15 Celebs Who Are "Allegedly" Guilty Of Photoshopping While Pregnant

When it comes to celebrities, their appearance is so important to their brand that they must protect it at all times. Not only do they have the paparazzi following them around to snatch photos at any given chance, they also have to keep up their appearances across various social media platforms to please their fans. And it's even tougher for those who rely on their looks to be relevant as they cannot go on too long without posting since fans are quick to move on in this age.

Photoshop remains one of the most popular computer editing programs as plenty of people use it to alter their photos. How can you expect celebrities not to do the same thing? There have been plenty of notorious Photoshop fails over the years and it seems like celebrities never learn from their mistakes as they continue to misuse the program. In recent times, we have seen several names attempt to hide their baby bump by altering a photo, but it turned out to be way too obvious.

Not many have been able to get away with it as fans are quick to notice and call them out on it. Everybody thinks they are a comedian these days, so people always jump at the chance of bashing someone for a Photoshop gone wrong. It is somewhat understandable why celebrities do it, but certainly not justified. Your appearance is guaranteed to change during a pregnancy and that it's nothing to be ashamed of, so many believe that it doesn't warrant a Photoshop and celebrities are wrong to do so. Regardless of how you feel on the subject, we have gathered some cases of 15 celebrities who are guilty of photoshopping while pregnant.

15 Khloe Kardashian

When it was announced that Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson are having a baby, the internet had plenty to say about the pregnancy, as anticipated. While she did try to hide it for some time, she eventually gave in and confirmed to the world the good news. But it has been reported that the photo above was photoshopped.

Posted by Khloe on Instagram, users were quick to point out many things that just didn't look right, including her flat stomach, which certainly doesn't resemble that of a pregnant woman. And then you have Thompson's half disappeared hand which only makes us question the photo even further as it looks completely out of place. With her history of using Photoshop, it is no surprise that so many people were throwing around the accusations at Khloe for many of her photos including this one.

14 Kate Middleton

When the announcement of Prince William and Kate Middleton's third baby came out, many celebrated the baby as if it was their own. Naturally, she has received plenty of coverage as she did with the first two. But there has been more speculation about this one since the baby bump just hasn't surfaced after a few months and it left many wondering about it.

Although she hasn't made many appearances lately, her stomach did look different transitioning from flat to pregnant depending on the day. With the leak of the family's Christmas card, media outlets have accused her of having altered the baby bump as seen above. There have been some who claimed that the photo was taken prior to the pregnancy but that has been denied by the likes of HollywoodLife, so, unfortunately, Middleton finds herself on this list. This goes to show that anyone is prone to resort to Photoshop regardless of how highly you may think of them.

13 Kylie Jenner

When the older Kardashian sisters have all Photoshopped their way to alter a baby bump, it doesn't shock us that their younger sibling Kylie Jenner has also followed that route. For the past few months, fans have been debating whether she is really pregnant or that was simply a rumor. It has been all but confirmed at this point and the few photos of Kylie that have surfaced since then are said to have been Photoshopped.

She is currently keeping a low profile - an unusual act for her - and it certainly has to do with her pregnancy. Being one of the top sex icons right now, it's only normal for Kylie to choose to do so. She probably doesn't care what people really think since the jokes about her changing appearance haven't affected her the slightest.

There have even been rumors that Kylie already gave a birth and is simply trying to stay away from the spotlight for the time being. Only time will tell if that is the case as she surely can't hide the pregnancy for much longer.

12 Beyonce

When Beyonce's pregnancy was announced, it got everyone talking for obvious reasons but fans had their theories, with some going as far as to state that she was faking it. You also have those who believed that she and Jay-Z had someone carry the baby for them, which would be totally understandable considering how valuable Beyonce's fitness is. They tried to stay away from the spotlight to avoid the topic.

Beyonce was rarely pictured during that period, but the bump always looked different with every photo. The photo above is a prime example of the singer resorting to photoshop for her baby bump during one of her photo shoots. Some have criticized her for having done so, but of course, Beyonce fans are always there to defend the singer.

She does try to protect her image at all costs so it is very likely that she photoshopped the baby bump during the first few months of her pregnancy before it was too obvious to edit out.

11 Gisele Bundchen

Gisele Bundchen has been known to call out celebrities who photoshop their photos in the past, but what many may not know is that she was guilty of the same act back in 2009. While pregnant with a child, her career was still on track as she continued taking various gigs by showing off her body in different ads.

But her baby bump was noticeably missing from those ads although they had been shot during her pregnancy, which made many question Gisele. It was later revealed by a spokeswoman for the magazine that the photoshop had taken place out of respect for Gisele's privacy, which many people scoffed at.

Since it occurred in 2009, before the rise of viral media, many people missed out on seeing this photoshopped baby bump, but this goes to show that the internet doesn't forget.

10 Kourtney Kardashian

Knowing their history, it shouldn't come as a surprise that the entire Kardashian clan made it into the list. While Kourtney is usually praised for being calmer than her sisters in her actions, she does join the movement from time to time to remind us all that she is indeed a Kardashian.

Such was the case with her pregnancy when fans were quick to say that she had photoshopped the photo although it was published by a magazine. Many came to her defense by claiming that she wasn't aware while others insisted that she would have had to have known beforehand.

Either way, we are certainly skeptical since this isn't the first photoshop scandal involving her; she has done some blatant work in the past that was called out by the media.

9 Sarah Stage

Sarah Stage is one of the many names that come to mind when thinking about Instagram celebrities. The model documented her pregnancy journey on social media with several photos showing how she kept fit with impressive abs throughout the entire time.

She did it once again for her second baby, except this one was criticized much more as she blatantly photoshopped one of the pictures - at least according to most people. On the left, the photo shows Sarah pregnant at 8 months but later that same day, she posted the photo on the right and everyone was quick to call her out.

Although she denied the accusations, her followers didn't exactly buy into the second photo especially when you consider how different her stomach looks on the same day. It went viral and everyone had their two cents to add, as usual.

8 Olivia Wilde

Olivia Wilde may be one of the finest celebrities around but even she has been accused of enhancing her appearance through the use of Photoshop. During her pregnancy, we saw her post many photos to show off her baby bump, but some of them are said to have been altered.

The actress didn't care to comment on the allegations and continued to proudly show off her future baby to the world. But her 2.6 million Instagram followers weren't so convinced with many of them leaving comments saying the photos had been edited, creating some arguments between them and Olivia's fans.

But either way, we can all agree that she still looked as hot as we have all come to know her, so a minor Photoshop isn't the worst thing in the world... although we don't necessarily support it either.

7 Kim Zolciak

When it comes to celebrities resorting to Photoshop for alterations, Kim Zolciak is a name that often comes up as she has a history of doing so. When she posed for a magazine while pregnant, the photo above was altered to enhance her appearance with the edits noted on the right side.

For instance, her belly was expanded to look better with a more rounded angle than the original. That is common in magazines which always add their own touch to photos to make them more visually appealing. Zolciak was certainly aware of the changes and probably didn't mind since she has resorted to using Photoshop on numerous occasions for social media posts.

The magazine Life & Style for which she posed is known for editing photos, building a reputation of enhancing their covers. But they only did minor work in this one compared to other photos where the edits are rather major in comparison.

6 Kim Kardashian

When it comes to photoshop, Kim Kardashian has been accused of having used the beloved program on various occasions to produce higher quality photos and fixing what some may deem as flaws. It seems like Kim and Kanye West are always up to something that has everyone talking. Kim usually breaks the internet through steamy photos while Kanye is well-known for his antics by now.

When she got pregnant with both of her babies, accusations were made that she may have photoshopped the baby bump during the early stages of the pregnancies. It may be hard to prove to an extent, but when you see how different the bump looked in photos taken around the same period, then you start having doubts. The only difference is that some are shot by the paparazzi so the photos go unfiltered while the personally shot ones are extensively edited.

5 Tila Tequila

Remember when you couldn't escape Tila Tequila just a few years ago? It seems like ages ago when the model/actress was nearly everywhere on the internet with people having a huge interest in her personal life but times have significantly changed since then, and now we barely hear about her.

What some will definitely remember is her pregnancy that produced some blatantly photoshopped pictures that she probably wishes she could take back. In the pictures, she appears to be so skinny that there is no way anyone could have believed she was pregnant if we didn't know already know that for a fact.

But I guess it's one of the many reasons why she faded away rather quickly after rising to fame a few years ago, in addition to racist and anti-Semitic comments. To her credit, it looks like she learned from her mistakes with the second pregnancy as she didn't try to pull off the same stunt twice.

4 Tammy Hembrow

Tammy Hembrow is currently one of the most popular fitness models on Instagram with 7.6 million followers. She averages around 600k likes per photo - most celebrities can't even reach that number easily. So it's safe to say that she has a huge following with fans looking forward to her posts.

The main reason is that, as you can tell, she is as fine as it gets, so it's no surprise. But shortly after she gave birth she got immediately back into the shape she was in previously, making her followers question her most recent photos. From giving birth to being in top-notch shape in a matter of days was simply too unrealistic for most followers, who accused her of using Photoshop to enhance her appearance.

Many have even accused her of being a bad influence for altering the photos instead of proudly displaying what her body truly looks like following a pregnancy, but she has chosen to ignore those calls by going on about her business as usual.

3 Laura Ikeji

We are all familiar with social media influencers by now. With 645K followers on Instagram, Laura Ikeji certainly is one and has built an impressive following. So when she did get pregnant, her fans were excited to see her progress until the horribly photoshopped photo above surfaced on her social media.

If you have the slightest doubt that some Photoshop was involved in this one, then you may need to look at her arm which looks quite ridiculous. It is certainly one of the worst fails when it comes to hiding a baby bump and clearly wasn't done by a professional, but anything for a stunt on Instagram, right?

She didn't even bother to deny it and instead just chose to ignore the accusations. Perhaps she realized that denying it would have been even more ridiculous than the Photoshop fail itself so she chose to leave it alone altogether.

2 Kareena Kapoor

The latest Photoshop scandal has come to light in recent days involving Kareena Kapoor for her photo shoot with Vogue. Over the past couple days, fans have had plenty to say about the blatant Photoshop job done by the actress and the magazine to cover her pregnancy stretch marks just shortly after giving birth.

Some fans did come to her defense - as they always do - but the vast majority have agreed that some Photoshop is clear in this case due to the flawless looking skin and body seen in all the photos. This is not the first time we have seen this happen and it won't be the last, but it does make us question such decisions, especially when fans are able to notice these type of blunders. Kapoor hasn't commented on the controversy yet and we suspect that she is just going to let everyone speculate as people will surely forget in a matter of days.

1 Ivanka Trump

Unlike all names on the list, Ivanka Trump went in a different direction with the Photoshop. While the rest were trying to hide their pregnancy, Trump was simply trying to flaunt it, so she worked with Town & Country to make sure that the baby bump was made to look bigger.

The cover would have passed through just fine if there hadn't been photos of her from that very same week in a swimsuit, in which she appeared to be significantly slimmer. But it seems like the baby grew by a few months within just days and the stomach was suddenly no longer flat for this photo shoot.

This goes to show that you truly can't trust the majority of shoots as most pictures tend to be altered, as we have come to learn over the years. When you have celebrities relying on Photoshop to look more pregnant, then I guess it's safe to say that we officially have a problem with the way it is being used for.

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