15 Celebs Who Had Cringe-Worthy Breakdowns In 2017

When celebs throw hissy fits, the world tends to watch, and watch big time. And if the media manages to catch wind of it, well, then there’s no end to it, is there? 2017 had its fair share of celebrity meltdowns, tantrums, and overall wacko behavior – and there’s nothing like talking trash about celebs! From people who got arrested to those who got bloody noses – its awesome fun to see celebrities take a break from their hoity-toity images and behave like idols with feet of clay. There is nothing the public seems to love and respond to more than a celebrity breakdown, and here we have a 2017 round-up of the best of the best from our favorite wacko celebs.

There has been no dearth of celeb behaving like complete jerks – to their fans, staff, and co-workers or simply to the people they come in contact with them. Some of the A-listers or even the D-listers are known to behave like jerks with everybody in general and their diva behavior is completely unrelated to their actual popularity or success. Some very popular stars are known for their nice and decent behavior while other not-so-successful ones become write-offs for their jerk-like outlook. Either way, we want to know about the celebs that completely lose it, and luckily for us, there are tons. Here are the hissy-fits, tantrums and overall terrible meltdowns that led to these celebs becoming news in 2017, for all the wrong reasons.

15 Bieber Is Back, And Not Just With Selena

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Justin Bieber grew up from being a sweet-faced and sweet-voiced teen into a snotty little jerk, who happens to also be worth a heck of a lot of money. Now the thing is, he has to remember that basically, it’s the fans that make you famous. And if you are mean to them on a regular basis, well, it’s the fans that bring you down. House rules are no releasing any bodily fluids on fans. No head-butting them either. And now showing them the finger as well. But we’re guessing he keeps forgetting these rules. This year in Australia, he went a step further and personally insulted a fan. The fan tried to take a selfie with him and Bieber went all out and humiliated her. “Look at you,” said Bieber, while sucking on a lollipop. “You make me sick.” All this because the besotted fan wanted a take a selfie with him despite his no-photos-with-fans rule. Someone needs a taste of some humble pie.

14 The Adventures Of Paris Jackson At The Melbourne Cup

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Michael Jackson decided to hang his bonny little son Prince from the window for the media and paparazzi had a field day with it all – calling him all sorts of a sorry excuse for a father. The other charges levelled against him didn’t help all that much either. But now that he has passed, the mantle of Wacko Jacko has now passed on to and taken on by his daughter, Paris. After a few meltdowns that also involved an obsession with sleeping pills, she seems to have calmed down otherwise. Except that in 2017, she was pictured licking a window – maybe she thought that’s how they clean windows or maybe it’s her tribute to Miley Cyrus – we don’t know. She didn’t know what the Melbourne Cup was, to begin with, and this is how she assumed she had to behave in the sponsor’s box: licking the glass clean. But when the media ran this picture with the heading “Wacko Jacko 2.0.,” she snapped back in on Twitter, shaming the publication and calling them cowards for dragging her father into an insult about her.

13 Jim Carrey’s Existential Crisis Continues At NYFW

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Ever since Jim Carrey’s girlfriend passed and pointed her late finger at him, Carrey has been facing a bit of a crisis. Enough for him to tell a reporter at the NYFW, “I don’t believe you exist, but there is a wonderful fragrance in the air.” He then carried on and called the fashion week meaningless, but attended it nevertheless, so at least the event existed. But then he also said, when talking about himself, “there is no me.” He said that he had never existed. Though he had made this statement before as well when he was making the movie Man on the Moon about Andy Kauffman, “I thought I had become Andy Kauffman but there was no me actually at the end of it all. I realized this character was making choices to play a character.” Poor man. Ever since his girlfriend passed, he says that life seems shallow and irrelevant and Hollywood is nothing but make-believe. This from the guy who played the Mask and Ace Ventura.

12 Shia LaBeouf Is Still At It, Like Always

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Frankly, LaBeouf makes this list every danged and darned year. If 2018 turned out to be different, it would probably be a cosmic sign that times are a turning. In June 2017, Shia LaBeouf raised his addled head again and made yet another gaffe. He approached a bystander and a police officer, looking to score a cigarette. Unaccustomed to being refused, when not given a cigarette, he launched into a tirade and became disorderly, using profanities and vulgar language. When told to leave the area, the Boof refused and became aggressive toward the officer. Dumb! When the officer attempted to place LaBeouf under arrest, he ran to a nearby hotel and was then arrested in the hotel lobby, where he continued his ugly verbal antics. LaBeouf was videotaped throwing invectives at his arresting officer and then even used racial slurs against an officer of color, saying he’d be going to hell because of the color of his skin. He then went on to accuse the cops of being racist because "a black man arrested me for being white!" Of course, he has since then apologized, but no one can forget such a dumb move.

11 O'Donnell's Psychotic Break That Went Viral

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Even if Godzilla destroyed Capitol Hill or the Golden Gate, news anchors remain a picture of calm, poise and panache. Well, that’s what we see in the movies. Unless you count Carrey’s news anchor fail in Bruce Almighty. But when MSNBC anchor Lawrence O’Donnell went a bit crazy, the whole world watched the leaked footage. Apparently, he flipped out over “crazy sounds coming in my ear and stupid hammering.” O’Donnell banged the table, cursed, shouted and ranted at the crew for eight very long minutes. The video was leaked on September 20, 2017, and O’Donnell wasn’t impressed. He complained and the “leaker” was then fired on September 26, 2017. That was some quick work. The leaker turned out to be a Today show editor who said he did it because he thought it was funny. Bet his firing wasn’t much of a laugh for him in the end.

10 The Year Mr. Mel B Lost It All

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When you get lucky, you do not risk it all for an affair with the nanny. But if you are Stephen Belafonte, that's what you do. For some reason, Mel B chose to view the man with rose-colored glasses and after a whirlwind courtship, got married to a husband who would for the next eight years beat her, abuse and exploit her, control her fortune and also become the father to her only daughter. It took Mel B eight years to finally raise her voice against this man and file for a divorce that’s turning more acrimonious than, say, the Battle of the Huns. Stephen has been barred and blocked from Mel’s bank accounts and fortune – so this man pride promptly filed an allowance appeal and also demanded that she cover his legal costs.

9 Baldwin’s Tantrum With The Cops

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Okay, Alec Baldwin is somehow always in the news for being a rude and obnoxious jerk. From his rant to his 11-year-old daughter in which he called her “a thoughtless little pig” to his homophobic slurs, abusive behavior towards his staff and an in-flight tantrum in which he refused to turn off his electronics prior to fight takeoff – you get the picture that this is not a pleasant man at all. 2017 was no different from him. In an altercation with police in New York City for riding a bike the wrong way, he began ranting and cursing at the cop who tried to reprimand him. This after he admitted that he had treated women in a very sexist way all his life: “I’ve bullied women. I’ve overlooked women. I’ve underestimated women.” And he wonders why his ex-wife and his daughter don’t like him all that much.

8 Kevin Hart Makes Out With Party Girl While Enko Is Pregnant

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While comedian Kevin Hart canoodled with a woman, someone decided to shoot the whole video and try to make some moolah off of him. Apparently, Kevin Hart likes to stand by his morals. He can make out with other women while being married with wifey dear at home, barefoot and pregnant – but he would rather be branded a cheater and a sleaze rather than pay the blackmailer to keep mum. What he did do was record himself apologizing for it all. He foiled the multi-million dollar extortion attempt over a "suggestive" video and reported it all to the authorities. And then publicly apologized to his pregnant wife and his others kids for putting them through a public scandal for "bad error in judgment" on his part. The emotional video struck all the right chords in a very pregnant Enko Parrish, who is trying to be brave through it all – and while she is willing to work through this marriage, once a cheater always a cheater. 2018 might ring in a split...

7 Life’s Unfair For Abby Lee Miller

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When Abby Lee Miller was caught with her hand in the proverbial cookie jar, she didn’t backtrack. She threw the cookies on the floor and stomped on them. After committing bankruptcy fraud, Miller cried foul for having been charged with a crime. Instead of accepting responsibility and despite pleading guilty to committing fraud, she decided to play victim instead. “Well, like I teach my kids, life is not fair.” Basically, if you are charged with 20 counts of bankruptcy fraud, because you begged off on the money you did indeed have by concealing assets and got caught red-handed – well, your life just sucks! More drama followed when she cried, “I probably won’t survive [prison]” during an interview. Considering none of her dramatic appeals had any effect on the law, she had to quit the TV series and is now serving her one-year prison sentence in California. Last we checked, she was alive and well.

6 Kathy Griffin Destroyed Her Career

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After comedian Carrey’s unfunny statement, Kathy Griffins ended up eating some really humble. As a mark of protest against a president she didn't like, she posed in a photo that was violent and seriously offensive. And we all know what she was so triumphant about, right? That said, the gory sight was a bit much for the viewers and the White House and Griffin was given the boot by CNN – so she will not be co-hosting the New Year Eve’s Special with Anderson Cooper. Then, the comedy tour dates were also given the flip. Griffin did apologize: “I am just now seeing the reaction of these images. I went way too far. The image is too disturbing. I understand how it offends people. It wasn’t funny. I get it.” After the firing and the abrupt nosedive her career took, Griffin chose to go on the offensive, blaming Trump for her inappropriate and offensive action.

5 When They All Went Back To Their Exes

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Have you heard about the Bella Hadid cum Gigi Hadid cum Taylor Swift’s feud with Selena Gomez? It all started with The Weeknd, who decided to dump Bella and chase the single Selena Gomez. After some pretty hot and heavy PDA in Italy and even on the stairs of the MET Gala,  it seemed the Gomez and The Weeknd were a thing. But the thing went bust pretty fast and now Bella is mooning and swooning to get back her man. And Selena is back in the arms of someone Taylor Swift dislikes even more: a certain Justin Bieber. Why was this a meltdown? Because basically, it was a whole lot of drama over nothing. And frankly, we don’t think Bieber and Gomez can stay away from each other for long – they do make one barf-worthy but a workable relationship. Plus wasn’t there some talk over Selena being back in therapy?

4 Getting Arrested Is Still Funny For Artie Lange

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We are back to the unfunny meltdowns of comedians. This time it was Artie Lange, the guy who poked fun at other people on the Howard Stern show. No stranger to drugs, Lange was arrested for and charged with driving under the influence in 2009 after being involved in a car accident in Toms River, and then also hospitalized in 2010 after an attempt at taking his own life. Things have been quiet for him all this while but in May 2017, Lange was arrested when someone saw him trying to break into a car. He wasn’t breaking in but the stuff found in the car was enough for him to face charges of drug possession and drug paraphernalia. In December 2017, Lange pleaded guilty to possessing 81 small bags of drugs. Lange is now checking into rehab. No one is surprised of course. He wrote this on Twitter, though: "I wish I could tell you how my story ends. I hope it's being old and smiling because of unique memories. But I'm such a flawed person, guys. I'm tryin'!"

3 Chris Brown Is Thrown Another Restraining Order

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Chris Brown is whole other levels of foolish. The fact that he abused Rihanna wasn’t enough, and apparently, the public backlash he got wasn’t enough to change his erring ways either. Model and singer Karrueche Tran began dating Brown in 2010 but they briefly broke up when Brown reconciled and hooked up with Rihanna again. That went nowhere as we all know but Brown and Tran split too after cheating allegations surfaced and it was revealed that Brown had a daughter, Royalty, with Nia Guzman. In February 2017, Tran was granted a temporary 100-yard restraining order and eventually a 5-year restraining order against Brown, who continued his mean and violent streak even in this relationship. Tran claimed that Brown had told a few people that he was going to kill her. Plus he punched her in the stomach twice and even pushed her down the stairs once. Real romantic, isn’t he?

2 Lorde Gets Booted Off The Swift Squad

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In a case of the foot-in-the-mouth syndrome, New Zealand singer, Lorde was given the boot from Taylor Swift’s gal squad. Why? In June, she broke one of the notoriously exclusive club's unwritten rules: don't compare being friends with the leader to well, an allergic reaction! When asked about her friendship with Taylor, she said, “It's like having a friend with very specific allergies. There are certain places you can't go together. Certain things you can't do.” The story, predictably, went viral. Lorde profusely apologized on Twitter. But then she slipped upped again in an interview, saying, “I don't hang out with these people at all,” was her repartee when asked about Taylor's squad. Then came another Twitter comment: “It was never some exclusive club or secret society, but a wide circle of people, some of whom I know, and some who I’ve never met, like most wide groups of friends. Forgive me for the mild eye roll I popped when it was brought up as if we’re all blood members of a secret cult.” Regardless of what you call it, she is definitely not a member of it anymore.

1 Tarantino Swings From Disbelief To A Confession

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Anybody who is anybody has tut-tutted over the Weinstein mess. Now that Harvey is absconding into what he calls an addiction clinic, his pals have been in the line of fire. Enter pal of 25 years, Quentin Tarantino. Here was his first statement: “For the last week I’ve been stunned and heartbroken about the revelations that have come to light about my friend for 25 years Harvey Weinstein." This was tweeted by Amber Tamblyn on October 13, 2017 and Tarantino begged for a week to respond. Considering now all were basically calling him a liar, Tarantino admitted to being “in the know.” Here was his clarifying statement: “I knew enough to do more than I did. There was more to it than just the normal rumors, the normal gossip. It wasn’t secondhand. I knew he did a couple of these things.” So for Tarantino, making movies and getting the money and the accolades was much more important than protecting the women he worked with. Nice to know, Tarantino.

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