15 Celebs Who Got Beat Up In A Bar Fight

It might be tempting to believe that everywhere an actor or a celebrity goes, they bring with them their entourage, fit with security and heavies, but that's only true for some of them. Many actors choose to go out with real friends or even by themselves. Sometimes, when these actors go out, they go to bars. Alcohol is magical. We know that. But one of the side-effects of alcohol is it makes one feel invincible. Add in an inflated ego here or there and you've got a recipe for fistfights. Now, actors might be wealthier and more recognizable than the average person, but they aren't always tougher. Besides that, even the toughest person in the world can lose a fight. So, we've gone out and looked for all the times actors have gotten into a fight at a bar. This is what we found.

Many reported actor/celebrity bar fights include a mere pushing and shoving match, or things like drunken yelling, brawls that ended with the actor being ushered away, and nothing too serious. We filtered this down to the bar fights in which celebrities got hurt or noticeably lost the fight. For whatever reason, that's way more interesting. Some of the fights on this list even have video or photographic evidence, which makes them even more hilarious. Some were actually quite serious, so we can't laugh at them all, but, for the most part, the losers were left looking silly and nothing more. Either way, here are 15 actors who were beaten up in real-life bar fights.

15 Shia LaBeouf


14 Paris Hilton

13 Sean Bean

12 Tommy Flanagan

11 Jason London


10 Justin Bieber

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Justin Bieber (seen on the left, in the background of this pic) has been known to start trouble, and this story is no exception. Sure, it wasn't like he got whooped, but the whole fight is just too funny to ignore. So, both Bieber and Orlando Bloom are in Ibiza with their posses. They both go to this restaurant/bar called Cipriani's. No one can say for sure what really went down, but most people agree that Bieber made a comment about Orlando Bloom's wife, Miranda Kerr, when he first walked in. Knowing the douchery of Bieber, this is probably true. Bieber walked away and Bloom let the comment stew for a minute. Shortly after, he took off running, leaping over a sofa and swinging at the effeminate Bieber. During all this, Leonardo DiCaprio and the rest of Bloom's table cheered and applauded Legolas as he attacked the singer.

9 Ed Westwick

8 Johnny Knoxville

7 Josh Brolin

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6 Charlie Sheen

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5 Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles

4 Andy Dick

3 Jean-Claude Van Damme

2 Jeremy Renner

1 Vince Vaughn and Steve Buscemi

When Vince Vaughn, Steve Buscemi and screenwriter Scott Rosenberg, were in North Carolina filming Domestic Disturbance, they went out for a few drinks at a local bar one night. After Vaughn struck up a conversation with a woman in the bar, two men began an argument with the actor (one of the men was dating the woman speaking to Vaughn). At that point, either the two groups were kicked out or they agreed to go outside, but both sides of men found themselves outside staring each other down when fisticuffs broke out. During the fight, one of the men, Timothy Fogerty, remembered that he didn't know how to fight with his hands, so he pulled out a knife and began attacking the actors. Buscemi took the brunt of the violence, getting stabbed above the eye, in the arm, the jaw and the friggin' throat. Fogerty was arrested, Vaughn was maced and Buscemi was hospitalized. All in a night's work.

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15 Celebs Who Got Beat Up In A Bar Fight