15 Celebs Who Are Hotter Than Kate Upton

Let me be clear about something, You don't have to tell me how hot Kate Upton is anymore. So yeah, I get it, Kate Upton is hot. She has an amazing body, she is gorgeous, how could anyone be hotter than she is, and so on and so on. But the thing is, the more you keep talking about how hot Kate Upton is, the less hot she seems. You see, I am not really a follower. I like to be outside of the herd. So I will admit she is hot, but I have to tell you, there are all sorts of female celebs that are hotter. And also, Kate is just a tad trashy. If you don't believe me ask Cara Delevingne.

This is not meant to be insulting towards Kate Upton but look, if there is one thing that makes someone LESS hot then she really is, it is being over-rated. I know that Kate Upton is amazing, I get that. I mean she would be hot even if she was working at Arby's (and hey, for you ladies out there working at Arby's, you look great), but still, is she that hot that guys everywhere have to lose it over her constantly?

Well, yeah she is. Come on, we are talking about Kate Upton here! But still, there are all sorts of female stars that are hotter. Don't believe me? Well here are 15 of them. Check out our list of 15 celebs hotter than Kate Upton.

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15  15. Emily Ratajkowski

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14 Amber Heard

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So as you all know Amber has been hanging out with Johnny Depp, although they recently got divorced. I will now present to you three reasons that Heard, who first became famous on Friday Night Lights, is hotter than Kate Upton. First of all just look at her. Amber is totally gorgeous. Second, she was married to Johnny Depp, and seriously, how hot is that- a lot of women seem to think it is pretty hot.  Third, since she and Depp divorced she is now dating a woman. Looking like Amber, being married to Johnny Depp, and dating women is the trifecta of hotness. Kate Upton can simply not compete on two out of the three levels needed for victory.

13 Hayden Panettiere

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Panettiere is totally hot in that "girl next door" kind of way.There are a couple things about Hayden that put her in the hotter than Kate space. First of all, Hayden is prettier. I am not going to fight you over it, but it is true. Secondly she is a mom, which is not always hot, but in this case is for certain. Not just because hot moms drive us all crazy but because she was really open about her experiences, which shows she is complicated and sensitive. Does Kate seem complicated and sensitive? Ummm...no. According to reports: "Earlier in March, after recovering from her post-natal depression Hayden Panettiere suggested other mothers suffering from the condition seek professional help without being ashamed of it." See? Sensitive.

12 Ashley Greene

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Most of us know this ridiculously hot woman from Twilight and one thing for sure is that Ashley Greene totally beats Kate Upton in a who is hotter competition. Why? Well, for one thing there is the class issue. Ashley has that all over Kate, and seems to take it pretty seriously in general. How do we know that? Well, she recently posted "Class is timeless" on her Instagram after Joe Jonas mentioned he lost his virginity to her in a less than cryptic manner. But also, any way you cut it, Ashley is just totally hot. That face, that body, and those eyes are just amazing. Kate Upton is in the race as always, but this is one other competition that is not going to come up in her favor. Ashley is hotter- sorry about that Kate.

11 Emmy Rossum

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Sometimes two things are apples and oranges and comparing Emmy, which is short for Emmanuelle, and Kate Upton is one of those scenarios. The two have totally opposite looks, so I guess if you are into curves and blonde you are going to like Kate better. Objectively though, and this list is nothing if not objective- Emmy is hotter. The star of Shameless has the whole New York thing going on- just check out the shots of her new apartment. Do you think Kate would live in a place like that? No way, I bet she still sleeps with her stuffed animals on the bed.  Just like any other woman on this list, I am not saying Kate is not smoking, but if I were to be out in the city with a woman on my arm I would pick Emmy every time.

10 1o. Nina Dobrev

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Nina was born Nikolina Konstantinova Dobreva. That is hot already. A lot of us know her from The Vampire Diaries and Degrassi: The Next Generation as well as for being super-hot. She is from  Europe, but Dobrev grew up in Canada and and speaks many languages. She is back working with Ian Somerhalder, who was: "embroiled in controversy this past summer after reports surfaced that his wife, Nikki Reed, didn’t want him working with Dobrev ever again. Reed was allegedly jealous that Ian Somerhalder’s romance with Dobrev would spark back up again if their characters reunited on screen." Can you blame her though, really? Nina is hot. I am sure Ian's wife would have felt better if it were Kate Upton.

9 Margot Robbie

Margot Robbie has a totally unique look. She is an Australian actress who was born in Dalby, Queensland, and raised on the Gold Coast. She grew up on a family farm and first blew up when she starred in the The Wolf of Wall Street. Now, that all sounds just a bit boring, if we were talking about someone else. But when you are talking about Margot Robbie it sounds positively thrilling. Why? Because she is so hot, that is why. I mean Kate is from Michigan. Gross, right? Anyway, Margot is as hot as they come, and takes on all comers in that category, including Kate Upton. If you need more proof Margot was recently in Suicide Squad and when she was growing up belonged to a surfer girl gang. Kate you never stood a chance.

8 Emma Watson

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Emma Watson obviously has a super huge advantage over Kate Upton, one that is almost impossible for her to overcome. This advantage is, of course, that Emma has played  Hermione in all of the Harry Potter films. How could Kate possibly compete with that? I am not even a huge Harry Potter fan, not even close actually, but the hot chick that can still roll with the nerds and geeks always gets my vote over the head of the cheerleading squad and that is Kate in a nutshell. Emma is beautiful, so is Kate, Emma is classy and interesting, and Kate is well...beautiful. See where I am going here? Hotness is not just the sum of a woman's physical parts, which means that Emma beats out Kate in the hotness category by a nose.

7 Laura Vandervoort

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Laura is a gorgeous blonde with amazing eyes. She may be a bit of a surprise to you on this list, as she is not as well known as many, but check her out, because she is hotter than Kate Upton. If you don't think so, then once again, you are all aboard the hype train. It's close, I give you that, but Laura wins. She also is unknowingly responsible for catching a scam artist who made fake IDs. According to reports: "In creating fake IDs, Chaudhry and co-conspirators scoured the internet for mugshots that looked like ID photos. Officials said one fake passport used a photo of actress Laura Vandervoort, who played Supergirl on the show “Smallville.” Investigators recognized her, which helped expose the scheme." Seriously? What kind of con man would use Laura's photo for a fake passport? One that is going to jail, I imagine.

6 Katy Perry

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Katy Perry is a total smoke-show, pretty much in every way that one could imagine. Even though she obviously does not have the greatest taste in men, being that she married Russell Brand, it also is kind of hot that she has that bad girl side. Although that may be going away.  She recently said, "Children to me are becoming a big focus," and she continued, "I don't even have mine but I see it in my sister's kids and just how much nurturing and love they need..." So for now we are going to say that Katy is hotter than Kate Upton, but we may need to evaluate this further down the road. Why do women like the bad boys when they are 25, then want children when they are 30? Come on ladies, pull it together.

5 Scarlett Johannson

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Scarlett Johansson is obviously one of the sexiest women alive, and yes she is way hotter than Kate Upton. She recently said about what women should do: “I think I would say take risks. Take risks and don’t be afraid to fail because the upside of that is just so rewarding … I’ve really built a career on taking risks and sometimes it doesn’t pan out but like I said, the upside has been hugely rewarding.” We agree Scarlett. We know it was a big risk to put yourself out there in this piece about whether or not you are hotter than Kate Upton, but you came out on top. Scarlett is a classic beauty, while Kate is all flavor of the week. It is like the difference between a fine steakhouse, and In-N-Out Burger. Sorry Kate, but it is true.

4 Lily Collins

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I know a lot of you are not going to like this one. Lily Collins? Really? Yes, really.  She is simply elegant and beautiful and is class personified. She is Audrey Hepburn from Breakfast at Tiffany's, while Kate Upton is Pamela Anderson from Baywatch. Although I have to say, Lily Collins looks pretty awesome in a bikini, too. At this point you may be saying to yourself, "So what is that supposed to mean? Pamela Anderson was super hot." And this is when I have to tell you that she really kind of wasn't. Just like Kate Upton she is the fast food version of what hot is. It might look good and give you some instant pleasure, but in the long run you just spent too much money on some greasy food and ate some empty calories.

3 Kendall Jenner

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Here is another one that a lot of you are not going to like, but that is simply because of association. I was writing earlier about how some women, Kate Upton included, are over-rated when it comes to looks. Well Kendall Jenner rolls with the Kardashians, who are probably the most overrated women, when it comes to looks, of all time. Sure they are hot, but not that hot. But Kendall? Oh, she is that hot. No doubt about it.  She has that elegant  look of Kim Kardashian without the Jersey Shore attitude. So while it is a close one, like all of these are, we have to give Kendall the edge over Kate Upton. Don't feel bad though, Kate, Kendall could get some butt implants and then we could change our minds.

2 Camilla Belle

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Camilla Belle has amazing dark eyes, gorgeous dark hair, and amazing skin tone. She has been in a variety of movies including Breakaway, 10000 B.C., When a Stranger Calls and Push. She is truly gorgeous and sexy as well.  She also recently took a swipe at arch enemy Taylor Swift by saying to a reporter: "No need for revenge. Just sit back and wait.Those who hurt you will eventually screw up themselves and if you're lucky, God will let you watch." If you now picture Taylor and Camilla in a catfight, you can see why I put her on this list of women that are hotter than Kate Upton. But seriously Camilla is hot. Although there are not many images out there of her in a bikini, the ones that you can find show her to be Kate's equal on the beach, and Camilla is superior every place else.

1 Cara Delevingne

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Cara simply has to be at the top of this list? Why? Well because she is super-hot of course, but also because she thinks Kate Upton is trashy. According to reports: "A source told the entertainment magazine that Delevingne gets irked when Upton lands in high-fashion jobs. The source said that Delevingne finds Upton's look trashy."  And that really is what it's all about, is it not? Yes, Kate Upton is hot, but so is Cara, and yet Cara manages to do it in a way that makes her look a bit less trashy. Which is why she is hotter than Kate Upton. Of course, you can argue about it all you want, but there is a certain something that a woman needs to possess to become truly hot in a timeless manner.  Cara has it, and Kate does not.

Source: herinterest

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