15 Celebs Who Are Hotter At 40 Than At 20

When we look at some of our favorite celebrities these days, we're impressed by how they're rocking their forties. But our crushes have not always looked as good as they do these days. Have you ever looked back and seen what your favorite star looked like when they were in their 20s. They may have looked like complete dorks or so fresh faced that it's hard to picture them as the hotties they are today. Sometimes, aging isn’t a bad thing, and it often brings a person confidence and a sense of knowing oneself. Not only that, but the changes in their faces as they grow older often give them a more mature and sometimes hotter look than when they were younger. Many celebrities worry about aging, but in the case of these celebrities, they really had no need to worry.

I can’t even remember who my celebrity crush was when I was younger. These days, though, I have a few, and they look very different from when they first entered Hollywood. If you're looking to be surprised, you might want to look at the following list. It’s made up of handsome and gorgeous celebrities who weren’t so good-looking when they were younger. In fact, some of them would have just been considered, “okay” back in the day. But age has transformed them into true hotties. Stay tuned for 15 celebrities who are hotter in their 40s then they were in their 20s.

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15 Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez definitely struggled with style in her 20s and could have used some makeup tutorials to be sure. I definitely had some awkward times in my 20s, so I get the struggle as most 20-year-olds have no idea how to dress themselves. These days, Lopez is more than a triple threat, being an actress, singer, dancer, and businesswoman. When she started off in the industry, she was a chubby “fly girl” who danced her way into our hearts as a dancer in the 90s. But now that Lopez is 47, she has transformed into a hot woman who has all the confidence in the world. She's been known for that booty of hers, and it just seems to get better with age. She's a class act who is stunning in every aspect. We can only expect more greatness from this actress.

14 Elizabeth Hurley

Elizabeth Hurley was a well-known model for many years and had a long-term relationship with Hugh Grant before he cheated on her with a prostitute. We know how she’s been keeping her stunning looks after all these years considering she’s been a spokesperson for Estee Lauder for over 17 years. She believes in skincare and you can see that with her radiant skin. She is one model that has always stayed graceful and classy throughout the years. She looks 100 times better in this photo than she did when she was in her 20s. She's polished and sexy and has played some hot roles like the cougar in Gossip Girl, seducing men half her age. She is the kind of model that has always stayed trim and sexy, and it seems like aging is something that has just passed her by.

13 Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston is 48 this year and has never looked better. In fact, her stunning face and fit body make it hard to believe that she's reaching towards her 50s. She came on the Hollywood scene when she starred in the 10-year-long TV show Friends. It was where she got her big break, and even though she was a beautiful girl during the first season, you saw her transform in those ten years into a true sexpot. She seems to get sexier by the year and considering she’s almost 50, you would never know it. Her hairdo in her 20s picture is not becoming of her in any way, and her face is much rounder. But since the actress has leaned out and built some muscle, she has never looked better. What's her secret? Jennifer Aniston isn’t someone that's hardcore at the gym; she sticks to yoga and a good diet to keep her trim figure.

12 Angelina Jolie

Angelina has certainly gone through many transformations before she became the woman that she is today. She used to be an awkward, weird girl who wore her boyfriend's blood in a vial around her neck. She was considered to be a wild child, and it happened almost overnight that she started to take on more serious roles and get into a stable relationship. Add some humanitarian efforts and eight children, and it’s like looking at a completely different woman. Talking about a different woman, she also looks like one as well. She came from a voluptuous figure and a round face and has transformed herself into a lean vixen and has been considered to be one of the most beautiful women in the world. Angelina is well into her 40s now and has never looked better, and despite her most recent divorce from her husband, she looks great.

11 Jennifer Garner

Jennifer Garner has always been a beautiful woman, but in her 20s, she had a geeky vibe to her. It wasn’t until her role in Alias that she really started to shed off that skin. Roles such as Daredevil and Elecktra really helped the actress gain a new sexiness in Hollywood. As the queen of romantic comedies, she knows how to draw in her leading man. Now in her 40s, the star is killing it physically; she has never been hotter. These days the star is in between movies and going through a separation with her husband Ben Affleck. (What were you thinking, Ben?) You wouldn’t know it, though, judging by how great she looks. These days, the couple have been spending time together, so maybe there's a reconciliation in our future. For now, the two have decided to co-parent their children and not allow things to get too messy.

10 Gwen Stefani

Gwen has had some strange styles over the years that we can probably attribute to her rocker lifestyle. Although she’s always been an attractive woman, she really never put a lot of work into her appearance until after she left No Doubt. During her No Doubt days, she was just one of the guys. Since then, she seems to have grown into herself, and now that she's well into her 40s, she looks hotter than ever. She has herself a new boyfriend in Blake Shelton and a gig on The Voice, shaping the next generation of singers. Her signature blonde hair and her unique style have brought about a new Gwen, and that Gwen is stunning. We can’t get enough of the beauty and all that she brings to the world. Her career seems to be blossoming the same way as her ageless beauty.

9 Kate Beckinsale

This is the true story of how an ugly duckling grew up to be a beautiful swan. Seriously, though, Kate went through an awkward stage in her twenties, and I can’t even imagine why she would have her hair so short. The transformation in her 40s is huge; the girl is absolutely breathtaking. Throughout the years, Kate has gone from the ugly duckling to finding her place in Hollywood as one of the sexiest women alive. Not only is she a talented actress but a cheeky one, too, as she posts humorous Instagram posts all the time. Seriously, if you aren’t following this woman already then you must start. She just released the next installment of the Underworld franchise, and we must say that this 43-year-old hottie is doing everything right these days. When it comes to actresses to watch, you aren’t going to want to miss anything that Kate is doing.

8 Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds seems to be a force to be reckoned with these days in Hollywood, and he’s really made good work of his career. He came from being an OK actor in movies like Just Friends and Waiting to playing alongside some of the best actors in the industry in movies such as The Proposal, Life, and Deadpool. He has always been an attractive man in Hollywood, but in his 20s he would have been considered to be that “cute” guy that you dreamed about. These days he’s becoming absolutely mouth-watering, so much so that his wife accepted an award and made sure to mention to the audience that her husband was all hers. As he gets older, the actor just seems to be getting hotter, and we're more than okay with that. He's just broken the threshold into his 40s which are treating him far better than his 20s did.

7 Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts has, no doubt, been a beautiful woman her entire life, and she has made quite the career from that face. But she is one woman that has blossomed over the years from her awkward 20s and transformed into a stunning woman walking towards her 50s. She has slowed down her career quite a bit these days, only doing one or two movies in a year. She seems more than content these days with being a soccer mom and spending time with her family. Considering her huge career, she has certainly earned the time off. She has been in more movies than I can count and has earned a legendary celebrity status that many actors never achieve. She’s a sexy woman who has come a long way from the fresh-faced 20-year-old that won our hearts in Pretty Woman. The American sweetheart is still going strong after all these years.

6 Anna Faris

Funny girl Anna Faris was always a cute girl and came onto the movie scene in movies such as House Bunny and the Scary Movie franchise. Although she hasn’t experienced the same success in the movies as her husband, Chris Pratt, she's been in a few roles a year for many years. She's also starred in the TV series Mom for the past five years. Recently, she announced that she would be playing the lead in the remake of Overboard, which originally starred Goldie Hawn. She may have started out as the awkward cutie in many comedies, but she has grown into a full-blown hottie. She has been married to Chris since 2009, and the two are inspiring as a couple. “Just spent the most amazing night in #Paris with my dear, sweet and amazing wife @annafaris I mean... just look at her,” he wrote on his Instagram.

5 Josh Duhamel

Josh came into ours lives when he starred in the movie Win A Date With Tad Hamilton. He was a brown-eyed cutie that we just couldn’t seem to get enough of. As he has now entered middle-age at the age of 44, he’s gone from a cute guy to a total hottie. He hasn’t been on the market for a long time, however, as after Fergie got a hold of him, she hasn’t been willing to let him go ever since. He was certainly attractive in his 20s but nothing on the level he is these days. His good looks can be attributed to the fact that Josh takes very good care of himself. “You only have one body. I want to stay as young and athletic as I can for as long as I can.” He has a strong belief in being healthy and eating right, and he has the right motivation considering he has a wife and kids.

4 Keanu Reeves

Sure, he had the good looks of a surfer living his dream on the beach, but there is something about the bearded, mature look of Keanu Reeves that has us appreciating the fine art of aging. In general, Keanu has always been known to be an old soul, someone with a heart of gold, so he’s attractive inside and out. His popularity grew after he made the Matrix movies, but these days, he's off and on with movies. He has, however, brought back a second installment of John Wick to pump up audiences once again. He is one actor that hasn’t allowed the buzz of Hollywood to get into his head. He’s down to earth, which makes his appeal so much sexier. He may be in his 40s, but he's never looked better. It’s not just his looks that make him appealing -- we know that he is talented, has a close bond with his family, and is genuinely interested in helping people. What more do you need to know to love this guy?

3 Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck has only grown more good-looking with age; at 44, the actor has transformed into a dashing man. It could have a lot to do with the fact that he had to work out rigorously for his role in Batman Vs. Superman. Either way, he’s looking good. He’s been going through a rough patch these days with his separation with Jennifer Garner, and he just got out of rehab, but it looks like this star is on the road to a fresh start. "I want to live life to the fullest and be the best father I can be. I want my kids to know there is no shame in getting help when you need it, and to be a source of strength for anyone out there who needs help but is afraid to take the first step. I'm lucky to have the love of my family and friends, including my co-parent, Jen, who has supported me and cared for our kids as I've done the work I set out to do."

2 Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman went from being a rom-com favorite in movies like Kate & Leopold to being a superhero Wolverine. He’s pretty jacked these days for a man at the age of 48, but I have to say he is far more handsome these days than he was when he was in his 20s. He has been considered one of the sexiest men alive, and we can certainly see why. He is a talented actor, he has an Australian accent, and that body? Wow, women everywhere are swooning. These days, he is not only acting but also producing, and he has no problem switching between movie roles and TV. He’s even been seen in some Broadway musicals; the guy just seems to want to do it all. He hasn’t had an easy career either; he worked hard for his career and had many setbacks throughout. He made it though, and we are so thankful that he did.

1 Will Smith

Will Smith has certainly aged well. Gone is that goofy look that he had in his 20s. He has grown into a true gentleman, one with old-fashioned values. He is one celebrity that believes in treating people with respect, and we love him even more for it. If you recall Miley Cyrus’s epic performance at the VMA’s, you will probably also remember that Will Smith had his family in the audience. The horrified expression that came across his face told everyone all they needed to know about Miley’s inappropriate performance. You could see in Will’s face that he is a man with values, and that makes him even more attractive. He’s well on his way to his 50s, but he has never looked better. He is off the market, however, and that fact has had hearts breaking all over the world for years.

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