15 Celebs Who Got Hot Once They Lost...A Lot

Weight loss and weight gain can change a person’s appearance drastically. Generally, gaining weight is easier than losing weight for the simple reason that it is easier to eat food than restrain oneself from eating food. Who could say no to sugar cookies and pasta dishes? Or a delicious chocolate cake? That is why there are so many diets out there promising weight loss and a slim figure if all the rules are to be followed correctly.

Of course, there are those people for whom losing weight is easier than gaining weight. Generally, these people can’t eat when they’re stressed. And they’re stressed all the time. But these people are a minority, as can be attested by those people that surround us and celebrities.

No one can argue that celebrities have it especially tough when it comes to appearance. Celebrities appear on TV and in magazines and it is so easy to judge them, especially if they have gained a little bit of weight. Or a lot of weight. Instantly, we think that they are less attractive and judge them for not looking after themselves.

However, often celebrities pull themselves together and slim down. Being in the public eye does have that effect. Celebrities, just like other people, want to be admired, not judges, for their looks.

15 Jennifer Hudson

The actress and singer Jennifer Hudson recently slimmed down impressively. The singer was once a UK size 18 and now boasts a slim figure that no doubt many envy. Hudson first decided to go on a weight loss journey after her pregnancy.

Fortunately, unlike many other celebrities looking for a quick fix, Hudson was much more sensible. Instead of dieting she chose to opt for food portion control and regular exercise. Hudson also became a Weight Watchers spokesperson in 2010, and declared that the process of slimming down and getting fit is “a lifestyle change, not a diet”. Hudson reached her weight goal in 2012.

14 Kelly Osbourne

Kelly Osbourne, the daughter of television titans Sharon and Ozzy became famous during the reality show The Osbournes that aired in 2002. Unfortunately, the TV show didn’t do much for Osbourne’s image as according to the star, people still viewed her as “the fat, drug-addicted daughter of a rock star.”

So Osbourne decided to go on a weight loss journey. During it, she slimmed down considerably but was not at all happy. In fact, Osbourne said – “I had a six-pack... but it sucked; I was miserable and hungry.” So Osbourne decided to stop fighting her weight because being obsessed with one’s image results in insanity. Right now Osbourne is not as slim as she was in 2010, but the star is definitely not as chubby as she once was and still looks good.

13 Snooki

The reality TV personality, Snooki, has lost 3 stone since giving birth in 2012. Snooki revealed that she initially lost weight after breastfeeding her baby boy. However, she did not want to stop and decided to go on a 1,300 calorie a day diet. She also came to the conclusion that just watching what she eats is not enough and thus also decided to exercise four times a week with her personal trainer.

Snooki said that there were two reasons why she wanted to slim down. One, she wanted to slim down for herself. And two, she wanted to show her husband, then fiancé, Jionni LaValle that she could still “be hot as a mom”.

12 Christina Aguilera

When Christina Aguilera rose to fame, her appearance was envied by women all over the world. She was skinny and had blonde hair and to top it off, she was extremely talented. In 2008, Aguilera gave birth to a child and naturally put on some weight but still looked fabulous.

Then in 2010 Aguilera got divorced and according to her friends, started eating lots of junk food. In just one year, Aguilera allegedly gained almost three stone, or 18 kilograms.

In 2012 Aguilera had enough criticism and embarked on a weight loss journey. She went on a ‘Fresh Diet Programme’ which allows one to eat up to 1,600 calories a day. The singer also cut down on dairy, alcohol and sugar. In 2014, Aguilera had another child but did not stop exercising and eating healthy.

11 Britney Spears

Britney Spears underwent a drastic weight transformation thanks to the personal trainer Tony Martinez. Martinez’ motto is “workout smarter, not longer” and he has helped many stars shed the unnecessary pounds and stay fit.

In 2013, Spears Britney asked Martinez to help her prepare for her ongoing Las Vegas residency. Britney wanted to be as toned as possible and Martinez helped her achieve this goal by creating an intense workout routine. Britney had to do the routine for 40 minutes three to four times a week. Martinez also helped Britney to clean up her diet so that the star could look her very best. It looks like Martinez did a great job.

10 Nicole Richie

The actress Nicole Richie was rather chubby when she first starred in the TV series Simple Life. However, by season three Richie’s body had changed drastically. When asked how she achieved such weight loss, Richie revealed that she followed a strict sugar-limiting diet. She also said she exercised regularly and liked Zumba and jogging.

In 2009 Richie gave birth to her second child but did not really put on much weight. Nonetheless, after the pregnancy she went on a diet again, this time more rigorous than before. Her nutritionist also made Richie a special diet plan. Nowadays, most people think that the actress may be too skinny.

9 Kate Winslet

After the actress Kate Winslet gave birth to her daughter Mia she felt like she needed to go on a weight loss journey. However, the actress doesn’t believe in obsessing over diets and weight. As a result, Winslet decided to take a slightly different approach to weight loss. So what was Winslet’s approach? Facial analysis!

Winslet revealed that she lost four stone due to facial analysis. Winslet’s face was analyzed by a naturopath Elizabeth Gibaud who has developed her own unique technique. Gibaud examines a face and looks for markings, facial color and skin texture to find out which minerals the body is lacking.

8 Mariah Carey

The talented singer Mariah Carey said that after she gained 70 pounds she felt “trapped in her body” because she could not move as easily as she could before. As a result, Carey decided to go on a weight loss journey.

Carey managed to lose 2 stone in just three months! How did she do that? Well, first of all Carey met with a nutritionist. Together, they decided that Carey should stick to a 1,500 calories per day diet. Small meals every few hours were encouraged. Carey also exercised three times a week. Her favorite exercise is said to be walks with her dogs but she also likes water sports. You have to admit that now Carey looks better than ever!

7 Kim Kardashian

In 2015 the reality TV star Kim Kardashian gave birth to a baby boy. She had put on some weight during the pregnancy and so right after her baby’s birth put her mind to losing the extra weight. But how was Kim so motivated? By scheduling to pose naked for a summer GQ cover!

Kim said – “You set a date for a shoot and you know you have to be there. It made me feel so good about myself knowing I had come so far. I had to lose, like, 60 pounds to get there. I had just had my second baby. I thought, ‘I want to feel sexy again. I want to feel good about myself,’ and that was what did it for me.”

6 Kirstie Alley

The actress and comedian Kirstie Alley has long struggled with fluctuating weight. In 2015, Kirstie revealed that she wanted to slim down and keep her weight constant – “I’m sick of yo-yo dieting and I know that other people are sick of it, too. I like to catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror and say, ‘Wow, you still look cool.’ That wasn’t happening. I really didn’t look cool or sexy or anything – I thought I just looked fat.”

So how is Kirstie successfully maintaining her weight? Well, she’s not ordering sugar cookies anymore because they are her weakness. And she has also given up linguini with clams and cheese. And you have to admit, now she does look cool.

5 Khloe Kardashian

Khloe Kardashian revealed that she often felt insecure about her weight. She was bullied and did not feel that beautiful. So eventually, Khloe decided to do something about it. But it wasn’t until 2015 when her marriage to Lamar Odom ended that Khloe really put her mind to weight loss.

Khloe lost almost three stone in a year and wrote a book about her transformation which she called Strong Looks Better Naked. Furthermore, Khloe came at the top of Heat Magazine’s 2016 Fit List beating Adriana Lima and Charlotte Crosby.

So how did she do it? With strict diets and rigorous exercise routines. She’d get up at 5am and exercise. And she would not eat until 8am.

4 Tyra Banks

The former model Tyra Banks has also seen her weight fluctuate drastically over the years. While Tyra never looked awful, she was rather chubby a couple of years ago. She didn’t seem to care, but when her tight dress burst at the seams, Tyra knew she had to do something about her weight. Tyra no longer wanted to feel embarrassed in public and knew it wasn’t right that she couldn’t feel good about herself.

So Tyra adopted Paleo Eating habits and tries to keep her diet very clean. She also takes natural diet pills that make her metabolism faster. And finally, Tyra has started to exercise daily with her celebrity trainer.

3 Jordin Sparks

If you looked at the singer and actress Jordin Sparks now you would never be able to tell that once upon a time she was rather chubby. But she was! Since late 2013, Jordin has lost three and a half stone. The singer says that she now feels better than ever before.

So what was Jordin’s motivation? It turns out, it was herself! She knew she wasn’t treating her body right and was determined to make her diet healthier. Jordin also began taking a metabolism booster and started exercising daily. In just a few months Jordin’s figure changed tremendously and when she appeared on the cover of a fitness magazine she was in the best shape of her life.

2 Janet Jackson

The superstar Janet Jackson gave birth in January. However, instead of taking it easy after her pregnancy Janet has embarked on a weight loss journey. Determined to shed the baby weight Janet has started training, dieting and eating clean.

And it seems like her approach to a healthy lifestyle and weight loss is working, because sources say that Janet has lost three and a half stone of post-baby weight! It is clear that Janet is going to look fabulous for her upcoming tour in September. The singer has probably never looked hotter. So let’s hope that Janet’s healthy lifestyle is here to stay for good.

1 Renee Zellweger

The actress Renee Zellweger put on a substantial amount of weight for her role as Bridget Jones in 2001 and 2004. Zellweger went on a 4,000 calories a day diet to gain one and a half stone. The actress then lost the weight easily once her role as Bridget Jones came to an end. Ever since then, Zellweger’s weight has yo-yoed up and down depending on her roles and the events in her personal life.

However, it can’t be argued that Zellweger looks better when she is not chubby. So how does the actress lose the weight so quickly? Well, apparently Zellweger is a fan of the Zone Diet, which involves eating a 40:30:30 ratio of carbohydrates to fat to protein.

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