15 Celebs Who Confessed Their Illuminati 'Involvement'

Note: I don't know if the Illuminati is real or fake; this article's just for pure speculation and entertainment. Thank you.

The Illuminati lives. Just ask the celebrities below. They summoned enough courage to talk about their own experiences with the furtive group. From their thoughts to their fears, read about the 15 men and women who became too involved, like Prodigy of Mobb Deep. He obsessed over the Illuminati's existence, passionately talking about the group's influence over American masses.

The rapper even wrote a musical dedicated to the Illuminati's power, but the unexpected happened soon after his announcement. The rapper passed away, but the cause of death remains unclear. While original reports stated sickle cell disease, Hollywood Life brought another perspective into play.

"It was revealed that the talented star choked on an egg while being hospitalized. Was this the cause of his untimely death?" the publication questions. While a fatal disease seemed to be the cause of death, scary speculation of choking makes people wonder.

Did the Illuminati want Prodigy killed? After all, the man always spoke his truth about the higher-ups of Hollywood's elite, even saying "Jay Z's a f*cking crumb compared to these n*ggas." The man obviously feels like the puppeteers manage powerful men and women unfathomable. Maybe he's right, and maybe that's why the Illuminati secretly killed him.

The other celebrities on this list should heed their warning; they're way too talented to end up dead. (Rest in peace, Prodigy.)

15 Insanity Or Illuminati?

Trisha Paytas
Courtesy of Classic ATRL

Trisha Paytas, the YouTube queen of smacking, slurping, and sh*t-talking, just released a video titled "i don't trust the outside world." Her video runs for 22 minutes, so let me tell you the interesting part—she speaks on how YouTubers and the Illuminati coexist.

They work together, but their partnership ended rather abruptly. According to her, the "O.G. squads," including a random guy named Luke, used to post content online. However, they suddenly vanished. "I think the Illuminati got them," Paytas explains. Between popcorn mouthfuls and wide-eyed declarations, she remains convinced, albeit vaguely, that said group snatched them. She was probably just trolling her fans for views, though.

14 Buzz Around The Queen Bey

Courtesy of Romper

Since the birth of Beyoncé Carter's firstborn, Blue Ivy (an acronym for Born Living Under Evil Illuminati's Very Youngest?), people dove even deeper into Carter's possible relation with the clandestine group.

Even though conspiracy theorists devote their time to uncovering the truth, Carter set the record straight on her own song "Formation," which she released last December. The jam's prologue opened with Carter's cocky lyric, "Y'all haters corny with that Illuminati mess," as she sat atop a patrol prowler. Donned in a simple dress with her hair in a bun, she said her truth. According to her, she and her family belong to Hollywood's elite, but not to the dark, dark group.

13 Exposing A 'Mason'

Orlando Brown
Courtesy of Bossip

Once known as the lovable boyfriend of Raven in the show That's So Raven, Orlando Brown possessed fame and fortune. His Hollywood persona only lasted for so long. He eventually dabbled in drug abuse, but maybe because he knew too much truth?

As reporters interviewed Brown, he gave them doses of crazy, but he also gave them doses of realness. In an interview with Vlad, he talked about several topics that ranged from Kim Kardashian's robbery to Kanye West and Donald Trump's friendship. In another interview with ADD, he angrily talked about Vlad, calling him a "Mason." According to the actor, his frustration stemmed from Vlad's scams. He never paid the star for his time. The television star insinuated that his money probably went elsewhere, like to the Illuminati.

12 Desperately Needs A Dream-Catcher

Lady Gaga
Courtesy of funny gifs

Loved and adored by millions of fans, Lady Gaga lives a blessed life. Her concerts, awards, and songs embed deeply into her reality. However, her dreams portray a scenario different from her daily lifestyle.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, the singer's dreams keep a pattern. Led by a demon, she sees a woman tied to a bed. Ropes tug at her limbs, as if to rip them from her body. A "whimper" replaces the silence, which prods the demon to instruct Gaga on her task. She needs to pour "honey" and "cream" into the poor girl's wounds. Then, Gaga awakes. Scared, the singer-songwriter tells her friends what happened, and her mom even questions, "Isn't that an Illuminati ritual?"

11 The 'Leader' Of The New World Order

Courtesy of Smosh

In a 2013 interview with Rolling Stone, Ke$ha openly admits her pact with the Illuminati and how she dedicates her life to the group. Hey, at least she seems sincere. Kudos to her honesty.

When the interviewer mentions "Illuminati and occult imagery" in her hits like "Crazy Kids" and "Die Young," Ke$ha wastes no time. She divulges, "It's so much worse than   they think. I'm really the leader of the Illuminati. That's true." To drive her point home, she shows the tattoo of an all-seeing eye on her hand. The princess of pop's candor brings   a lighthearted vibe to the scene, but theorists still quake at the thought of a glitter goddess running the world.

10 What Happens After The 'Mean Girls' Graduate

Lindsay Lohan
Courtesy of Perez Hilton

Unlike the sweet, sassy redhead who graced your screens in the iconic Mean Girls film, Lindsay Lohan took a turn for the worse. Instead of growing her budding career as one       of Hollywood's cutest actresses, she nosedived into drugs and alcohol.

Maybe she wanted to numb the pain of enlightenment? In an article, courtesy of your favorite publication, TheRichest, one writer gives 15 reasons why Lohan and the furtive group collaborate. According to the writer, the Illuminati replaced her with a clone to better appeal to Americans, which makes sense. Lohan tattooed Illuminati imagery on       her body, partied with alleged Illuminati members, and snapped herself in the midst of       an "Illuminati ritual." Either way, Lohan definitely departed from her pristine image of       the early 2000's. Blame the Illuminati.

9 'Who Owns My Heart?' The Illuminati

Miley Cyrus
Courtesy of Huffington Post

Throughout the years, Miley Cyrus grew from the all-American, girl next door to the party-hearty wild child. People either loved or hated her metamorphosis, which prompted many questions about her drastic change.

According to the self-proclaimed journalist, Rick Wiles, Cyrus altered her lifestyle to fit the Illuminati's preferences. According to him, they used her as a pawn to lure more children into Satanic cults. However, they also used her for their own s*xual gratification. She supposedly "demonstrates how to have s*x with a Satanic figure" in one photograph of her next to a person in a demonic costume, which makes perfect sense. Thank goodness Wiles remains an active figure in journalism. What would people do without him?

8 More Than Just A Music Video

Courtesy of Tumblr

Like Katy Perry's music video of "Chained To The Rhythm," Rihanna's "S&M" music video shows subtle hints of a deeper message. According to an account on YouTube, speculation of her involvement with the Illuminati runs wild.

In a clip of "S&M," one journalist, who is bound and gagged, holds a notepad, writing the words "Rihanna - princess of the Illuminati sluts." Read between the lines, and read the writing on the paper. Rihanna willingly admits her position of authority within the group. Even her costumes hint at Masonry. In one scene, the words "NATI" even appear on her latex suit. Maybe they allude to the last words of "Illuminati." Or, maybe Rihanna just likes to mess with her followers' heads. Watch the video, and judge for yourself.

7 Definitely Not A Barbie

Nicki Minaj
Courtesy of Tumblr

Even though Nicki Minaj boasted of major accolades in the rap game, her image worsened over the years. Between her eerie performances and severed friendships, she seemed to be in cahoots with an otherworldly power.

According to one website, the multimillionaire certified her Illuminati status with a single performance. "Minaj was accused of performing a satanic ritual during her 2012 Grammy performance of 'Roman Holiday,' which had fire, levitation, a choir, a priest, and s*x slaves in the mock exorcism," the article states. She pulled out all the stops, but her "Barbies" and haters felt empty after her show. The purported ritual put a bad taste in their mouths.

6 Tequila Spills The Tea

via www.sexydesktop.co.uk

Tila Tequila, a model, socialite, and personality, took to her YouTube account to explain Kanye West's 2016 rant. According to her, he experienced a breakdown, but not because     of mental illness.

She explained that A-list celebrities, or people heavily involved in media and modeling, fall under mind control, MKULTRA, and Illuminati. West only spoke the truth, albeit in a very odd and jumbled way. "His mind control was breaking down, and he was waking up out of his slave, puppet breeding that he's been through," she says. She believes that he tried to break free from their grip, which is why they hospitalized him. They reprogrammed him to carry out their bidding "to the masses."

5 Threatens Haters With His Illuminati Membership

Blac Youngsta
Courtesy of YouTube

Blac Youngsta, the rapper who gave fans the classics, like "Hip Hopper" and "Birthday," just admitted to the world his involvement with the Illuminati...on Snapchat. Decide for yourself if he really is a part of the group.

During a rant on how he hates his enemies' loved ones, Youngsta then pulls out the big guns (no, not a Draco). "I'm on my Illuminati sh*t. I'm gonna sacrifice everybody I don't like. Whore," he threatens. In between clips of him either in bed or at the gas station, the rapper continuously reminds fans of his status as a Mason. Whether he flashes his cash     or pretends to screw hundreds in doggy style, people remain unconvinced. "He's too stupid to be part of the Illuminati," one person comments.

4 Illuminati 'Secrets' Deciphered

The Weeknd
Courtesy of Tenor GIF Keyboard

The Weeknd, an indie star who transformed into an overnight sensation, remains at the top of the music industry. With his past two albums charting Billboard Hot 100, the guy proves his lyrical genius through thrilling lyrics and music videos.

While his songs, like "Starboy" and "Tell Your Friends," make for a great rave or one-night stand, the meanings behind his videos paint a gruesome picture. Forget about strobe lights and unprotected s*x. The musician's jams give fans a glimpse into the dark underworld of the Illuminati. One conspiracy theorist best describes his indoctrination. Read about how his "Starboy" music video relays his own deal with the devil.

3 The Mysterious Death Of M.J.

Michael Jackson
Courtesy of We Heart It

When Michael Jackson passed away of a drug overdose in 2009, people felt sadness, shock, and disbelief. They never thought he would die at the tender age of 50, yet the musician met his fate abruptly.

Conspiracy theorists went into overtime, overdrive. They believed Jackson's death had little to do with drugs and more to do with the Illuminati. "Jackson was involved with         the Illuminati, but after he became too popular, the powers that be turned on him and manipulated the media to encourage the downfall of Michael Jackson," one article says.     His death put the Illuminati under a microscope, as people further examined the power     this group possessed.

2 Illuminati Killed Tupac?

Tupac Shakur
Courtesy of Tumblr

Throughout his career, influential activist and rapper Tupac Shakur spoke about injustices he experienced. Whether he talked about poverty, racism, or the crooked judicial system, a verse or two always enlightened people on the issues at hand.

The issue of the Illuminati made an impression on the young legend as well. His album The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory also made an impression on his fans and critics, especially since his record label released the project after his death. With such heavy, dark material now available to the masses, individuals listened to Shakur's raps with a different mindset. Maybe the Illuminati tried shutting him up by killing him, and maybe that's why Shakur created the album. Conspiracy theorists have yet to solve the mystery.

1 Eyes Wide Open

Eyes Wide Shut
Courtesy of Tumblr

This list wouldn't be complete without the infamous death of Stanley Kubrick, a director avant-garde. After he released his thought-provoking film, Eyes Wide Shut (a film focused on Freemasonry), he mysteriously died.

People highly suspect that the Illuminati got involved, as Kubrick planned to write another exposé for the masses. He never got the chance, though. While doctors said he passed away of a heart attack, men and women, including his own wife, rebuke their reports. Kubrick's family had no history of heart problems, and the genius himself had no issues with his heart. However, other people seemed to have issues with him. His death remains shrouded in mystery, just like the Illuminati. Oh, the vicious irony.

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