15 Celebs Who Are Bigger Liars Than Charlie Sheen

In the age of information that we live in these days, you would think that some celebrities wouldn’t lie as often as they do. I mean, there’s not much you can get away these days with cell phones, videos, social media and the ability to dig up as much dirt from someone’s past and post it all over the internet. No matter how hard you try to cover your lies, you’ll be outed one way or another. That’s why it’s not even worth trying to hide the stuff you try to keep under the radar.

Yet, we see celebrities every day who think that they can get away with their lies. From reality TV stars to A-list actors, they all try to hide their dirty little secrets under the rug only for it all to come out with a huge bang. You’d think they would know to be on their best behavior, but sadly, that’s not always the case. From secret surgery, to Photoshopping images on social media, to lying about their age, we’ve seen it all. And for some reason or another, they think that their fans still believe them. Here are 15 of the biggest lies that celebrities have ever told, that even leave Charlie Sheen shaking his head.

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15 Kevin Spacey

via: instagram.com

For the longest time, Kevin Spacey was our favorite make-believe president on the small screen. As the ruthless Frank Underwood on Netflix’s highly-acclaimed House of Cards, he garnered a lot of respect for playing a role that he looked like he was born to play. He also seemed like such a down-to-earth fellow and one of those nice Hollywood guys that you don’t see very often. At least, that’s what we thought him to be.

Yet, the many recent allegations against Kevin Spacey has shed a light on who he really is. And just like Frank Underwood, Kevin definitely has two different sides to his personality. He has been accused of violating many men in the past and instead of owning up to it, he instead used it as an opportunity to confirm that he’s a gay man. We are ashamed and disgusted at you, Kevin.

14 Kim Zolciak

via: dailymail.co.uk

Kim Zolciak is the kind of Real Housewife that you want to stop paying attention to, but you just can’t. That’s because everything she does ends up making headlines one way or another. Everything about Kim is big: her mansion, her family, her alleged implants and even her lips. Yet, she wants he fans to believe that what you see is what you get – au natural.

You don’t need to hire your own personal Sherlock Holmes to figure out that the Kim we see today is not the Kim that first appeared on The Real Housewives of Atlanta back in 2008. Anyone with functioning eyesight can see that Kim looks nothing like she used to, and she probably had many procedures to make her more Hollywood-friendly. What’s more is that Kim’s birthdate has always been a true mystery. Is she 38? 40? 41? Or, dare we say 48 or 50? We might never know.

13 Selena Gomez

via: instagram.com

For the longest time, Selena Gomez made it pretty clear that she was done with all of the drama in her life. After all, the poor girl has gone through a lot with her health issues, her rehab stints, her lupus, and her recent surgery. The last thing she needs is for toxic people to bring her down in any way, shape or form. That’s why many of her fans were pretty pleased to hear that she was done with her ex-boyfriend, Justin Bieber. He was old news. She moved on, and claimed to be totally over him. At least, she thought she moved on.

And yet here we are in 2017 and for Selena and Justin, they are hanging out and partying like it’s 2011. We thought this girl has learned from her mistake! Apparently, Selena is the kind of woman who loves a good challenge. And this challenge will be trying not to get her heartbroken in ten seconds flat.

12 Caitlyn Jenner

via: instagram.com

For the longest time, Caitlyn (who we all used to know as Bruce Jenner) pretended to be happily married to her wife, Kris Jenner. They lived a blissful life in Calabasas, California with their multiple children in their huge, gaudy mansion with reality television cameras in every room. Life was perfect, or at least that’s what we thought. That was until Bruce told the world that she wasn’t really Bruce. Instead, she came out as her true identity: Caitlyn Jenner.

I mean, could you imagine living with your spouse for half your life just to find out that they have been lying to you this entire time? Surely, it would upset just about anyone. We know that it is incredibly difficult to come out as transgender, and we respect Caitlyn for taking her time and going forth with her transition. However, letting Kris on to her true identity might have been the best course of action. You don’t want to believe that your marriage was a fraud this entire time. Yet, that was the case with Bruce and Kris. Their marriage was the lie of the century.

11 Chelsea Handler

via: instagram.com

Chelsea Handler made big news when she announced that she would be leaving the E! Network to take her evening talk show to Netflix instead. Over at Netflix, she could be more of herself in an uncensored, unfiltered kind of way. The real Chelsea Handler would come out and everyone would love it, right? At least, that’s what her producers had figured. Sadly, that wasn’t the case at all.

Chelsea recently said that she would be leaving her Netflix show after only two seasons on the air to pursue other projects, including women’s rights. She said that she wants to focus on activism and write a book on the current political climate. Yet, we know that’s not the case at all. Chelsea’s show apparently got axed because of low ratings. She used a big lie to cover up her failure, but it didn't work.

10 Teresa Giudice

via: instagram.com

Teresa Giudice is another Real Housewife that you just love to hate. And that’s not because of her on-screen antics (okay, maybe it is), but because she pretended to be very clueless about her husband Joe Giudice’s shady dealings (and she still does).

And while Teresa is trying to turn her life around, her behavior from the first season of The Real Housewives of New Jersey will never leave our collective memory. This is the same woman who paid $100,000 cash for new furniture, said she could never live in a house that was lived in by other people before, and flipped a table on a fellow housewife. We always knew she was a liar because she had no problems living in a jail cell that was previously occupied, right? Everything she says is pure garbage.

9 Taylor Swift

via: news.mtv.ca

Taylor Swift is the kind of person who has legions of fans from all corners of the earth. She’s also the kind of person that many people love to hate. Why? Because she would like for the world to think that she’s a perfect, flawless creature who does no evil, hears no evil, and definitely sees no evil. She’s the girl next door that every gal wants to befriend and every boy wants to date.

Yet, in recent years we’ve seen another side of Taylor. During the summer of 2016, she got outed as one of the biggest liars in the celebrity world. She claims that she never gave Kanye West permission to use her name in the lyrics to his song Famous. Yet Kim Kardashian gave proof that said otherwise. If that weren’t enough, her ex Calvin Harris outed her as a sneaky two-faced girlfriend too. She clearly cannot be trusted.

8 Matt Damon

via: instagram.com

Just like his pal Ben Affleck, Matt Damon wants us to believe that he’s one of the good guys in Hollywood. He wants us to think that he wants to do nothing more than his job on movie sets just so he can go home to his loving wife and daughters at the end of the day. Little did we know though that Matt is a secret player himself.

Matt claims that he knew almost nothing about Harvey Weinstein’s questionable behavior towards women, too. But the cat soon came out of the bag and exposed Matt as the little liar that he is. He knew that his buddy’s girlfriend Gwyneth Paltrow had issues with Harvey, but pretended to know nothing of it during his initial statement. Oh, Matt. We can never look at you the same way again.

7 Beyonce

via: instagram.com

Beyonce is another celebrity who wants the world to think that she’s damn perfect. And quite honestly, she’s close to it. She’s got a voice that nearly blows everyone out of the water, the most dangerous curves on the scene, and an attitude that says she’s in power. After all, her fans call her the Queen Bey for a reason.

Yet, Beyonce thinks that she can get away with some sloppy Photoshopping work on Instagram without anyone noticing. And oh boy, have we noticed. Beyonce has been caught not one, not twice, but more than three times altering her photos on social media. She’s either Photoshopped her thighs to look smaller or tried to cut off inches from her waist. And as we all know, nobody looks like their Instagram selves in real life.

6 Mariah Carey

via: instagram.com

Mariah Carey is perhaps one of the biggest divas in the world. She knows it, you know it, and your neighbor who doesn’t have a Netflix subscription knows it, too. According to Mariah, no one can come close to competing with her talent, her looks, her attitude and her everything. Not even Jennifer Lopez, who she claims “not to know.”

During an awkward and rather bizarre interview on Watch What Happens Live, Mariah threw some major shade towards Jennifer by claiming not to know her when she was asked about their alleged feud. Talk about a burn! As sly as Mariah tries to be, it is clear that she is lying. Mariah thinks that she can cancel out her enemies by pretending that they don’t exist. Yeah, right. We see right through her!

5 Tiger Woods

via: instagram.com

Tiger Woods deserves an award for all of the lies he’s told in the past. Of course we’re kidding about the awards part, but we are definitely not kidding about the lies. He managed to throw away his entire life and his career when his ex-wife Elin Nordegren discovered that he was sleeping with multiple women behind her back. To this day, we can still hear the sound of Elin taking a golf club to his Cadillac Escalade to break his windows.

Just recently, Tiger also wanted us to believe that his latest arrest was nothing but a little misunderstanding. Uh-huh. The man who was once the greatest golfer in the world was in more trouble than that. Reports indicated that he had 5 different drugs in his system when he was arrested in Jupiter, Florida after he fell asleep at the wheel. Yikes. This guy is destroying his own life.

4 Ariana Grande

via: starcasm.net

First, let’s just get this straight: we love Ariana Grande. Any singer, actor or celebrity that reaches out and shows just how much their fans mean to them gets a huge A+ in our book. And that’s exactly what Ariana did earlier this year during the horrific terror attack at her concert in Manchester, England.

And while she has definitely shown that she is truly a wonderful person with a big heart, a lot of people believe that she might be hiding a huge secret from her past. That’s because she looks nothing like her photos before she became one of the biggest stars in the entertainment world. We would like to think that Ariana is all natural, but these photos prove a different point. Seriously, it almost looks like we are looking at two different people here. We love Ari, but we can't buy this lie.

3 Nicki Minaj

via: twitter.com

It’s safe to say that Nicki Minaj is one of the hottest entertainers in the celebrity world right now. She’s one of very few artists that has the ability to pound out one radio hit after another. And we just can’t get enough of her, too! Yet, Nicki Minaj is also a confirmed celebrity liar. For some reason or another, she lied about her age, as she wanted her fans to believe that she’s younger than she really is.

Back in 2011, reports indicate that Nicki she was born in 1984, when in actuality she was born in 1982. I mean, does shaving off two years from your age really make a difference, especially when you are in your late twenties? I don’t think so. If Nick is lying about something small like this, there’s a good chance she’s hiding the truth about other things, too.

2 Ben Affleck

via: hollywoodreporter.com

You want to like someone like Ben Affleck, but you know you shouldn’t. He used to be one of Hollywood’s biggest heartthrobs. Now he’s nothing more than Hollywood’s biggest embarrassment. That’s because he says one thing, but means another.

During the fallout of the Harvey Weinstein scandal, Ben claimed to have none nothing about Harvey’s behavior and behind-the-scenes shenanigans. Oh, but Ben knew. Ben knew more than he was willing to admit. And as a result, he got outed by quite a few Hollywood insiders as being a sketchy person who has done some pretty shady things in the past. As a result, he was forced to apologize for his past behavior while also claiming that he’s a changed man who loves and respects women. Too late for that. Sorry Ben, but you’ve been canceled by the majority of us.

1 Kim Kardashian

via: hollywoodlife.com

And the biggest liar of them all? It’s none other than the queen of reality television shows and fake social media posts, Kim Kardashian. From the outside, it looks like Kim has a perfect life: she’s got a loving husband, two adorable kids, a great career and a killer body. And let’s not forget that she also has a supportive family. But according to Kim’s critics, it’s all lies, lies, lies.

One of the biggest lies that Kim has ever told is that her backside is all natural, and that she was born with the killer curves she likes to flaunt everyday. Yet, a simple glance at before and after photos prove that not to be the case at all. You just don’t suddenly grow a butt in your mid-20’s. That thing looks like it sometimes needs a passport on its own to travel. Sure, Kim. We believe you. It’s all natural. Whatever.

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