15 Celebs Who Hollywood Wants Us To Love (But We Still Hate)

Celebrities: you either love them, you hate them, or you love to hate them, but they sure do give us a lot to talk about, which is great because we all love a little gossip. We especially love gossip when it is negative gossip about famous people who are usually way better off than we are. That being said, celebrities are always in the spotlight even when they try not to be, so it is easy for us to decide whether or not we love them or hate them. The funny thing about hating a celebrity is that the more that you hate them, the more you want to read about them.

We love when a celebrity is surrounded by chaos and when their life gets off track. Reading about them gives us something to do while we are waiting in line at the grocery store or sitting in the waiting room at the doctor’s office. Hollywood knows this and so they take that into account when they are casting actors and actresses for big movies or publishing things in the tabloids for all the world to read. They know that if it is someone that you are not too fond of, you will more likely be willing to go see that movie or read that article. So, they are more likely to try to shove that person down your throat, so to speak. Sometimes there are even celebs that seem a little too nice, like they need the world to love them. Those kind tend to be the annoying prissy ones. Here are 15 celebs we can't ever get ourselves to like, no matter how hard Hollywood tries to get us on board.

15 Tom Cruise

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Tom Cruise, now 55 years old, was once known as one of the most attractive men alive and all women had crushes on him. He has appeared in many movies throughout the years such as The Outsiders, All The Right Moves, Risky Business, and Legend. This is, however, one actor who is going downhill with age. His acting is not nearly as good as it used to be and his looks are diminishing, and perhaps we would be able to get past those two things if it weren't for how crazy he started acting when he announced that he believes in Scientology. Tom has had three different wives and has three children and Hollywood continues to put him as the lead role in big name movies to this day, although we can not figure out why. We understand that he wants to stay relevant, and he thinks that this is the right career for him, but it's time to either retire or move on to something else because no one really wants to see him anymore.

14 Justin Beiber

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Justin Bieber has faced a lot of hate from day one. People have made fun of him relentlessly ever since his first song debuted because he was a complete pretty boy who had not yet hit puberty. Yet somehow he is still out there making a ton of songs and even more money than most of us will ever earn in our lifetime. While he has gotten slightly better with age, he still has that same baby face and whiny voice. Both of those things, coupled with his douchebag attitude, has made just about the entire world hate him – unless, of course, you are a 15-year-old girl. It seems like JB decided to get himself in tons of trouble as he aged to get rid of that image he had and tried to transform himself into a bada** in order not to seem so preppy anymore. He got tattoos and was even arrested. He is someone most of us love to hate but at times we aren’t quite sure why.

13 Miley Cyrus

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Miley Cyrus’ career had a great start to it. She played a sweet innocent child on the Disney show Hannah Montana and had an amazing singing voice; everyone loved her. However, when Miley turned 18 things went downhill fast, and she quickly became one of the most hated celebrities in Hollywood. She cut off all of her hair, began using drugs, and started acting totally crazy. You could say that she was just rebelling, since she never really had the chance to as a child, being such a young actress, but a lot of people seem to think that she was just doing it for attention and that she really needed to stop. She became the talk of Hollywood during her famous VMA performance where she dressed provocatively and danced like a fool, yet Hollywood has been trying hard to keep her relevant and talked about, putting her in the tabloids, and promoting her now horrible music. No matter how hard they try, though, we just cannot seem to take a liking to her.

12 Farrah Abraham

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Do I even need to explain why we hate this one? Does Farrah Abraham even have any fans, other than old perverted men who have watched her tape? It seems to me that the answer to both of these questions is obvious. No one seems to like this Teen Mom star. This is mainly thanks to her horrible attitude, how she talks to and treats everyone around her, and of course, that awful adult film that she made and tried to claim that she was taken advantage of. Farrah has been one of the most hated reality TV stars since she first appeared in 16 and Pregnant and although literally everyone hates her, MTV keeps trying to shove her down our throats. Despite taking her off of the show once, they brought her back, and they made sure to publish loads of stories about her and put her in all of their previews. Maybe they are hoping that fans will eventually take a liking to her, but I doubt that will happen anytime soon.

11 Kristen Stewart

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Kristen Stewart has appeared in many films, but she was best known for her role in Twilight as Bella, the girl who falls in love with a vampire. Twilight is a book saga that every girl was in love with, but when the books were turned into movies people were quite disappointed, especially in their choice of the actress to play Bella. This is because many people believe that Kristen Stewart’s acting leaves a lot to be desired. After she was done filming Twilight she went on to cut off her hair and started dating girls. It should be noted that during the filming of these movies she was dating Robert Pattinson, who played Edward, her vampire love interest. Despite Bella dolls being made to look like her and fan meet-ups and all the publicity that surrounded her, she still receives a lot of hate and has a very small, almost non-existent, fanbase.

10 Angelina Jolie

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Angelina Jolie is actually an all-around outstanding citizen who does everything that she can for the surrounding people, provides help to children in need, and believes in protecting the earth from human destruction. So why on earth is she on the list of celebrities that we hate? Apparently there are a lot of people out there who actually not stand Angelina; it could be due to pure jealousy because they are not able to be more like her, or maybe these people see something in her that they hate. Angelina Jolie has appeared in a lot of movies and Hollywood is always trying to promote her any chance that they get, yet there are still people out there who cannot stand the sight of her or even hearing her name. This one seems to be a matter of opinion and the people that hate her seem to balance out with the amount of people that are totally in love with her.

9 Madonna

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Madonna is a very well-known celebrity that people everywhere used to be in love with. That has changed drastically recently as she weaved her way into talking about politics. Madonna, now 59 years old, claims to be a feminist these days, but she has made some remarks particularly during the time of the election that would make us think otherwise. Since then a lot of people have been criticizing her and no one wants to see her anymore. Still, stories are being done about her and public appearances are being made because Hollywood does not want to give up on this once iconic star. They seem to think that there is money to be made here when really she is old news and should probably just retire at this point. Madonna does still have fans out there, but the number of fans has dropped drastically lately.

8 Katherine Heigl

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Katherine Heigl has played in tons of TV shows and movies, her most prominent role being Izzy in Grey’s Anatomy. While Katherine may be a very talented and convincing actress, she seems to have an attitude that not a lot of people are able to get along with or like, which is the reason that she was fired from so many sets. A select few numbers of people believe that her pure talent and her striking beauty make up for her poor manners and bad attitude, but I think that both you and I would have to disagree. Apparently she has issues getting along with most costars on set, and she does better in a setting where she is playing the lead role because she just loves to be the center of attention. Even though she is so hard to get along with, due to her incredible acting, she continues to land major roles and her movies are always a hit. If only she had a personality more like one of the characters that she plays.

7 John Mayer

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John Mayer used to be a big deal and ladies everywhere were totally head over heels for him, but that did not last long before the hateful comments about him started rolling in. Apparently John Mayer is your typical douchebag. He sleeps around with as many women as he can, because he is John Mayer, and he knows that he can (or could, anyways) get whoever wants, and then he never bothers to call any of them back. Who knew John Mayer was even relevant anymore? Well over the past few days he has been in the news a lot and it seems as though someone out there is trying to make him seem like a big deal again, even though his music was super sappy and not really that great to begin with. There are so many reasons not to like this man, yet he still finds a way to get people's attention and it totally annoys us.

6 Chrissy Teigen

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Not many people knew who Chrissy Teigen was until she married John Legend and gave birth to his baby, but she is an American model who has over the past few years come into the limelight. She tends to act a little weird and has that typical dumb blonde personality, but Hollywood seems to be trying harder and harder to make her more relevant putting her into shows like Lip Sync Battle. This is probably just because her husband is a very famous and well-liked man that a lot of people respect, but that will never change our opinions on her because to be honest, we just cannot stand the way that she acts. Of course, like everyone else in Hollywood, she does have a fanbase, but it is nothing in comparison to her husband’s fanbase, and she should probably just stick to what she is best at: modelling.

5 Megan Fox

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Megan Fox, who played a lead role in the Transformers movies, was noticed not really for her acting skills but more for her good looks. A lot of guys out there seem to love her, for obvious reasons, but us ladies, not so much. In fact, most women cannot stand her and no, it is not because we are jealous of her. It is actually because she has no real talent when it comes to acting, yet somehow she landed major movie roles and earned a lot of money. She used her looks to get herself what she wanted and that is something that women cannot stand watching other women do. Megan Fox seems to have been out of the spotlight recently, and maybe Hollywood is giving up on trying to get more people to like her because they realized that she really does not have the talent that they once thought that she did.

4 Reese Witherspoon

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Reese Witherspoon is most well known for her lead role in the hit movie Legally Blonde. She has always been a well-liked celeb who had true talent and class. Lately, however there has been quite some controversy surrounding her, causing her to lose a decent amount of fans and people to not like her as much as they once did. After producing Gone Girl, Reese Witherspoon was hit with a lawsuit because it turns out that it was actually a rip-off of a script that someone had sent out to someone before the book was released in 2012. On top of that Reese has also faced some backlash from fans after saying that all she is getting her little girls for Christmas this year is jewelry. Now, I know that jewelry is every girl's favorite thing, but little girls need toys and things that they can have fun with and make memories with, not just items that they wear out on special occasions.

3 Taylor Swift

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Taylor Swift got her start in the country genre of music in her teenage years and has since emerged into a pop star queen, selling a record-smashing amount of albums she continues to amaze people everywhere. So how could she possibly end up on this list? Although her music continues to kill it, she is probably one of the most talked about pop stars out there today, so obviously she has a lot of haters, and she knows it and embraces it. Most people, despite listening to her music in private, say that they hate her and think that she is totally crazy. Many would have to disagree with these people, as Taylor is actually a very smart business woman. We must say, she knows what gets people talking, and she knows what it is that she needs to do to top the charts and make the most money possible. So while all of these people may be hating on her, that is okay, because that was her plan all along.

2 Anne Hathaway

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Anne Hathaway seems almost perfect. To some people, she appears to be an extraordinary woman who is not only very talented, but very kind-hearted as well. Other people are left scratching their heads, wondering just how someone could seem to be so perfect. These people are asking themselves, what is this girl hiding from us? Some people have said that they simply just cannot watch any of the movies that she has appeared in because there is just something not right about her. Whatever the case, the number of people that hate her are beginning to outweigh the number of people who like her, yet Hollywood continues to paint her as this role model of a woman who all girls should aspire to be. Since she is in the acting business, I am sure that something negative will come out about her at some point in time, and when it does come out, there will be people who will feel validated.

1 Shia LaBeouf

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Shia LaBeouf got his true start at fame when he played in the Disney show Even Stevens, a show that all 90s babies loved. Then he went on to play in the Transformers movies as the lead role and his acting career seemed to be pretty promising. At one point, everyone loved and respected him as an actor. Then suddenly he stopped landing roles in movies and ever since then his career just seems to slowly be going downhill. He has been seen acting a bit crazy and almost like he is trying to be that older guy (even though he is not old by any means) that says the latest slang to look cool in front of the kids. Perhaps this is because he was once such a respected actor and now he's not that talked about, and so he is trying to find ways to get people to talk about him, no matter if it is good talk or bad talk.

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