15 Celebs Who Clearly Photoshopped Their Own Hot Photos

It’s beyond understanding why the following beautiful women would photoshop their photos. These women have incredible, enviable bodies, but they’re not happy with the way they look. Most of the women on this list are repeat offenders, especially Miranda Kerr, Beyoncé, Britney Spears, Kim Kardashian, and Mariah Carey. They shamelessly edit their photos and are frequently caught doing so, but they don’t seem to care.

They’d rather appear thinner or more youthful than actually do the work to achieve the look they want. Or, better yet, they could just accept themselves as they are because they’re all gorgeous women. Unfortunately, they seem unable to share an untouched photo. They’re embarrassed of their curves or lack thereof, but what they should be embarrassed of is how obvious their editing is. You don’t have to be a photoshop expert to spot the following photoshop fails.

The following are 15 of the world’s most beautiful women who suffer from the same body image issues as anyone else. The only difference is they have millions of followers and are perpetuating an unhealthy body image. It takes a lot of work to lose weight, gain a booty, or achieve a six pack and these celebs put in that work, but instead of owning their fabulous figures, they photoshop their pictures. Here’s hoping they change their ways lest they end up on more lists just like this one.

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15 Miranda Kerr

Miranda Kerr doesn’t need photoshopping. She’s gorgeous and has a fit body, but even the world’s most beautiful women have their insecurities. Kerr has been accused (more than once) of photoshopping her Instagram photos. Her followers have noticed her affinity for the smudge tool, and have pointed out curved lines and distortions indicating photo editing has been used to make her appear thinner.

After the 2012 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show taping, Kerr posted yet another photoshopped image to her Instagram account. Posing with fellow VS fashion models, Doutzen Kroes and Alessandra Ambrosio, Kerr appears to have slimmed her waist. In the photo, Kroes’ waist looks a bit deformed and Kerr’s waist is abnormally petite.

14 Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian is another of those who are guilty of frequently photoshopping their personal photos. She routinely touches up her pictures to smooth her face, brighten her eyes, and slim her body. For someone with such desirable looks, it’s a wonder Kardashian feels the need to photoshop anything, but she does.

In the picture, the photoshop is very obvious. You’ll notice that her curves are a bit too curvaceous, and that the door frame and floor are distorted. It should be noted that Kardashian is a bit of a narcissist. She’s admitted to taking hundreds of selfies before finding a single one to share online with her millions of followers; yet, she also photoshops. It’s a conundrum, but she’s really not fooling anyone with her editing.


13 Aubrey O’Day

Is there anything in Hollywood more coveted than a tiny waist? In this case, I think most people would agree that Aubrey O’Day’s natural curves are super sexy. They don’t require a retouch or a reduction, but O’Day proved she disagrees when she photoshopped inches off her curves.

Although O’Day looks hot in the untouched picture, she liberally applied editing tools to nip and tuck her natural curves. She should know she’s curvy, not fat; and, most people would agree the photoshopped picture is a bit ridiculous looking. If she’s really going for the cinched in look, they make waist trainers that can cause a similar effect (no editing necessary!).

12 Lady Gaga

Lada Gaga is the queen of au natural hashtags, such as #nofilter and #makeupfree. She’s not the queen of anti-editing, as she’s clearly guilty of editing this photo. The first thing her Instagram followers noted was the way the mirror was warped, suggesting she increased her bust size and shrunk her arms.

Gaga didn’t stop there. If you notice the floor is warped too. This suggests she slimmed up her tummy, which is ridiculous for someone who is already so skinny. Her underwear and the floor near her booty are distorted as well, but it’s hard to say if she edited these areas. Did she shrink or increase her booty because it looks somewhat normal? The only thing we know for sure is that she didn’t edit her messy top bun.

11 Kendall Jenner

Because she was raised in the same home as Kim Kardashian, I am not surprised Kendall Jenner edits her selfies. In this photo, online sleuths discovered a bit of warping on the window pane. Jenner’s upper hips/low chest area is very pixelated too. She clearly shrunk this area to accentuate her hips in an attempt to copy her sister’s signature curves (which are also often photoshopped).

If you look at the curtain behind her, it’s weirdly misshapen. Yeah, this photo has all the elements of an edited picture. And, although her stomach does look awesome, the editing did more harm than good. It has made her top look ridiculously small. By stretching her torso, she eliminates her neck and makes her breasts look misshapen. It backfired, Jenner. Maybe next time don’t edit your photos because you look just fine without it.

10 Beyoncé

In this picture, Beyoncé is wearing a super cute bikini and putting on the golf green. Is she any good at golfing? I don’t know. Is she any good at editing? Hell no. Look at her leg. It’s all misshapen. Is it really worth having a skinny leg if it looks like Dr. Frankenstein made it? She may also have edited her arm, or the photo may have been taken at a weird angle.

There’s this obsession with thigh gap that seems to extend beyond high school and into the wacky world of celebrity. Beyoncé is beautiful, especially her curves which are unique just to her. There aren’t a lot of women who have her body type, but believe a lot of women wish they did. Yet, she must be a bit insecure or she wouldn’t edit so many of her photos to appear thinner and less curvaceous.

9 Kylie Jenner

What do you know? Another one of Kim Kardashian’s sisters made the list… Does the whole family have serious body-image problems? It would see so, as they all seem guilty at one point or another of photoshopping their photos. In this case, Kylie Jenner (the youngest daughter in the Kardashian/Jenner clan) has photoshopped her legs and waist to appear smaller.

It’s pretty obvious where Jenner photoshopped the image. Her legs, especially around the thighs, are very pixelated, as are her hips. A word of advice to Jenner: if you’re going to use a tool to slim down, you may want to use the smooth tool to cover your tracks. Or, maybe just stop editing altogether because you’re young, your body is enviable, and you don’t need it.

8 Lindsay Lohan

Here's two pictures of Lindsay Lohan's photoshop fails (because she has so many!). God only knows why she bothered to photoshop the first picture. Her waist looks impossibly small; dare I say, sickly? Supposedly, the photo was taken while she was sick with chikungunya disease. Sick or not, she should have known this isn’t the look, and her body is just fine as it is. She’s already super skinny, and looking emaciated isn’t sexy (even in Hollywood).

The second photo is far more obvious. Either Lilo exists in some alternative universe where things are melty and wavy, or she edited the picture. Clearly, it’s the latter. The stairs in this picture are proof that she (yet again) tried to cinch up her already petite figure. They are curved in an unnatural way, a way the rest of the steps aren’t.

If anything, Lohan should have photoshopped her camel toe. Maybe she needs a life lesson in what’s sexy and what grosses people out.

7 Britney Spears

There’s really no denying that Britney Spears has rebounded from her meltdown. Not only is her career back on track, but she’s lost all the weight she put on and got ultra-fit for her regular gig in Las Vegas. Spears doesn’t need to photoshop her photos, but she does.

When she shared the above bikini-clad photo to her Instagram, her fans cried foul. They pointed out that concrete is missing underneath her back, which led them to speculate that she photoshopped the image. Except in that one spot, the pool does have a clearly defined edge, but maybe it’s the angel the picture was taken at and the overgrown grass?

6 Khloe Kardashian

Surprise, surprise. Another Kardashian has made the list. This time it’s everyone’s favorite down-to-earth Kardashian, Khloe. Of all the Kardashians, Khloe seems the least superficial. She’s got a great sense of humor and is more of a realist than her head-in-the-clouds older sisters. Unfortunately, no one is immune to body image issues. Judging by the number of edited photos Khloe’s instagrammed, she’s got a bad case of low self-esteem.

In this photo, Khloe’s showing off her toned abs, but there was something she didn’t like about the picture because it’s clearly edited. If you look to the left, just under the second door hinge, you’ll see the door curves in an unnatural way. Seems Khloe slimmed up her figure, and some fans have speculated she drew on her six-packs abs too. If you ask me, those look real, but she’s clearly cinched up her waist.

5 Kim Zolciak

Kim Zolciak is Bravo’s darling. She’s been cast in two Bravo network television shows: The Real Housewives of Atlanta and Don’t Be Tardy, but you may know her as the wife of former Falcons outside linebacker Kroy Biermann. Biermann is a free agent, but he’s got few financial problems because they’ve got their reality television careers to fall back on.

Zolciak is routinely accused of photoshopping her Instagram photos. As seen above, she’s a fan of slimming her waist and granting herself unnatural proportions. Unfortunately for Zolciak, she sucks at editing. No one would believe those are her real proportions even if she is a fan of going under the plastic surgeon’s knife.

The saddest thing about this edited picture isn’t that Zolciak can’t edit for sh-t; it’s that she used this manipulated image to fat shame other people. On her Instagram, she wrote, “If you think it will make you fat, it will! MODERATION!! Everything in Moderation.” You know Zolciak could practice what she preaches and start moderating her heavy-handed use of the smooth and slimming tools.

4 Kelly Brook

English actress, model, and television presenter Kelly Brook was heavily criticized for editing her Instagram photos. One fan wrote, “Thought you were against Photoshopping? #hypocrite,” on a photo that was clearly edited to make her waist appear smaller. Fans were angry because Brook claimed to be curves-positive, and someone who isn’t for unrealistic body images and superficiality.

The backlash to her photos was severe, so Brook responded on Instagram. “The pictures I post are not unrealistic to who I am.” She wrote. “I embrace my Curves and love my body. Slightly photoshopping pics is no different to women wearing fake hair, putting chicken fillets in their bras, squeezing into Spanx, or having filler and Botox in their face. None of which I do.” If you ask me, it sounds like Brook is insulting women who wear fake hair and Spanx, as if she is any better.

3 Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey is one of those celebs who photoshops every picture she shares. She routinely smooths her skin, trims her waist, expands her booty, and gives her breasts a lift. If you follow her on Instagram, it would be an exercise in futility to point out the editing because Carey doesn’t care and she’s not going to stop. She'd rather look foolish than thick, even if her real body is frequently captured by paparazzi cameras (right).

Carey’s 2014 album cover (left) featured a very slimmed down look; yet, she was photographed around that same time looking curvier than ever, so the proof was in the picture. The album cover was a lie, but what do you expect from the shameless 45-year-old singer?

The album “#1 to Infinity,” never went number one. It was forgettable, but the album’s cover isn’t.

2 Paris Hilton

There’s no question heiress and former reality star, Paris Hilton, is thin. Just look at the first photo; that's not an unenviable body. Her natural body looks great, but for whatever reason, her already svelte frame wasn’t good enough. She had to use the smudge tool to take in her waist even more. She clearly is envious of woman who are a bit curvier because she stretched her hips and cinched her waist for a more curvaceous look. (She actually looks like a Barbie doll, if you ask me.)

Hilton’s fans were quick to point out the photoshop. They recognized right away that Hilton’s normally boyish figure was more hourglass, and it just wasn’t natural. You can see the bushes look a bit skewed on the left-hand side, but to Hilton’s credit this isn’t a bad photoshop. It’s just that noticeable, so for that she gets some credit; however, trying to trick your fans isn’t very nice, and Hilton should learn to love the body she has.

1 Taylor Swift

On a boat in 2015, Taylor Swift posed with the Haim sisters. All the women have obviously great bodies… No photoshopping here, right? Except, that railing doesn’t look right. It’s warped indicating a “skinny” tool was used before the picture was posted. Metal poles simply don’t dip like that.

Can I just say it’s almost unfair that already bone thin women make themselves look even skinnier with editing tools? I’m over here hoping I can lose twenty pounds by spring just to look decent in a one-piece, and perpetually perfect Taylor Swift needs to slim down with editing tools? What is this world?

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