15 Celebs Who Are Making A Major Comeback This Year

2017 has been a great year for some celebrities in the looks department. Some of the possible reasons for a celebrity turning their look around are weight-loss, skin care, placating to the vanity gods on Mount Olympus, rhinoplasty, botox, tanning (sunless, beds, or natural), wardrobe embellishments, facelift, hair-transplants, hair extensions and/or wigs, and much more.

A note for being prudential: Many of the celebrities on this list have long been recognized as highly attractive, but for some reason are making a comeback in 2017. Every celebrity has a cohort of professionals (from the boardroom to the hospitality arena) constantly at work to make them stronger, faster, and better than ever.

15 Halle Berry

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Halle Berry attended the Oscar awards and looked so good that she 'shut down' the red carpet. This Academy Award winning actress has always managed her style with class. Some of the noticeable changes the star may have made seen above include a more refined appearance. The actor has made a splash in major ways this year, having released three movies! Some of the most head-turning appearances made by the Hollywood celebrity whose careers spans more than 2 decades took place on step-and-repeats, as is expected! In addition to her Oscars appearance, Halle Berry attended a number of other coveted fan-clad shindigs, such as the Kings film premiere. Halle Berry drew international attention at the Toronto Film Festival with her head-turning looks and inherent glow to boot. Making a major comeback like Halle Berry's of this year is no easy feat, so if you're ready to make such a head-turn yourself, don't give up no matter what!

14 Khloe Kardashian

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We must acknowledge Khloe Kardashian as among the year's most stunning comebacks. Having dealt with being insecure about her looks based on the feeling she was an inferior sibling in the looks department, ugly-duckling syndrome should all but be obliterated after 2017. She was never as hot before as she is now, proving that chronological age is only one of the ingredients, albeit a major one, that go into looking good. Now that the reality phenom is pregnant, we're all wondering how she'll manage her up-to-date look with a baby bump!

13 Amber Heard

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Seemingly perfect in every way despite just rolling back the clock a few years reveals a much less glamorous look, Amber Heard has definitely been turning heads in 2017 with an incredible look. While she has had a rough couple of years, she is really turning things around. Appearing in the above right photo at a party for the Golden Globes, the blond bombshell is the embodiment of grace with an all white satin/silk looking dress and dramatic red fingernails that go perfectly with a snow-white complexion. Sometimes a bad picture makes a person appear ugly, but going from simply a bit plump and somewhat haggard to drop-dead-gorgeous is one reason actors become celebrity gods perhaps.

12 Leah Remini

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According to Life and Style Magazine, Leah Remini has acknowledged having botox in 2017. This year has seen Leah Rimini succeed in her comeback for a number of reasons, including what one media outlet has called an 'explosive' docu-series on the A&E network that delves into Scientology. Fans of the King of Queens star have been speculating how she has changed her look recently and are now aware of her confirmed botox injections. One doctor interviewed about Leah Remini's transformation stated: "Ms. Remini is showing herself to be a spoiled entitled diva who still obsessively complains about such petty matters as her seating placement, limo ride, five-star hotel accommodations and the paparazzi’s failure to recognize her nearly a decade ago." Since making headlines for coming out against Scientology, this celebrity has come back into the limelight like never before.

11 Sarah Hyland

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Sarah Hyland isn't new to the celebrity circuit nor the 'body shaming' that has taunted all too many women. In 2017 Sarah Hyland has made a transformation that has many new fans eager to explore her and the many facets she has to share. Seeing is believing and in terms of Sarah Hyland's novel approach to making a solid transformation, she's not kept secrets. In an interview with Life and Style, Sarah Hyland shared how she has struggled with her weight this year. "Oh, and no that's not Photoshop. Those are my legs. Those are my arms. I write this because I've been accused of promoting anorexia... and I want girls to know that that's not my intention. So I am here to say that no one should aim to be the weight that I am right now."

10 Britney Spears

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2017 has been a great year for onlookers of the Disney star turned pop A-lister, Britney Spears. Chest surgery results were impressive to many viewers who got a sneak peak of the celebrity's recent body work on TV. This celebrity has made a major comeback in 2017 and that's one of the reasons she's definitely been turning heads. Britney Spears' review show in Las Vegas has turned out tons of fans, and there's no sign of the momentum stopping. Titled "Piece Of Me," tickets to the final shows are likely selling out fast on the Caesars Palace website. Britney Spears remains a fixture in the public eye as she has continued to take care of her fans by keeping up with their demand for more of their favorite 2000s icon. Since her recent work out regimen's success, this pop music legend has the public wondering how the above left photo could be of the same person as the one on the right? The answer is likely a combination of not just body work, but natural – and possibly cosmetic – enhancements over time.

9 Jessica Stroup

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This former 90210 revival star has had many fans experience the glory of what only brunettes can offer. While the MTV star let herself go in the picture on the left and to perhaps unflattering results, she has definitely brought her image to the next level in 2017. While worry lines and other signs of age often stay at bay until the 40s or even 50s these days, it's still important to remember the importance of proper skin care especially when you can't stay away from the sun (in the first photo Jessica Stroup is at a beach, perhaps one in California's zip code 90210). The end result of whatever happened between 2011 and 2017 to the millennial celeb suggests that she is getting more, not less, gorgeous with age.

8 Kate Bosworth

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Kate Bosworth has always been gorgeous, but she really turned up the heat this year with stunning results. Rumored to have had several plastic surgeries, Kate Bosworth's fans were able to appreciate her style and overall physique in January of this year (above right). The megastar has also added her name to the guest lists of numerous other buzz-worthy shindigs in 2017, and there are lots of details available on everything from her wardrobe to her hair. In many cases of this year's transformations wherein actors have turned heads, the differences are subtle. Kate Bosworth made headlines for her surfer body in Blue Crush. The body plus face can make for a combo that red carpets anywhere can  shut down for. Since Kate Bosworth's fans (both old and new) haven't been disappointed at all.

7 Stassi Schroeder

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While never the ugliest duckling in the pond, this lady has revealed that she had a chest reduction in 2017. Stassi Schroeder is a major actor in the reality and blogging realms. Stassi Schroeder has definitely made heads turn this year not only with her own new look but in scooping out deets on other celebs. Stassi Schroeder's had many looks over the years, having appeared on Queen Bees, Amazing Race, and now Vanderpump Rules.  Some of the head-turning appearances made by the star this year include the iHeart Radio Music awards, the Oscars After-Party, and those featured in VPR. Since kicking things into overdrive as far as her looks are concerned this year, she hasn't stopped working as a blogger on fashion, style, celebrities and a myriad of other topics. From the looks of her photo above (right) it would seem that bombshell looks aren't impossible if you're willing to do what it takes to achieve them (scars can always be dealt with afterwards).

6  Josh Peck

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Weight can be a mysterious thing; it can add youth, or take youth, it can sometimes even add beauty but we think that in that department, it can be said that weight just takes away. In this case, an actor who has been starring on television and movie productions from a young age who had once been a far cry from the heartthrob of the 2010s is Josh Peck. Former star of the 2000's hit show Drake and Josh, this actor has shed a hefty amount of body fat and doesn't have unsightly sagging skin or stretch marks as a result. Lately, Josh Peck has been still single and all the lady killer he's ever been, which, for those who've followed the career of the former MadTV guest-star, has been for all of the 2010s (he lost weight several years ago).

5 Alex Borstein

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4 Lady Gaga

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Although Lady Gaga's looks before she became a pop star weren't so hot, things have changed. This is certainly our definition of contrast. With the silent expression on John Travolta's face as he looks dapper in his black regalia, Lady Gaga has the appearance of a real supermodel. This makes our list due to its outlandish and seriously raw truth; whether or not the before picture was exceptionally ugly due to an unfortunate angle or a combination of that and bigot-driven Photoshopping, there's no doubt that Lady Gaga turned heads in 2017 looking as hot as ever.

3 Briana Pozner

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Briana Pozner has been turning heads amongst the acting world peerage for years, following her stunning cameo shocker on Blacklist. 2017 has seen a frenzied and chaotic cloud around Briana Pozner ever since the major network primetime TV and Netflix series unveiled her to many millions of viewers for the first time. Executives have been taking notice of the successful stage actress since before her relocation to New York City. While in the past Briana Pozner hadn't pulled out all the stops in the looks department (she is a highly trained performing arts professional who studied the medium from a young age), the changing landscape of the entertainment industry demands it. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, which might be ready for new styles and even more versatility than ever seen before. Makeovers may involve subtle changes, purely cosmetic or superficial facial expressions, for example.

2 Drake Bell

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The photo on the right suggests that Drake Bell went undetected as a truly catch-worthy guy during his high school years when he was already an accomplished enough actor to star in a major release film titled Superhero Movie, yet he's proof that sometimes it's the fate of the lifestyle perhaps that leads an individual to coming out as hot. Without knowing what a little cosmetic surgery or other non-invasive work Drake Bell has had between now and 2008, it's difficult to tell whether or not he's got a direct tap to the fountain of youth itself. The tattoos as well as the body add the perfect bad boy touch to the 2017 Drake Bell, who is sure to find no problem with attracting adoration and attention.

1 Tom Cruise

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While Tom Cruise certainly was never ugly, heads turned like perhaps never before when this legendary actor proved to be no mummy despite being well into his 50s! We've seen plenty of stars up close and personal who've been much less fortunate when battling aging; just think about Tom Hanks or Denzel Washington. Both were heartthrobs but somehow let themselves go by their 55th birthday. While Tom Cruise is certainly not the epitome of just what cosmetic surgery is capable of in terms of winding back the clock, he did make not smoking for a lifetime and staying away from drugs worth a sanguine examination for some of his younger counterparts who've dipped into those chemicals (think Macaulay Culkin and Lindsay Lohan). Whether or not Tom Cruise will totally go immortal in the looks department is yet to be seen.

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