15 Celebs Who Are Hot AF Dressed In School Uniforms

Quick. What is the number one costume that Japanese men want their girlfriends to parade around the bedroom wearing? Think. Nurse? French maid? No and no. It's a school girl uniform. Surprised? Maybe

Quick. What is the number one costume that Japanese men want their girlfriends to parade around the bedroom wearing? Think. Nurse? French maid? No and no. It's a school girl uniform. Surprised? Maybe not, if you are a guy. It's the image of the naughty school girl wanting daddy to take her in hand that causes so many stars to parade around in those short skirts and knee socks, with that white shirt unbuttoned to a dangerous level or a belly baring tank that leaves little to the imagination. Singers, in particular, seem to relish the wickedly not-so-innocent school girl vibe. Sometimes those uniforms turn up in movies or on TV. Sometimes they are the stuff of photoshoots. And occasionally those wicked little girls strut their naughty stuff in music videos. We've got naughty school girls, pom-poms-at-the-ready cheerleaders and a gym uniform or two. Here are 14 totally hot female stars and our one token male who rock the naughty-but-not-so-nice vibe. It'll make you want to go back school, we think.

15 Blake Lively - Rich School Girl

Long before Ryan Reynolds, marriage and children, Blake Lively was Serena van der Woodsen on TV's Gossip Girl. She is the perfect dumb blonde rich b*tch who uses her looks to get whatever she wants. And she totally knows the effect she has on the guys. And, trust us, she uses her blonde bombshell status to the max. Blake Lively has since said she was not particularly fond of Serena or the show. But, hey, Serena paid the bills from 2007 through 2012 and established Lively as an up and coming star (and hottie). Now, which look do you prefer? The naughty school girl or the skin tight wet suit she wore when she had a war of wills with a pesky shark in The Shallows? Tough choice, we think.

14 Ariana Grande - Naughty And Not So Nice Diva

OK. She is a total diva, full of demands and reportedly difficult to work with. But she does a great naughty school girl, we think. Remember when Ariana Grande did a selfie dressed in a dangerously short school uniform? So? Well, what's that in the background? "Adult toy" some said. Of course, as she did with those leaked nude pics, Ariana denied what everyone saw. Just like the naughty pictures weren't her, the thing in the background wasn't a s*x toy, but something completely innocent. Sure, everyone said. The petite singer did a too cute diva child star on Nickelodeon before growing up to, well, a hot grown up diva with a fondness for school uniforms, with dangerously short skirts. She's even been known to come on stage sucking a pacifier. She's like totally channeling the naughty little girl vibe to her best advantage.

13 Fergie - Raunchy School Girl

Another singer. Another school uniform. But Fergie's vibe is all grown up raunchy, as opposed to Ariana Grande's naughty little girl. Well, if you had abs like that, you would want to show them off too, right? The Black Eyed Peas singer has gone public with the fact that she was addicted to crystal meth. She once told Time magazine that quitting her crystal meth addiction "was the hardest boyfriend I ever had to break up with". She blamed the pressures of child stardom when she was on TV's Kids Incorporated. The former straight-A student and Girl Scout, was the proverbial Catholic School girl, uniform and all. She was even a cheerleader. Wonder what the nuns make of this little number? They'd probably send her home to change.

12 Megan Fox - Jail Bait Demon

Another naughty Catholic school girl with a siren, bombshell way about her. According to The New York Daily News, she was every guy's fantasy turned into a nightmare. Why? In 2009 she played a Catholic school girl named Jennifer in Jennifer's Body. So, what was scary? She was a possessed high school cheerleader "who starts feeding on local boys". According to IMDb, "a newly possessed high school cheerleader turns into a succubus who specializes in killing her male classmates. Can her best friend put an end to the horror?" Succubus is a female demon, in case you are the curious type. And Jennifer's best friend was played by Amanda Seyfried. It wasn't a very good movie, but with those two in school uniforms, it's worth watching. Don't forget to mute the sound.

11 Selena Gomez - K-Pop Vibe

So why on earth is Selena Gomez wearing a Korean girl's school uniform? It's the K-Pop vibe, we think. You know. Naughty innocence kind of thing. It may surprise some to find out Selena didn't like school much. She was pushed into modeling, singing and acting at a young age by her mom and ended up being home schooled. When most little girls were doing homework, Selena was treading the boards with the likes of Demi Lovato in Barney and Friends before starring in Disney's wildly popular Wizards of Waverly Place. And later came Justin Bieber, rumors of alcohol abuse and fallouts with former BFF Demi and Taylor Swift. The Queen of Instagram channels quiet s*xuality in this shot. Forget K-Pop. More little girl innocence with a hint of hot is what the world needs.

10 Vanessa Hudgens - Gym Ready Bad Girl

Okay. This is a gym uniform, but we couldn't resist Vanessa Hudgens' sweet, but sexy smile and those go-on-forever legs. In 2006, she was a star in Disney's squeaky clean High School Musical. A year or so later, she was locked in at the studio while Disney executives tried to figure out how to explain some very naughty pictures of Hudgens that were "leaked" onto the Internet. Of course she apologized to her legion of teeny-bopper fans. Then, oops, it happened again. Some say Hudgens or her publicist was behind the serial "leaks". Oh well. These days it's hard to find a female celebrity whose naughty pictures have not been leaked. Nude, some say, is the new black. We'd do a piece on 15 hot females whose pictures were not leaked, but who would want to read it?

9 Emma Stone - Girl Next Door

Before snogging Spider-Man and singing and dancing alongside Ryan Gosling in 2016's feel good Oscar nominations-wall-to-wall La La Land, Emma Stone played a school girl named Olive in Easy A. Her vibe is cute girl next door who's great at looking cute and dynamite when it comes to snogging. According to IMDb, the husky-voiced comic actress convinced her parents to let her move to Hollywood when she was only 15-years-old by doing a Powerpoint presentation entitled (aptly) "Project Hollywood". And she's been one busy girl ever since. She's a natural blonde, but usually channels the red-hair look. It certainly goes with her piercing green eyes.

8 Avril Lavigne - Punked Out In Your Face

What is it with singers and school uniforms? Avril Lavigne is not just your average naughty little girl. She channels a kinky fishnet stocking and stiletto school girl feeling that is in your face and fun. You know the kind of thing: Naughty daddy's girl all grown up and ready to be spanked or something. Her website once described her a "a skater-punk, a dynamic spirit, a true wild child". Think punked-out Britney Spears and you've got the idea. She's the kind of tattoo-loving babe who likes to match her tattoos to her friends' ink. Like the time she and boyfriend Brody Jenner, had identical "F" words tattooed on their ribs. WTF? Exactly. After all, it is her favorite word.

7 Lea Michele - Naughty Cheerleader

Let's look at a naughty cheerleader for a change. Back when she and Cory Monteith were all loved up on and off screen, and wowing the world in Glee, they did a sexy GQ photoshoot. Lea Michele was the naughty cheerleader Rachel to Cory's football hunk Finn. Not a pom pom in sight, but the pictures were way beyond hot. But tragedy struck in 2013 when Monteith, only a few months out of rehab, died of a drug/alcohol overdose in a Vancouver, Canada hotel room. Lea got hysterical when the phone call came. She has since said she has found it hard to move on, saying she was truly addicted to Cory. She has his character's name (Finn) tattooed in a very private part of her anatomy. You could always Google it if you are interested.

6 Hilary Duff - Prep School Girl

A very young and blonde Hilary Duff starred as prep school girl Natalie Connors, alongside Frankie Muniz as secret agent Cody Banks in the 2003 spy comedy Agent Cody Banks. Although she was all of 16-years-old at the time, she was into dating 20-something rockers. So, not so innocent. And already she was the very bankable star of Disney's Lizzie McGuire. So, she totally rocked the naughty but nice school girl vibe. She's pretty much kept her squeaky clean image intact. In fact, she may be just about the only former child star on the planet not to have been at the center of a scandal. Well, there was the time when her boyfriend wore a bad taste circus-like Indian costume to a party. We know, we know. That's not the kind of scandal you want.

5 Ashley Tisdale - Blonde Bombshell

There's no two ways about it. Ashley Tisdale rocks that school uniform big time. It will surprise no one to hear that the former Disney star of High School Musical is a 30-something sex symbol today. It's official, as Ashley Tisdale has made Maxim's Hot 100 List several times, appeared on the cover of the magazine and appeared in the "nude issue" of Allure magazine. Her point? She's no longer a little girl, but a woman. Like we totally get it. The cute little girl on The Suite Life of Zack and Cody is no more. She is all grown up and very sexy, in a classy sort of way. And she's a total queen on social media. But in that outfit, bending over must be a little bit of a problem.

4 Katy Perry

Katy Perry is wacky sexy. Her school girl doesn't look or act innocent. And the blouse? More unbuttoned than buttoned. She has said she likes the naughty little girl feeling she gets in those hot uniforms. And she loves wearing them on and off the stage. Some have said she exudes not so much wicked little school girl as sex crazed school marm. Back in 2008, Katy Perry's single "I Kissed a Girl" caused quite a sensation. She was famously married to English comedian (and bad boy) Russell Brand who dumped her in a text message. She's proud of the fact she hasn't spoken to him since. Some have said her body is like a sketch of a school boy's fantasy. We can totally see that. Russell who?

3 Alicia Silverstone

Back in the 1990s, Alicia Silverstone did hot and clueless, oh so well. She was oh-so-dumb but rich b*tch Cher in 1995s Clueless. And that year, shop until you drop Cher became every school boy's fantasy. And then she was Jennifer, the babysitter, in The Babysitter. More school boys peeping through windows fantasy stuff. She's worked pretty steadily since then, but never really achieved anything as successful as Clueless. Oh, Cher of the short skirts and berets who could carry her own weight in exclusive shopping bags. Daddy's little girl with the Gold Amex. It was certainly a once in a lifetime part. And, believe us, she made the most of it. We're still talking about it today, aren't we?

2 Britney Spears

From The New Mickey Mouse Club to "Princess of Pop", we have a change of pace: A bevy of luscious school girls singing "Baby One More Time" led by the one and only Britney Spears. The song was an early hit for the now troubled singer/song writer. She was all of 17-years-old and full of not-so-understated sexuality in the iconic 1999 music video. Then, in 2000, the album of the same name as the song got into the Guinness Book of World Records, as the highest selling album by a teenage solo artist. The next few years were golden for Britney, until emotional upheaval, bizarre behavior, failed marriages and custody battles nearly brought "the Princess of Pop" down. The last few years have seen a more content Britney.

1 Leonardo DiCaprio

Here's one for the girls out there. Leonardo DiCaprio made his first TV appearance at the tender age of 5, in Romper Room and Friends. And he was considered for the role of Hobie, the son of lifeguard Mitch (played by David Hasselhoff) in the original Baywatch, before losing out to Jeremy Jackson. Fast forward a few years to 1995 and we have an angry looking teenage Leo starring as an angry, angst-driven high school basketball in The Basketball Diaries. All that anger and angst leads his character into drug addiction. Don't worry. It turns out all right in the end. He might look mad. But he also looks school girl fantasy hot. By the way, although Leo was reportedly upset about not making the cut for Baywatch, it really was a good thing. See, had he been on the show he would not have been free to play Jack Dawson in Titanic. It was that movie that well and truly put him on the acting map.

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15 Celebs Who Are Hot AF Dressed In School Uniforms