15 Celebs Who Can't Stop Taking It Off On Social Media

If you are a young, hot and female celebrity, then publicity is the name of the game. Big numbers on social media is the name of the game. The formula is simple. Step one, take most of your clothes off. Step two, take a picture. And three? Post that sucker and wait for the Likes to flow in. If you're really, really lucky Twitter or Instagram will say you've been naughty and pull the picture. Which, of course, means you make all the gossip websites and that "banned" nasty snap goes viral, thereby nearly breaking the Internet. Sure, we've got some actresses and singers, but we've also got those oh, so hot Sports Illustrated and Victoria's Secret babes. We've even thrown in a WWE Diva and adult star or two. So be prepared for one big booberama of a ride with naughty but nice hot babes who just can't stop posting "those" pictures to social media. If you're not following these babes, maybe you ought to. Don't worry. We promise you an (almost) Kim Kardashian, Miley Cyrus and Lady Gaga-free zone. Talk about social media overload. Whether you are a T or an A kind of guy, we've got some things that are certain to please.

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15 Rihanna

This chick has had so many pictures banned and deleted from Instagram and Twitter that Google Images has Rihanna "banned" and "deleted" categories. Sometimes they pull her pictures. Sometimes she deletes them if there is too much negative flack out there. And, on a pretty regular basis, she gets pissed of at Instagram's "censorship" and closes down her Instagram account. Don't worry. She always comes back bigger and naughtier than before. Even if Instagram is way stricter about freeing those nipples than good old Twitter, she just can't live without it for long. Then there was that nipple freeing Lui cover. Her handle says it all: "badgalriri". Everybody loves a very bad girl. Even more if she bares it all for fans to see. And enjoy.

14 Selena Gomez


Selena Gomez is no longer the goody-two-shoes who was everybody's favorite All American princess. Last year, she kind of freaked out and more or less withdrew from social media, saying she needed a break from showbiz, Twitter-squabbling with Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift and the like. But when she made a comeback, what a comeback. She got legendary photography Mert Alas, to do some almost bare shots. We can't show you from the waist down, so you might want to jump onto Google and see for yourself. Trust us, it's worth a look or two. Welcome back, Selena. All grown up and hot and full of come hither. More please. And soon. What happened to that squeaky clean Selena? Good riddance, we say.

13 Emily Ratajkowski

She did the painted on bikini thing for Sports Illustrated, but this oh so hot model wants Hollywood to give her a chance. So, she goes out for meaty roles where the girl is ugly and gets turned down as "too pretty". It's a tough life, isn't it? She was a hot chick in the Blurred Lines video. Hundreds of millions of views and you can certainly see why guys would tune in. As GQ gushed, "She's the kind of woman you'd draw: curves like a cola bottle, lips like a sphinx. Hell, even your girlfriend thinks she's hot." And Emily Ratajkowski's millions and millions of Instagram fans? They go for those nipple baring, sultry shots. Sometimes they get taken down. Well, heck, they usually do get taken down. But once they are out there, they are out there. Thank goodness.

12 Kendall Jenner

It's official! Kendall Jenner has joined Miley Cyrus' "free the nipple" campaign and her followers on Instagram are thrilled to bits. She also does a handy line of outfits that are guaranteed to malfunction big time. Lately, she's done a nice range of slitted-up-to-her-lady-bits skirts that are a lot of fun on windy days. Oh, joy. Caitlyn Jenner's little girl is THE hot supermodel of the moment. She is, much to half sis Kim Kardashian's regret, hotter and younger and more popular. Like her sisters, those "diet by Photoshop" stories just won't go away. But there's no such thing as being too rich or too thin, is there?

11 Bella Hadid


For a supermodel, Bella Hadid is very, very well endowed. How do with know? Just look at those nude shots she did for Vogue that were all over her social media accounts. On display for an overjoyed world to see. If Vogue is going nude, then it's fair to say that nude is the new black. And, no, we don't mean those nasty black bars that try to block our view. She's the kind of babe who has no body issues. After the 2016 Victoria's Secret Paris fashion show, she was spotted at the after party still decked out in lingerie. The next day? The tabloid press were delighted to tell the world that she partied in her underwear, or some such. Apart from anything else, it was December and Paris gets nip-freezing cold. What kind of girl goes out on a cold night in lingerie? A smart one.

10 Coco Austin


The first thing you notice about Ice T's wife and baby mama? Those 39DDs. Second? That face. And third? The best big booty out there. Forget Kim K. This girl is serious big booty champ. Now she is called an actress, but don't worry too much about that. She's a "glamour" model (read little to no clothes) and an "Internet personality". What's that? It means she posts a lot of snaps of that booty and those 39DDs. Even with clothes on she's almost X-Rated and when she starts peeling off? Whoa! Double D Whoa! She got all mama-like and post a breastfeeding snap that got pulled faster than a speeding bullet. Is Ice T one happy guy? You bet. Big time.

9 Nicki Minaj


OK. It's Paris fashion week and rapper Nicki Minaj has been dubbed the "breast dressed". Why? Well, she is the kind of chick for whom wardrobe malfunctions are a way of life. Nip slips, slits up to her lady bits and all. But she did herself proud very recently at Paris Fashion Week, showing up front row center with an asymmetrical jacket. It's not just a nip slip, so much as a full reveal. There's a puny pastie there, but hey, there's so much to see that you don't care. Of course, it whizzed its way onto her Instagram account. What? We think it's okay, as the nipple is covered. But you can always check and see for yourself. Is it just us or are the two women on either side of her feeling a tad bit awkward?

8 Stacy Keibler


Back when she was dating George Clooney, her nearly 5 feet 11 inches bod made him look, well, short. And when the now retired Diva climbed into the WWE ring in the shortest of shorts and the tightest of little tops, the fans went wild. And that's before wrestling started. Well, if you had a blonde bombshell body like hers, wouldn't you want to bare it all? Even better, she used to be a cheerleader. Stacy Keibler and those pom poms were to die for. Never mind the pom poms, her go on forever legs earned her the coveted title of "The Legs of the WWE". And when she did Dancing With the Stars, she was dubbed a "weapon of mass seduction". Following her on social media turns you on and makes you feel good. What's not to like?

7 Jessa Rhodes


Quick. Guess what this chick does for a living. Glamour model? Working girl? You're getting very warm, because 20-something Jessa Rhodes takes her clothes off and does the deed in adult films. Fans love her on social media. She recently filmed with adult hunk James Deen. The guy's been dubbed "the Bill Cosby of p*rn", with a number of women claiming he has assaulted them. And what did our Jessa think of James Deen's "performance" with her in the film? It was "amazing". Apparently it went on for some four hours. So, if you're "legal", check Deen and Rhodes on IMDb and see for yourself. The cast filmed in a luxury house in the San Fernando Valley. People actually rent their homes out for this stuff? Apparently. But is it legal?

6 Chanel Iman


If you've been watching Victoria's Secret shows (who hasn't?), you will have spotted the exotic African-American/Korean Chanel Iman. She makes just about every "hottest social media" list out there. And you can see why. She's a classy, sexy Angel who winks at the audience as she struts her stuff. She's the kind of hot babe who hits the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival wearing a dress that is mostly see-though mesh, with only a few careful placed embellishment to keep her (and it) legal. And we should point out she's not much into underwear. Oh. Bella Hadid was at the same event. She wore an open front jacket that was almost too open. No underwear in sight. What does Victoria's Secret make of that one, girls?

5 Miranda Kerr


So, when the 13-year-old Aussie Miranda Kerr began her modeling career, there was a lot of publicity about her perhaps age-inappropriate photoshoots. Which, of course, made her a household name. Fast forward and there she is, the face of Maybelline and the wife of everybody's favorite sulky hulk, Orlando Bloom. He was outraged when Miranda Kerr and toy boy Justin Bieber had a famous "flirtation", but they enjoyed it. Then there was some stuff about Victoria's Secret and Photoshopping of some of her snaps. Get real. Photoshop is here to stay. At least VS did a decent job of it. Unlike certain celebrities named Kardashian. Anyway, there were also rumors that Kerr cheated on hubby with Leonardo DiCaprio. How does she get any modeling done with all her "socializing"?

4 Hailey Baldwin


When she chills, she chills with the Hadids or the Jenners (or Willow Smith). A nice circle to run in. Actor Stephen Baldwin must be proud of his 20-year-old model-in-demand daughter. Her Instagram? Lots of girl on girl stuff, if you get our drift. She has denied "dating" Justin Bieber, but some say doing the deed and dating are technically two different things. And she's posted the odd naughty-but-nice video dressed in not much, in which she dances around and pouts those luscious lips. Hey, it's not all a bed of roses being the daughter of a celebrity. Dad Stephen, dissed bro Alec Baldwin for his Donald Trump imitation. And Hailey? It's totally embarrassing the way they behave. What does dad think of the naughty video? No word. Wise man.

3 Amber Rose


Remember when Kim Kardashian (in her blonde phase, or one of them) did a "belfie" or a backside selfie? It was in her bathroom selfie period. It was one of those 'Break the Internet' moments we all enjoy big time. Well, after that, Kanye West's former main-squeeze, rapper Amber Rose, did her own imitation of Kim K. doing a belfie. Now, we can't show you the most interesting bits, but trust us it's a Kim-busting booty that she's got on display. Almost nobody noticed her new, totally freaked-out and bizarre hair-do. Well, the booty is the thing, really. Take that, Kim. Amber also does a nice range of Instagram boob shots. But it's those T&A ones that we all look forward to so much.

2 Rita Ora


If you're going to take your clothes off and make a video, and you have to post it to Instagram, wouldn't it be a smart thing to get paid to do it? That's the philosophy of English singer Rita Ora. So, she has her own line of underwear with a lingerie company and everybody thinks it's a great idea to make a hot, pulsating video to show off her assets in little, tiny, hot black lingerie. Seems like a win-win kind of thing to us. So, her Instagram Likes were astronomic, she gets paid, she does a bit of advertising and everybody, but everybody is happy. By the way, for the curious souls out there, the video is on YouTube. And she was the sister in Fifty Shades of Grey. She's not much of an actress, but does anybody care? Nope.

1 Kylie Jenner


Kylie Jenner is the youngest of the Kardashian-Jenner girls. Rumor has it that Bruce Jenner, before he became Caitlyn, used to try on her clothes. How do we know? Because seems he got caught on video doing just that. Kylie had her own mansion before she even graduated from high school. And she's been loved up with Tyga since before she was legal. As in jailbait. Now, some uncharitable souls say the Jenner sisters are hotter than their Kardashian half-sisters. Who knows, but they are indeed a lot younger. Ouch. Kylie Jenner does a nice range of mostly naked bathroom selfies and belfies. Those backside selfies. She is plagued with those "made in Photoshop" rumors, but hey, if it looks good and hot it sells. She's bigger on Snapchat than Instagram with all those puppy noses and rainbows. Forget the puppy nose. Bring on another belfie.

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