15 Celebs Who Hate Each Other (And The Reasons Why)

From passive-aggressive tiffs to straight up cat fights, we've got the juice on these celebrity enemies.

Life is too short to hold grudges, but that doesn’t seem to stop us from doing it anyway. If someone hurts you, it’s just so much easier to hate and ignore them than it is to sit and work it out. We can hold onto grudges for years, and even though we know it’s not ideal, it seems like the right thing to do.

The reality is that pettiness and holding on to the past can have a terrible impact on your mental health and most of us eventually learn that, although it’s hard, forgiving and forgetting really makes life a lot more bearable. Spending your time spreading negativity is really a waste, it’s so much better to just move on.

But there are some celebs for whom it seems learning this simple life lesson will never be possible. They seem to get their thrills from engaging in petty passive-aggressive tiffs with each other over the silliest things and it leaves the rest of us just shaking our heads. Could it be because they don’t have enough real-world problems that they need to create all this extra drama in their lives? We can’t say, but what we can tell you is that these 15 celebrities totally hate each other and here’s why:

15 Julia Roberts Can’t Stand Nicole Kidman’s Diva Like Behavior

14 Sylvester Stallone Thought Bruce Willis Was Too Greedy

13 Lindsay Lohan Felt Amanda Bynes Got Special Treatment And She Didn’t Like It

12 Justin Bieber Vs Orlando Bloom

11 Bette Midler Does Not Approve Of Kim Kardashian's Selfies

10 Katy Perry And Taylor Swift Are “Straight-Up Enemies”

9 Eminem Wants Mariah Carey To Admit They Had A Relationship

8 Christina And Kelly’s Big Fat Feud

7 Were Gwyneth Paltrow And Madonna Just Too Much For Each Other?

Paltrow once said that Madonna was “like an older sister to her” but the pair mysteriously cut off contact with each other in 2010 with no explanation. Some people believe however that Gwyneth may have made reference to this tiff in a magazine interview later that year when she said, “I can be mean. I can cave into gossip. I can ice people out and I can definitely harbor revenge. In fact, I’m having a situation right now with a friend where I’m feeling pretty angry." Do you think she was talking about Madonna?

6 Russell Crowe Took A Swipe At George Clooney For Doing Ads

5 James Franco Doesn’t Have Time For Anne Hathaway

4 Shia LaBeouf Felt Alec Baldwin Couldn’t Keep Up With Him

3 Clash Of The Egos: Nicki Minaj Vs Mariah Carey

2 Perez Hilton Said He Was Attacked – But Said He Was Insulted First

Back in 2009, Perez shocked the world when he tweeted that he had been assaulted by Black Eyed Peas manager Liborio "Polo" Molina after he and got into a heated argument outside a nightclub. Now it’s hard to tell who was telling the truth, but instead of calling the police to report the assault Perez took to social media to tweet about the attack instead. Hmm. Then followed a string of videos and response videos in which Will alleged that he had approached Perez with respect and had been met with a homosexual slur. Perez later admitted to this but called it misguided. Honestly? We’d have to side with Will on this one, Perez is just too unbelievable at times and we don’t think he’s beyond fabricating stories to further his own popularity.

1 George Takei Says William Shatner Is Not A Team Player

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15 Celebs Who Hate Each Other (And The Reasons Why)