15 Celebs Who Were "Tricked" By Their Significant Others

It was recently announced that Bradley Cooper’s latest girlfriend, Victoria’s Secret model Irina Shayk, is pregnant. When the news broke, everyone gasped because she trapped him good! Cooper is a notorious playboy, and bounces from girl to girl with little time in between. He has a love ‘em and leave ‘em mentality that goes all the way back to his four month marriage to Jennifer Esposito. But he has always managed to get away with no strings attached… until now. Many are saying that Shayk did the unthinkable – she got the superstar to be hers forever by having his baby. It’s a gold digger’s dream come true, and is also every man’s worst nightmare.

Meanwhile, rumors are swirling that Prince Harry has knocked up his latest lady, American actress Meghan Markle. This got us to thinking about what other bachelors got the royal screw job. As you will see, many seemingly untouchable stars have been trapped by their significant others sinking their claws into them. And it’s not just male celebrities who are preyed on. Some of Hollywood’s most beautiful women have been trapped by men. And as this list will show you, there are many, many ways that stars can be trapped. From pregnancies to no pre-nups, from secrets to sex, from money to manipulations, stars get trapped all the time.

In a get rich quick, celebrity-obsessed, instant gratification society, there are plenty of players who want a slice of what stars have. And these people will happily use every trick in the book to ensure that they “get theirs” for as long as possible. One would think that celebrities would be immune to such machinations, but they’re only human. They get sloppy with their birth control, they eschew advice from friends, family and attorneys, and many are just plain stupid.


15 Kelly Preston

Kelly Preston is a small star in her own right, having appeared in movies such as Twins and Jerry Maguire. But the public knows her best as Mrs. John Travolta. They’ve been together for years, and their fans believe that they are the couple that beat the odds in Hollywood, a town infamous for divorce. Detractors think that Travolta trapped Preston into a loveless marriage. They believe rumors that Travolta is über gay, and that he only used Preston as a pawn to cement his all-American image and further his career. Fans of Preston’s think that she can’t get out of the marriage because then she’d lose access to her children.

14 Tony Romo

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Tony Romo is currently rehabbing from a back injury and his best days are probably behind him. But who can forget when he was on top of the world and dating Jessica Simpson? They were a major power couple, and whether you loved them or hated them, you probably followed their every move. They were seemingly made for each other since Simpson was a Texas native and Romo played for the famed Dallas Cowboys. Back then, he was the king of football and she was the queen of reality, so it was only fitting that they got together.

Reports indicate that Simpson’s dad had a hand in getting the two to hook up. But just before Simpson’s 29th birthday, Romo did the unthinkable – he broke up with her. Word on the street was that he was sick of her idiocracy, and that he was bone tired of Papa Joe Simpson’s meddling. So guess what happened? Papa Joe intervened on his daughter’s behalf and essentially guilt-tripped Romo into taking Simpson back. The relationship would only last a short while after that, but many credit Papa Joe with trapping Romo in his relationship with Simpson from start to finish. Not that Simpson herself didn’t try to trap him. Tabloids revealed that she was baby hungry and was constantly pressuring Romo to make one with her.

13 Warren Beatty

Most millennials only know Warren Beatty as an aging actor. But in his heyday, he was quite the playboy in Hollywood. He dated everyone – and we mean everyone. The list includes, but is not limited to Stephanie Seymour, Madonna, Melanie Griffith, Daryl Hannah, Mary Tyler Moore, Janice Dickinson and Goldie Hawn. In between there was a ballerina, a princess, an heiress, Barbra Streisand and supposedly Fran Drescher. It’s even been rumored that Beatty slept with more than 12,000 women. But only one woman trapped him – Annette Bening.

The two met while filming Bugsy in 1990. People who romanticize their relationship will say that Bening is a talented actress and beautiful human being who was the only woman that could truly understand Beatty and therefore captured his heart. Cynics will argue that Bening was cunning, and trapped him when he was at his most vulnerable. By 1990 Beatty’s looks were fading, and good roles were hard for him to come by. So Bening did what any savvy starlet would do – she slept with him right away and had his baby out of wedlock. The two eventually married and wound up having three more children together. Some say it was meant to be, while others think that the only reason Bening got Beatty “‘til death do they part” is because she used her wiles to be his baby mama.

12 Adam Levine


People were surprised when Adam Levine tied the knot with Victoria’s Secret model Behati Prinsloo. After all, he’s a major musician with a successful TV career and can get any woman on the planet. Many wondered why he would settle down and become a one woman man. So what could the reason be? Some are speculating that Prinsloo knows that the way to a man’s heart isn’t through his stomach. No surprise there. But apparently the two are really into yoga, and use it to their advantage in the bedroom. Levine has been practicing for years, and some say that Prinsloo is the only woman that can keep up with him.

11 Natalie Portman

We’re used to male stars getting their girlfriends pregnant out of the blue. It seems like the girlfriends of the rich and famous always forget to take the pill or at least put on a show of taking one in front of their celebrity partners only to be popping Tic Tacs on the sly. So it’s a switch to see a female celebrity get trapped by a man via pregnancy – but that’s exactly what happened with Natalie Portman. She met her baby daddy Benjamin Millepied on the set of Black Swan. She was the star and he was a choreographer. After a short romance, Portman announced in a one-two punch that she was pregnant with his child and that they were engaged. Many thought that Millepied trapped Portman. There’s nothing like having a baby with a celebrity to cement one’s status. Because, even if the relationship doesn’t last, baby mamas and baby daddies generally get perks for years and years. They get houses, cushy jobs and regular allowances.

While everyone is used to male stars having illegitimate children, this isn’t an acceptable practice for women. So it was no surprise when Portman made good on her word and married Millepied. The couple is currently expecting their second child, so maybe it was meant to be.

10 Ben Affleck


Jennifer Lopez totally trapped Ben Affleck. At first, they were just two Hollywood A-listers who hooked up. On the surface, it wasn’t much different from Affleck’s previous relationship with Gwyneth Paltrow or Lopez’s previous relationship with P. Diddy. But Lopez, always one to smell a career opportunity, drew Affleck into her web. She had him appear in her Love Don’t Cost a Thing music video, and they performed in two movies together, including the ill-fated Gigli. Lopez even made sure that Affleck became indoctrinated to her family very quickly. Their relationship was so over the top that it spurned the term “Bennifer.” The world hasn’t looked back, creating such monikers for superstar couples as TomKat and Brangelina. However, it took Lopez and Affleck a long time to overcome the bad press the two eventually got from their failed movies and relationship. Lopez quickly rebounded by marrying Cris Judd, then Marc Anthony, and then popping out two kids. It left most people with the impression that she was just using Affleck for his star power and wasn’t affected at all by the end of their love affair.

9 Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes was trapped by Tom Cruise since day one. He was looking for wife number three to perk up his image, and saw Holmes as an easy target. She was a naïve starlet who’s only claim to fame was starring on Dawson’s Creek on that lousy WB station. She had a crush on him since she was a young girl living in the Midwest, so she was extra susceptible to his charms. Cruise laid it on thick, put a baby in her belly, and then married her. Only in the coming years did Holmes realize what a horror it was being married to Cruise. The worst part seemed to be how Cruise used Scientology as a method to control her. He tried to indoctrinate her into the Scientology belief system, had her spied on by parishioners, and supposedly forced her to partake in audits (the religion’s euphemism for interrogations).


8 Johnny Depp


Johnny Depp likes to be in relationships. He even likes to be engaged. But married? Only occasionally. That’s why it was such a shocker when he married Amber Heard. After all, he wouldn’t even marry the mother of his two children. So it only goes to follow that Heard had something over him, and essentially trapped him like a bear.

To begin with, she played hard to get. She wasn’t ready to latch onto Johnny quickly, which probably drove him nuts since he’s used to women falling head over heels for him. But Heard made him absolutely bonkers when she continued her romantic involvements with women. And that was pure genius. Depp was jealous, and wanted Heard all to himself. The only way to do that was to marry her – which is exactly what she was aiming for all along. The relationship was short lived like all of Depp’s romances, but fans of Depp’s believed that Heard manipulated him throughout their marriage. While everyone agrees that Depp was wrong for physically abusing Heard, there’s a large subset that suspect she was a keeper of his secrets, which then came into play in the $8 million divorce settlement. Heard gave the money to charity immediately, but she made a name for herself being linked to Depp – and that’s priceless for an actress.

7 Ryan Phillippe

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Ryan Phillippe got trapped by a fling he had the summer of 2010. Her name was Alexis Knapp and she was an aspiring actress. The couple broke up that September, and it was only afterwards that Knapp discovered she was pregnant. The media reported that Phillippe was none too thrilled about the matter, and reports were conflicting about whether he wanted a paternity test or not. To his credit, he was present for the birth and pays child support. But really, what other choice does a male celebrity have? The media would have a field day if his ex put the baby up for adoption or if she claimed that she was coerced into an abortion. So Phillippe has simply joined the long list of male stars with illegitimate children, such as David Spade, Hugh Grant and Jude Law. Meanwhile, fans of Phillippe’s ex-wife, Reese Witherspoon, think the whole thing is poetic justice. They believe Phillippe got Witherspoon pregnant on purpose while filming Cruel Intentions in order to make sure she’d never leave him.

6 Sean Penn

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If celebrity history tells us anything, it’s that Madonna always needs a man (or woman) to be with. The Material Girl is rarely single for long. But her need to be in a relationship isn’t just about being needy - it’s also about the publicity. She makes headlines whenever she’s with someone new, and that was especially true in the 80s. When she married Sean Penn, it was a totally hyped coupling – and Madonna couldn’t have been happier. Penn, on the other hand, was miserable. He was disenchanted by all the trappings that came with being Mr. Madonna, from the public scrutiny to his lack of personal identity to his difficulty finding meaningful acting roles. It was hard for him to escape being Spicoli, but it was almost impossible for him to distance himself from Madonna for years to come. Penn did have the last laugh, though, when Madonna did the same thing to husband number two, Guy Ritchie. She used him to revamp her image from a washed up icon to a modern wife and mother.

5 Beyonce and Jay-Z

Beyonce and Jay-Z are the most relevant power couple today. Brangelina is no more, Posh and Becks have seen better days and the word on the street is that Kim and Kanye will be headed to divorce court. But paradise is imperfect for Queen B and Jay-Z. Fans of Beyonce’s suspect Jay-Z cheated on her. Fans of Jay-Z’s think Beyonce just used him to give the former girl-grouper credibility in the music world. It’s really a chicken and the egg thing, which is why they essentially trapped each other. With them, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Which means that if they split, they’ll lose the secret to their success.

4 Lisa Marie Presley

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Lisa Marie Presley was totally, utterly, 100 percent trapped by Michael Jackson. As she tells it, he coerced her into marrying him by guilt-tripping her. He used her as a shoulder to cry on when he was going through his first public child molestation accusation and, being a good friend, Presley agreed to marry him in order to rehab his image. Then, he took advantage of her by using her as a prop. They posed with Mickey and Minnie Mouse at Disney. Jackson gave her a wildly exaggerated kiss at the 1994 MTV Video Music Awards. And in 1995 he featured her in his You Are Not Alone music video. Presley ultimately came to the realization that their relationship was too bizarre, and she filed for divorce. As for her belief in his innocence, Presley told Oprah that her view has now changed.

3 Brad Pitt

We know everyone hates Brad Pitt right now. He’s still reeling from his break-up with Angelina Jolie and accusations of child abuse. And there are still those who hold a grudge against him for leaving Jennifer Aniston for Jolie. But the fact is that Jolie kind of trapped Pitt.

She came on to him at a low point in his marriage when things with him and Aniston had gone stale, and she took advantage of him on the movie set while he was away from home and playing Jolie’s love interest on camera. Jolie trapped him again when she had him adopt her children. And she further trapped him when she had biological children with him. And then just for good measure, she trapped him with a marriage. This guy didn’t stand a chance. And Pitt couldn’t exactly divorce her, because then he would relive all the bad press he experienced when she left Aniston. Except it would have been worse because he would have been leaving Jolie with a passel of children. The final way Jolie trapped him, though, was with the child abuse accusations. Everyone hates child abusers. So Jolie gave him the gift that will keep on giving, because he will never escape that stain.

2 Scarlett Johansson


Scarlett Johansson is a hard woman to pin down. Even Ryan Reynolds couldn’t hold her attention for long. But once she got pregnant by boyfriend Romain Dauriac, she had no way out. The baby meant that she had to at least make an effort to play nice with a man – if not for the sake of her daughter, then for the sake of her career. When women in Hollywood get pregnant, they can’t exactly take the morning after pill because with Big Brother out there, the world would know in an instant. So Johansson was forced to play house with Dauriac, as the couple married shortly after the birth of their child. We’re sure that Dauriac signed a pre-nup, but we’re also sure that whatever chump change he gets in the inevitable divorce will be pretty sweet. And being linked to Johansson certainly won’t hurt his advertising agency, either. Big stars tend to take care of their exes, like J. Lo with first husband Ojani Noa, Madonna with baby daddy Carlos Leone, and Charlie Sheen with second wife Denise Richards.

1 Paul McCartney

Heather Mills will go down as the most brilliant gold digger in history. Frankly, we’ve got to give the girl a hand because Sir Paul McCartney fell for her b.s. hook, line and sinker. The former model and activist won McCartney over with her charms, despite warnings from his friends about her true nature. We understand that part, but what we will never be able to wrap our heads around is that he didn’t have her sign a pre-nup. Mills helped to seal the deal with McCartney by having a late in life baby with him. She always got a lot of bad press, but it was tempered by the fact that people had a soft spot for her because was an amputee and had been homeless at one point in time. She could be a very sympathetic figure. Basically, Mills trapped him six ways to Sunday. The marriage was a disaster, and was marred by bitter fights and tensions with McCartney’s daughter, fashion designer Stella. By the end of it both parties were quoted as having said that they were just glad it was over. Obviously Mills was a little more pleased, as she walked away with tens of millions of dollars.

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