15 Celebs Who Got Plump Baboon Bottoms

In today’s world, there is nothing Hollywood loves more than a plump round booty. Gone are the days of tiny waists and huge cleavage—instead, we’ve arrived at the magical era of the big, curvaceous butt. Watch any music video and you’ll see rumps shaking and booties twerking, whether it’s Nicki Minaj backing it up in “Anaconda,” or Meghan Trainor reminding all the regular girls to bring the booty back in “All About That Bass.”

Love for big-bottomed girls isn't limited to the realm of pop music either. Turn on any movie or reality T.V. show and you’ll find gorgeous young women shaking their rears and showing off their curves to a captivated audience. It’s become a plain fact that modern men go crazy these days over a nicely shaped derrière—and every rising young star wants to have one.

While not every woman is blessed with a naturally curvy backside, modern technology and cosmetic surgery have come together to offer a cornucopia of options for ladies to improve upon what god gave them. Butt injections and implants have joined the list of top-ranking surgical procedures right alongside Botox injections, breast implants, tummy tucks, face lifts, facial contouring, cheek fillers and laser resurfacing.

With all of these choices before them, it's no surprise then that in a place like La La Land where vanity rules, you find tons of celebrities putting their money into procedures to sexy up their rear ends. Some stars proudly admit to the surgical assistance while others deny it, letting the rumor mill swirl instead. Click through this gallery to see some of the biggest, sexiest butts rumored to have had surgical assistance.

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15 Amber Rose


When it comes to round and curvy rumps, rapper-model Amber Rose is ones of the top booty queens. The diva with the dynamite derrière is no stranger to rumors that her supple booty may not be 100% real. People have been speculating that Rose has had butt implants or injections for years, noting that it would be all but impossible to achieve that kind of curvaceousness naturally. In 2015, the rumor mill was lit on fire when Rose’s ex-boyfriend Wiz Khalifa tweeted that he knew for sure she his former darling had a “fake butt.” Rose was apparently so upset about the accusation that she used an episode of the reality T.V. show "Botched" to attempt to prove that her tush was au naturel. The show’s host Ru Paul did a “touch test” to decide whether he thought it was authentic. Upon squeezing her butt, the host said “I concur. This s*** is real! Case closed!” Sadly for Amber Rose, however, not everyone was convinced. Rumors and gossip continue to haunt the Philly-born beauty by folks who just can’t believe that a booty that bangin' can be real.

14 Vanity Wonder

Vanity Wonder’s name is practically synonymous these days with the word “butt implant.” The drop dead gorgeous author and former exotic dancer rose to fame after admitting she had illegal butt injections and had spent $15,000 on black market augmentation procedures to transform her rear end from an average rump into a sexy, super-sized ultra-booty. The author was working as a stripper at the time and said she felt she would earn bigger tips and please her customers more if her butt was bigger. This belief led her to embark on a frightening journey into the underworld of illegal plastic surgery, at one point becoming an assistant and practitioner. She later wrote about the experience in the book “Shot Girls,” which she said is meant to serve as a cautionary tale to women seeking black market surgery. Although it’s unlikely Wonder will ever receive further surgery given her negative experience, her butt continues to draw attention from men who love a curvy booty.

13 Jenna Jameson

Porn stars can always be counted on to have nice butts; however, former adult industry actor Jenna Jameson takes “gorgeous round booty” to a whole new level. The once rather tiny-bottomed starlet began developing a sizable increase of junk in her trunk some years back and these days boasts a curvy, booming backside that was never seen during the height of her film career. The adult movie superstar looks absolutely incredible in jeans and tight pants—and only seems to be getting hotter. The notable rounding of the star’s formerly petite derrière caused speculation in recent years and in 2015, perhaps tired of the constant gossip, Jameson finally admitted what everyone had long suspected to be true. On an episode of Celebrity Big Brother, she said: “I’ve always had a pretty big, round butt. (But) it’s definitely had a little something-something (done to it).” No one seemed surprised, nor the least bit upset.

12 Vera Sidika

If big, bootylicious butts are your weakness, you may want to stay away from sexy Kenyan socialite Vera Sidika. This gorgeous star from Mombasa boasts a dangerously hot backside that’s been driving men crazy and causing rampant plastic surgery speculation for years. In 2014, the African starlet confessed she’d spent $117,000 on breast implants and skin bleaching (on top of the $2500 she says her hair costs and the $3500 she spends on shoes). However, she was silent about her rear end. The incident set magazines abuzz with gossip that she’d also gotten her bottom surgically enhanced. Side by side "Before and After" photos were everywhere yet the celebrity insisted that if she were going to get her booty worked on, she’d have made it bigger. Taking to Instagram she said: “The day I decide to go for surgery for my a** y’all will know it’s fake cz I’ll get a super round, huge, perfectly smooth no mistake Brazilian butt!!!” Could the world really handle a butt any bigger and more perfect than that?

11 Kim Kardashian

Perhaps no celebrity on earth has received more attention for her smoldering, show-stopping rear end than Kim Kardashian. The realty TV star is famous for her curvy backside and men have been salivating over it since she dropped on the scene back in 2008. In addition to getting lots of attention, her butt receives an equal amount of speculation as to whether or not it’s a natural-born asset. Kardashian has admitted before that she’s had butt injections; however, she claims they are cortisone shots that her dermatologist administers to fight psoriasis. The starlet has been so determined, in fact, to prove that her butt is real that at one point she used an episode of her reality TV show to undergo an X-ray of her backside to dispel rumors once and for all. Sadly for Kardashian, the stunt was ineffective and people continue to speculate that she’s had work done. Experts have also weighed in and at one point, Dr Tijion Esho said: "I suspect she has had a Brazilian butt lift where fat is taken from areas such as the abdomen and then thigh and then transferred to the bum. This would give a large bottom to waist ratio and would not show up on a X-ray as it’s normal fat."

10 Kristina Shannon

Kristina Shannon is one half of the sizzling, infamous Playboy twins duo that stole the hearts of men everywhere back in 2008 when they appeared on the E reality TV series “The Girls Next Door.” She and her equally famous and sexy twin sister Karissa both boast ridiculously round rear ends that haven't gone unnoticed by the masses. Neither has the fact that the bootylicious babe has had assistance creating her seductive rear end. Dr. David Matlock, a plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills, performed operations on both of the twins that included buttocks implants, helping shape the curvy tushes we see today. Kristina’s sister Karissa gained some additional fame for her butt, among other things, in 2010 when she was involved with a sex tape with Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag. A video of her and then boyfriend Sam Jones III was released that year on a DVD called “Karissa Shannon Superstar.” Apparently sultry butts and sexy curves run in the family.

9 Elena Gant

Little people aren't excluded from the realm of huge, sexy butts that grab the attention of men worldwide. Reality TV star Elena Gant has the kind of round bubble butt that looks so good you can’t help doing a double take. The starlet’s curvy bottom looks so amazing in part because of butt augmentation surgery she received that was documented in an intense, seat-gripping 2015 episode of the show “Little Women: LA.” In the episode, viewers watched as the petite beauty went under the knife and were made aware that the surgeon had never operated on a little person before. During the operation, he said things like “Wow, she’s really tight on this side. Do you think it could be her anatomy?” After the operation was over, he initially had trouble waking her back up, leading to extra dramatic tension during the episode. However, Gant recovered beautifully and today the celeb has a gorgeous, extra-bouncy booty to show for it.

8 Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj has the type of butt that seems to defy gravity and all laws of physical anatomy. The superstar rapper boasts a tiny waist and fit, petite features yet her trunk is all curves and boom. As a result, there’s never been a shortage of speculation as to whether or not her backside has been enhanced by surgery or injections. Booty rumors were given new life in 2015 when a Florida surgeon who calls himself Dr. Miami and is famous for Brazilian butt lifts used photos of Minaj on his Snapchat account, insinuating that he’d performed butt augmentation on the star. The curvaceous rapper wasn't having it, however, and quickly took to Twitter to fight with the Miami doc. In one tweet, she denied any association with the surgeon: “Ppl stoop to the lowest lows for social media. Yikes. For the record, I'm unfamiliar w/him, his office, location.” That said, many people remain unconvinced that her assets are real and Minaj’s sexy derrière continues to attract speculation, along with adoration.

7 Erica Jean

Erica Jean is the voluptuous, ultra-hot reality TV star who launched onto the scene several years back via VH1’s show “Love and Hop Hop.” On top of an envious set of cleavage, the smoldering celeb has a some serious salt salt shakers in the rear which tend to make men turn their heads on a dime. Her beautiful behind has caused lots of folks to wonder if her curves could be real and finally the star admitted to having had surgical assistance in an episode of the show "Iyanla: Fix My Life." Although most men would proably die for a chance to be with a woman like Erica Jean, the star’s sultry rump apparently wasn’t enough for her baby’s father, rapper Saigon (aka Brian Daniel Carenard). According to Jean, Saigon hasn't seen his son since the show aired and he reportedly asked for a DNA test to confirm if the baby was even his.

6 Heidi Montag

Of all of the celebs on our list, sexy starlet Heidi Montag is likely the most vocal and up front about the many cosmetic procedures she's had done to her body. The reality TV star is famous, after all, for having undergone ten plastic surgery operations in one day. Among others, these procedures included a brow lift, nose job, pinned ears, chin reduction, breast enlargements, thigh liposuction and fat injected into her cheekbones. Not long after her infamous “10-in-one-day" stunt, the former star of “The Hills” had a butt augmentation done as well. And though Montag’s tush enhancement isn't as dramatic as some of the others on the list, it’s still worth noting. While the actor didn’t opt for the type of oversized implants that some stars are famous for, the extra padding is noticeable and definitely makes her backside more alluring and seductive. Even without a huge mass of meat, Montag still boasts one of Hollywood’s sexiest behinds.

5 Bria Myles

Few women are blessed with a booty quite as twerk-worthy as Bria Myles. The gorgeous model, who became famous after being associated with Drake and featured in a number of rap videos by artists such as Lil Bow Wow, Romeo, Mobb Deep, Pharell, and Twista, not only has a stunning backside but she knows how to move it. Take a look at any music video the celeb has danced in and you’ll see why so many men are lovestruck on Myles and her bangin' behind. As with so many stars who have extra cushion in the rear, Myles too has been the subject of controversy over whether or not her tush is real and many people find it hard to believe she hasn't had surgical assistance. In a video with Real Talk NY, Myles said “I personally wouldn't do it” when speaking about plastic surgery in general. Nevertheless, the rumors continue and most folks agree that her butt looks spectacular either way.

4 Iggy Azalea

Iggy Azalea, the famous Australian pop star, has always had an amazing body and her red-hot rear end is no exception. Last year, however, after the starlet posted some butt-centric photos on Instagram, controversy erupted over whether or not she’d had implants. One IG user claimed, “There is no way that is real.” Following the rumors, a guest on the show "Wild ’N Out" took the opportunity to ask Azalea outright if she’d had any work done on her back side. She neither confirmed nor denied the gossip, instead turning it back on the questioner as an insult: “Y’all wanna know?” she said. “These guys over here? I’m gonna put you up on game: It’s real in your hands, but y’all don’t need to be worrying about booty that’s above your weight class.” In the past, Azalea has admitted to having a nose job and breast implants, telling Ellen DeGeneres, “I think it’s a personal choice and anybody, man or woman, they should be able to make an informed decision. And if you want to change something, then that’s up to you.”

3 Tameka Cottle (aka "Tiny")

There is no question that Tameka Cottle (aka “Tiny”) has a butt worthy of high praises. The reality TV star and wife of rapper T.I. has definitely figured out that men loves curves, especially in the rear. Furthermore, she’s not ashamed to admit that she’s had some surgical assistance to give her spectacularly seductive behind the round shape it currently boasts. Cottle, who stars in "The Family Hustle," confessed to Wendy Williams that in addition to liposuction, lip augmentation and a tummy tuck, both her breasts and her butt are fake. She also revealed that she considered having her nose done as well but decided against it because it reminds her of her deceased father. Her husband T.I. has given her a hard time before about the way she shows off her butt on Instagram, at one point posting: “You have so much more going for u other than you a**. Although it is magnificent, I think u should spend just as much time showcasing those other things as u do ya #booty.” Yet most men agree they don’t mind seeing the photos of Cottle’s tantalizing tush one bit.

2 Dolly Castro

Dolly Castro is perhaps one of the hottest fitness models on the planet at the moment. The up-and-coming model-entrepreneur has been sizzling up Instagram with her viral workout videos; however, it’s hardly the exercise that’s been capturing the attention of her male viewers. It is more likely her huge, exceptionally curvy booty that’s seducing the gentlemen—and many of them want to know if it’s a natural-born blessing. The Nicaraguan hottie, who also runs a clothing line called DC Couture, has not commented on whether or not her boomin’ booty is the real thing but lots of people believe she’s had implants. In fact, there are whole YouTube videos and talk shows that have dedicated entire episodes to trying to determine if her sultry behind has been surgically augmented or treated with injections. For now, it will remain a mystery— one that plenty of guys will no doubt enjoy trying to solve.

1 Kylie Jenner

Once upon a time, many people would have argued that Kim Kardashian was far and away the sexiest and best-looking of the famous Kardashian sisters. However, these days Kylie Jenner, now 19, is giving her older sibling a run for her money — especially in the smokin' hot booty department. The model, who is also the creator of the Kylie Cosmetics and Lip Kit makeup lines, has been the subject of butt implant rumors ever since she started posting suggestive, rear-centric photos on social media. In October, the young celeb responded to the gossip in a video she made, blaming any changes in her appearance on simple weight gain: “(I haven’t had) a** implants. You know, I used to be 120 (pounds). I was really skinny. Now I’m pushing, like, 136. But it’s all right, I like the chunkiness.” She did acknowledge, however, that she knows how to point the camera to accentuate her best features. “I don’t really think I have the fattest a**, but I know my angles,” she said. Still, looking at some of the scintillating photos Jenner has posted to her IG account makes it hard to believe that bumpin' butt is 100% the real deal.

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