15 Celebs Who Have Admitted To Having Had Abortions

In the year 2017, the abortion topic has still proven to be controversial and relevant, but it has finally been released from the critical “taboo” that modern society held over its domain.

Some of the celebrities included in this article chose to have their confidentiality intact when they went through with this procedure, more than likely worried about the cultural backlash not only from public opinion but also the harsh condemnation of the religious denominations around the globe. It is a testament to social democracy and free society that we have chopped our horrendous roots off considering this controversial topic – well, at least, most of us have – and allowed women to make their own decisions about who and what is allowed to grow inside their bodies. The women included in this article have sacrificed a great deal to allow us in on what was undoubtedly one of the most significant and trying times in their lives.

Abortions in and of themselves might be a debatable moral topic, but when one takes the time to understand the inner workings and procedural hoops a female (and their male lover) have to conquer, it should be approached in all cases with deep admiration and empathy (not sympathy) for everyone involved with the process. Who are people to tell anyone what they can or cannot do with their bodies? Who is anyone to say that someone else better go through with their pregnancy, OR ELSE? We must grow out of this immature and contemptible nature immediately – and we’re speaking mostly to the religious denominations around the world who hold trials as judge, jury, and executioner (in some countries, quite literal executions) for women who have decided to express ownership of their reproductive organs.

As a society, we have mostly grown out of these archaic and barbaric tendencies, and these 15 females have assisted in our growth not only as a nation that seeks freedom but as a society that must condemn the ideas of hateful and bigoted misogynistic entities.


15 Naya Rivera

Naya Rivera opened up about having an abortion she had with her then-husband, Ryan Dorsey. Heading towards a divorce with her husband she decided to take a pregnancy test and it came back positive, in her book, a tell-all book about her life and career on the hit show Glee, she tells the gritty details of a controversial decision. All of this happened during the time when she was also involved with rapper Big Sean, and it begs the question, whose baby was she was pregnant with? Anyways, Naya was candid and honest in not only her book but also on the television screen when she came out and told the world that she had gotten an abortion. It was really cool to see someone so young and early in their respective career, to put it all on the line and fill us all in.

14 Lil Kim


Lil Kim has lived a wild and popular life full of fame, controversy, and perhaps one of the most famous abortions of all time. While nostalgic rapper Notorious B.I.G was married to Faith Evans, Lil Kim claimed to have had an affair with the superstar, and that during these sexual relations she became pregnant. She was very open about the abortion that she had and deeply regrets having had sexual relations with a married man. She said the entire ordeal was horrible, and not only the actual procedure but the threats and comments that she had to endure in the aftermath. People can be incredibly callous and capricious when it comes to popular culture, she received daily threats and was called every name in the book, she said this changed her perception of reality drastically.

13 Chelsea Handler

Probably one of the most popular celebrities on this list, Chelsea Handler has certainly been one who has stirred the pot of societal discourse over the past decade. She has had her ups and downs in terms of her popularity, and she is one of the few outspoken women on this list about women’s equality and women’s rights. It should come as no surprise then when it came time to talk about her previous experience with abortion that she was willing to speak out and become a voice for women all across the world. She admittedly had not one but two of the abortion procedures when she was just 16 years old, and opened up in a powerful essay with the Huffington Post. She brought into the forefront a hot topic about the necessity of Planned Parenthood, an organization that helps males and females learn about the contraceptive methods of sexual intercourse.

12 Marilyn Monroe


One of the most controversial women of all time, Marilyn Monroe was America’s first sex symbol in an era that was starting to become technologically advanced. In a book written by Norman Mailer, he wrote that Marilyn Monroe’s personal photographer Milton Greene opened up and explained the fact that Marilyn had received “at least 12 abortions before she was 29 years old”. When one thinks of Marilyn Monroe we undoubtedly think about the iconic superstar and her famous photograph with the wind grate blowing up her dress. What many people don't know about Monroe was that she was a controversial spokeswoman for civil and political liberties; it should come as no surprise to any of us that Marilyn exercised her rights to negotiate for women across the country.

11 Amber Frey

One of the most publicized and recognizable names in the news for a while was Amber Frey, the innocent mistress to one of America’s most gruesome murderers: Scott Peterson. She was by all accounts clueless and oblivious to the fact that the man she had just met was, in fact, a murderer, and her life was thrown into a ring of chaos when the news finally broke. Amber Frey was subject to indescribable hate mail and public humiliation throughout the controversial trial process, but she held herself together and proved herself to be a woman of great respect and honor. In the controversial public concoction, it's hard to tell what was fact or just circumstantial, but one thing Amber Frey has made clear in the decades following her abrupt appearance in the public eye, she has admitted to having had an abortion.

10 Madonna


Has there ever been a more controversial and domineering public figure than Madonna? We don’t think so. Madonna has captivated the world on countless occasions and seemed to thrive in the limelight more than any other character in the realm of popular culture. In an incredible interview, Madonna told the world that she had “several” abortions and that she did so with a coat hanger. Madonna was pretty sheltered during her interview and didn’t allow the interviewer to be in control, but she nevertheless confirms that she had several abortions. It’s important to remember that at this time it was still an incredibly taboo admission to make, and Madonna made it with class and dignity. Praise Madonna and all the other amazing females on this list for not shuttering an eyelash when it came to letting the world know their truths.

9 Sharon Osbourne

Sharon Osbourne is another celebrity that has been outspoken about her abortion as he received when she was 17 years old. She claims that undergoing the procedure was perhaps the precursor to 3 miscarriages she subsequently had in the years after the abortion. It does bring to light the medical disadvantages that can come as a consequence of the dangerous procedure. We have come quite a long way on the other hand, and Osbourne was able to give birth to her 3 children following the incident that took place in her early childhood. The controversy doesn't involve the potential problems with abortions, it lies in the sinister attempt to deny women the right to make a choice about them and their infants' well-being.


8 Nicki Minaj


Nicki Minaj is without a doubt the most popular celebrity on this list, she has absolutely revolutionized the rap game particularly for females and commands respect when she graces us with her presence. When Nicki Minaj opened up about the abortion she had when she was a teen she said that it was so painful she thought she “was going to die, it still haunts me till this day”. It sheds light on what these women have to go through, in most cases it is a dead end road, if they keep the baby they will always wonder ‘what if’, and if they go through with the process of having an abortion they will likely be haunted for the rest of their lives. It’s an incredibly delicate process that demands our respect as a culture, it’s time we start recognizing just how damaging psychologically having an abortion can be for a female or their male counterpart.

7 Vanessa Williams

Vanessa Williams let it all air out during an incredibly popular interview with Nightline. She opened up about the struggles that come along with getting pregnant at a young age, and all of the stresses that young women face when they have to confront not only the issue at hand but how to approach the topic with others (if they even decide to tell anyone). Vanessa Williams is a strong beautiful woman that portrays a strong female character and persona, but even she claims that this was one of the most trying times of her life. She thought she was all alone and that no one was going to be able to help her in her time of need, but what she found out was that this is an all more common situation than many people realize.

6 Toni Braxton


This story is pretty interesting because Toni Braxton opened up about her abortion and the medical reasons behind it. While she was married to her current ex-husband Keri Lewis, Braxton admitted to having had an abortion before either of her two children were born. She said that the ultimate reason she chose to have an abortion was that she was currently on the prescription drug Accutane, a powerful drug designed to stop acne from occurring by drying up all of the pores in the body. This drug is effective for curing acne, but it’s downright dangerous to be taking this medicine while going through a pregnancy, so for obvious reasons it seemed like the best thing to do. Not only for her health and safety but the safety of this then future child, it nevertheless was an incredibly difficult situation for Braxton.

5 Whoopi Goldberg

In one of the more graphic tales, Whoopi Goldberg famously spoke about the experience that she had with her own abortion. She tells the story about how ashamed and embarrassed she was as a young girl who became pregnant, she was so afraid of others finding out that she took it upon herself to use a coat hanger and terminate the pregnancy herself. Undoubtedly dangerous and excruciatingly painful, Whoopi Goldberg talked about the dogma and stigma that comes attached with teenage pregnancy for girls and used her platform to become an outspoken leader for the women rights movement. Whoopi Goldberg has been a spoken voice not only for women rights but as a general activist for humanitarian purposes as well as a political spokeswoman.

4 Maureen McCormick


Maureen McCormick was once one of televisions hottest stars, playing Marcia Brady on the sensational show The Brady Bunch. Maureen has been open about having had several abortions, the actor, now in her 60’s, has played a pivotal role not only in the realm of women's rights but also an incredibly important role in her own personal struggle with drug addiction. The world of addiction has become something that is plaguing the future of this nation, coupled with the hot topic of abortion, Maureen McCormick has been an incredible role model for teaching others how to deal with their issues. Her own 5-year battle with cocaine almost proved deadly, and her candid emotional interview is definitely worth a watch if you want to be truly moved.

3 Tami Roman

This Real World cast member had a highly publicized abortion while filming the show in Los Angeles. She may be the first woman to have ever had a televised abortion; of course, the actual process wasn't shown, but the beginning middle and end of the process was certainly caught on tape. Tami Roman allowed her own personal quarrels to be a learning lesson for her and the world, so she embraced the limelight and allowed us all to take a little part in her endeavors. She was incredibly brave and forthcoming during the entire process, and it speaks volumes about her character as a human being to be so humble to allow all of the young individuals in the world to see that this is just sometimes something that happens and that you have to keep your head held high.

2 Jemima Kirke


Jemima Kirke took a personal experience she had when she was 17 and in college and turned it into a platform to be an outspoken voice for women rights. She was quoted as saying, “I still see shame and embarrassment about women terminating pregnancies, and getting pregnant - I still see it, so I have always been open about my stories, especially when I'm speaking with other women”. Jemima Kirke (and all of the women on this list) are incredibly brave for speaking about something that has become a polemical issue for countless women in the public eye, and nobody knows how many women have been affected by such dogma in our everyday society. It is truly a breath of fresh air when women (and men) have the candor to speak about trivial times in their lives and try to extend a helping hand to those in need.

1 Stevie Nicks

Stevie Nicks is no stranger to rumors, and she finally confirmed one of the long famed rumors about her hit song Sara, the billboard hit that she put out as a member of Fleetwood Mac, was about the baby that never was. She had sexual relations with another famous rock star Don Henley, from the Eagles, and admitted to having written the song about the abortion, and we can all tell from the lyrics that it had a profound effect on Nicks. Stevie Nicks embodies the persona of a strong female role model, and there's no better way for us to imagine Stevie Nicks embracing herself more than when she decided to write a song about the situation, and that song just happened to be absolutely amazing.


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