15 Celebs Who Humiliated Themselves In Less Than 140 Characters

Celebrities in mainstream media today have way more social influence than in the earlier days of the entertainment industry. From Facebook pages, Twitter and Instagram accounts, and Snapchat profiles – the amount of work put into updating and keeping up a respectable social media presence for their fanbases has allowed these popular individuals to have significantly more influence in spheres outside of their perspective entertainment jobs, in which they can voice, re-tweet, repost and share their opinions for all to see. For instance, such high-profile A-list celebrities as Leonardo DiCaprio, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Anne Hathaway have used their celebrity status to direct attention towards international, social and political issues. Even a large portion of the 2016 political election was influenced by the viral and trending celebrity opinions, which influenced the votes of millions of Americans.

However, what many of these globally distinguished individuals have failed to comprehend is that with such great influence and such a large following, comes great responsibility. Many times, a celebrity’s use of their individual social media accounts has ended in complete and utter humiliation, with posts of racial slurs, celebrity scandals, embarrassing photos and unintelligent comments sometimes forcing their followers to question the very legitimacy of their idol’s education. Some of these stars have even posted vulgarity that ended up permanently damaging their Hollywood reputations, as they failed to recognize the extent of their worldly affluence after having attained such a massive social media following. Some celebrities currently have over 100 million followers, with Katy Perry and Justin Bieber (both on this list of humiliated celebrities) and other A-listers, including Barack Obama and Taylor Swift leading the ranks as the most followed on Twitter.

In the current social climate, one has to be cautious of their use of social media, given that just one misinterpreted post or photo can end one’s career or relationship. The following are 15 reputable celebrities who managed to humiliate themselves in less than just 140 characters:

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15 Alison Pill


Alison Pill, acclaimed actress from the Oscar Award-winning feature Midnight in Paris who recently joined Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters in the most recent season of American Horror Story: Cult, suffered major humility when she tweeted a topless photo of herself. Owning up to the photo later, the starlet had no choice but to admit to the mistake and move forward with the repercussions. Fans reacted well to her apology – some seemingly too happy to have been gifted with an accidental photo by the celebrity. It is still unknown as to who was meant to receive the photo, but it most definitely was a surprise for the star's multiple-thousand followers. Though an embarrassing feat to overcome, Alison Pill has proven herself more than capable of taking on such heat for her embarrassing mistakes.

14 Amanda Bynes


Amanda Bynes was a lovable child actress who starred in numerous hit, motion picture and television productions. From her leading role in the successful film Big Fat Liar to her role as the host of The Amanda Show, Amanda Bynes was predicted to be one of the next big hits out of the kid entertainment department, and was headed toward adult success. Suddenly Bynes made a complete turn around in personality, and began experiencing some seriously bad publicity moments that went viral on social media. With twitter meltdowns attacking the Obamas and numerous other A-list celebrities and political figures, Bynes' unpredictable emotional state immediately destroyed any chance of her maintaining her childhood reputation, and the star briefly vanished from her social media accounts.

13 Kourtney Kardashian

In addition to being a television personality of such hit shows as E! network's Keeping Up With the Kardashians, other television series like Khloe and Kourtney Take Miami and Kourtney and Kim Take New York, and a fashion industry icon who has released numerous clothing collections and perfume fragrances, Kourtney Kardashian is most renowned as the sister of Kim and Khloe Kardashian. She maintains a huge social media presence, amassing 23 million followers on Twitter and over 58 million followers on Instagram. The celebrity may have outdone herself when she asked her fans through her account on twitter if “ants have --.” The hilariously embarrassing post was re-tweeted and mocked around the web, and added further to the perception that the Kardashians are not the sharpest tools in the celebrity mansion’s shed.

12 Kim Kardashian


Kim Kardashian has already divided the country as to whether or not she deserves the success she has achieved given the scandalous road she took to get there, in addition to the many other opinions expressed by the controversial reality television star and pop-culture icon. One of the more humiliating opinions voiced by Kim Kardashian in less than 140 characters was her tweeting of “EWW” about a woman breastfeeding in public. Given the social climate in modern day America, it definitely bruised the reputation of Kim Kardashian, as feminists and both women and men around the world refuted the celebrity’s harsh commentary at the natural act of breastfeeding. In another twitter rampage, Kim Kardashian went about spelling Giorgio Armani as "Georgio Armani" while complaining about the company discontinuing a brand of perfume she wore. Looks like Kim and Kourtney may have taken the same English classes growing up.

11 Justin Bieber


Justin Bieber has also had a vast amount of humiliations in less than 140 characters, having experienced such horrendous forms of humiliation as having his "bare" photos from his vacation in Bora Bora released online, as well as having been photographed hitting a paparazzi photographer with his car, the Biebs has had very few moments of his career that haven’t been featured in disgracing tabloid headlines. One of the more humiliating (and even mortifying) moments of Justin Bieber's career was writing in the guest book at the Anne Frank house in Amsterdam that “Hopefully she [Anne Frank] would have been a Belieber.” The Anne Frank House Facebook page later posted the comment and incited outrage across the web, with people commenting on his lack of understanding of the true trials Anne Frank went through, and other profane comments about the pop star's lack of respect. Will Justin Bieber ever catch a media break?

10 Jennifer Lopez


While many of the celebrities on this list include delusional, self-entitled stars to overconfident to care about the consequences of their freely written speech, some of those on this list were just a little clueless regarding the issues they were talking about. One such individual is famed triple threat, Jennifer Lopez, who has released top-charting albums and singles, sold out venues for live performances, and has starred in numerous commercially successful motion pictures. Amidst all the activism for Black Lives Matter, Jennifer Lopez ignorantly posted a picture on her Instagram feed stating that “All Lives Matter." While the phrase “All Lives Matter” seemed to be meant with good intention, the actual “All Lives Matter” was a cause forged out of differing opinions from the “Black Lives Matter” movement, which actually advocated for systemic-racial equality. The “All Lives Matter” movement failed to recognize that black individuals in America are in fact under-privileged, abused more profusely by the police force, and dealt with significantly more injustice than white Americans. Jennifer Lopez was humiliated, as her post immediately put her under extreme scrutiny from the Internet.

9 Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner, another member of the famous Kardashian family, has also been unable to avoid humiliation in less than 140 characters. While the television star, model and entrepreneur has been successful in launching her own makeup line and starring in various popular television series, she hasn't had the same luck with her social media career. After tweeting “I miss my black hair I’m so bipolar,” her ignorant use of the word bipolar in reference to simply changing her hair sparked online outrage, as it displayed the celebrity’s insensitivity to those who actually suffer from bipolar disorder. According to the Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance, in America alone over 5.7 million individuals over the age of 18 suffer from bipolar disorder – a mental illness characterized by extreme changes in mood or behavior.

8 Zac Efron


Zac Efron was another one of America’s teenage sweethearts, making his big break in the Disney Channel original movie High School Musical. Life after the Disney paradigm ended up being a little bit more hard on Mr. Efron’s reputation than anyone could have imagined, getting caught up in a coke addiction and ending up in rehab. Unfortunately, Zac wasn’t able to keep his reputation out of the gutter for too long after his rehab incident, going on to tweet about how grateful he is for both Martin Luther King Jr. and his own 10 million Instagram followers – in the same tweet! He later went on to apologize for referencing such a famous, inspirational leader in the same sentence as his celebration of his Instagram success, but the humiliation had already been suffered, and the damage was done.

7 Oprah Winfrey


Oprah Winfrey is one of the most legendary media presences in the last century, starting small and working her way up through the racist atmosphere of television until finally, she was the owner of her own show, and ultimately, her own empire. Although she has given help to many through her therapeutic talk show segments, her billions donated through her charities, and her overall message advocating the true power of women, even the brilliant philanthropist can make a mistake here and there. In a recent promotion for the Microsoft Surface tablet, Oprah took to Twitter to voice her opinion about how great the new edition of the apple-competing product was. Unbeknownst to her, the tweet about the other company's tablet was shown on her Twitter to have been posted from her iPad, ruining the façade as to which product she actually thought was better.

6 Bill Cosby


Bill Cosby’s reputation in recent years has been unable to make a single splash out of the toilet it has been drowned in. For years, the celebrity had been a role model and icon for many in the comedic realm of the industry, as well as for his millions of viewers around the world. The celebrity – now defined by his accusations of s*xual assault – had his last glimmers of stardom shoved in the flusher when he decided to post a tweet asking people to meme him, in turn leading to the submission of various offensive memes about the former television star and accused assault perpetrator. After the majority of the memes consisted of referencing and “joking” about Cosby’s allegations, Cosby was completely humiliated, and became another example of how serious these allegations in America should start being taken.

5 Kanye West


Kanye West seems to create controversy wherever he decides to go in his delusional narcissistic bubble of fame. Having caused beef with numerous other A-listers, such as his infamous interruption of Taylor Swift's speech on stage when she was accepting her award at the Grammys, Kanye West is no newcomer to worldwide humiliation. One of his more notable, self-degrading tweets was at distinguished rapper, Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose, West’s ex-girlfriend. Attacking the couple on Twitter in a rant that even went as far as to insult the couple’s child, Kanye once again put the spotlight on his lack of self-restraint. Kanye's tweets prompted former ex Amber Rose, to tweet at Kanye West, bringing attention to his specific - and what some would call embarrassing - preferences in the bedroom. All judgement aside, to have such personal information blasted on the Internet, true or not, could not have felt good to Kanye West, no matter how big he has managed to blow his bubble of delusion.

4 Rita Ora


Rita Ora is a top-charting U.K. artist who has also released numerous number one singles, including “R.I.P." and "How We Do (Party).” In 2014 the musician may have set way too high of a standard for her fans, tweeting that she would release a single from her album early if she got 100,000 re-tweets. After getting less than 3,000 re-tweets to her post, Rita Ora must’ve felt instantly humiliated at the lack of support she previously thought she had, which ultimately led to her later deleting the tweet and claiming that the post was an accidental hack. Even if it was a hack, with over 6.5 million followers on Twitter, the lack of support shown for the starlet is still rather embarrassing. It also begs the question, if one was to hack a celebrity Twitter profile, would posting a false publicity statement really be the best use of one's access?

3 Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan is one of the most publicly humiliated celebrities on this list, most of it deserved. The star of Mean Girls and Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen had a rather harsh transition out of her innocent, child-star roles, getting into drunken and disorderly conduct and hard drug use, as well as multiple arrests and court-mandated trips to rehab. Aside from her public scandals and infamies, Lohan also managed to dishonor her reputation further on Twitter, when she asked Barack Obama about cutting taxes for “those listed on Forbes as millionaires that are not” – adding further to her privileged, party-girl demeanor. Lohan quickly deleted the tweets, maybe realizing that what she was asking would not be read well among those of her fans that didn’t take too lightly to cutting taxes for the wealthy; however, she had already humiliated herself for her

2 Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba is another individual that hasn’t created scandals or controversy out of her self-humiliating posts of 140 characters or less. The actress may have been in school with Kim and Kourtney Kardashian, because the poor, Golden Globe Award-nominated actress seems to have the vocabulary and grammar of an elementary school student. Alba either seems to think that each of her posts are more fun to read if one has to guess what they are reading, or simply doesn't have the energy to put her head all the way down to look at the keyboard when she types – maybe a new beauty trend? Whatever the reason for her bad “Insta-grammar,” having written and published the lifestyle self-help book, The Honest Life: Living Naturally and True to You, it's hard to believe this award-winning, published actress uses such abhorrent grammar when writing less than 140 characters.

1 Katy Perry


Katy Perry has garnered a reputation already for having developed a career based on odd and often-humiliating performances and public appearances, from her lip-syncing at the NRJ Music Awards, to her falling during a performance of "I Kissed a Girl", Ms. Perry has had quite the controversially headlined career. One of her more repulsive moments of humiliation came when she decided to post a photo on Twitter, in which she decided it was a good idea to point out a zit on her back. Given that she is in the number one spot for most followers on twitter, one can question why a celebrity of such status would humiliate herself by pointing out a rather embarrassing aspect of her publicity photo. The starlet later went on to comment about police escorts, seeming not to care about her previous, self-disgracing photo.

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