15 Celebs Who Don't Want You To Know These Family Members

Pretty much every single family in the world has a black sheep, and if you don't think your family has one, then let's face it, you're probably it. A black sheep is the one person in the family whom everyone else is ashamed of and who alway seems to do things wrong all the time. They could be in trouble with the law, or they could have problems with drugs or alcohol, or they could just simply be total idiots that embarrass everyone else.

Things ramp up a bit when the black sheep is from a famous family, though. All of a sudden, it isn't just some scene where your brother robs a convenience store while naked and high on meth and nobody knows about it. When this kind of thing goes down and the black sheep is from a famous family, then it can become huge news all over the world, not just for the black sheep, but also for the famous family member, too. This obviously puts a whole lot of added pressure on everyone. It's no wonder the famous people on this list are ashamed of their family members. But still, it is family -- you're supposed to have their backs no matter what, right? Well, not necessarily.

Here are 15 Celebs Who Don't Want You To Know These Family Members

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15 The Durst's-Robert Durst


Robert Durst takes the whole black sheep thing to another level. He's a member of one of the wealthiest families in New York City, their wealth coming from real-estate investments. Durst was already kind of an oddball, but as we all know, incredibly rich guys can get away with things that poor guys can't, so no one really made a big deal out of it. That is, of course, until he started killing all sorts of people, including his first wife. He even got away with that, too, until he decided to participate in an HBO documentary called The Jinx in which he pretty much told everyone, accidentally of course, that he was a big old psycho murderer. He's currently in jail awaiting trial. Talk about a black sheep of the family...

14 Christopher Nolan-Matthew Nolan


Christopher Nolan is a famous director of Batman movies and many others. His brother, Matthew, in theory, was a contract killer. Check out The Daily Mail which said, "Matthew, the eldest of the brothers, faces the persistent allegation that he was a ‘hired killer,' the hitman behind the financier’s death. He was arrested and imprisoned during extradition proceedings -- and prepared a bizarre escape attempt involving tied-together bed sheets." Since the crime happened in Colombia, the United States refused to extradite him, and Matthew is walking around free. Still, though, when one thinks of being a black sheep, I imagine that being an accused contract killer who tried to escape from prison has to fit the bill.

13 Gordon Ramsay-Ronnie Ramsay


We all know good old Gordon Ramsay. He has changed cooking shows forever and is one of the most famous, and also richest, celebrities in the world -- what with a TV empire and a string of fancy, well-known restaurants. But do you know about his brother Ronnie? He happens to have a bit of a heroin problem and at one point was jailed in Indonesia for possession. His brother Gordon has talked about how badly he feels about his brother's addiction but has also been practicing some tough love, which has apparently caused Ronnie to make a few death threats towards Gordon here and there. Still, it has to be hard for someone like Gordon, who is so intolerant of others, to have someone in his own family so messed up.

12 Robert Kennedy-Michael Skakel


Has there ever been a family that has had more problems than the Kennedys have? It seems like everyone in the family has either died a tragic death or done something horrifically wrong. I know that's not reality, but it sure does seem that way. Michael Skakel is the nephew of Robert Kennedy, and he certainly falls under the latter category. He was arrested, after years had gone by, for the murder of his teenage neighbor, Martha Moxley.  There's still a lot of doubt as to whether or not Skakel did it, but he did spend many years in prison for the crime -- although let's face it: we could make a whole list of black sheep Kennedys. It's just that Skakel is the only one I can think of that was convicted for killing someone.

11 Mariah Carey-Alison Carey


There's no doubt that Mariah Carey is a diva. She's one of the most famous women in the world and is totally loaded too. But did you know that she has a sister with AIDS, who is dying of liver cancer, and is a prostitute? She even recently placed an ad looking for business by using her sister's lyrics. According to the Daily Mail U.K., "She [Alison Carey] promised that she was a 'woman with the ability to make the earth move for you and to get you to see stars, oh yea with me it's, IT'S SUCH A SWEET, SWEET FANTASY BABY, WHEN I CLOSE MY EYES I COME AND TAKE YOU ON AND ON.' The words mirror the lyrics of Carey's 1995 single 'Fantasy." Obviously, this is something that Mariah does not advertise as her sister is a black sheep indeed.

10 The Baldwins-Daniel Baldwin


Oh, the Baldwins. All of them are so handsome, and all of them, especially Alec, have made some good money and have had a lot of success, Well, all of them except for Daniel, who has made most of his money appearing on celebrity rehab shows. He has been arrested numerous times, but the one that really gave him the whole black sheep status was when he was all hopped up on crack and running naked through the halls of the Plaza Hotel in NYC. He kept yelling "Baldwin!" over and over again -- like that makes a positive difference when you're running around naked and on crack. Daniel, sort of the epitome of the black sheep, was handed a whole lot of things in life and decided to ruin all of them. I actually kind of respect that.

9 Kathy Griffin-Kenny Griffin


Kathy Griffin is a famous female comedian who's known for being two things: pretty funny and a B-List celebrity. She's made a career out of not being all that popular and making jokes about it. One thing that's not all that funny, though, is that her brother, Kenny, is a super creep. He has served time in jail and, according to Kathy, even molested her when she was little. She's also said that he beat his wife in front of her. Some of these black sheep have some problems with alcohol, some do things that make the family ashamed of them, and some of them are just super bad people who do really bad things. It seems that Kenny is one of the latter.  He's a black sheep for a very good reason.

8 Barack Obama-Onyango Obama


Sometimes, even presidents have black sheep in their family. In fact, it happens more often than one might think. Onyango is former president Obama's uncle, who was living in the United States as an illegal immigrant but has been allowed to remain in the country. After being arrested for driving while intoxicated back in 2011, he asked the arresting officer to call the White House. Sure, he might not be the most embarrassing black sheep in this group, but when you're president, everyone in your family should try to be on their best behavior -- and being a drunk-driving illegal immigrant is probably not the best way to accomplish that. Hey, someone had to be the black sheep for the Obama family, and it turns out it's Onyango.

7 Rihanna-Ronald Fenty


Sometimes, the black sheep in question is one of your parents, which certainly makes things a bit more difficult than normal. Your parents are the ones that are supposed to be taking care of you, making sure that you're okay and don't do anything stupid. So what would you do if your dad is the one that's making a total fool of himself? Well, you have to ask Rihanna because her dad, Ronald Fenty, is a total idiot. He has called her "too fat" and suggested she should get back with Chris Brown. Rihanna has even said that he used to beat her mother when she was young. But still, Fenty keeps hanging on and staying in his daughter's life even though he really should just get out of the spotlight like a black sheep should.

6 Reese Witherspoon-John D. Witherspoon


Reese Witherspoon was once one of the most popular actresses in the world and is still a true movie star, without a doubt; those things just don't go away overnight. But still, she has a black sheep in her family. It's her brother, John. Back in 2002, he was arrested for breaking into a woman's home and planting kisses all over her body while she was sleeping. Now that's serious black-sheep material. Of course, there are other people on this list that have done things worse, but there's something about the whole "My brother breaks into women's houses and kisses them while they sleep" that just does not have the best vibe.  This is probably something that Reese would like to keep under wraps. Sorry about that.

5 Ryan O'Neal-Redmond O'Neal


Ryan O'Neal has had his share of problems himself, so it's no wonder his kid, Redmond, turned into a total mess. He's actually Ryan's son through his ex, the late Farrah Fawcett-Majors. According to the Daily Mail, " Redmond has struggled with heroin addiction for almost all of his adult life and his trouble with drugs began long before the death of his famous mother. He was in prison during her final days after a 2008 arrest.  Redmond reportedly promised his mother he would stay clean but in 2011 was back in a court-ordered treatment center when he was found to be in possession of heroin and a firearm during a traffic stop, a violation of his probation." Redmond fits all the criteria to be the black sheep of the family, even one as messed up as this one.

4 Jimi Hendrix-Leon Hendrix


Of course, we all know of Jimi Hendrix, who was one of the most talented and most famous guitarists that the world has ever known. He died tragically many years ago. But while this genius died, his brother Leon lives on and will probably live to be 100. Leon was once arrested for stealing a fur coat, and despite all of his attempts to start his own music career, the theft still remains the thing that he's most famous for. Okay, Leon, we get it: you have a super famous name, and you also know how to play guitar, even though you don't do it nearly as well as your brother. This doesn't mean you're going to be rich and famous, but what it does mean is that you're going to be the black sheep of the family.

3 Cybill Shepherd-Cyrus Shepard


Sometimes, the things that black sheep do are just kind of pathetic. Case in point: Cyrus Sheppard, son of Cybill Shepherd, who was busted for trying to steal out of people's carry-on bags while on a plane. As reported in People, "Cybill Shepherd’s son, Cyrus Zacharia Shepherd-Oppenheim, will enroll in a pretrial diversion program after he was arrested in January for allegedly trying to rob sleeping passengers on an overnight flight from San Francisco to Philadelphia." There you go, Cyrus -- good job. You know how you can become known as a black sheep really quickly? Be born into a rich and famous family and then get busted going through other people's carry-on bags while they're asleep on a plane.

2 Rod Stewart-Sean Stewart


Who could imagine that Rod Stewart has a black sheep in his family? I mean, that guy seems like he would be the best dad ever.  Who would have thought that he would bring up a kid who's super into booze and drugs? But Sean Stewart is. In fact, he said, “Everybody likes to party. I’ve done my partying. I’ve done enough drugs to kill Hollywood.” Hey, Sean, we really doubt that; in fact, it seems that you're trying to be cool even while you say that you're totally sober, which is never a good sign. But anyway, there's one thing that's for sure, and it's that you definitely made yourself the black sheep of your family. And when that family includes Rod Stewart, you certainly did some good work.

1 Michael Douglas-Cameron Douglas


Cameron Douglas is about as much of a black sheep as anyone could possibly be. I mean, his grandfather, Kirk Douglas, was a huge movie star, and his father, Michael Douglas, was just as huge. So what did Cameron do? Oh, he just got charged with a whole bunch of drug offenses and was sent to prison where he got his leg broken in a fight. Hey, Cameron: just so you know, your dad isn't Eazy-E, and you didn't grow up in Compton. You grew up the son of a rich actor who is worth millions. Pull it together, maybe? Seriously man... I know being a black sheep has some sort of a draw for some people, but when it comes right down to it, being in prison is really kind of lame. But hey, you don't choose being a black sheep. It chooses you.


Source: Wikipedia

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