15 Celebs Who Are Wackier Than Mariah Carey

A lot of people have been talking about how crazy Mariah Carey has been acting recently. But in truth, she doesn't have anything on the REAL crazies

A lot of people have been talking about how crazy Mariah Carey has been acting recently. But in truth, she doesn't have anything on the REAL crazies of Hollywood. She might do strange things from time to time, but she really can't compare to some of the more eccentric celebrities today. What is it about fame that seems to attract insane people? Their egos definitely seem to inflate alongside their rising fame, at least with a lot of celebrities. Does the fame go to their head? Do they start feeling as if they are a god? Mindsets like this make you feel like you are free to do anything you please, regardless of how crazy it may seem.

But history proves that time and again, it's the people who are a little wacky that do amazing things in the world. Think of Beethoven, who was as well-known for his insane antics as his music creating genius. Or Nikola Tesla, who was a very strange man - and yet he is the father of modern electronics. Celebrities today are usually artists of some kind, either actors or singers, and they have reached their fame by being incredibly talented. And just like Beethoven and Tesla, many of these artists become well-known for their strange behavior. Some have become violent. Others are part of a mysterious cult. Many others are in and out of rehab for their mental instability. It seems like being famous and being insane are two things that will be entwined for the rest of the foreseeable future.

15 Angelina Jolie


Angelina Jolie may be one of the most successful actresses in history, but she definitely also has a crazy side. She once wrote Jonny Lee Miller's name in her own blood on a t-shirt, which she then wore to their wedding.

But definitely one of the weirdest moments was when Angelina had a very long, very sensual french kiss with her own brother, on the red carpet in full view of everyone involved. The french kiss lasted a whopping 5 full seconds. Definitely not a normal brother-sister kind of kiss. Then there was the moment when she announced that she would be removing both of her breasts to show solidarity with breast cancer victims. Although this was undeniably brave - she discovered she had the BRCA gene and was susceptible to getting breast cancer - it also had a lot of people scratching their heads, wondering what the hell she was thinking.

14 Crispin Glover


Crispin Glover is definitely one of the craziest actors around - but in a good way. He's never actually hurt anyone, he's just one of those people who has a really strange and interesting personality. He first captured the world's attention with his role in the movie River's Edge, and later went on to play the iconic role of Marty McFly's father in Back To The Future. His likeness was illegally used without his permission to replicate his image in the sequel of Back To The Future. This prompted Glover to sue the production company, and he won the case. This victory alienated him from Hollywood to some degree, however. He later appeared as the "Thin Man" in Charlie's Angels. His acting style is incredibly interesting to watch - simply because he's such an obviously strange human being. He appeared on The Letterman Show and basically freaked everyone out, to the point where Letterman worriedly cut to a commercial break and ended the interview. He is also known to frequent strip clubs in his hometown of L.A.

13 Joaquin Phoenix


Oscar nominee Joaquin Phoenix is another actor who's known to act very strangely from time to time. Part of this may result from his heartbreaking upbringing. He lost his brother, River Phoenix, at a very young age. Despite this, he has gone on to build a very impressive acting career and is definitely one of the most talented actors alive.

Once he famously grew a beard and convinced everyone he was becoming a rapper. It proved to be all a ruse, but not before he went on The Letterman Show and gave one of the weirdest interviews ever seen on the show. He pretty much just sat there and said nothing. In 2005, he checked in to rehab for alcoholism. He is a man who is not afraid to speak his mind, calling the Academy Awards "bullsh*t," but later taking back that statement. He is also a fierce animal rights activist.

12 Tom Cruise


While is acting talent is unquestionable, Tom Cruise's sanity has often been a subject of much debate. For one, he's a member of the Church Of Scientology. These people believe some pretty strange things, and it has something to do with aliens and a science-fiction book written by L. Ron Hubbard.

Cruise has also had his share of strange television interviews. These interviews tend to go sour as soon as Scientology is mentioned. Cruise becomes defensive and, in some cases, angry, fiercely defending his beliefs that people so skeptically question. It's gotten so bad that television shows are now banned from even mentioning Scientology to Tom Cruise on air, or at least that's the rumor. There's also some strange rumors about his marriages, first with Nicole Kidman, and then with Katie Holmes. They both have ended on strange circumstances, and both times the Church Of Scientology seems to have played a part in the breakup of these marriages.

11 Charlie Sheen


This list of wacky celebs wouldn't be complete without a certain special someone named Charlie Sheen. He has had lots of problems in his career, but it hasn't stopped him from doing extremely well for himself. He has shot one of his wives in the arm, and pulled a knife on another. He was once hospitalized for a hernia after 36 hours of doing cocaine and having sex with prostitutes. He once called into the Alex Jones Show (a conspiracy theory radio show) to tell listeners that he had cured his drug and alcohol addiction using only his mental strength. In 1998, he suffered a stroke from a cocaine overdose. He has threatened to kill multiple people. One of the most famous crazy things this actor is associated with is his meltdown when he was fired from Two And A Half Men. He threatened to kill people on set, saying he had "Tiger blood" and that he was "winning."

10 Britney Spears


Another celebrity who has a history of drug and alcohol abuse, and going to rehab, is Britney Spears. But unlike Charlie Sheen, Britney Spears has changed her ways in recent years. When her aunt died of ovarian cancer, things got really bad. She shaved her head and later checked into rehab. She had to relinquish custody of her children to her husband after their divorce. Later, she refused to do this, and the was placed in a psychiatric ward under involuntary psychiatric hold.

At her lowest point, her father was given control of all her money and assets. Ouch. But, as we all know, Britney Spears turned it around and now has a full head of hair, and full head of... brains. She seems a lot more stable and it being a great mother figure to her two sons, and is headlining a successful Las Vegas residency.

9 Gary Busey


I actually love Gary Busey. I respect him as a professional as an artist, and as an actor. But there is no denying that this man is completely off his rocker. Seriously, this guy is totally insane. He once yelled at an 11-year-old who asked him a question at the Oscars, which was actually caught on tape. He ended up going on a huge rant which left the child thoroughly confused. He is also famous for attacking people on the set of his films. Like a lot of the famously weird celebrities out there, he is famous for a very weird interview on The Letterman Show. It's almost like the crazy celebrities make a point of using The Letterman Show as a kind of proving ground for how crazy they can get. But one thing's for sure, Gary Busey is in a league of his own when it comes to craziness.

8 Mel Gibson


Mel Gibson is definitely one of the craziest celebrities around. But his flavor of craziness is unique. It has many forms - anger, religious zeal, and just plain inexplicable actions. Mel Gibson has done so many crazy things in the past that he has been pretty much exiled from Hollywood. And this is a shame, because he is actually an extremely talented actor. Whenever he was on screen, there was a certain quality about him, something you couldn't quite put your finger on, that made him hypnotizing to watch.

The thing is, everyone who actually knew and worked with the guy knew exactly what that "unknowable quality" was - complete and utter insanity. He had a very public break up with his wife, during which she released multiple voice mail messages left by Gibson on her phone. And at that moment, everyone became a little frightened of good 'ol Mel. He was screaming abuse at his ex wife into the phone and at one point expressing the desire that she get "raped" by a group of urban African Americans. He has done many other things to prove his insanity,  but that was probably the worst.

7 Amanda Bynes


At the beginning of her career, no one had any idea that Amanda Bynes would turn out to be one of the wildest celebrities ever. How could she become insane? She was basically the archetypal Disney child star, who always looked perfect and was charming. But then she started to change into something unrecognizable. Reports of her quitting acting began to surface. Then she changed her mind and dove back into acting. Then she began to have troubles with the law, which led her to the strange decision of wearing a wig to court. Then things got really crazy. She threw a bong out of a window, and later was arrested for three separate DUI's in one month. In a comment left on Rihanna's social media account, she told the singer that Chris Brown beat her because she wasn't pretty enough. She was later taken to a mental hospital, involuntarily, of course.

6 Shia Labeouf 


Shia Labeouf may be young, but he's on the fast track to challenging some of these older celebrities for the title of "craziest celebrity of all time." There are so many things I could talk about here. He once wore a paper bag on his head that read, "I am not famous anymore." He was widely ridiculed for his admittedly ridiculous attempt at filming his own Nike commercial in front of a green screen. Chuckling Internet goers turned him into a meme, with his words, "Just do it" echoing across the Internet, superimposed into a variety of hilarious scenes.

More recently, Shia came up with the idea of putting a webcam in front of a museum in Washington, and repeating the words, "He will not divide us" as many times as possible while Trump was in office. The words themselves lost all meaning when they were repeated thousands of times by chanting groups of people, to the point where it became something like the frenzied hooting of a cult. Shia attacked some of the people who came in front of the camera with an opposing point of view, and because the actions were caught on camera, he was arrested by the police. Recently, the whole project was disbanded, the webcam shut down, and the museum kicked Shia out.

5 Miley Cyrus


Definitely one of the craziest celebrities today is Miley Cyrus. Like Amanda Bynes, she was once a very Disney kind of girl, innocent and sweet. It was her transformation into the polar opposite of what she once was that was so shocking, and it had many people questioning her sanity. Had she been brainwashed to act slutty? Had she lost her mind? All of these questions and more started being asked when she took the stage at the MTV Video Music awards, twerking her little butt off and grinding up on Robin Thicke in the most sexual way possible.

This was just the beginning of an insane time for Miley Cyrus, which has continued on to this day. After her little stunt at the MTV VMAs, she went on tour in 2014 and reportedly simulated masturbation and even smoked weed while on stage. Some psychologists believe she is suffering from some kind of personality disorder.

4 Dennis Rodman


This guy is so crazy you've got to just sit back and be impressed. Of all the people on this list, he probably takes craziness to the next level. There are so many crazy stories about this guy, it's hard to pick the best ones.

First of all, this ex-Chicago Bulls player is actually a very good friend of the North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un. He has been to North Korea many times and enjoyed his visits. He is also famous for dressing in drag. He often wears makeup and dresses. That in itself is not "crazy," as I don't consider being transexual or dressing in drag to be a sign of mental instability, but it definitely made quite a splash in a very macho, masculine industry like professional sports. He also once reportedly came quite close to committing suicide with a shotgun on a late night drive. We're glad he didn't, because this guy is one of the most interesting celebrities of all time.

3 Courtney Love


Courtney Love is famous for being pretty crazy, and because of this she was a perfect match for her now-deceased husband, Kurt Cobain. Some conspiracy theorists suggest the Courtney Love's craziness was actually too much for even Kurt Cobain to handle, and that he was planning to divorce her during the days leading up to his death. Some even go as far as to suggest that because of this, she was the one responsible for his death. This is, of course, just a conspiracy theory.

Something that definitely actually happened, however, was the fact the Courtney Love put Kurt Cobain's ashes in a teddy bear-shaped backpack and carried them around with her following his death. She's also famous for taking off her clothes in public. She once also ruined Madonna's interview during an MTV special, and the two tried to "out crazy" each other on that occasion. Courtney Love, drunk as hell, definitely won that contest. In recent years, she publicly claimed to have found the missing Malaysian Airlines flight. Don't even ask.

2 Lady Gaga


Lady Gaga has definitely established herself as one of the true crazies of the entertainment industry. Where do I even begin? She once wore a dress made entirely out of meat to an awards ceremony. Yes, meat. But this is only one of many strange things Lady Gaga has done. She loves to show up in weird outfits on  the red carpet. Past examples include being carried in what looked like an egg, a horse made out of... people? And finally, an outfit that resembled a bloody tampon. She loves baseball, but tends to show up at baseball games half naked and giving photographers the finger. This is a singer who knows the value of publicity. She says that all the strange things she does is just part of her "art," but I'm sure she's not complaining when she's constantly making the news. Can't hurt her record sales.

1 Madonna


The legendary Madonna did a lot of crazy, controversial things during 2016, and a lot of us got tired of it by the end of the year. It wasn’t that we didn’t agree with her, a lot of what she was doing was to further a political movement that many people were a part of. It was the way she was going about it. In the end, her “out there” tactics and shocking words discredited the counter-Trump movement rather than benefiting it in any way, shape, or form. First of all, she started offering blow jobs to anyone who would vote for Hillary. While these choice words certainly made it onto the headlines, it probably wasn’t the kind of publicity Hillary Clinton really wanted to associate herself with. After Trump’s crushing defeat of Clinton, Madonna reacted by saying she wanted to “blow up the White House.” She’s now being investigated by the FBI. Yeah, good luck with that Madonna.


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15 Celebs Who Are Wackier Than Mariah Carey