of beef with Brown and won’t back down, even to this day. Sure, he’s still plenty popular, but it seems like the number of fans matches the troll count. No doubt, some of the trolls surely listen to Brown’s music when nobody’s watching.

7 Donald Trump

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America’s President elect, Donald Trump, is no stranger to being trolled on the internet, but his recent unprecedented win has made even the trolliest of trolls come out of their dusty holes and type more furiously than ever. Whether the trolls are simply upset that Hillary lost the campaign or they just have nothing nice to say about Trump, there’s a never-ending flow of Twitter rants and unflattering memes that will surely not decrease in volume as the next four years play out. Trump isn’t exactly an innocent bystander in this trollfest, as he’s just as likely to troll other famous folks himself… Rosie O’Donnell, anyone? Love him or hate him, it’s hard to find anyone who wouldn’t agree with something posted about Trump by a troll – even if it’s simply his choice in hairstyle (if that’s what you call it). From regular folks to comedians, Trump trolling is more popular than baseball in America, and the hits keep coming!

6 Kelly Clarkson

While it’s rare to find a soul who thinks Kelly Clarkson’s not talented, there are plenty of internet trolls who have nothing better to do than to log on to blast the songstress for her looks, particularly her weight. When she won American Idol, Clarkson was maybe a tad on the curvy side… by no means overweight, but like many rising stars, she dropped a lot of weight pretty fast as she became more popular. Soon though, the pounds crept back, taking Clarkson’s scale reading to an all-time high, and even higher after giving birth. She seems OK with her size, but trolls who are probably stuffing their faces with Cool Ranch Doritos behind a computer screen in middle-America are apparently not impressed. Fat shaming and cruel comparisons are filling social media rather than praise for the singer’s impressive pipes. It’s easy for a troll to post the obvious (yes, she is heftier than before), but why the need to be so rude? Clarkson is obviously way “Stronger” than the words of lowlife trolls anyhow.

5 Nicole Richie

The former BFF of socialite and business woman, Paris Hilton, seems A-OK-ish now, but there was a time when Nicole Richie’s frail and uber-skinny frame became the topic of interest for internet trolls who had enough fat shaming under their belts, so skinny slaughtering seemed the next best step in their measly lives. Richie was called everything from “anorexic” to “scary skinny” to “disgusting” and the nastiness was only fueled by red carpet and tropical vacation pics showing Richie looking thinner and thinner with each photo snapped. Richie never seemed to be too bothered by the public harassment and even went on to gain a few pounds, marry, and have two adorable kids. Sure, she’s a whole lot thinner now than she was while appearing on her reality show with Hilton, but if things were different and she had ballooned instead, the trolls would still have plenty to rant about on their social media pages.

4 Adele

The “Hello” singer is not immune to trolls despite her tremendous fame and throngs of fans who don’t know how they lived before they started listening to Adele’s captivating voice. Always considered a beauty, her plus-size (as they call it) frame was and still is topic for thoughtless discussion brought about by internet trolls who have nothing else to bring to the table. Even during and post-pregnancy, the trolls still had at it, making fun of Adele’s body with even greater animosity. Surely Adele couldn’t care less what these losers think of her physique, but even the most confident celeb is bound to become a little hurt after enough badgering. “Rumour Has It” that she’s even dropped a few pounds, but let’s hope that’s for her own sake and not to please the masses. Those trolls don’t even deserve to hear a single note that emerges from Adele’s lips, let alone claim any credit for her new svelte bod.

3 LeAnn Rimes

After news broke that singer LeAnn Rimes cheated on her clueless hubby with Brandi Glanville’s then-husband, Eddie Cibrian, all hell broke loose on social media and trolls from all corners of the Earth came out of their holes to chime in on the juicy made-for the-tabloids story. Mostly though, the posts had to do with how terrible and despicable they thought Rimes was, mocking her looks and behavior to no end. And Glanville got in on the action too, igniting a Twitter war that lasted for years. Trolls still question Rimes’ penchant for posting pics of her step-kids when Glanville has allegedly asked her to quit, and has plenty to say about her role as a wife and step-mom to the boys. Rimes surely lost a slew of fans after the cheating chaos, but it seems she’s slowly, but surely winning back her popularity. You can’t deny she’s got talent, but her personal life is always fun for the trolls to dish on.

2 Jessie J

The “Bang Bang” singer may have a bangin’ bod in her own reflection, but brainless, boob-obsessed internet trolls have a vast difference in opinion. Trolls go online and post about the small size of Jessie J’s breasts, eventually once prompting her to fire back with a proud message about her love of her body, small breasts and all. With so many celebs getting boob jobs (and all sorts of other plastic surgery), it’s nice to finally see a celeb embrace what her mama gave her, even if it wasn’t much! Jessie J has a killer body and if these twisted trolls think only huge melons are suitable, then they can open a back issue of Jugs to satisfy their mammary desires. Jessie J will have no problems when gravity sets in; can those basement trolls say the same? When they post their pics online, then the real “boobs” will be revealed.

1 Priyanka Chopra

If there are people out there who actually have something negative to say about Priyanka Chopra’s looks, then they must be mind-blowingly beautiful themselves… or delusional. But in reality, these trolls are probably as ugly as their words. Apparently, trolls have taken to the internet to blast the large size of Chopra’s luscious lips. Hey trolls… people get fillers injected into their pout to look only as half as gorgeous as the Quantico actress! And, she was crowned Miss World in 2000, so certainly her lips didn’t have any effect on the judges – except that they probably thought they were amazing. We’re in bad shape as a planet if trolls can find fault with even the most stunning of stars. Maybe if they ever got some fresh air, these trolls would have more brain power to make better decisions about the appearance of others. For now, the Indian idol is looking pretty darn great to most, and those trolls can “kiss” their pucker-posts goodbye!

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