15 Celebs Who Can't Stand The Kardashians

Kim. Kris. Khloe. Kylie. Kendall. And Kanye and Caitlyn. Since 2007, the world has been captivated by the antics of the Kardashian family. It all started with the father who was O.J. Simpson’s defense attorney during the athlete’s famous murder trial. Then, Kim made a sex tape with Ray-J that was a huge release. Someone at E! Network decided to give them their own reality show and the rest is history. In countless magazines, the family has risen to star, huge deals in the world of fashion and it’s impossible to count how many paparazzi have gotten paid for photos of them. There’s also their constant postings on Twitter and Instagram to show themselves off and push their products more.

This has led to quite a bit of backlash from people complaining over how they have helped dumb down culture. Their antics are annoying and while they’re gorgeous, there are concerns over sending the wrong message to girls on how to always be hot and not do anything of real note. It’s also gotten them plenty of heat in Hollywood. Sure, some don’t mind them totally but others have a real mad-on for this family (sometimes personal) that can get out of hand. Several stars have not held back in how they basically hate this extended clan and all they stood for. Here are 15 celebrities who have made it clear they loathe the Kardashians and hate the world keeping up with them.

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15 Bette Midler


Sure, they have Kayne on their side, but other musicians aren’t as enamored by the Kardashians. A famous video has Prince inviting Kim up onto the stage to dance at one of his concerts but after she made some rather lame swaying moves, kicked her off with complaints and the cheers of the crowd. Michael Buble also got a crowd going by claiming to greet Kim on stage and laughing “no way is that b---h coming onto my stage” to a loud ovation. But acclaimed diva Bette Midler has shown she’s not a fan of the family either.

When Kim posted a nude selfie in 2016, Midler tweeted “If Kim wants to show a side we haven’t seen yet, she should swallow a camera.” Kim fired back with how “isn’t it past your bedtime to post” and calling Midler a “fake friend.” Midler, never one to back down, shot right back with “some folks can take a nudie but some can’t take a joke.”

Midler then had her own “selfie” with her covered by a large sign encouraging a charity drive. She also stated that she named her pet chickens after the Kardashians and “Kim died of a yeast infection.” When it comes to being a diva, Kim is out of her league going against the Divine Miss M.

14 Rebel Wilson

Via yahoo.com

The brash Australian comedian has been praised for tackling the mentality of the classic “thin leading girl” in comedies. She took on the role of “Fat Amy” in Pitch Perfect and became a star with her wild comedic chops and great voice. Since then, Wilson has been busy with sequels to that hit as well as Bachelorette and the TV show Super Fun Night. Wilson is proud of her plus size and being herself.

In 2015, Wilson was offered to be a presenter at the MTV Video Music Awards but refused when it was said she would be joined with Kylie and Kendall. “What they stand for is totally against what I stand for. They seem a bit superficial and their careers aren’t really based on talent.” Wilson added that she was annoyed she worked hard in acting to be a success while Kim just rested on a sex tape. This got into a bit of a war with Wilson accusing the family of starting a “smear campaign” on her but decided to simply ignore them. Yet it’s pretty clear asking them to share the same stage is a bit much.

13 Jon Hamm

via salon.com / fullhdwpp.com

The handsome actor became a massive star with his Emmy-winning turn in Mad Men. He’s also shown his great comedic chops with roles on various shows that poke fun at his sex symbol status and mocking his celebrity. But when it comes to his feelings on the Kardashians, Hamm has never held back his distaste for this clan.

Talking in an interview, Hamm openly stated Kim was a “f—ing idiot.” This led to more talk on his status as a “sex symbol” which sparked Hamm to rant “who cares, when it’s reduced to just that? You might as well be a Kardashian and have a sex tape.”

Kim fired back at Hamm’s comments by calling them “careless” and acting like she was taking the high road. Hamm’s reply was “I don’t think it was careless. I think it was accurate.” Hamm has admitted going by Kim’s public persona and not her personally but it’s pretty obvious he dislikes what she stands for in today’s culture.

12 Sharon Osbourne

Via eonline.com

For Sharon Osbourne to rant on the Kardashians sounds a bit hypocritical. After all, the Osbournes started the reality show craze of “family followed around” that the Kardashians joined. But Sharon is still outspoken on her views of the family and hating a lot of their antics.

She’s openly stated that “they should be awarded a prize for manipulation” and even crediting them for “brilliant business” in acting like so much of their antics are real when it’s all planned out to help their brand. Osbourne was not happy about Kris Jenner’s talk show, feeling it intruded on her own “territory.” She’s also said that at least her family celebrates being unique but “they have five beautiful daughters naturally? Every family that big has one dud!” She’s also cited Kim using her daughter as “an accessory” for pics.

It’s not just Sharon as Kelly Osbourne was not happy to hear Khloe Kardashian was considered as her replacement on Fashion Police as “she knows nothing of fashion.” Recently, Sharon slammed Kendall and Kylie for selling t-shirt putting their faces over Tupac, The Doors and Ozzy himself with “stick to what you know: Lip gloss.” The sisters pulled the shirts to show that Sharon still wields a lot of power in the real world.

11 Jonah Hill


The rotund comedian has won wide respect for moving on from just comedies to various hit movies and even two Oscar nominations. He’s frank and open on his opinions and that counts for the Kardashians. Hill's major issue isn’t really the antics of the family or such. What he hates is the fact that they get so much success when folks far more deserving are denied.

“The truth of it is, I have friends who work in TV and the Kardashians get higher ratings than their TV shows. Shows that people actually work hard on — writing and creating and trying to tell stories. The fact that the Kardashians could be more popular than a show like Mad Men is disgusting.”

Hill has added that it’s sometimes hard to tell when liking a reality show is really liking it or just liking making fun of it. While he can cite some reality shows as “guilty pleasures,” Hill is also up front on how much he hates the Kardashians for denying friends their rightful success.

10 Jeremy Renner

An actor known for his seriousness, Renner has become famous as Hawkeye in the Avengers and other Marvel movies. He’s also acclaimed for his acting with Oscar nominations for The Hurt Locker as well as numerous hits like Mission: Impossible, Arrival and others. He can come off a fun guy in person but notable for his serious ways. So his views of the Kardashians tend to be pretty brutal.

While promoting The Bourne Legacy, Renner was asked by an interviewer his feelings on reality TV and slammed it as horrible and stupid. Pressed about the Kardashians, he added they were “ridiculous people with zero talent who spend their lives making sure everyone knows their name. Those stupid, stupid people.”

When Kim posted a nude selfie in 2016, Renner joined with Pink in slamming it and has derided reality TV as a whole. Looks like Renner doesn’t need a bow and arrow to nail a target badly.

9 Chelsea Handler

Los Angeles, California May 10 Chelsea Handler Talk Show in Los Angeles on May 10, 2016. Guests include Gwyneth Paltrow, Tony Hale and Chris Anderson (photo by Adam Rose/Netflix)

The outspoken comedian has never been shy about baring all (literally) to make her point. From her E TV series to her Netflix shows and books, Chelsea Handler is a great source for folks to get riled up. So taking on the Kardashians is normal as Handler fired at them quite a bit in her tenure on the same network. Handler has said she’s run into the various members over the years and most are cool to her because of the constant jokes. She does claim that “Khloe gets it” but you can imagine the family not happy about Handler slamming them on everything from their selfishness to stupidity to promoting just about everything via their shows.

Probably the biggest was when Handler went on a tirade after the 2016 election blaming the Kardashians for helping Donald Trump win. In Handler’s view, the Kardashians made it okay for Americans to “accept dumb people.” Khloe fired back calling Handler a bitch on air and Handler is still prone to a post mocking the family on acting like their issues are the most important alive. Given her feminist nature and sharp tongue, Handler isn’t happy about a group “famous for being famous.”

8 Adrienne Bailon

Adrienne Bailon nude pics leak
Via j-14.com

This one is personal. Adrienne Bailon rose to fame on the Disney Channel in their hit Cheetah Girl movies and soon a singing star as well. She’s grown to fame with a run on Dancing With the Stars, a fashion line and a co-host of the popular talk show series The Real.

In 2007, Bailon began dating Rob Kardashian and it seemed to be going well as they got engaged. Bailon even went so far as to have his name tattooed on her rear end. They split in 2009 with Bailon revealing Rob cheated on her. She then began slamming the family and claiming it “hurt [her] career” to be associated with the Kardashian label. Kim fired back on Twitter that “without that, no one would know you.”

She’s accused the entire family of betraying her by backing Rob and openly discussed on her show that she was always faithful while he openly admitted cheating on her. Also, for a show segment, Bailon had her butt tattoo removed and made a message to women on never marking their bodies for any man. Safe to say the Kardashians aren’t going to be guests on The Real anytime soon.

7 Daniel Craig

Yes, even 007 himself can’t hold back his hate of this family. Craig is known for a bit of a short temper which actually aids his performance as a darker and tougher James Bond. It leads to some fun interviews as he’s known for never holding back his feelings. Thus, he got rather upset when someone tried to compare his success to the reality show clan and making it clear how he felt about them. “It’s a career. What can I tell you? It is a career; I’m not being cynical. And why wouldn’t you? Look at the Kardashians, they’re worth millions. Millions! I don’t think they were that badly off to begin with, but now look at them. You see that and you think, ‘What, you mean all I have to do is behave like a f---ing idiot on television and then you’ll pay me millions?’” It’s safe to say the chances of a Kardashian in the next James Bond film are rather low to say the least.

6 Reese Witherspoon

The Oscar-winning actress has spun a fantastic career from minor roles to Legally Blonde and acclaim for the recent Big Little Lies TV series. She’s proud of what she’s achieved and the hard work it took so you can see her not happy about a reality show clan. In 2011, accepting at the MTV Movie Awards, Witherspoon made a speech that, while not naming names, was also not so subtle in her views on the Kardashians.

When I came up in this business, if you made a sex tape, you were embarrassed and you hid it under your bed." She also urged that “you post a nude photo, cover your face!” Of course, Witherspoon got into some hot water two years later when video showed her throwing a diva tirade over being pulled over on a DUI that rubbed fans the wrong way and got a mocking Kim tweet. But it still shows that Witherspoon considers herself a real star and role model who hates how a family turned a sex tape into an empire.

5 Amber Rose

Via The Hollywood Unlocked

The model/actress has a beef with the Kardashians going back quite a bit. It all started when in 2015, Rose went on a radio show to talk about Kylie’s relationship with Tyga and Rose snapping on how Kylie was too young and had a “bedtime.” That led to Khloe making off some harsh tweets that brought up Rose as a stripper with Rose firing back calling Kim “a w---e.” Then Kanye West got into it by claiming that after breaking up with Rose he “needed 30 showers.” Rose fired back with how she could bring up a lot about Kane’s past but decided she wouldn’t.

Of course, things got complicated when Rose’s BFF, Blac Chyna, hooked up with Rob Kardashian and had a child, meaning Rose and the Kardashians had to spend more time together. And this isn’t even mentioning the Twitter war between Kanye and Rose’s ex-husband Wiz Khalifa that led to Rose making a tweet that can’t be repeated in a public forum and then defending Chyna when Khloe slammed Blac for getting arrested on a DUI. It was all summed up by The Atlantic doing a chart of the complex feud that looked like wild math equation but to break it down: Amber and the Kardashians are not good friends.

4 Chloe Grace Moretz

via Chloe Grace Moretz Web

Chloe Grace Moretz had a big breakout in movies as the foul-mouthed, blood-splattering psycho Hit Girl in Kick-Ass. That was a wild entry but she’s balanced it out with a variety of fun roles such as The 5th Wave and Neighbors 2. She’s hot but still likes to inspire with her talk and being a good role model. Which means she doesn’t have much love for the Kardashians.

When Kim shared yet another of her naked selfies, Moretz replied “I truly hope you realize how important setting goals are for young women, teaching them we have so much more to offer than just our bodies."

This set off some back and forth, Kim stating what she did was meant to be empowering and show body confidence but Moretz fired back that “it was voyeuristic.” Kim responded with a sarcastic “welcome” to Moretz as “no one knows who she is” and Moretz reported literally laughing at that but her mom a bit upset about this getting out of hand. Right now, Moretz seeks to do more to inspire young women and safe to say she and Kim aren’t on the best of terms.

3 Sarah Michelle Gellar


For the most part, the former Buffy the Vampire Slayer star hasn’t intruded too much in the social media world. Since her fame on that iconic series, Sarah Michelle Gellar has tended to stick to a quiet life raising her family. She’s made only two shows since, Ringer and The Crazy Ones, both of which only lasted one season each. Recently, Gellar has been more notable for publishing a cookbook and pushing her family life. But she did stick it to Kim in 2014 when Kim posed on the cover of Vogue in a wedding dress with Kanye West. Gellar tweeted out “Well, I guess I’m canceling my Vogue subscription. Who’s with me?” This got Gellar a massive wave of Kim defenders like Snooki, Chris Pratt and others. But it shows that Gellar prefers to stick to her family life and teaching her daughters how to be themselves more than going with some reality show maven.

2 Pink

The wild rocker has never held back in how she wants women to be themselves and not conform. It was there in her hit song “Stupid Girls” where she slammed how society seemed to encourage women to be more sexy ladies than actually strong and independent women. Thus, you can imagine her not a fan of the Kardashians to say the least.

She’s slammed several of Kim’s naked selfies as not being “empowering” but just calling attention and hates how girls seem to want to emulate the family. That was best noted by a post she made that quite clearly was aimed at the Kardashians.

Shout out to all of the women, across the world, using their brains, their strength, their work ethic, their talent, their ‘magic' that they were born with, that only they possess. It may not ever bring you as much ‘attention' or bank notes as using your body, your sex, your tits and asses, but women like you don't need that kind of ‘attention.' In the quiet moments, you will feel something deeper than the fleeting excitement resulting from attention, you will feel something called pride and self-respect. Keep on resisting the urge to cave. You'll never have to make silly excuses for yourself."

It’s pretty obvious Pink was talking about women being more than “famous for being famous” and thus not happy with this clan.

1 Joel McHale

Some folks on this list really loathe the family. But Joel McHale pretty much made his career trashing them on a weekly basis and on the same network to boot. The Soup was a long-running hit for the E! Network with McHale poking fun at various bits of pop culture and reality TV. In 2007, noting Kim’s famous sex tape, McHale cracked “I smell E’s fall season!” Less than six months later, he was dead right as Keeping Up first aired and for the next eight years, provided McHale with a never-ending source of mockery. Almost every intro had Kim “famous for having a big ass and a sex tape” and mixing up her “dead behind the eyes sisters” while basically wondering why the hell people were watching this.

A notable bit was Kim’s marriage to Kris Humphries with McHale joking “you’re only going to be married 75 days.” Exactly 72 days later, McHale was celebrating their divorce. The Kardashians themselves made an appearance to “spray” McHale with perfume as payback but it was clear much of the humor was based on McHale’s real feelings of dislike for them. The Soup ended in 2015 but one can still imagine all the ways McHale trashes this clan.

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