15 Celebs Who Always Look Sleazy When Partying

Although the old adage of “Work hard, play hard” definitely does apply when it comes to those in the celebrity world, sometimes the over-the-top antics in someone’s personal life can affect them negatively in their professional life. Oftentimes, the most successful stars in Hollywood are the ones that are able to maintain themselves in a partying atmosphere. A great example is how Kim Kardashian has built herself up into a viable brand but is never unprofessional in her club appearances or seen sloppily stumbling out of clubs. While she’s not exactly the poster child for sophisticated and respected celebrities in the entertainment industry, she does seem to know how to keep her partying ways in check.

Yet, not all celebrities have followed that model of behavior and there have been some stars that have paid the price for their partying ways. From destroyed reputations to lost job opportunities, there have been a number of instances where the sleazy partying behavior has been the reason why some celebs fell out of favor with the public. While the industry may not have appreciated these stars looking like a hot mess while out having a good time, it has made for interesting headlines for the rest of the world. From scantily-clad ensembles to questionable behavior, there are definitely some entertaining stories that have come from celebrities and their partying ways. Check out our list of the 15 hot stars who always look sleazy when partying and see how some have paid dearly for their outrageous personal lives.

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15 Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen was once thought of as one of Hollywood’s hottest and most successful big screen actors. He was a favorite on the silver screen throughout the ‘80s and ‘90s and even maintained his A-list status when he became a TV actor in Two and a Half Men. Yet, it was the reports from his personal life that truly got people talking about Sheen. In one infamous party, Sheen reportedly went on a 36-hour bender which involved partying with prostitutes and porn stars while partaking in cocaine. This resulted in a trip to the emergency room where he was hospitalized for a hernia. This wasn’t the only time when his debauchery in partying made headlines and his multiple girlfriends (which he called goddesses) looked just as sleazy as the transformed Charlie Sheen.

14 Britney Spears

Britney Spears has had a number of damaging photos that have circulated online over the years. From getting out of a car without wearing any panties to bashing a car window with an umbrella, she is a paparazzo’s dream celebrity for getting lucrative pictures. Yet, some of the most damning photos of Britney Spears have been while she’s out trying to have a good time. She’s toned down her partying ways in recent years but that may be in part because of the way she overdoes it when she goes out. This photo shows just one of the times she had a particularly sleazy look when out on the town and, not surprisingly, it was with Paris Hilton. Spears is wearing a dress that looks like something a Vegas prostitute would wear and her drunken sloppiness just makes her look even worse.

13 Nicole Richie

Nicole Richie first garnered attention by the public when she was featured as Paris Hilton’s BFF in the Fox reality series, The Simple Life, but she quickly gained a new reputation through her partying ways. She was often photographed around town through some drunken escapades but it can’t all be blamed on Paris Hilton. Even after the two had their falling out, Richie continued to rage on with the partying scene and the photos kept emerging. While she was once thought of Paris Hilton’s fat sidekick, she lost a colossal amount of weight and began getting criticized for being too thin. Yet, her physique didn’t alter the way she partied. She continued her sleazy partying ways and it wasn’t until after she settled down and had children that she finally stopped.

12 Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi

When The Jersey Shore first aired on MTV, it didn’t have the best ratings or the biggest audience. Yet, things really turned up when Snooki showed her over-the-top personality and was seen getting punched in the face by a random guy at the bar. She soon became the person to watch on the series and her drunken escapades were captured in each episode over the years. Her partying ways became legendary and so did her sleazy ensembles whenever she went out. She eventually got her act together, became a mother and even lost a lot of weight. Nowadays, she’s actually thought of as a real hottie but no one would have guessed that after seeing some of those ultra sleazy photos from her partying days.

11 Lindsay Lohan

Although Lindsay Lohan was once thought of as an ultra talented young lady with a bright future ahead of her, it’s been quite some time since the public didn’t think of her as a troubled woman in a downward spiral in life. Her partying ways have become infamous and she’s struggled with substance abuse for many years. This photo involving her mother tells a lot about the support system she’s had in her life since many have criticized her parents for being enablers in Lohan’s partying ways. Not only does Lohan appear ultra sleazy during her various outings, her mother isn’t any better. Dina Lohan seems to enjoy the partying lifestyle as well and definitely doesn’t seem to be the type of mother that Lindsay needs in order to better herself. While Lindsay was once thought of as one of young Hollywood’s hottest up and comers, she now looks like those partying ways have caught up to her.

10 Shemar Moore

Shemar Moore is an actor that is best known for his role on The Young and the Restless and Criminal Minds. He has solidified his role as a TV heartthrob through his long career and has also been known for reaping the rewards through his infamous parties. While he isn’t the first celebrity to host some over-the-top soirées at his home, he has taken it to another level on a number of occasions. One infamous party was supposed to be for viewing the Super Bowl but it was instantly apparent that it was just an excuse to get a bunch of scantily clad women to come to his house and meet other celebrities. Reportedly, there were a number of other actors there from the Criminal Minds cast and many of the women were wearing lingerie. Moore even displayed a giant banner that read, “What happened at Shemar’s house never happened. Let’s get it in!”

9 Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera has always been known for her over-the-top looks, ever since she broke out of her innocent days from early on in her career. From her “Dirrty” days to her lingerie-clad “Lady Marmalade” days, Aguilera has never been afraid to go for it full-on. Yet, those were orchestrated music videos and red carpet looks, which were quite different from the photos that surfaced from when she would go out partying at night. She made quite a reputation for herself as a party girl and there were a number of photos of her stumbling in and out of Hollywood hotspots. In this particular photo, she looked like she could barely walk and her facial expression can’t quite hide how drunk she looks. Yet, it’s her ensemble, hair and makeup that really shows the sleazy side to Aguilera when she’s out looking for a wild night.

8 Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton was first introduced to the public as the socialite party girl that became famous for being famous. While it shouldn’t surprise people that Hilton is definitely skilled in the partying scene, it is quite surprising when they see photos of her during some of these outings. She always tries to portray a look of sophistication on the red carpet and plays up the fact that she comes from such a lucrative family. Yet, the photos that have emerged of her while partying portray a completely different story. Not only does she look sleazy in her ensembles but she has been known to sweat her makeup off and have her hair in complete disarray. She’s flashed her panties in a number of photos and has even gone without panties on a number of occasions.

7 Mischa Barton

Mischa Barton was once thought of as one of Hollywood’s hottest young celebrities and quickly became a staple at any hotspot where she could party. She was often photographed falling in and out of clubs and her professional career declined quite a bit. Barton was quickly passed up by other young celebrities trying to make a name for themselves and she fell out of the limelight for awhile. When she reemerged, people were shocked at how much weight she’d gained. While she was able to get her weight under control, she still has difficulty maintaining her partying ways. The most recent headline came when one of her neighbors recorded her acting erratic and screaming belligerently by her fence. It seems like she hasn’t stopped her love of partying but she looks very different from her former glamorous self. Nowadays, she appears ultra sleazy and burned out from years of substance abuse.

6 Kate Moss

Kate Moss was a pioneer in the modeling industry during the heroin chic phase in the ‘90s. She was seen as a classic beauty through her ads with Calvin Klein and her various appearances in fashion shows around the world, even though many thought that she was promoting a negative standard of beauty for young girls. Regardless, it’s hard to deny her sex appeal in her chiseled facial features and beautiful complexion. While she still remains a beautiful model and celebrity, her partying ways have diminished her appeal in the modeling industry. Although she may have been known for modeling couture designs and luxury brands, her style for her personal life isn’t nearly that glamorous. There have been a number of photos that have surfaced with Kate Moss partying and they have looked quite sleazy. From mesh dresses that seem like something a hooker would wear to sloppy moments in a low cut dress, there is a reason why she’s no longer a favorite in the modeling industry.

5 Nicole Scherzinger

Nicole Scherzinger was first introduced as a pop star when she was featured in the hit girl group, The Pussycat Dolls, but she quickly made a name for herself outside of the group. She spent some time branching out as a solo singer and then became a huge favorite as a television personality. Yet, anyone that has seen an episode of The X-Factor in the UK knows that Scherzinger enjoys a drink or two and isn’t afraid to get a little tipsy on camera. There have also been a number of photos that have surfaced with Scherzinger out partying and they don’t exactly depict her in the best light. In this particular photo, Scherzinger was out partying in a super sleazy ensemble and then proceeded to start twerking and flashing her underwear for all to see.

4 Rihanna

Rihanna has made quite a reputation for herself as an over-the-top party girl in recent years. While she started her career as a fresh-faced up and coming singer from Barbados, her personal life has been the forefront of her fame ever since she went through the highly publicized physical ordeal with Chris Brown. Her music videos have become far more controversial but nothing compares to the photos she’s posted via her social media sites. She’s been known to frequent strip clubs when she wants to go out and party and some of the photos have been too hot for many of her fans to stand. Her partying ways have become quite sleazy in nature and many people wonder when or if she is ever going to tone it down and become more settled in her personal life.

3 Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga has never been opposed to showing off her body as a way to express herself and has proven this time and time again during her stage performances. From catsuits to leotards to bra and panty ensembles, she has been known to use her body as part of the performance. Yet, she’s also been known to look a little sleazy when she’s out partying in her personal life. From grinding up on strangers to wearing ultra-revealing outfits that leave nothing to the imagination, Gaga isn’t exactly the picture of class and sophistication. Things have changed in regards to her public persona in recent years and she’s definitely toned down her over-the-top looks. She is no longer wearing the meat dresses or egg fiascos but that doesn’t mean she is toning down her partying adventures.

2 Tara Reid

Tara Reid started off her career as an actress with many thinking of her as America’s newest darling and she had a promising career ahead of her. Unfortunately, she became famous during an era where many young starlets were getting hot and then losing their fame status quickly. She either became another casualty of the ‘90s film era or her partying ways just got to be too much for filmmakers to cast her. She was often photographed stumbling in and out of various parties and clubs but even her red carpet appearances were filled with debacles. From nip slips to losing a tooth on camera, Reid is known for being a sloppy mess. The most surprising part of it all is the fact that her outfits have been ultra sleazy over the years. With a woman that presumably made a great deal of money through her film appearances, it’s surprising that she wouldn’t have invested more into her clothing options.

1 Teyana Taylor

Teyana Taylor is a music artist that has struggled a bit to find the right breakout moment. She had already signed with Pharrell Williams prior to her 16th birthday and then moved onto signing with Kanye West. While she worked with a number of other successful artists, she hadn’t quite found her own fame. She finally had her breakout moment when she appeared in Kanye West’s music video for “Fade,” which made many people want to know more about this sexy new artist. Upon searching, Taylor had done quite a lot to try and get her name in the headlines via her personal life. Her partying ways were likened to other artists like Rihanna and there were a number of photos that surfaced with Taylor grinding up on people and kissing girls. This particular party showed how scantily clad Taylor usually dresses when she’s out partying and the sleaziness in her persona is blatantly apparent.

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