15 Celebs Who Are Always Getting Rejected

Imagine you’re a celebrity. You’ve got a lot going for you in your life. You’ve got fame (that’s a given). You’re probably making a ton of money doing what you love. You attend awards parties and meet a lot of different people throughout the years. You’re working non-stop and you rarely get a break away from the limelight. One night, at an after party for a movie premiere, you lay eyes upon that special someone. They steal your gaze from all the other party guests.

You eventually work up the courage to go over and talk to them. You make small talk. Then, you drop the bomb. You ask if they want to grab a coffee or maybe a bite to eat sometime. Now, the scenario playing out in your head is probably a successful one. You take them out, have a great time, and you become a celebrity power couple. But, just like for the average citizen, love doesn’t always work out. You get rejected right then and there. Think it doesn’t happen to celebrities? Think again.

Celebrities get rejected all the time. Some people get rejected more than others, but everybody’s tasted rejection and disappointment before. And it doesn’t taste or feel good. Some of the celebrities on this list may surprise you. After all, attractive celebs don’t get turned down, right? Or, how about actors who have graced the cover of magazines and are adored for their good looks?

Read on to find out just which celebrities have gotten rejected more than once in their life.

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15 Aaron Carter

via: tmz.com

In the 90s, he was a pop culture sensation. He had a few hits as the 90s led into the 2000s and his face was plastered everywhere. He even appeared in a special Christmas episode of the popular television show Lizzie McGuire. Of course, this pop sensation could be none other than Aaron Carter. Brother to the Backstreet Boys singer Nick Carter, Aaron has been on a rollercoaster of emotions for the past few years.

Arrests and drugs have been the focal point of Aaron’s life in recent years, and it only seems to get worse for him. Besides the drugs, Carter has a penchant for getting rejected on the romantic side of his life. One of the main reasons for this is because he still openly pines for actress Hillary Duff. Carter has been rejected by Duff numerous times in recent years. He just can’t let the past go. He has also made another thirsty attempt to get Chloe Grace Moretz to date him.

14 Julianne Hough

via: popsugar.com

It only takes two words to send some people into a frenzy. For some, you can mention politics and they get flustered and riled up. For others, all you must do is mention their rival sports team and you get to see them get angry. Or, you can say “Harry Potter.” You’ll get a different reaction to those words, although the intensity of the feelings will be the same.

This is how actress Julianne Hough felt when she was cast in a Harry Potter film. She was cast as an extra in one of the movies and had a major crush on star Daniel Radcliffe. Unlike most of the people on this list, Hough chose a subtle route to express her feelings. She ended up sending Radcliffe a love note and Beanie Baby.

It seems that Radcliffe either didn’t receive the gift or ignored it. Either way, Hough still blushes about the incident to this day.

13  John Mayer

via: pinterest.com

If Taylor Swift has a penchant for love and the guys, the male equivalent of Swift is probably John Mayer. Notorious for his womanizing ways, Mayer has been with a lot of women. Mayer’s career probably has something to do with this, as his fame has plastered his face on TV and the Internet. John has made a career by making love songs and easy listening music. But, it seems that he doesn’t always have success with the ladies.

One of the women who fell under Mayer’s eyes was none other than the celebrated actress Sandra Bullock. Bullock, who can be considered a classy lady, was approached by Mayer. He propositioned a “friends with benefits” scenario. Bullock’s response? She declined. Reportedly, she actually laughed at his proposal, but that’s neither confirmed nor denied. With Mayer continuing his successful music career and Bullock continuing her successful movie career, it seems the two have moved on from the encounter.

12 Leonardo DiCaprio

via: laineygossip.com

He’s one of the most handsome men in Hollywood. He’s a leading man who has talent that can’t be measured. He’s raked in billions at the box office, yet he’s also been rejected on more than one occasion. Yes, the hunk known as Leonardo DiCaprio has been the subject of rejection. Although he’s a successful actor, he’s still human. And sometimes, you simply can’t win.

That’s the case when Leo approached 20-year-old Cara Delevingne. He approached her with an air of confidence. After all, it’s Leonardo DiCaprio we’re talking about here! However, it didn’t seem to matter how famous or charming Leo DiCaprio was. She still turned him down.

Now, maybe it was where he approached her at. This encounter happened in Cannes, so maybe he tried asking her out at the famous film festival held in the city. Whatever the case may be, she still ended up rejecting him. It just goes to show that people such as DiCaprio also get rejected.

11 Emma Watson

via: reddit.com

I sense a pattern on this list. Once again, a cast member of Harry Potter ended up getting rejected. And, it’s interesting to see just how this particular rejection went on. As an 11-year-old, boys and girls have crushes on a lot of people. They tend to ebb and flow with their choices for their crush, and it’s sometimes difficult to get them to focus on something else. This is the case when Emma Watson, who played the smart and witty Hermione, had a crush on fellow cast member Tom Felton.

Felton, known for playing the vicious and malevolent Malfoy, knew all about the crush. The problem was that Felton was a few years older than Watson. Felton did the best thing he could do. He began telling the rest of the cast that he saw Watson as a younger sister. It’s a great way to let her down gently. Felton and Watson remain friends to this day.

10 Selena Gomez

via: teenvogue.com

Being a massively popular pop artist doesn’t mean your love life will go smoothly. All of the people on this list have achieved celebrity status through multiple avenues. Whether it be through acting or singing, they’ve all achieved fame. And they’ve all been rejected. This doesn’t change with pop artist Selena Gomez. She’s another example of fame getting in the way of relationships.

Gomez’s role on the Disney TV series Wizards of Waverly Place helped her cement her stardom. She was openly accessible to kids, and this helped her gain exposure and made sure she had a built-in audience once her music career launched.

Gomez’s relationship troubles are partially related to Justin Bieber. The on-again, off-again relationship the two had didn’t help matters. Once rejection hits, it’s hard to work through that if the rejecter wants back into the relationship. Hopefully one day, the young singer and actress will find the strong and stable relationship she deserves.

9 Jake Gyllenhaal

via: moviefone.com

Jake Gyllenhaal has been in the acting business for quite some time now, and his gift for acting is something to behold. With accolades for films like Donnie Darko and Brokeback Mountain, Gyllenhaal is a prized catch. It makes you scratch your head, then, to learn that Jake is prone to getting rejected by women.

One of these incidents involved the ever-popular Minka Kelly. Reportedly, she declined in a polite fashion. With all this rejection, it would seem that Jake’s life might take a downward spiral. However, it seems the actor has continued to work on films and seems happier than ever. If you get rejected, don’t fret! Keep pushing forward with your life!

8 Lindsay Lohan

via: zimbio.com

Do you remember when Lindsay Lohan was sweet and innocent? Yes indeed, there was once a time when the fiery redhead was a harmless girl who got her breakout role in The Parent Trap. The movie did well at the box office and introduced the world to the acting chops of Lindsay Lohan. Playing the adorable little girl who attempts to get her parents to fall in love, Lohan’s career would soon begin a downward spiral.

Lohan would soon enter the world of drugs and partying as she grasped and tried to get her life back together. And when you’re in this type of condition, it’s hard to find a consistent significant other. Lindsay tends to get rejected these days. One of the more public rejections came from James Franco, who was listed in a document that was leaked to the press. Lohan claims it was a list created for her treatment in AA, but Franco denies he slept with her.

7 Justin Bieber

via: nydailynews.com

How can this possibly be true? If the sarcasm hasn’t been recognized, now’s the time to realize that Justin Bieber doesn’t have the best reputation surrounding him. Beginning with videos on YouTube, the Biebs was quickly catapulted into stardom. Not even a teenager, Bieber was the star of the Internet and was pegged as the next big thing. And at first, the sky was limitless.

Justin Bieber began a lucrative singing career early in life, and amassed vast amounts of wealth. He went on tours and released albums. Everything was going great. That is, until fame and stardom took its toll on the young star. Bieber became a bit egotistical, and thought he could get any girl he wanted.

Nowadays, Bieber’s reputation precedes him. He’s been rejected by a host of celebrities, including Rihanna (which was more of a joke than anything else) and even normal people on Instagram. He was even rejected by a normal girl via Twitter.

6 Madonna

via: pinterest.com

The 80s were a crazy and scary time. Pop culture was flourishing with the beginnings of computers, the expansion of television, and the Cold War reaching a point of high tension. With all of that in mind, it’s interesting to think about the artists that thrived during this time. Even though she primarily sings, superstar Madonna has starred in a slew of films.

While her early films were more controversial and even made a lot of money, her later films waned down in terms of both popularity and box office revenue. Even with all this popularity, Madonna was always a celebrity getting rejected.

Specifically, Madonna hit on D’Angelo, an R&B artist. She did this at her 39th birthday party. And the result? She got rejected. Apparently, D’Angelo wasn’t interested in hooking up with the queen of 80s pop.

5 Britney Spears

via: pinterest.com

The former Queen of Pop has fallen a long way ever since her rise to fame in the 90s. Starting out as a school girl-clad pop singer, Spears quickly launched into the music industry’s stratosphere. Although she actually began as a member of the Mickey Mouse Club, Spears’ big break came in 1997. Her hit "Hit Me Baby One More Time" was the song that brought her to stardom.

As her career rolled on, though, Spears’ overall image and well-being came into question. By 2007, Britney’s image had changed from sweet girl to s*x kitten. The moment everyone knew something wasn’t quite right when she shaved her head. Ever since then, Spears has been rejected time and time again by suitors.

These days, Spears seems to be on the rebound. She seems to have gained her footing back in the world. Maybe in the near future, Spears can maintain stable friendships and personal relationships.

4 Nelly

via: billboard.com

In the early 2000s, the rap scene was transformed. And it all happened when Nelly took the stage. Nelly brought a special sound to his music. Not only that, but he was also one of the first rap artists to bring rap into the mainstream. Before Nelly, rap was mainly relegated to expletive-filled songs and the majority of people simply wouldn’t listen. After Nelly, things became tamer. And the rap industry broke onto everyone’s speakers.

As such, you would think that Nelly would be able to stay in a stable relationship. However, that doesn’t appear to be the case. The rapper has been in a plethora of relationships in his lifetime. One of the more recent incidents involving the rapper doesn’t bode too well for him. As of September 2017, Nelly was accused of assaulting a woman in his tour bus. Only time will tell if this truly happened, and it doesn’t help Nelly’s chances with maintaining a strong relationship in the future.

3 James Franco

via: Bio.com

If you were to name some of the most popular actors of the 2010s, James Franco would definitely have to be at the top of your list. The award-winning actor, writer, and director has been in a lot of films. Not only has he participated in a lot of films in his career, but the films he’s in seem to gain a following. Whether it’s a show with a cult following, like Freaks and Geeks, or award-winning dramas like 127 Hours, Franco has proven time and time again that he’s a multi-threat. However, even with all of this acclaim, Franco still gets rejected. But, who would reject such a talented individual? Just ask Kristen Stewart.

Franco approached her at the Toronto Film Festival and asked if she wanted to go out. And she said no! The reason is unknown. Maybe he just wasn’t her type. Then again, how can James Franco not be your type? Apparently, it wasn’t destined to be.

2 Aziz Ansari

via: That Eric Alper

He’s the funny man that everybody fell in love with as his role in The 40 Year Old Virgin launched him into the Hollywood spotlight. Aziz is a multi-threat. He can act circles around people, and he can also deliver a standup special that will make your sides split. Ansari is a phenomenal talent and it shows in his body of work. However, Ansari has been rejected by the ladies a few times. And one of them was a subtle attempt at wooing a fellow actress.

Blake Lively, a star who is on the rise, rejected Ansari in her days of being single. Supposedly, Ansari exchanged phone numbers with her and all looked great! That is, until he began to text her. And he got no response in return. Most of the time, when you send text messages and don’t get a response, that usually means they don’t want to talk. At least, that’s what it means for most people.

1 Taylor Swift

Via USjournal

This shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. Sure, money and fame can buy a lot of things. But, it seems that there is a limit to what it can buy. And Taylor Swift has realized that sometimes, money can’t buy love.

Power pop artist Taylor Swift has blazed a trail in the music industry. One thing Taylor doesn’t lack is attention. It seems that Swift is always in the public eye. And, when she’s not, she’s trying to figure out a way to get back in it. With this in mind, boyfriends may be hard to come by for Taylor.

All you need to do is listen to one of her songs. She’s had so many ex-boyfriends, it can be argued that her crushing experiences with the guys are her inspiration and influence for her music. Whatever the case, Swift has been rejected by a lot of celebrities. Take your pick.

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