15 Celebs Who Have Done Amazing Things For Fans

Celebrities have a history and reputation for being stuck up, arrogant, and rude. But it really isn’t fair to pin all celebrities equally. Some of them are really nice. But sure, it’s easy to be nice to co-workers, to give to charity (it’s a must), and to treat on-set staff with respect. But these celebrities go out of their way to make an effort. To help those who need a hand. To reach out and really make a difference. These celebrities really do things that even your average Joe wouldn’t do even if they could. But then some are just being decent, down-to-earth human beings. It makes you think, “hey, maybe instead of finding out what shoes she is wearing so I can do the same, I should find out what random act of kindness she did so I can pass it on.”

I’ve tried to steer clear of the celebs who make the big donations you hear about on a regular basis. Everyone knows George Clooney and his wife are big givers. Everyone knows that Ellen DeGeneres is a pool of generosity. But there are two things that need to be addressed. One is under the table generous celebs. Not celebs who hide their donations and such, but those who don’t openly flaunt it…they just do it. Two is celebs who have a bad rep but actually do some pretty awesome stuff. I’ve tried to let you in on Hollywood’s secrets with a few obvious choices in there that just have to be mentioned! So here they are! Fifteen celebs, some you are aware of and some that need brought to light, who have done amazing things for their fans!

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15 Dolly Parton - Spreads Love (And Free Books To Children)

via countryrebel

Everyone knows that Dolly Parton is one of the sweetest people on the face of this earth. There’s really no end to what she’s done for friends, family, fans, and charity. Let’s start with one that may not be so obvious. You see, the known “wholesome” Christian figures in Hollywood are often homophobic etc. But Dolly Parton tells those fans that, "if you’re a fine Christian (…) why are you judging people?’ That’s God’s job. We’re not God, we’re not judges, we’re supposed to love one another, we’re supposed to not judge.”

She claims that she needs to work on herself, not others, and wishes we lived in a more loving, more caring world. She shows this love by personally giving out money to disaster victims and giving free books to any child that registers every single month!

14 Robert Downey Jr. - Brings Sick Fan To Captain America Premiere

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In general, reports say that Robert Downey Jr. is a genuinely nice guy. But this Iron Man is also known for donning the suit and visiting sick young fans. Of course, he and Captain America have visited children’s hospitals but they also make personal appearances, including one for a kid who was undergoing chemotherapy. But what really made him stand out was when he dressed up as another hero for another fan.

He donned a Tigger onesie to cheer up a seven-year-old suffering from cystic fibrosis. He sent him a picture and invited him to attend the LA premiere of Captain America: Civil War as his personal guest. It’s not every day you see Tony Stark in a Tigger suit but we know now that he’ll do it for young fans having a bad day.

13 Justin Bieber - Cares Deeply For Sick Fans

Out of every modern-day celeb, I think that Bieber needs to be cut the most slack. I mean, for one, he started way too young, and was pushed by family and producers. He goes through rough times and gets a really bad reputation. But he isn’t all bad. As a kid, he was a really sweet boy, and to this day, that sweetness shines through on occasion. Like when he bought Ray’s Pizza for fans waiting to see him in a blizzard at Saturday Night Live. He even responds to tweets from fans directly.

But when he helped out a less fortunate community in Guatemala he really touched a lot of hearts. Though not as much as the time he “married” a six-year-old girl who was literally dying from AT/RT. Sure, he has a bad rep and most of this stuff happened before the fame supposedly got to him. But we can still believe there is the Justin Bieber from back then still in there.

12 Niall Horan - Bought Adoring Fans Starbucks (After Going To FOUR Different Shops)

via m-magazine

The former One Direction member is a known sweetie, but he’s done more than you know for unknowing fans. Now, handwriting a note to all of his e-mail subscribers is pretty cool, but it gets better. That letter was for everyone, but when he did a surprise Q&A with live answers to tweets, girls everywhere were passing out.

But the real winner is when he drove around New York City trying to find a Starbucks that was open so he could buy his fans, that were waiting out in the cold to see him perform, hot chocolate. That’s right. Niall Horan literally bought his fans hot chocolate from Starbucks. He greeted them then left. They were disappointed until they saw him return with Starbucks to warm them up.

11 Tom Hiddleston - UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador

via harry borden

Ask anyone who knows Loki…I mean Tom Hiddleston, and they will tell you that he is the most gentlemanly human being they have ever met. He speaks very kindly of his exes (including Taylor Swift) and never has an unkind word to say about anyone. He even gives great advice on how to treat women. But what does he do for fans? One reporter jokingly asked him for tomato soup for an interview…and he brought it.

Then he also flew in to a Halloween charity screening of Thor: The Dark World to give young fans treats and say hi. He’s a pretty poor singer, but he has sung happy birthday to a fan on the spot and gave us a rendition of "Stand By Me" car karaoke. Not to mention random trips to West Africa with UNICEF. If you want to be like a Hollywood man, be Loki…please.

10 Chris Hemsworth - A Real-Life Superhero

via teen vogue

Loki isn’t the only nice guy on the Thor set, Thor himself is known for his good deeds. Just recently, The Avengers: Infinity War wrapped up filming. When it did, Chris stepped off set and went straight to signing autographs and greeting fans. This is normal, but what really got us is the reports that he was incredibly friendly. He even gave one fan a signed Mjolnir. That was recently, but back in 2016, Chris lost his wallet and a teen boy picked it up to return it. To reward him, Chris took the boy to Ellen and gave him a wallet full of cash.

He rewarded honest behavior and we know Loki would approve. Man, who wants to be on the set with the nicest cast in Hollywood now?

9 Zac Efron - Replaces Fan's Broken Phone

Let’s just focus on one act here that really speaks the truth about this Hollywood sweetheart. A fan was actually chasing Zac Efron to get a picture with him but dropped his phone in the rush. Instead of laugh or turn away, Zac Efron rushed to him and offered to buy him a new one. There is no way that boy is getting rid of that phone no matter how outdated it gets. After all, it wasn’t some $99 phone, but rather the nicest one they could find at $950. The price wasn’t much for Zac, but the effort was.

You see, Zac was in a car and had to pull over to see if the dude broke his phone. After finding out he did, he took a selfie with him using the new phone he’d just purchased.

8 Ariana Grande - Outpouring Of Love In Manchester

Ariana is one well-rounded young woman who has her head on straight. Like Niall, she also bought coffee for fans waiting in the cold and she once bought lunch for fans as well. But I’m sure you want to hear about a bigger act: Manchester! In May of 2017, a suicide bombing took place at an Ariana Grande concert. Over twenty victims were included in the horrendous attack and Ariana somehow felt semi-responsible. To show her condolences, she followed it up with a charity concert to raise money for Manchester.

She gathered friends like Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry, Justin Bieber, and more. Together they raised over $2.5 million, but no one’s performance was more heart wrenching than Ariana’s. The girl was so emotional she could hardly sing. She stuck around during that time and personally visited the victims in the hospital, and reportedly footed the bill for the funerals of the victims.

7 Lady Gaga - Donates Millions & An Outspoken Self-Acceptance Advocate

Lady Gaga also has a bad rep for being crazy. But in reality, she’s an intelligent, kind-hearted human being. She donates millions to Hurricane Relief, travels with UNICEF, and plays football with children in the slums of Brazil. Excuse me, no this is not fake. Put her on the list for buying pizza for fans too. But she wasn’t just buying them pizza for a concert, she was buying them pizza as they waited in line to buy her album at Best Buy.

I mean, hello, she is like the most fan-crazy star that actually made a Lady Gaga-based social media site called LittleMonsters.com. She loves her fans, no matter how different they are. She wants everyone to be themselves and accepts every single one of them for who they are, being an advocate for every group she can.

6 Ed Sheeran - Donates Clothes To Fans

via itv

Ed Sheeran has his lawsuits and such, but what can you say about a man that visits a fan in the hospital that can’t make it to his show? Or a guy that helps a man propose to his girlfriend battling brain cancer with the extremely romantic song "Thinking Out Loud?" OH yeah, the same guy who would see a fan performing his song at the mall and do a duet with her.

Ed Sheeran did a big one for fans when he made all of his concerts the same price so that all kids could have the same chance. He didn’t want some rich kid to brag to a poor kid about getting to go to an Ed Sheeran concert. Now that is what we should live for. That and giving your entire wardrobe to fans!

5 Taylor Swift - Treats Her Fans Like Her Best Friends

Taylor Swift is another star known for two things: being a sweetheart and writing about her exes. She has chased down diehard fans for selfies and invited a fan over to bake cookies in NYC. But then she has done bigger things too. Like handmake Valentine’s Day cards for fans. Then surprised a fan by attending her bridal shower, and vlogging it all! She loves doing personal things for fans, like flying their entire family out to spend the week with her.

But the best might have been an impulse photobomb of a girl who was taking school pictures at the park. She has donated to charity and visited children’s hospitals, but Taylor Swift goes beyond the others when it comes to personal acts. Not to mention she gives the best advice on Instagram, so hit her up.

4 Paul Walker - Anonymously Buys $10k Engagement Ring For Army Vet

via huffpost

Ask anyone who has ever worked with the late Paul Walker, he’s a dream to be on set with. He’s just a genuinely nice guy…or was, unfortunately. No wonder everyone was so heartbroken when he passed away. But you see, there is a secret that he didn’t want told…

You see, Paul Walker noticed a man buying his girlfriend an engagement ring. He wanted to get her something nice but couldn’t afford it. So, he secretly told the salesperson to tell the man to buy whatever ring he wanted and it was already paid for. He didn’t want anyone to know who paid for it, but the truth will always come out. No secrets, Paul. You can’t just go around buying $10,000 rings for army vet girlfriends and get away with it unknown.

3 Hugh Jackman - Surprises Make-A-Wish Fan

Don’t let his baddie Wolverine persona fool you, Logan, or Hugh, is the politest guy you’ll meet. He is known as the guy who is always smiling. This Australian always has a moment for fans he meets and knows exactly what to do for charity. He took part in a Make-A-Wish foundation act where he met a fan who thought he was just getting a radio interview with Hugh.

He was the sweetest to his young fan who debated whether it was okay to say a certain word on the radio with. Seriously, you will not hear an unkind word spoken about this guy. Well, except for when Ryan Reynolds speaks, who has a very secret good heart hidden under sarcastic one-liners on Twitter. Who knew?

2 James Franco - Does Whatever His Fans Ask Him To

via US Weekly

One look at that smile and you’ll think to yourself, “now that is a good guy” and you’re right. But the things he does are out of the box. For example, he once took a photo with a teen who had gone through a bad breakup. He made it look like they were together so she could post it online and show her ex what’s what.

He also did a really weird Google hangout where he did whatever appropriate thing that fans asked him to do. Things got weird fast but it only made them love him more. I mean who doesn’t want to tell their favorite celebs what to do for an hour. James Franco is a geek, a nerd, a weirdo, and just really awesome, doing amazing things for fans everywhere.

1 Matt Smith - Gives Back To His Fans

Like all celebs trying to hit their charity standards, Matt Smith has given his fair share. But what makes him stand out? Probably the sum of it all can be given in one story. It happened when a fan sewed him a Doctor Who sock monkey and made a Tardis box for it to go in. He was so excited to receive it but had one complaint: he didn’t have anything for her. He thought for quite some time before thinking to keep the monkey and give her the box, signed by him with a personal message.

Then, he sent that hand-written message to all of his fans with no prompting. He just did it cause he wanted to. The video was dramatic and perfect and weird just like Matt Smith.

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