15Cheryl Cole

Ever since Cheryl Cole had her cheeks tatted she’s eager to get them out at every opportunity. Most men are a fan of tattoos, but a full butt cheek tattoo just really doesn’t do it for me, I like to see what’s hiding underneath. I am

happy that Cheryl Cole has started to put on some weight since having her baby because before that she was starting to look like skin and bones. Everybody looks better with some meat on them in my opinion. She was one of the first celebs to emerge out of the ‘Belfie’ scene but I don’t know how much of a ‘Belfie’ I consider this to be. To add to her questionable ‘Belfie’ the singer decided to name her baby "Bear Payne", I mean come on, what kind of name is that! I couldn’t believe it when I hear the news I thought they were joking. I feel sorry for the children of celebs all the weird and wonderful names they give them are sure to come back and bite them in the butt in the future. What’s wrong with a good old traditional name like Sarah? We’re not sure how much time Cheryl will have for ‘Belfies’ in the future but with any luck, she will give them up for good.

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