15 Celebs Who Became Famous Just For Their Bodies

Every celebrity deserves fame, but not all of them are famous for their talent. Well, unless their talent comes from their symmetrical faces, broad shoulders, or big boobs, then we might have to reconsider. Sometimes, their blessed genes just work in their favor. Hey, there's nothing wrong with saving face by showing skin. In Hollywood, age is just a number and clothes are just put on for formality.

When people ogled at Farrah Fawcett's vogue smile or when they drunk in the site of Alexander Skarsgård's Tarzanesque body, were they thinking about the acting chops of the Charlie's Angel or Lord of the Apes? As a Jeopardy contestant would say, "What is, no."

The audience was just focused on the white teeth or perky pecs. The A-listers are just too good-looking to ignore, but they're still noteworthy models and actors. There are plenty of people in Hollywood who lack any type of skill. To put it simply, they're known for their appearance.

However, they work with what they have. Kim Kardashian was considered a random in the upper echelons of society. Then, her s*x tape was leaked. Now she's worth $85 million. While she was once known for her assets, she's no longer known as the star of the skin flick. She got lucky. Other men and women have desperately tried to climb the ladder of social hierarchy by using not their hands, but their sultry gaze or flexed muscles. Men and women have been successful, yet they'll always be remembered for their looks. Sometimes, people just have to flaunt what they got (or bought).

15 Margot Robbie

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Actress Margot Robbie has been in several Hollywood blockbusters. Who could forget her star-studded roles in Suicide Squad or The Wolf of Wall Street? Nobody. While she was on camera, she transformed into her characters Harley Quinn and Naomi Lapaglia. She was no longer Robbie.

However, no matter what role she played, she was still seen as sexy. Her acting abilities were never moot. Both her fans and critics were too focused on her blonde hair, big eyes, and Australian accent.

She was a critical player in the films she starred in, yet she was regarded more so as a piece of meat. Her playroom scene with Leonardo DiCaprio may be to blame. Just take a peek at the YouTube comments.

14 Trisha Paytas

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The YouTube socialite Trisha Paytas has a solid decade of work-related experience under her belt. She's published several books, starred in countless music videos (including artist Eminem's "We Made You"), and gained more than 3 million subscribers. Obviously, she's a prominent jill of all trades.

However, aside from her fanbase, people only see a pretty face. While she's a multifaceted creative person, viewers can still be too fixated on her plump pout or inflated bust. After all, her most popular videos are "Our S*x Life," and "S*x With Fat Girls." She's a certified s*x symbol.

13 Dwayne Johnson

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If the Hulk lived among humans, then his long-lost brother would probably be Dwayne Johnson. The actor's the definition of huge. He's the definition of handsome, too.

His charismatic smile and buff stature have gained him fans aplenty, so he never has to worry about joining the has-been club of Hollywood. With a net worth of $185 million, he's set for life. However, while "The Rock" might as well be a household name, Johnson has to take his blessing with his curse.

No amount of cheesy comedies or YouTube videos can propel him into the stratosphere of compelling and captivating actors. Johnson's a charming guy, but he's still no match for the likes of DiCaprio or Samuel L. Jackson. He'll always be the pretty boy and his roles, like in Baywatch, aren't helping.

12 Kendall Jenner

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As an heiress of the Kardashian-Jenner empire, Kendall Jenner will never have to worry about money. She'll never even have to worry about attention. The model knows how to keep all eyes focused on her. She's smart, but her intelligence can be overlooked, especially in her profession.

She's been on the magazine covers of Vogue, the runways of Paris, and beside her chums (and worldwide icons) Karl Lagerfeld and Olivier Rousteing. Her achievements could go on and on, but the amount of Instagram likes or Pepsi commercials are irrelevant.

She's just another pretty face with features symmetrically aligned, and she still has decades to go before wrinkles, gray hairs, and liver spots appear. She'll be fine.

11 Joe Manganiello

Known as "Big Dick Richie" in the movie Magic Mike XXL, Joe Manganiello's moniker sums up what he's known for—s*x. He's a 6'5" hulk who looks like he'd be a beast in the bedroom, so why would he be famous for anything else?

He just emanates carnal desire.

There was even an article titled "People's Sexiest Man Alive Better Be Joe Manganiello!" He's hot. Even though he may have starred in popular shows like True Blood, and even though he may have played his part in a Smurfs movie, he's not recognized for his noteworthy performances.

He's mainly recognized as Sofia Vergara's husband.

10 Holly Madison

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While nobody can deny that Holly Madison has her presence in the entertainment industry, her success has been based merely on her s*x appeal. Whether she was working at Hooters or as a Playboy Bunny, her claim to fame is through her outer appearance, and, of course, her pristine personality.

She's mainly adored for her hourglass figure, though. Now that she has a four-year-old daughter and one-year-old son, her priorities have changed. She's a devoted wife and mother, so people should expect to see her at a playground more than Peepshow, a burlesque show that used to feature the blonde bombshell. But she's still beautiful. 

While she may no longer be Hugh Hefner's girlfriend, she'll always be considered a Playboy Playmate.

9 Scott Disick

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Businessman (who looks like the faux replica of Jordan Belfort) Scott Disick has his fair share of problems—money, drugs, and women...especially women. While the dad has made three beautiful children with his ex-girlfriend Kourtney Kardashian, he's made a few mistakes along the way. His drug and s*x addictions keep him from ultimate success.

Unless he can defeat his demons, he'll only be seen as a Kardashian honeypot. He's a wealth of information, and he's a wealth of connection. While he may be living the high life now, his luxury vehicles and expensive clothes are just a byproduct of his high-profile relationship.

Along with the adjectives "hot" and "sexy," his name will always be synonymous with Kardashian.

8 Paris Hilton

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In 2006, Paris Hilton had the stardom her former assistant, Kim Kardashian, has now. While she has released a hit single, has been in the top twenty of Billboard Hot 100, starred in plenty of reality shows, she's no longer considered a celebrity à la mode. She's about as famous as Hilary Duff. Even Hilton's own brother is making more of a splash in the tabloids than her.

However, Hilton will always be an American socialite, model, and heiress. If she ever feels bad about her lack of fame, Benjamin will always be there to comfort her. After all, she's worth $100 million. Why would she go back to her stint in adult entertainment, and why would she go back to washing Bentleys?

She has more important things to do, like reminding the world that she's still one, hot tamale.

7 Trey Songz

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"I bet the neighbors know my name"—Trey Songz.

Songz needs to stop being so bashful. Everybody knows the man's name! Has there ever been an R&B singer sexier than him? He's just too hot to touch, yet all the ladies are quick to grab him. However, can anybody blame them? The artist has obvious talent, but he has the face and body of an angel incarnate.

His music videos only highlight his sexiness. Whether he's grinding on his love interests or singing softly in their ear, he's feeding into his perpetual status of bachelorhood. He has an obvious passion for his craft, but will he ever grow out of his "s*x symbol" phase?

With videos that accentuate his muscles and moves, his odds are unlikely.

6 Emily Ratajkowski

Emily Ratajkowski has been in the spotlight for a few years now; ever since everyone noticed her (and her incredible curves) in Robin Thicke's 2013 music video for "Blurred Lines", where she appeared completely in the buff. Prior to appearing in the music video, she appeared on the cover of the magazine Treats, for the March 2012 issue. Although it is pretty safe to assume that she was marked as a s*x symbol early on, Emily still managed to snatch a few roles in some high profile films, such as Gone Girl (starring alongside Ben Affleck) in 2014, and the Entourage movie (based on the popular HBO series). Still at just 25 years old, she has a long career ahead of her, whether she continues to use her looks and body as appeal or not.

5 Sophie Brussaux

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Her name is Sophie Brussaux (duh), but her p*rn-star moniker is Rosee Divine. However, she's no longer involved in the seedier aspect of the entertainment industry. Why would she be? The young woman just nabbed eighteen years of child support. Well, at least that's what she believes.

She claims that she's three months pregnant with rapper Drake's baby. He's an extremely popular artist in the music industry right now, and he's amassed a fortune of $100 million. Unless a paternity test says otherwise, she's just accomplished baby-daddy goals. She'll be set for life, but will she be Drake's wife? Eh. Hopefully, they can effectively co-parent. The two will be in each other's lives for a lifetime. He'll be a father soon, and his fling will be the mother of his child.

At least he can say she's beautiful, right?

4 Channing Tatum

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He's definitely redefining the "dad bod." Actor Channing Tatum's the father of a three-year-old little girl, and he's dedicated his life to her and his wife. Even though the man's focused on the roles of a lifetime, he'll always be the paragon of fitness. He has a great body, and the 2010 romance Dear John only accentuated his toned physique.

Everybody had a crush on the model, and seven years later, people still get butterflies any time they see Tatum on-screen. Can anybody blame them?

Tatum makes even eye candy look bad.

3 Blac Chyna

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Née Angela White, also known as Blac Chyna, began stripping at just 18 years old. She was brandishing her brand by more than just club appearances, though. She also appeared on several music videos. Her roles in "Rich $ex," "Rack City," and "Monster" certified her as one of the most popular video vixens in the hip-hop realm. She even got attention from other rappers aside from Tyga, Nicki Minaj, and Kanye West. She was also noticed by both Drake and Future, two present-day rappers who are the most in demand.

Her success has ranged outside of s*x appeal, though. She starred in her own television series with her fiancé, Rob Kardashian, and she began her own cosmetics company, Lashed. However, she's mainly known for her voluptuous figure, surface piercings, and "big booty," as Kardashian would say.

2 Rob Kardashian

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Having been the only son of Robert Kardashian and Kris Jenner, Kardashian was spoiled. He had everything he could ever want, but his dad's passing left him in a crippling depression. While he maintained a healthy weight for most of his life, he began eating too much a few years ago. He gained more than 100 pounds since 2015, and he's still eating sugar and carbs.

The celebrity needs help.

He may have a food addiction, and online bullying has only expounded his problem. Until the father of Dream can face his demons, he may never get healthy and happy. Hopefully, the celebrity can get professional help. He deserves to live his life to the fullest, no matter his size.

1 Gabourey Sidibe

Gabourey Sidibe
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Her birth name is Gabourey Sidibe, but people also know her as Precious, the young woman who was brutally abused by both her mother and father. Sidibe played the movie's role so well that she was even nominated for an Academy Award. She was (and still is) a phenomenal actress. However, her talent was always associated with her weight. She's a beautiful woman, but her weight gain is very alarming. Apparently, the actress knew of her obesity, so she opted for a surgical procedure.

"Sidibe underwent laparoscopic bariatric surgery to essentially cut her stomach in half," an article states. She looked much slimmer in recent photos, but what's most important is her happiness and health. She seems lighter than usual, like she's finally at peace.

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