15 Celebs Who Have Had Tough Home Lives

When reporters do their digging, they can unearth some interesting stuff about our favorite celebs. Sometimes they don’t even have too, as everything’s made public by the celebs themselves. They divulge all about certain aspects of their family lives, what life was like for them growing up, how it shaped them, and how it made them who they are today. A lot of people with rather messed-up home lives still have problems dealing with their issues to this day. Some used it to fuel the fire and do whatever they needed to do to achieve their goals and be successful.

Having a stable home life is vitally important in the development of a child. Having a loving and supportive mother and father who are present – that’s what every kid wants growing up. Sons and daughters have different relationships with their moms and dads. A mom is a child’s world. But the presence of a strong father figure is still important. It’s a father’s duty to instil certain values into his offspring. But not every family and not every father is perfect. Some go awry, miss a trick, and this can result in their kids growing up with mental issues and lacking certain skills that they needed to be happy and successful, well-balanced, and fulfilled individuals.

Due to what we’ve heard, what these celebs have done, and what we know about their fathers, it’s fair to assume that these 15 celebs have daddy issues. In some of their cases, we know they do, because their issues with their fathers have been made public. These are 15 celebs we feel must have daddy issues.

15 Liv Tyler

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Lovely Liv Tyler has been in the acting profession for quite a long time. She’s been around in the industry since 1994, but being in the limelight wasn’t anything new to her. Both of her parents were highly successful in their own right. Her mom was a model, singer, and famed babe. But Liv gets her famous surname from her dad, Steven Tyler, the lead singer of the American rock band, Aerosmith.

Not that she’s come out and said anything, but it’s fair to assume that Liv has mommy and daddy issues. Being the daughter of a famous sultry model must have resulted in her going through a whole load of issues. But with her dad living that whole rock and roll lifestyle and partying constantly, you can image what Liv must have gone through. She’s said she had a lovely childhood, but as much as she was sheltered, it would’ve been impossible for her to be sheltered from everything. She must have picked things up which would’ve shaped her as an adult.

14 Kylie Jenner

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Kylie Jenner has basically spent her entire life in the limelight. Firstly, that must be incredibly hard to deal with. Sure, you get used to it, but as a kid growing up into a young woman, she couldn’t have developed fully – personality-wise – and must have lived certain aspects of her life solely for the cameras, because she knew what people wanted to see. Her mom and dad gave the go-ahead to start filming the reality series. So, Kylie must have some resentment towards them. Then there’s the fact that she’s the youngest in a pretty wild and wacky family. It’s meant she’s constantly had to fight for attention. Kylie’s the rebel of the family and does her own thing in her own unique way without thinking too much about the consequences. She has had to deal with a lot, and not just general family stuff either. Her dad transitioning into a woman must have messed with her head a tad; we know it did because it was documented – Kylie found it tougher than anyone else to deal with her dad’s change in gender. The fact that Caitlyn was secretly living as a woman also says a lot. Kylie probably didn’t have a proper male father figure when growing up. Now she’s 20 and pregnant. There are certainly daddy issues there.

13 Paris Hilton

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Daddy issues don’t just arise due a father being terrible, rude and obnoxious. Of course, if that was to occur, the kid would grow up to have serious daddy issues. That much is a given. But a dad spoiling their kid, being over-the-top with their loves and affection, and essentially smothering their child with love can also be unhealthy. It can result in that kid growing up to have daddy issues. Spoiled kids who when they’re younger got everything they wanted from their dad must get a shock when they get into the real world, and must have daddy issues because of it. We just described Paris Hilton, although even now that she’s all grown up, she’s not really living in the real world. Paris the princess is deemed by many people to be a spoiled brat, a princess with zero talent for anything and yet a sense of entitlement. It’s because she’s still daddy’s little girl, which for her is great, but in terms of developing certain character traits and being a well-rounded individual, it isn’t helpful at all.

12 Megan Fox

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Megan Fox’s dad was a parole officer. It’s safe to assume that she was raised in a disciplined household. She could have developed plenty of issues because of that alone. Then came her parents’ divorce. Her mom remarried, and Megan has said that again, she was raised in a very strict household. Her stepdad was very religious and forced his views and beliefs upon Megan. She wasn’t allowed to have a boyfriend, or even invite friends to the house. This stepdad came and went – the second strict father figure she’d lost. You can understand how that began to shape her. From that alone you could guess that Megan has daddy issues. But there are some signs to look out for: being overconfident, extremely brash, self-harm, and body image issues. Megan ticks all of these boxes. We know she’s uber confident, has put her foot in it a lot over the years, has a big mouth, and she’s self-harmed and has had issues with her body image too. Megan just must have daddy issues.

11 Lindsay Lohan

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Lindsay Lohan’s problems have been well-documented over the years. She’s struggled with fame, life in the limelight, and everything that comes with it. It’s actually quite sad, but she’s dealt with trials and tribulations pretty much her entire life. Lindsay was thrust into the limelight at a young age. On top of dealing with everything that comes with being a child star, Lindsay had to endure a turbulent family life. Her mom and dad divorced when she was very young, and it was a messy divorce. They later reunited, and then divorced again, and all the while Lindsay was in the middle, feeling the heat from both sides. But when it comes to her dad, she’s cut off all ties with him. She says she did this because he’s unpredictable. They’ve had a twisted relationship, one that almost certainly has resulted in Lindsay having daddy issues. When you learn what he’s done, such as bringing the police to her house to try and get her arrested, humiliating Lindsay in numerous ways, and profiting from his daughters’ fame, you can kind of understand why Lindsay eventually went off the rails.

10 Angelina Jolie

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What is it with fathers trying to ruin their daughter’s careers and profit from their fall from grace? You’d think that a dad would do everything possible to support his daughter, forgive her for all of her misdemeanors and at the very least, respect and have a positive relationship with her. But Angelina’s dad is another father who has been a constant thorn in Angelina’s side as she’s gone about establishing herself as the biggest actress in the world. This isn’t father-bashing – it’s just so you can appreciate why Angelina must have daddy issues.

When Angelina was less than a year old, her dad, Jon Voight, who incidentally is also an actor, walked out of the family home. From then on Angelina and her dad never really had a great relationship. Her mom eventually broke off contact with Voight too. Jolie actually despised her dad so much, she had her last name changed, officially. Voight wasn’t best pleased about this. He attacked his daughter publicly, saying that she had “serious mental problems,” and all manner of other things.

Angelina’s self-harmed, has said she felt emotionless, tried to take her own life twice, has been admitted into a psychiatric facility, and has had seriously dysfunctional relationships with other men in her life. All are signs of daddy issues, and you can understand why she must have them.

9 Pamela Anderson

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Now here’s a change; Pamela Anderson hasn’t had a public falling out with her dad. He hasn’t tried to better himself off his daughter’s fame, and prefers to stay out of the limelight, going about his life quietly. But perhaps that’s the problem. It's not that he hasn’t tried to steal some of Pamela’s limelight, but the fact that we can predict that he’s a pretty quiet, unassuming individual. When Pamela was going off the rails a tad when she was growing up and when she was subjected to some horrific stuff and was going through plenty of different issues, he wasn’t there to get her through it and be a rock for her. Perhaps Pamela resents him for it.

One sign that a woman has daddy issues is that they’re incredibly desperate for attention. Pamela was certainly that and was known for having that type of persona. She’s also had destructive relationships with guys in the past, which is another sign of daddy issues.

8 Kaley Cuoco

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A lot of those who are obsessed with Kaley Cuoco – and there are a lot – would be scratching their heads in bewilderment right about now after seeing her on this list. On the other hand, if you know about Kaley Cuoco and how she’s perceived by certain sections of the media and industry, you’ll get where we are coming from. Kaley Cuoco is deemed to be the most hated woman in Hollywood. She really does rub a lot of people up the wrong way. That in itself isn’t a sign of daddy issues. But certain personality traits she possesses are clear indications of there being daddy issues. While Kaley and her dad enjoy a good, very loving relationship, there might be stuff under the surface and things we don’t know about.

Many would say that Kaley is delusionary overconfident, that she thinks she’s god’s gift to the acting profession. Not only that, she also dates a lot of guys, and has had a ton of failed relationships. She falls for guys who just aren’t right for her. There’s another sign right there.

7 Beyoncé

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Singing sensation Beyoncé is arguably the biggest and most successful name in the entertainment industry. She’s tasted a ton of success, and is known by pretty much everyone; unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past decade or so, you’re sure to know who Beyoncé is.

Beyoncé and her dad, Matthew, have had a strained relationship. Issues began when she was just starting out in the business and trying to make a name for herself. Her dad became her manager. You can imagine what that must have been like. That couldn’t have done any favors for their father daughter relationship, a relationship which got strained even further when Beyoncé and her group got signed by another record label. Beyoncé herself has come out and said that until the age of 18, she really struggled having her dad constantly tell her what to do. Then there was Matthew’s infidelity, which broke up the family and led to a lot of bad press. Many think her daddy issues resulted in her releasing the single “Daddy Lessons” in 2016. Those of you who know the lyrics will understand.

6 Demi Lovato

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Singer-songwriter and actress Demi Lovato achieved a tremendous amount of fame as a teenager. She starred on the Disney channel, and simultaneously began releasing music, all of which propelled her to superstardom. Her career’s just gone from strength to strength, and she’s embarked on plenty of other ventures too.

When Demi was just two years old, her parents divorced and she began to see a lot less of her dad. That’s something that’s certainly affected her. It’s caused her issues over the years, issues she’s still dealing with in adult life. She’s actually sung about these issues. Her album Tell Me You Love Me featured the song “Daddy Issues.” Take a wild guess about what that song was about, who she drew inspiration from. Demi has said, “When you grow up with an absent father, you have relationship issues — and sometimes you go for the type of person who feels familiar. So those lyrics were about something that felt familiar.”

5 Kelly Osbourne

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When it comes to Kelly Osbourne, there does not even need to be an explanation. Just look at who her parents are and it’s pretty much a given that she’s got daddy issues. She’s witnessed her mom, Sharon, have to put up with a lot over the years. Ozzy’s antics have pretty much scarred every member of the family for life. For Kelly, who’s now a celeb in her own right, it affected her more than her brother.

Ozzy’s rock and roll lifestyle may seem cool to certain people. But just imagine having to endure it as his daughter. It must have been mightily tough on Kelly growing up. Kelly witnessed her dad mistreating her and her mother, and she saw him go off on a number of benders, due to his long-standing issues with substance abuse. That’s all going to leave some serious emotional scarring.

4 Ariana Grande

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Since rising to prominence on the Disney Channel as Cat Valentine, Ariana Grande’s career has blossomed to the point where she’s now one of the biggest names in the entertainment industry. She’s the kind of girl people are infatuated with. Why? It’s just everything about her. She’s short, sweet, beautiful, has a unique voice, and also seems like a nice person. Ariana is also quite shy and a private person. She doesn’t reveal too much, and likes to keep her cards close to her chest. That just adds to the intrigue. One thing we do know is that Ariana is close to her family. She’s got a strong family network around her, except for one important member: her father. Perhaps the reason she’s so shy and reserved is because of her dad. She revealed in an interview with Seventeen magazine that something happened between the two in 2013. It was a pretty vague statement, but she went on to say, “The thing that got me there was embracing the fact that that I am made up of half my dad, and a lot of my traits come from him. So much of me comes from my father, and for so long, I didn't like that about myself.” Read into that what you will, but it definitely sounds like daddy issues.

3 Margot Robbie

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Margot Robbie’s rise to international stardom was dramatic. She became known as the seductive blonde bombshell of Hollywood, due to those sultry scenes she did with Leonardo DiCaprio. Her fan following grew exponentially after that movie, and has continued to rise as year after year she’s been churning out the hits. The first thing she did after earning her first big paycheck was pay off her mom’s mortgage. She is really close to her mom and her three siblings. Her mom raised them all after her dad, Doug, walked out on them as kids. Margot has little to no contact with her dad. He’s a sugarcane tycoon who has apparently done very well for himself. Margot, though, doesn’t want to know him at all, and doesn’t really like to talk about him. There are certainly daddy issues there. Some may say those issues are the reason for her excessively risqué scenes, because there are a lot of actresses who would’ve shunned them.

2 Rihanna

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There are a ton of signs that the superstar singer Rihanna has daddy issues. The biggest one, of course, is that she’s actually come out and revealed that she has them. Her parents divorced when she was younger. That deeply affected her as it would to any youngster. Her dad was also an addict who mistreated her. She recalls how she used to be terrified when it was his payday, because she knew he’d be out of it and the mistreatment would start. That resulted in some serious daddy issues, as you’d expect. The fact that she’s a bit lost when it comes to relationships is one. Her poor taste in men is another – we all know about her turbulent relationship with Chris Brown. Her childhood woes have resulted in her and her dad having a strained relationship. It could have all gone to heck when her dad tried to make money out of her success, selling secrets and photos to the press. Just think about what must be going through Rihanna’s head and how everything he’s done must have affected her.

1 Miley Cyrus

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As an outsider looking in, you’d think that Miley Cyrus and her family all have a very close relationship. But under the surface, there are severe cracks that have just gotten wider as Miley’s gone about establishing herself as one of the biggest names in the entertainment industry. Miley’s dad is Billy Ray Cyrus, a celebrity figure in his own right. He had a major part in developing Miley’s career when she was a youngster. Although he only tried to help, his constant presence in her life resulted in some issues, which Miley is still dealing with. Remember her recent over-the-top phase? Well, who can forget? She attributes that phase of her life to issues with her dad. She just didn’t get an escape, not even school, because she was privately tutored. They were just around each other all the time. That phase in her life was her trying to break free. Miley’s dad has also revealed they have issues, and puts the blame on Hannah Montana, saying the show destroyed her family. He should have been more of a father figure rather than trying to be a friend. That doesn’t sound like anything drastically wrong. But it shaped Miley’s development and resulted in issues between the two.

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