15 Celebs Who Are Jerks, But Are Filthy Rich

It's no secret that Hollywood is filled with a plethora of unique and colorful characters. Actors, models, and musicians make up a large part of the Hollywood scene, and personalities vary from completely genuine and kind to entitled and rude. Sadly, a big percentage of the rich and famous aren't very nice people and use their fame and money as an excuse to treat people badly. Barking orders at staff, having one too many "assistants," and expecting special treatment are just some of the offenses of the Hollywood jerks.

Some of these perpetrators grew up in poverty, and the sudden climb to riches instilled a false sense of entitlement. Others grew up with money but didn't have authentic role models to teach them that kindness is cool. Some, sadly, are not actually horrible people at heart but put on a mirage in order to hide away their true selves from the world. A mix of nature, nurture, and life experiences are all factors that affect a person's character and demeanor, but treating other people with disrespect never looks good on anybody. Bullies run rampant in the real world and are certainly not exempt from the circles of the rich and famous.

Many of these faces will not surprise you; Hollywood jerks tend to carry with them a bad reputation. It's the 21st Century, and bullying is really not an acceptable form of conduct, so let's take a look at the biggest offenders. Here are 15 Of The Richest Jerks In Hollywood, ranked from just a tiny bit of jerkiness to full-fledged douchebaggery.

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15 Ludacris

Rapper and actor Ludacris doesn't have the best of reputations within Hollywood. He's been critiqued by interviewers for his rude and impatient demeanor. One reported that he was waiting to be connected for a phone interview scheduled for 10 AM one morning. Despite Ludacris's publicists' efforts to get the ball rolling, the interview only ended up taking place at 7 PM that night, with a very unwilling Ludacris. He has a reputation around Hollywood for being rude and demanding of restaurant staff, store clerks and fans. This is definitely one rich celebrity who let the money get to his head and doesn't realize that kindness doesn't make you less rich or successful!

14 William Shatner

William Shatner has enjoyed a very successful career as an actor, host, writer, and producer. He's been in the entertainment industry for an incredible 7 decades (dude is 86, can you believe that?). Despite his long-running success, however, William doesn't have a very good record of being nice to people. Star Trek co-star George Takei has been feuding with the legendary actor for over 40 years. The reason? Takei claims that Shatner is self-centered, is rude, and dismissed him during filming, often acting like he wasn't even in the room. This standoffish attitude has been critiqued by many of Shatner's co-stars over the years. He hasn't shown better behavior toward his fans either. Shatner regularly dismisses fans who ask for photos or autographs.

13 Mike Myers

It's a shame that some of the funniest actors have terrible reputations and horrendous histories of treating people like trash. Enter Mike Myers, beloved portrayer of Austin Powers, Wayne Campbell, and Shrek. Sadly, Myers is known in Hollywood for being a Grade-A douchebag. Among his offenses are treating fans like garbage, bossing co-stars and set staff around, and being generally unkind and unpleasant to be around. He's even reportedly made rude comments to young children who recognized him in public. How horrible! Unfortunately, Mike Myers isn't doing much for the "Canadians are so nice!" stereotype!

12 Chevy Chase

This one comes as a bit of a surprise, mainly because funnyman Chevy Chase always plays silly, goofy, and kind characters. According to several sources, his real-life personality is anything but chipper. His offenses include bullying interns on the set of SNL, starting fights with several actors and entertainers, and generally believing that no comedian could ever come close to his level of hilarity. Over the years, he's pushed the buttons of Kevin Smith, Bill Maher, Howard Stern, Lorne Michaels, Bill Murray, Will Ferrell, and more. That's quite a bit of bad blood for one guy. It's too bad he's a comedic icon because this bad attitude makes us lose major respect for him.

11 Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan might be one of the most iconic and memorable basketball players of all time, but he gets no brownie points for his interpersonal skills. Michael has a history of being combative and downright mean off the courts. He's notoriously bullied fans asking for his photograph, made several inappropriate comments about fellow basketball players, and even got himself kicked off a private golf course for being so rude and difficult with the staff. His ruthless, competitive personality might've come in handy on the basketball court, but in real life, it's just off-putting. Michael Jordan is definitely guilty of being an entitled rich bully.

10 Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise is one of these guys that seemed like a really cool, genuine type... until he didn't anymore. The turning point came around the time he went public with his Scientology beliefs. All of a sudden, Tom was impatient, rude, and ignorant toward other people's religious and scientific beliefs. Katie Holmes really dodged a bullet when their divorce went through; the poor girl probably suffered more than anyone will ever know at the hands of this borderline-deranged man. Fans and actors who've worked with him have ushered similar complaints; Tom wasn't super friendly or patient. The easily angered actor has been a little bit under the radar recently, which no one seems to mind.

9 Jay-Z

Mr. Beyonce himself might've risen to fame and fortune in the rap world, but he has much to learn in the fields of respect, kindness, and class. Not only is he a jerk for repeatedly cheating on his wife with several mistresses; he also treats fans and staff like total garbage. He's also known to hold grudges for extended periods of time over ridiculous things. A feud between him and Robert De Niro escalated when Jay-Z wouldn't let go of the fact that De Niro had yelled at him while drunk at Leonardo DiCaprio's birthday party. That would've been a sight to see! Regardless of who was right or wrong, Jay-Z just doesn't know how to take the high road in any matter and continuously gets himself into very trivial fights with people.

8 Shia LaBeouf

Shia LaBeouf is one of the most notorious Hollywood jerks. His biggest offenses include public meltdowns, screaming at people, and getting arrested for fighting with neighbors. Shia's personality is volatile and unpredictable; sadly, he has a history of drinking heavily, which only adds to the problems. He's gained himself a reputation of a spoiled brat who rose to fame quickly and didn't appreciate any of the help that was given to him (say, from director Steven Spielberg, who virtually put him on the Hollywood map). He also suffers from a major case of loose lips; Shia's bragged about women that he's hooked up with on set, namely, his Transformers co-star Megan Fox. He's promised to leave Hollywood behind several times via social media, but he always seems to make a reappearance.

7 Russell Crowe

Russell Crowe has managed to keep himself out of the tabloids in the past few years, but he has a pretty colorful history of being a grade-A douchebag in Hollywood. His extremely combative personality has gotten him in trouble with the press, with fans, and with fellow actors. He's feuded with George Clooney and Josh Brolin and has pissed off more than a few dozen others over the years. Most of his aggressive streak can be linked to his high alcohol consumption. It's no secret that Russell is a big boozer, and he's often been at the center of drunken, public brawls (often caught on camera, no less). His history of being dismissive, rude, and overly booze-fueled gets him a spot on this list.

6 Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson didn't have to work too hard to be included in this list. In the past decade, he's been at the center of some pretty extreme publicly shared meltdowns. The religious zealot has shared some extremely racist and anti-Semitic views in drunken rants, which he later publicly apologized for. He's also gotten into legal trouble for drinking and driving and had a pretty rough custody battle during the divorce proceedings from ex-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva. The only upside to this story is that Mel did eventually get clean and sober in the aftermath of his terrible actions. He still couldn't completely redeem his reputation (that was a pretty long fall down), but the fact that he's trying is a good start.

5 Howard Stern

Howard Stern is the type of guy that you either love or hate. He rose to fame with his radio talk show, The Howard Stern Show, which has been running almost nonstop since 1979. The show has been fined several millions of dollars over the years for indecent material. Howard has always pushed the limits with his style of humor, which flirts with misogyny, non-acceptance, and bullying. For this, he gets a spot on the list. Many people who've worked with Howard have talked about their horrible experiences. He's rude, is aggressive, and uses intimidation to keep people quiet. Like Mel Gibson, Stern has collected himself quite a few enemies for making anti-Semitic remarks on air.

4 Kanye West

Kanye West is a whole other type of animal. The husband of Kim Kardashian might've risen to fame with a rapping career, but these days, he makes headlines for his notorious Hollywood grudges. You would think that a 40-year-old husband and father would have better things to do than feud with Taylor Swift and write drunken rants on Twitter in the middle of the night. But that would be giving 'ol Kanye too much credit. He's one of the most childish artists in the business today, regularly dissing people in interviews, dropping insults about his enemies, and stirring up the pot. News just hit that he and Kim are expecting their third child, so let's hope this jerk gets his act together and starts acting like an adult before the baby is born.

3 Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber's spoiled-brat attitude stems from the fact that he essentially grew up in Hollywood. From the age of 13, when he was discovered, his life became a whirlwind of recording, filming music videos, and going on tour. Everything he did and said was made public, and he was granted very few private moments. The result? A cranky, entitled rich kid who thought that the world belonged to him. These days, Justin seems to have grown up a little bit, but at 23 years old, he's far from rid of his diva-esque ways. Justin still has meltdowns on stage when he doesn't feel like doing something and regularly talks back to interviewers and staff.

2 Chris Brown

Chris Brown is easily one of the biggest jerks in Hollywood. Not only does he have a horrible history of being physically, emotionally, and mentally abusive to women (remember his famous attack of ex-girlfriend Rihanna?); he's also rude and aggressive to fans and fellow A-listers. Brown has an incredibly short fuse; he reportedly jumped Frank Ocean over a parking spot in 2013. Sadly, his career didn't suffer too much in the aftermath of all of these allegations. However, he's been banned from playing in certain cities, and he definitely can never step on Bajan soil without having some major problems with Rihanna's native people. This guy is just the worst.

1 Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen has obviously lived a troubled life, and sometimes, you almost feel bad for him. But then, he does something super jerky, like make aggressive comments to Ashton Kutcher, who famously took over 2 And A Half Men when Sheen lost the position. He's really big on taking cheap shots and attacking people on social media. His long-running problems with alcohol and drugs definitely have done him no favors; Sheen has been rude, offensive, and mean to costars, fans, and newscasters over the years. Recently he's come out as HIV-positive and claimed that much of his aggressive and horrible behavior stemmed from harboring his health secret for many years. Even still, he gains the title of Hollywood's #1 jerk.

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