15 Celebs Who Are Jerks To Their Neighbors

As much as we’d like to all live on our own private islands there simply isn’t enough space, which means that nearly everyone has neighbors. The people that live close to you could end up becoming close friends, but they also have the potential to turn into your worst nightmare. Want to raise the stakes even further? Try having celebrity neighbors.

The plus side of having famous neighbors is that you must be doing something right if you can afford to live alongside them, but the downside is that they can be real jerks, just like regular problem neighbors. You might end up having to deal with deafening noise from parties, streets clogged up with guests and trash, paparazzi lurking around, or self-absorbed celebs who don’t take their neighbors into consideration when performing renovations.

If you’ve ever had to call the police to complain about your neighbors fighting, or animal control to report out of control home zoos, then we are sure you will be able to sympathize with the neighbors of the celebrities on this list. These self-centered celebs have done it all; loud sex noises, house-breaking, disturbing artwork, even egging other people’s homes! One of them was even voted the Worst Celebrity Neighbor of 2016.


15 Hulk Hogan's Pets Caused A Stink

Hulk Hogan may be a devoted animal lover, but his neighbors weren’t too happy about his growing collection of animals, which was said to have included dogs, ferrets, rabbits, roosters, and chickens. In 2005 his neighbors, fed up with the “loud and frequent noise and an unsanitary stench” complained to the town officials about the animals in the Hulk’s Florida home. Can’t say we blame them. We know you’re famous Hogan but at least just try to consider your fellow human beings before you set up a backyard petting zoo.

14 Katherine Heigl Likes Loud Hot Tub Romps


What do you do with neighbors who get too wild on the “bedroom front”? Do you bang on the wall? Call the police? Or just put a pillow over your head?

13 Justin Bieber Was Voted Worst Celebrity Neighbor Of 2016

His neighbors, in almost every place he’s ever lived, have called the police numerous times to complain about his noise and at one stage he was even charged with a misdemeanor for threatening a neighbor. They complained that he drove recklessly in the neighborhood and he was accused of egging a neighbor's place after they reported him. Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell were unlucky enough to have him for a neighbor and they compared living next door to him to “living in Lebanon.” It’s no wonder Justin was voted Worst Celebrity Neighbor of 2016.

12 James Franco’s Visitors Block Up The Whole Street


His neighbors in Silver Lake, Los Angeles, claim that he has loads of people living and working with him and that he is using his home to run an illegal production company (it is not commercially zoned). According to them, he leaves trash all over his yard (which ends up blowing all over the neighborhood) and his constant flow of visitors blocks the street and occupies all the parking. They even took their complaints about Franco to the city housing authority.

11 Tracy Morgan’s Enormous Shark Tank Led To A Flood

30 Rock star Tracy Morgan did exactly that. He built a massive 50-ton shark tank in his 16th floor Manhattan Trump Plaza apartment. And it wasn’t long before it almost caused a disaster.

In 2009, firefighters rushed to the building after a faulty fish tank light started a fire. Fortunately, no one was hurt, but the sprinklers that were activated flooded the entire building. Morgan thanked the fire department for their quick reaction and added that the fish were also not hurt.

A fish tank is one thing, but a shark tank in an apartment is something else. How do his neighbors sleep at night?

10 Taylor Swift Acts Like She Owns The Beach


Initially, Taylor's neighbors were excited when the young singing sensation purchased a $17 million beach side mansion alongside them in Rhode Island, but the tone quickly changed once she moved in. According to them, Swift acts like a real spoiled brat and thinks that she owns the entire beach. Her bodyguards are constantly swarming the path that leads from her home down to the beach and harassing neighbors who they feel get too close. She won't even let neighborhood kids hang out near a sea wall by her house anymore, even though they have been doing it for years. Geez, Taylor really? We never expected this type of behavior from you.

9 Sean Connery Is Not The Gentleman Everyone Thinks He Is

In 2008 his downstairs neighbors complained that he wanted the six-storey building in Manhattan for himself and tried to bully the other family out of the building. Apparently, he allowed shoddy renovations to damage the downstairs apartments and didn’t bother paying towards the maintenance of the 1869 building. The downstairs neighbor, a doctor and his family, refused to move and the dispute eventually led them into a bitter legal argument with both sides hurling accusations. The neighbors went so far as to call the Oscar-winning star a “rude, foul-mouthed, fat old man”. Harsh words indeed.


8 Robert Downey Jr. Broke Into His Neighbors' House To Take A Nap


In 1996, Downey’s neighbors were more than a little surprised to find the actor sleeping in their house. They called the police who came and took him away in handcuffs. An intoxicated Robert didn’t even seem to mind being arrested and made funny faces at the neighbor's daughter as he was being led away. Thankfully he’s cleaned himself up now and we’re sure he’s not giving his neighbor's any more grief.

7 No One Wants The Kardashians As Neighbors

People don’t want to live alongside the Kardashians and who can blame them? Wherever they go cameras from their shows follow; clogging up the streets as they surround the family. Not to mention the throng of paparazzi hiding all over the place looking for juicy snaps. Neighbors have described living next door to them as “chaotic” and you can just imagine the kind of noise they had to deal with too. People really don’t want them around and it’s allegedly reached the point that people refuse to have them as tenants. Do you think this family is ever going to get the message?

6 Chris Brown Likes To Have Dog Races Outside His Apartment


At one stage Chris moved into a $1.6 million condo in West Hollywood and just one month later his neighbors were ready to pack their bags. Apparently, this charming guy liked to hold dog races in the apartment building hall and run around with his posse at all hours of the night making a racket. Oh, and he also parked in the spaces reserved for handicapped people.

In another luxury property, he had a bunch of massive graffiti monsters painted on the front of his house which neighbors said frightened their children. Talk about mean.

5 Sylvester Stallone Built An Unsightly Wall To Keep Out Prying Eyes

A few years later he moved on to the exclusive Pacific Palisades community of Riviera Estates and it wasn’t long before his new neighbors filed a lawsuit against him. This time the complaint was that he had erected an 8-foot spike-topped brick wall around his home which contravened the homeowner's agreement. They said that the wall looked completely out of character when compared to the rest of the neighborhood and posed a danger to motorists driving past.

4 Madonna Shook Her Building – And Not In A Good Way!


When Madonna moved into her 6,000 square ft Upper West Side apartment in Manhattan, she had the walls of her private gym soundproofed so that neighbors wouldn’t hear her loud music. But although they were not able to hear the noise they sure felt it. Her upstairs neighbor ended up suing the singer claiming that the sound shook the walls in her apartment for up to three hours every day. The suit was eventually settled and the building’s managing board tried to evict Madonna so in 2011 she moved into a $40 million, 13-bedroom, 13-bathroom townhouse on the Upper East Side. Let’s hope she did better with the soundproofing this time, for her neighbor's sake.

3 Billy Corgan Didn’t Think His Trees Were Dangerous Until They Nearly Killed Someone

When Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan moved into the property above actor Eric Dane and Rebecca Gayheart, he was warned about the instability of the eucalyptus trees on his land, but he chose not to take action. This almost resulted in a deadly situation.

During a storm one of the trees from his property crashed into Eric and Rebecca’s home. Rebecca was pregnant at the time and just barely managed to escape. The couple filed a lawsuit against Corgan for the damages. Let’s hope for their sake he took this as a wake-up call and did something about those trees. Maybe next time he will take such warnings to heart, but then again, he is a celeb so probably not.

2 Pauly Shore Vs Wes Craven: The New Nightmare


Pauly Shore and his neighbor, horror director Wes Craven, were at each other’s throats for years and ended up filing lawsuits against one another. Shore claimed that a landslide on his Hollywood Hills property was directly caused by Craven. He stated that Craven made improvements to his home, which changed the topography and drainage of the land, and failed to eradicate rodents which further destabilized the ground.

Shore took the case to the Superior Court and in response, Craven countered with a lawsuit of his own claiming that it was Shore’s own shoddy renovations that caused the landslide. Talk about a nightmare!

1 Jerry Bruckheimer Thinks He’s Too Important to Consider Other People

Bruckheimer decided to plant a mass of trees on his property in Ojai, California, which was good news for the environment but terrible news for his neighbors. The trees eliminated the view of the Topatopa mountains which the couple had once enjoyed and blocked sunlight from reaching their yard. They were once able to feed themselves with homegrown produce, but because of Jerry’s selfishness, this also came to an end. His unfortunate neighbors called what Bruckheimer did “a real theft” and we agree, this was a really self-centered move.

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