15 Celebs Who Fathered A Secret Love Child

The term ‘Love Child’ brings up thoughts of big 70s hair and sun drenched hippies holding intoxicated ‘love ins’ that result in the births of big eyed hippie babies – but men have been fathering love children since time immemorial and believe me, they aren’t stopping any time soon.

Just ask Jon Snow.

One of the perks of fame for men has always been access to many eager female fans, and the results often cry and need nappies. Some of the following love children have famous dads who are great actors or singers, some of them are famous because their fathers have managed to father other, legitimate children who are famous themselves, and may have been surprised by the sudden appearance of a half-sibling who is the result of Daddy stepping out on Mama.

And you would think that having a famous dad would mean that there would be money and comfort, if not luxury coming your way. This does not seem to always be the case, and sadly these celeb love child dads do not always give their illegitimate children either the love or money that they deserve. Often these love children’s existences are only really brought to light after legal action has commenced and DNA results have been obtained.

Some dads of love children also fall down where it comes to giving their love children actual love – tossing money to the mothers of their kids but not any attention or love.

Seeing daddy on the TV just isn’t the same, is it?

15 Jude Law’s Daughter Sophia

Jude Law met model Samantha Bourke in 2008 during a break from his relationship with Sienna Miler. They shared one night of love child baby making and then met for the second time with legal teams when Sophia was five months old.

Jude apparently only sees Sophia once a year, in stark contrast to the time he spends with his other children, but he pays more money in child support to her.

I am sure she would rather see him more if she had a say.

Jude has four other children, including another illegitimate daughter, Ada, whose mother Catherine Harding was pregnant when they broke up. Jude is taking an active part in raising Ada, unlike his very hands-off approach with Sophia, who lives in Florida with her mother.

14 Eddie Murphy’s Daughter Angel

Mel B, one of the iconic Spice Girls, has been in the media a lot recently about her current divorce drama, and many people have forgotten that she is in fact the mother of Eddie Murphy’s love child, Angel, born in 2007. Eddie and Mel had a short lived relationship and Mel’s pregnancy was unexpected.

“I don’t know whose child it is until it comes out and has a blood test.” Eddie famously stated at the time. Well she was clearly his child and he has stepped up to provide his daughter with a strong relationship and financial support.

Eddie Murphy has nine children with five different mothers and is by all accounts a great and loving father – which I guess goes to show you can have quality AND quantity!

13 Michael Lohan’s Daughter Ashley

Michael Lohan has done very little in the way of actually deserving to be famous beyond producing Lindsay Lohan and her sister Ali.

Now I will say until I go down in flames that Lindsay Lohan was a great actress whose career was cut short because her parents totally screwed her over to the point where she couldn’t handle life. And half that blame goes to the father of the decade, Michael Lohan.

Ashley Horne was born in 1995 and did not find out she was Lindsay Lohan’s half sister until she was 17. It must have been quite the shock to find out who she was related to, possibly tinged with a little pinch of horror.

After having $25,000 worth of surgery, she was accused of trying to ‘ride on Lindsay’s coat tails’ by her loving father who has no business giving anyone life advice ever.

12 Hugh Grant’s Children, Tabitha, John, Felix, And Another Daughter Whose Name Is A Mystery

Hugh Grant, beloved two-time PM of England (I know he isn’t, calm down!) has fathered four children in four years with two mothers – first he impregnated Tinglan Hong, who gave birth to Tabitha, then Anna Eberstein, who had John, then Tinglan Hong again to produce Felix, followed by Anna Eberstein who had a baby girl who has a secret name.

What a busy man!

Still, in his 50s, Hugh is happy to commit the time, money and effort that it takes to be a good father, and by all accounts he is doing a fantastic job despite the unconventional nature of his quickly prepared family.

If he needs any help, his next door neighbour, ex-girlfriend and close friend Liz Hurley is only a door knock away.

Grant is apparently in a relationship with Anna Eberstein, one of the mothers of his four children.

11 Simon Cowell’s Son Eric

Simon Cowell made it to 54 as a music and media mogul playboy – with a string of hot AF conquests and exes and money coming out of his ears.

Then he embarked on an affair with the wife of his friend (now former friend) Andrew Silverman’s wife Lauren and this affair produced a son – Eric.

Reportedly, Lauren and Simon were not using protection because she had been told she was infertile after having her first child, Adam, with her ex husband Andrew. This again shows just how wrong doctors can be about fertility issues.

Simon and Lauren have now been together since 2013 and are raising little Eric as a family, all allegedly very happy with the arrangement and the unexpected blessing of Eric in their lives. Lauren’s first child Adam lives with his father in New York.

10 Owen Wilson’s Son Finn

Funny guy and ‘Butterscotch Stallion’ Owen Wilson already had a child, his son Robert, with his ex-girlfriend Jade Duell when he impregnated his personal trainer Caroline Lindqvist. However a love child is not a ‘child of a former relationship’, but rather a child born out of no relationship or a quick or illicit affair.

Owen met Caroline in 2007 after a failed suicide attempt after a breakup with actress Kate Hudson. They became friends and had a child together despite not being in a relationship or wanting to be in a relationship.

Owen is both financially and physically involved in Finn’s life and upbringing, living near to Caroline and sharing a good relationship with her.

The fact that he should have called at least of his sons the ‘Butterscotch Colt’ is irrelevant and ridiculous and hopefully no-one is ever going to suggest that publicly.

9 Gavin Rossdale’s Daughter Daisy Lowe

It must have been rather a shock for Gavin Rossdale, Bush rocker, Gwen Stefani marrier and 80s pop icon Marilyn relationshipper to find out that his goddaughter Daisy Lowe was actually his real bio daughter.

Gavin had a one night stand with friend Pearl Lowe in the heady 80s, and this produced model Daisy Lowe. Daisy herself thought that she was the daughter of Bronner Handwerger. Blood tests confirmed that her father was in fact Gavin Rossdale, who cut off all contact with her and her mother in celebration.

Matters seem to have been mended between father and daughter and apparently they now have a strong relationship.

Gavin Rossdale is also the father of three sons with Gwen Sefani – Kingston, Zuma and Apollo, who all enjoy a relationship with their much older model sister.

8 Sean Combs’ Daughter, Chance

I don’t think anyone can honestly say that Sean Combs is not a loving and attentive father. When DNA tests proved that the child he fathered with Sarah Chapman was indeed his daughter, he committed to taking care of her for ‘the rest of her life’.

Sean also has a son, Justin with ex Misa Hylton Brim, and another son and twin daughters (Christian, Jessie and D’Lila) as well as having taken on the role as father figure to his ex-girlfriend Kim Porter’s son Quincy, who he adopted and raised. He is a total hands-on dad who seems to throw fabulous no expense spared parties!

What a good man – wouldn’t it be great to see more dads like Sean Combs and less deadbeat dads who only grudgingly pass a paycheck for the kids they fathered without also giving love and attention.

7 Steven Tyler’s Daughter Liv

I think the biggest miracle here is the amazing way in which Steven Tyler’s genes translated themselves into a stunning woman like Liv Tyler, but that’s a bit off topic.

Until Liv Tyler was eight she did not know that the legendary Aerosmith frontman was her father.

Liv’s mother, Bebe Buell, was very young when she had Liv, and when she was eight she took Liv to a concert where she saw a girl who looked like her ‘twin’ – her younger sister Mia Tyler. The truth then came out.

Liv had grown up as ‘Liv Rudgren’ thinking that her father was musician Todd Rudgren, and still sees him as her dad, although she also has a relationship with her biological father.

Steven Tyler has four children, Liv, Mia, Chelsea and Taj, and is by all accounts a great dad and grandfather to all his children and grandchildren.

6 Jack Nicholson’s Children Honey, Lorraine, And Possibly Caleb

Jack Nicholson has fathered 4 (or 5) children in his 80 years. He has also made a lot of good movies.

Jack’s first daughter Jennifer was born to his first wife Sandra Knight. Then actress Susan Anspach claims that her son Caleb was fathered by Nicholson, although he does not agree.

During his 17 year relationship with the radiant Anjelica Huston he also fathered daughter Honey with Danish model Winnie Hollman, and Lorraine with Rebecca Broussard, who he then got into a serious relationship with and had a son, Raymond.

Nicholson prides himself on being a good father and giving his children unconditional love, and despite denying that Caleb is his son, he did allegedly put him through college, although he incurred the boy’s mother’s anger by foreclosing on an unpaid loan that he had lent her for a house.

No one knows if he is Jack’s son or not, and if Jack does, he isn’t saying anything.

5 Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Son Joseph

Arnie, the actor, man-mountain and Governator, famously fathered a love child with his housekeeper, Mildred ‘Patty’ Baena, who gave birth to Joseph after an affair during his marriage to Maria Shriver.

This was all top secret until 2011, when Maria left and the media found out that there was a boy who was the spitting image of his father.

Arnie himself claimed he did not know until Joseph started looking so much like him. Arnie and Patty kept the secret of Joseph’s parentage for many years, with Maria finding out when she confronted Patty in 2010.

Arnold has four other children with Maria, Katherine, Christina, Patrick and Christopher

Christopher was born just a week before Joseph.

Once Arnie acknowledged Joseph, however, he stepped up to the weight rack and has really taken the time to form a bond with his son, spending lots of time with him and travelling with him to Europe.

4 Ray Charles And His Children Evelyn, Charles, Raenee, Sheila, Aretha, Alexandra, Vincent, Robyn, And Ryan

Did everyone see the Ray Charles biopic starring Jamie Foxx? No? You should – it’s really good.

Anyboogiewoogie, Ray Charles (which you would know if you watched the very good biopic) was quite the womanizer and very fertile. He had twelve children with 9 different women. He was married twice, the second time for 22 years. It was with his second wife, Della Beatrice Howard Robinson that he fathered his three legitimate children, Ray Jr., David and Robert. Five of his love children were born during this marriage, so it should have come as no surprise to him that the marriage eventually ended in divorce.

Ray was a heroin addict for much of this time so I would say there was a large possibility that this influenced his level of responsibility and life choices.

Ray Charles left his own financial affairs in disarray and this led to a big legal fight among his children after his death.

3 Sir Tom Jones’ Son Jonathan

Johnathan Berkery, who goes by the name Jon Jones, has tried to make it as a singer but has not been successful. His father was ordered to pay child support by the court, but according to Jon, Sir Tom never even called him or sent him a birthday card as a child.

This left Jon angry and upset, rebelling and eventually turning to drug use and drug dealing.

Sadly, Jon has never even met his father, and grew up in America without a father figure, and spent some nights sleeping rough when his mother kicked him out for having trouble with the police.

Tom Jones and his long suffering wife, the late Linda Jones, had one son together, Mark Woodward.

Hopefully Jon will at some point get to meet the man who fathered him and then turned his back on him for his entire life, giving him only a good singing voice as a birthday gift.

2 Mathew Knowles’ Son Nixon And Daughter Koi

Mathew Knowles is the father of Beyoncé and also the father of my favourite Knowles sister Solange who anyone can hear featured on my playlists ALL the TIME.

He is also the father to Alexsandra Wright’s son Nixon, who he allegedly wanted to give to Bey and her husband Jay Z before Bey had Blue Ivy. Not wanting to give away her child (and possibly Beyoncé wasn’t even consulted about this anyway) Nixon and his mother lived on food stamps in a trailer park as Mathew shirked his responsibilities.

TaQoya Branscomb, mother of Koi (who was born while Mathew was still married to Tina Knowles, mother of Bey and Solange) was also awarded back payments by the court.

Beyoncé and her father are currently estranged, after there were suspicions raised to Beyoncé by her accountants that raised that Mathew was stealing from her.

Not very good fathering.

1 Frank Sinatra’s Possible Son Ronan

This is all conjecture but when Ronan Farrow’s mother Mia said that Woody Allen’s son Ronan might actually be Frank Sinatra’s son, I think everybody looked at him and said “yeah. I can see that.”

And why wouldn’t you want to be, given the choice.

Soon Yi Previn aside, Ronan firmly believes that Allen molested his sister Dylan (who has now changed her name to Malone). He therefore probably has a reason to WANT his biological father to be Frank Sinatra rather than someone he believes to be a child abuser.

Woody Allen himself claims that Mia has sworn under oath that Ronan is his son to get child support, which Woody has paid, not to mention the indication that Mia was unfaithful to him with Frank Sinatra during her relationship with Woody.

I look at him and he is all Frank. What do you think?

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