15 Celebs Who Haven't Realized They Aren't Famous Anymore

Our generation is obsessed with celebrity culture. So much so that these days you can be famous simply for being famous. It’s a pretty glamorous world, so it’s not surprising that fame is something almost everyone wants. Becoming famous might be hard, but staying famous is even harder, especially in a cutthroat business such as Hollywood.

Some celebrities are timeless. They will be forever famous and remembered for their work no matter where their careers take them. Some celebrities, on the other hand, sift down to the bottom of the pile and are easily forgotten. As irrelevant as these stars become they don’t always get the memo that they’re not exactly famous anymore. We don’t really blame them – fame and fortune would be a difficult thing to give up. But if there is one thing the world loves watching more than the rise of a superstar, it’s the downfall, and we’re totally on the same page.

What exactly causes a celebrity to lose their fame? In today’s world, it doesn’t take much. Considering you can become a global superstar just for knowing someone famous, it only proves fame can easily come crashing down for something just as simple. Cheating scandals. Diva behaviour. Lack of talent. Public meltdowns. These are just a few examples of some of the instances where once world-known celebrities sealed their fate to be forever forgotten. There’s no business like show business and for these celebrities there’s definitely no coming back. Read below and let us know what you think of these 15 Celebrities who haven’t realized they aren’t famous anymore!


15 Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan, unarguably once a mega household name as an actress, model, and music superstar, has been falling pretty far off the celebrity radar. Most press about her has been less than flattering. Whether the tabloids are dishing about her fluctuating jail time, otherworldly accents, or even her recreational drug habits, no one really seems to be focusing on any career moves... possibly because there aren't any to focus on. Instead, the media has a field day documenting her journey to achieving train wreck status. Just because the media’s only talking about her less than favorable moments, doesn’t mean she’s going to acknowledge her dwindling celebrity status. She even recently formally invited celebrities like Paris HiltonBritney Spears and even Beyoncé to join her in Mykonos, Greece, for her last-minute birthday bash. Of course, by formal we mean she used social media to “@” them on Twitter. We're sure that's how all A-List celebrities are sending their invites, too.

14 Tyra Banks


There is no doubt that Tyra Banks hasn't had a successful career. She's an internationally famous supermodel, talk show host of her own show, The Tyra Show, producer and host of America's Next Top Model, CEO of Tyra Beauty, and even hosts the latest season of America's Got Talent. With so much experience under her (probably designer) belt, why haven't any of these careers lasted long term for her? Agreeably she voluntarily left her host position of America's Next Top Model, but she seems to be so focused on a career with her Tyra Beauty line that she seems to have lost her touch in maintaining a celebrity status.

It's reported that she could be on the chopping block as a host for America's Got Talent. She's apparently quite the control freak backstage and isn't making very many friends. Contrary to the lessons she has taught young, aspiring models on America's Next Top Model on how to behave professionally, she doesn't seem to take her own advice very well. Her shining celebrity star is starting to dull and she's just not the top dog she used to be in this industry, but try telling her that...

13 Scott Disick

When you're known for dating a celebrity famous for being famous such as Kourtney Kardashian, does that make you famous for dating someone famous for being famous? Regardless, Scott Disick’s split from Kourtney has cut his ties to the Kardashian fame, but that doesn’t seem to be stopping him from clinging to any ounce of stardom he can get. This includes dating a much younger Bella Thorne. Well, sometimes they’re dating, sometimes they’re just friends, and most of the time we’re really confused about their relationship altogether. And if it’s not Bella Thorne, then it’s a never-ending list of “mystery girls” only ever known for their hair color. This of course goes to show that Scott has really only ever been famous for the famous girlfriend he is associated with, and with his reckless behavior and crumbling romantic life, he doesn’t really have any star power to keep his name relevant for much longer.

12 Kelly Clarkson


Kelly Clarkson made a huge name for herself with a powerhouse voice as the winner of the first ever season of the television series American Idol. At that time in 2002 she could be seen everywhere from billboards, red carpets, and all over the tabloids promoting her record breaking hit songs. Of course, Google her name now and you probably won't recognize her. Of course we're not judging her fame solely on her looks because Kelly is gorgeous, it's just been so long since we've heard from or about her that any changes would of course appear drastic. Since Kelly's been gone she's become a wife, a mom, and she recently played a surprise concert in Vancouver, Canada. And that's really about it. Was it a surprise because she knew nobody would remember who she was and buy tickets? For someone with a celebrity platform launched from a reality television series, Kelly has had a good run and a fabulous career, but stardom just doesn't seem to have a spot for her anymore.

11 Jonathan Cheban

Another man famous for knowing a Kardashian. In the early rising of the Kardashian fame empire, Jason Cheban made a name for himself by literally being known as "Kim Kardashian's best friend" on Keeping Up With The Kardashians. It's not an uncommon cycle in the world of celebrity culture. After all, even Kim Kardashian got her start at stardom by cleaning and organizing Paris Hilton's closets. Of course, he then got his own reality series The Spin Crowd, which follows his old firm CommandPR. Considering most of us have never heard of it, it's safe to say that without the iconic Kardashian name backing him up, Cheban would be just another guy in Public Relations in Hollywood. Known, but unknown, which seems to be the direction he's heading now. As the Kardashians, Kim included, expand and grow into their own personal empires, it's easy to forget about the little people that helped them along the way. Jason is, of course, included. Desperate to stay relevant, Jason even entered a season of Celebrity Big Brother, but made a shocking exit after only one week. Perhaps celebrity life just isn't for him.

10 Tyga

Here's another man made famous standing alongside a member of the Kardashian "Klan," or in this case, a Jenner. Okay, we'll be honest, Tyga is a successful rapper, but there is no denying that his celebrity status was emphasized while dating the iconic Kylie Jenner. Kylie has become a megastar with her booming social media, internationally known presence, and ultra successful cosmetics line. Of course, all of this fame and success can't help but overshadow Tyga's career. In fact, he's lately only making headlines when he's associated to Kylie in some way, like when he bought her that $200k Maybach Mercedes. Of course it was quite the lavish gift, but it was made internationally known because it was gifted to the ultra famous Jenner. And in case you missed it, Tyga and Kylie broke up. It sounds super tragic, but the only headlines we've been reading and talking about are what Kylie has been doing since then and... almost nothing about Tyga. And this was months ago, you guys. Some people just don't have what it takes to stay famous on their own.

9 Avril Lavigne

Remember Avril Lavigne? The Canadian emo-pop-punk-rock princess has had so many extreme identities it's difficult to keep track. However, she's still constantly wearing her signature black smoky eye (like she has for every single one of her albums). And just for the record, you guys, her last album was released in 2013.

She tries way too hard to dress like her fans, which of course at the time consisted of mainly young teen girls, but considering how long it's been since her last album, most of these teens have grown up and moved on and Avril is still just... Avril. She is reportedly releasing new music this year, but that remains to be seen or even really talked about. Perhaps it wouldn't be a bad idea for Avril to quit while she's ahead? She did come to her senses, after all, when she split from Nickelback front runner, Chad Kroeger. Despite rumours of them getting back together, they appear to only be friends. Considering the connection to the harshly criticized musical group, Nickelback, this could probably be a wise career move for Avril. However, it seems Avril didn't get the message that she isn't exactly famous anymore.


8 Josh Peck


Okay, ignoring the fact that Josh Peck has been all over the headlines for dissing his former best friend and co-star, Drake Bell, by not inviting him to his wedding to Paige O'Brien, what has he honestly been working on career wise? His undeniable claim to fame was the hit television series Drake and Josh, but not much else seems to be going on. Oh, unless you count the fact that he is now attempting a career online as a YouTube star. Yes, you read that correctly. Check out his Twitter. It's filled with shout-out spam in an effort to gain followers. Not only that, but Josh must rely on already successful YouTubers to keep even any level of celebrity success going for him. In fact, Josh is often featured on the YouTube and social media channels for David Dobrik, an already successful YouTube star. This of course works in Josh's favour to stay relevant, and it probably helps David Dobrik with some sweet click bait material, but if you need to rely on the shout-outs of YouTube celebrities to stay famous, what career do you even have left?

7 Mariah Carey


Yes, Mariah Carey is a household name and forever will be. But you know what else is a household name? Windex, Toilet paper. Old news... papers. You get where we're coming from? Mariah has definitely had her moment in the spotlight, but that spotlight was turned off years ago and she just refuses to accept it. Most headlines for Mariah these days detail concerts and live performances going terribly wrong, or being compared to pop sensation Ariana Grande (which she also refuses to accept is a real celebrity). They are both known for their powerhouse vocals that made them famous, and Mariah is not happy sharing any of the spotlight that made her career. Whether it's her diva attitude, tell-all interviews, or disappointing concerts, the fans just aren't following Mariah like they used to. Some may argue that Mariah is a pop legend, and that she could never be replaced, but replaced or not, A-List is just not a phrase you can use to describe Mariah anymore, and she doesn't seem to want to accept the harsh truth.

6 Adam Sandler


Adam Sandler has made a name for himself in comedy, there's no doubt about that. But is that the name that's going to keep us famous? Despite getting his start to fame on Saturday Night Live, the characters he plays in movies (which he also often produces himself), all seem to blend eerily together. There will always be an audience for a goofy idiot who only kind of knows what he's doing. And Adam Sandler has made a career for himself with that character. Unfortunately for his career, that seems to be the only character he's playing. If you compare movies such as Happy Gilmore, 50 First Dates, and so on, they all feature the same sort of guy doing the same sort of things. Figuring everything out as an average joe while hitting some semi-predictable punchlines. Even if you check out what he’s currently working on, compared to his earlier career, it doesn’t seem to be as lucrative as you would expect for such a once well-known comedian.

Perhaps it’s time to pass the torch to the new SNL up and comers because Adam Sandler’s claim to fame in comedy is definitely not what it used to be.

5 Shia LaBeouf


Oh, Shia LaBeouf. Sure he's made some controversial headlines as the scantily clad man featured in Sia's music video Elastic Heart, but that was ages ago. The only headlines he seems to be making now or for some cringeworthy public freak-outs, racial slurs, and questionable behaviour. Just last week he was arrested for public intoxication and yelling profanities at a police officer. Of course, artistic minds can be interpreted differently, and perhaps one could argue Shia was just performing some bizarre performance art like he's done in the past, but if we're being real here, the world of fame and celebrities has probably just gotten the best of him.

It can be a harsh world and we're not surprised it's causing him to act out, but it's probably time for Shia to realize that the tabloid headlines aren't exploding from adoring fans anymore, but sheer curiosity of what's honestly going on with him anymore. But in true Shia fashion, if he's done caring about the fame and fans, he can always rent a movie theatre for himself and watch every movie he's ever starred in.

4 Katherine Heigl


Katherine Heigl captured the attention of many as Isobel "Izzie" Stevens in the ever popular (and still running) Grey's Anatomy, in 2005. Much like her character, however, Katherine proved to be a little needy, a little over the top, and very demanding. Once a top choice for any film or television series as a leading lady, she's now sunk to the bottom of the barrel. We can't say we don't understand. Heigl chose to walk away from her Grey's Anatomy success after she claimed writers didn't create material for her that would warrant Award nominations. Sounds a little greedy if you ask us. Sure, she had fame on her mind, but she wouldn't have any of the fame she's had without Grey's Anatomy. That's not the only drama. When she began working on her series State of Affairs, it didn't take long for people to realize just how difficult she was to work with, and it very quickly brought an end to her career. Apparently no one decided to let Katherine know that being difficult to work with is not exactly the reputation you want in Hollywood, if you want to stay famous.

3 Gwyneth Paltrow


Gwyneth Paltrow hasn't been on the big screen very much lately, but that's because she's been working so much on her lifestyle website, The website, which features lifestyle guides for everything from travel, to food, to a shopping guide for s*x dust, has been Gwyneth's passion project for quite some time. However, just because this former A-List celebrity can afford high end vitamins and designer grade opinions on how to live a proper life, doesn't mean her once adoring fans can. As much as Gwyneth's lifestyle website attempts to be relatable to the every day person, the actual content is just not realistic for an every day person. Perhaps she would have stayed relevant if she would have stayed focused on her acting career (which we will admit was amazing). She may work on a movie here or there, but it's definitely not enough to sustain the fame she once knew so well.

2 Charlie Sheen


Charlie Sheen is not new to the highs and lows of fame and stardom. He has had an ultra successful career as Charlie Harper on Two and a Half Men before he was ultimately cut from the show for his bizarre antics. Being fired didn't get him down, however, as it only started his outrageous Twitter rants and YouTube videos in an effort to keep the fans informed. It was the meltdown of all meltdowns that won the headlines for months and then: nothing. Silence. Rumours even spread that Charlie Sheen was dead. Once known for a promiscuous lifestyle, often bragging about just how many women he has slept with, made a public announcement that he was in fact HIV positive. This, of course, would come to a surprise for many, including the many women Charlie had been sleeping with. This brought his name back into the spotlight, but it wasn't exactly the right material to keep it there.

Charlie is still very active on his Twitter account, but with his fame surely coming to an end, we're not sure how long the fans will be tweeting him.

1 Tom Cruise

Once known as the male heartthrob for every action movie, box office thriller, and more, Tom Cruise is now just a memory of Hollywood's past. For someone who is continuously working, it seems a little strange that Tom Cruise isn't exactly making headlines for his fantastic work. This is probably because he is a hardcore Scientology devotee. You wouldn't think that his religious beliefs would have anything to do with his fame, but with a religious group so extreme, you would be surprised about what members are and are not allowed to say.

Despite his current work, his strong beliefs to the religious group could definitely be a reason the fans aren't like they used to be. Tom Cruise's ex-wife, Katie Holmes, even divorced Tom in an effort to protect their daughter, Suri Cruise, from Scientology. Let's face it, Tom's beliefs, as valid as they may be, don't exactly make him the most relatable celebrity in Hollywood, and it's safe to say that this might be the reason for his dwindling fame.

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