15 Celebs Who Gave Us Too Much To Handle On Instagram

Celebrities love to show off every inch of their private lives on Instagram, and it's become a must for anyone who's famous in this day and age. But sometimes, people go a little too far. Whether it's showing off too much of their body, or telling us too much about their personal lives, sometimes Instagram can give us way too much information. Sometimes people think they want to know everything they can about their favorite actor or singer, but there's a limit to that. At a certain point, you can learn so much about your favorite celebrity that it makes you realize that they aren't as great as you initially thought they'd be. Sometimes we're left wishing certain celebrities didn't share as much as they did on Instagram.

Other times, their photos are revealing in a very different way. It's become a massive trend to post naughty pictures on Instagram, and this can either be a good thing or a bad thing. Sometimes we actually didn't want to see what they're showing off. Sometimes it can be so revealing that it overloads the senses in a good way. Either way, social media is making it normal for celebrities to show us all as much of their body as the Instagram policies will allow. And that certainly leads to some memorable moments...

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15 Demi Lovato

via: instagram.com

Demi Lovato wowed her Instagram fans and the entire world when she posted a picture of herself dressed up as a hot cop for Halloween. She is wearing a tight bodysuit that reveals every curve. It's actually a beautiful picture of her, and the controversy it sparked was only secondary to the level of admiration many people had for her after seeing this flattering picture of the famous pop singer.

This isn't the first time Demi Lovato has posted some rather revealing pictures of herself, and something tells us it won't be the last, either. This woman is very free and open with her s*xuality, and why shouldn't she be? In today's pop music industry, image is very important and Demi is just showing that she understands the importance of image when she posts these pictures.

14 Ariel Winter


Another young girl who has never been afraid to show it all off on Instagram is Ariel Winter. Only a few years ago she was below the age of consent, but nowadays she has embraced womanhood with open arms, showing the world not only her body, but also her extreme level of confidence. That level of confidence is hardly surprising, seeing as she was a child star and in front of a camera for a huge part of her childhood. Now, she's unafraid to go out in public wearing insanely revealing clothing, often at film premieres. The red carpet photographers are beginning to love this girl.

But although her red carpet appearances spark a lot of gossip, there's even more to be said about her Instagram photos. This girl loves to show it all off on social media, to the delight of many of her fans. Not only does she pose, she also dances. Although perhaps the more accurate word would be "twerk." She loves to shake her booty in small videos released on Instagram, and it's almost too much for us to handle.

13 Emily Ratajkowski


Of all the women on Instagram, there are very few that manage to capture the attention of the world in the same way as Emily Ratajkowski. This girl has been blessed with a near perfect body, and her pictures are some of the most viewed on the entire internet. Guys love her, women admire her, and every company wants this delicious model to endorse their products. But she hasn't been without controversy herself, as her revealing photos have been leaked several times. One of these leaks was part of the infamous iCloud hacks, and another was leaked after a photographer shared her nudes.

This particular Instagram photo is actually pretty tame compared to many of her other Instagram photos. It's not uncommon to see her post tasteful sexy shots on her social media platforms. But although she's still wearing clothes in this picture, it still does the job of making one's mouth water at those delicious curves.

12 Bella Thorne 

via: instagram.com

Another female celebrity who is no stranger to posting revealing pictures on Instagram is Bella Thorne. This ex-Disney star is becoming less and less innocent by the day after departing from the clutches of Disney, and she loves to stir up controversy. Many people admire her devil-may-care attitude, and that mindset definitely comes out in the way she dresses. She's not the type to cover up too much of her amazing body, and in that respect she is a very modern woman.

In this particular Instagram photo, she shows off her figure in a sexy swimsuit You can see much of her incredible body beneath, and it's definitely not a sight for her previous Disney audience. A lot of people couldn't stop talking about this photo when it was posted, and it's definitely one her hotter Instagram pics.

11 Taylor Swift


Taylor Swift might be a slightly more conservative pop star when compared to some of her colleagues, but she's not without a lot of fans that appreciate her lithe form. Although she's seen as one of the more innocent female singers, she's starting to show off a lot more of her body during concerts and in her music videos. This is a development that is making a lot of her fans very happy, and who wouldn't want to see more of that stunning body? People's jaws dropped when this photo was posted on Instagram.

It seemed to show Taylor Swift in the buff, although on closer inspection that's obviously not true. She's wearing some kind of cybernetic outfit, which is the exact same shade as her skin. Even though she's not naked, it's very form-fitting and undeniably hot. This picture is actually a screenshot from her music video, that was posted as a sneak peek for her fans.

10 Rita Ora

via: instagram.com

Rita Ora is another star who has a very active Instagram page. And at times, her pictures can get very revealing. But this is no surprise considering the fact that the famous singer has posed in the buff multiple times outside of Instagram. Most of her biggest fans admire her for this confident approach to her own body, and to say that she's comfortable in her own skin would be a massive understatement. This girl has an amazing body, and she loves to show it off. That's hardly a crime, and honestly it's something to be expected in today's pop music industry.

In these photos, she shows us a tantalizing amount of skin. This is hardly anything new for Rita Ora, and she often goes out in public without a bra. These photos really reflect Rita Ora's angelic and naughty personality.

9 McKayla Maroney

via: instagram.com

We all know that McKayla Maroney has become a major talking point when it comes to Instagram, and she definitely gave us a lot more than many of us could handle during the brief time she was using the social media platform regularly. Before taking to the internet to pursue her fame, she was a member of the US Olympic Gymnastics team, and she was one of the best ever. She broke numerous records, and many people loved her and the glory she had won for her country. After a series of disappointing injuries, she was forced to retire.

Maroney obviously thought that Instagram would be a great way ton stay in the spotlight and pursue another avenue of income. So she started to post pictures that seemed to become more and more revealing by the day. In the end, she was dancing around in her underwear, a move which shocked a lot of people. Keep in mind that many of her followers were young girls who had idolized her during her Olympic years. When she was confronted with this, she told them to stop following her if they didn't like what she was doing.

8 Selena Gomez


Another female celebrity that requires no introduction is Selena Gomez. You'd have to be living on Mars not to know who this girl is, and we've all heard her music. If you listen to your city's popular radio station for a day, you'd probably hear her songs being played at least 50 times. She's very talented, but she's also very beautiful, a feature that has won her even more fans and even more followers on her social media accounts such as Instagram. She loves showing off her newest outfits and hottest looks on Instagram, and it's sometimes a little more than we can handle.

This particular photo is a classic example of Selena Gomez's personality. On the one hand, she looks like a girl you'd see at the supermarket or walking down the street, an innocent girl that definitely turns heads. But when you look a bit closer, you see that there's something much more vibrant and alluring hiding within. This girl is positively dripping with hotness and sultriness, and it's hard to tear your eyes from her.

7 Selena Gomez And The Weeknd - Instagram Drama


Selena Gomez is such a major star on Instagram that it's only right we include her twice in this article. People just can't stop talking about her online, it's actually kind of crazy. But the subject of conversation isn't always about her hot body and her latest revealing Instagram picture. Sometimes, her name is mentioned as a result of good old-fashioned gossip. As many of you probably know, Selena Gomez was romantically involved with The Weeknd, but the relationship was doomed to fail. That's the source of this gossip.

Many people got to talking when Bella Hadid and The Weeknd started hanging out together. Although Selena Gomez stayed silent about this, some noticed that she unfollowed The Weeknd on Instagram soon after his involvement with Bella Hadid became common knowledge. Although she probably wanted to keep her feelings under wraps, everyone now knows that this is something that really bothers her. Now no one can stop talking about it.

6 James Franco


Someone who you might not expect to make this article is James Franco. This famous and very talented actor has been in some pretty amazing projects over the years, like Pineapple Express and Spider-Man. He's not known for his controversial and revealing Instagram pics, but that all changed when he released this particular picture... As you can see, it's not as glamorous as some of the other pictures in this article, but it certainly got people talking. The most notable feature of this picture is its bizarre nature, especially when it comes to that strange look on his face.

In the end, the amount of controversy this picture caused ended in James Franco deleting his Instagram account permanently. It caused way too much drama and embarrassment for him, and in the end he ended his relationship with the social media giant. Part of the reason so many people talked about it was because he had his hands down his pants in a very strange manner.

5 Fergie


Fergie is another popular singer that needs no introduction. She gained huge success and notoriety when she became the singer for the popular pop group Black-Eyed Peas. Since then, she's moved on to a successful solo effort, with two albums, the most recent of which is called Double Dutchess. This girl has a killer voice, and amazing presence on stage, but you can't overlook her physical beauty either. She's appeared in many stunning photoshoots, many of which end up on her Instagram page. This pleases many of her fans to no end. It's hard not to let your jaw drop when you see some of her hottest, most revealing photos.

This particular photo is actually one of her tamest shots when it comes to her Instagram page. This shot was part of a more extensive photo shoot which saw the singer completely in the buff. Now that definitely got a lot of people talking. But even with her clothes still on, Fergie looks pretty damn delicious with that breathtaking corset and bare legs. The way her top pushes her "lady lumps" up is amazing, and I'm sure a lot of people will have trouble looking away from this photo.

4 Tyrese's Instagram War Against The Rock


Tyrese is one of the most popular actors in the world right now, and has appeared in many movies. Although he's appeared in a huge range of films, including Four Brothers, he's probably best known for his involvement with the Fast And Furious franchise alongside Vin Diesel and a slew of other well-known cast members. The movie series has seen a lot of controversy and heartbreak over the years, most notably with the death of Paul Walker. But as Tyrese would prove, that wouldn't be the last dramatic turn the franchise would experience.

If anyone was still in the dark about Tyrese's feud with The Rock, they were enlightened by Tyrese epic rant against Dwayne Johnson in this Instagram post. He insults his co-star, telling the world that he's ruining the series for everyone. In the past, he has accused his co-star of all kinds of different things, including interfering with his family and his daughter. Something tells us that this feud is only just beginning.

3 South African Rapper Accidentally Livestreams His Private Area


You may not be familiar with the South African rapper known as Emtee, but he made headlines around the world after he made a particularly bizarre Instagram livestream. This rapper is best known for his hit "Roll Up," which was played around the world. For some reason, this rapper decided to do a livestream for almost a million of his fans, and part of this livestream involved him relieving himself in a toilet. After he finished at the urinal, he accidentally flashed his audience, and many fans took the opportunity to screenshot the moment and post it all over the internet.

After the incident, the picture of his accidentally flashing his Johnson was the number two trending hashtag on Twitter, as millions of people saw his embarrassing moment. This is pretty much the definition of "giving us too much to handle," and we're sure a huge portion of Emtee's fans regret even tuning in to his livestream after seeing that mishap.

2 Taye Diggs

via: people.com

Another star that showed us all a little more than we could handle was Taye Diggs. Diggs is a well-known actor who has starred in many Broadway musicals, such as Rent and Hedwig the Angry Inch. He's also had a successful career in television and film. You might remember him from the movie Equilibrium, in which he played Christian Bale's partner. Off screen, he's a lot less serious than he is when he's acting, and this is pretty obvious when you take a look at his social media. Take this picture, for example, where he shows off his butt for seemingly no reason.

This kind of thing is kind of accepted for female celebrities, but it's always a bit of a shock when a guy does it. Usually guys show off their muscles or their chest. A butt selfie is a little less common. This photo definitely got a lot of people talking, and not all of them had nice things to say. But I guess it's kind of a double standard when girls can do it and guys can't.

1 Adam Peaty


Our next male celebrity is none other than Adam Peaty. Like McKayla Maroney, he's an Olympic athlete who has found great popularity on Instagram. People (usually females), have great admiration for male swimmers, and a big reason for that is their amazing bodies. Adam Peaty makes no effort to hide this body, especially on his Instagram page. And why would you? If you were him, would you really think twice about showing off all those ripped muscles you've worked so hard on?

In this picture, Adam Peaty was showing his followers his beard right before he shaved it off. As you might know, hair actually slows swimmers down when they're in the water. It's why they have to shave their legs and most of their other body hair. It's unknown if this is the reason why he was shaving his beard, but his fans probably didn't care. They were probably more interested in those washboard abs the swimmer was showing off to the world.

Sources: instagram.com, dailymail.co.uk

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