15 Celebs Who Always Had "Back" (We Just Never Paid Attention!)

As everyone knows, these days its seems that having the best "asset" around creates a whole other level of buzz.  From Jennifer Lopez to Nicki Minaj to Beyoncé and Kim and Khloe Kardashian our screens and streams are constantly filled with "bootylicious" stars...But what about the stars who were also gifted in the booty department, yet for some damn reason, we just didn't pay attention?  Why didn't we notice? Who knows?  Could it be because the celebrities yet to be named have other features that we all can't help but pay more attention to?

Day by day, tweet by tweet, and Instagram post by Instagram post, people continue to hop aboard the never ending, everlasting, ever growing "booty wave." If you haven't been converted by now, it's never too late to join. It's gotten to the point where butt implants are appearing to be as popular as breast implants.  The argument can be made that having a nice backside is looked at with higher regard than being gifted in other departments (that's a whole other debate).  With all of that said, the buttocks is part of the human body that can be shaped in many ways. These celebs are blessed when it comes to having "back." Unfortunately, we just never paid enough attention!  Until now that is...


15 Mena Suvari

Mena Suvari first made noise in the late 90s playing the ever so sultry Angela Hayes in 1999's Oscar-Winning tale of suburban family strife, American Beauty. She made extra noise with her role as Heather Gardner in 1999's teen-raunchy classic American Pie. Suvari was definitely one of the standout young stars of the late 90s early 00s era of teen angst, comedy era films...Outside of starring in a few sequels and making some appearances on TV the most noise Mena Suvari has made has been with her--ass. Be honest, when looking at Mena the first thing that comes to mind probably isn't "wow she's got a nice behind." The truth is, not only does Ms. Suvari "pack in the back" she definitely goes under the radar with perhaps one of the nicest of that particular "asset" in all of Hollywood! Suvari's booty always figures out a way to shine whether it be in a dress, a bikini, or yoga pants.

14 Michelle Monaghan


Ms. Monaghan was most known for her roles in Gone Baby Gone and for playing Ethan Hunt (aka Tom Cruise's) fiancé in Mission: Impossible III. All of that changed when she was cast as Maggie in the first season of HBO's True Detective. Not only was the first season easily the best, it had many memorable moments. Obviously, no one will forget Alexandra Daddario unleashing her notable "puppies" while "entertaining" Woody Harrelson. However, there was a steamy moment between Michelle Monaghan and Matthew McConaughey where anyone watching probably had to pause the screen to do a double take. Michelle isn't known for packing heat in the booty area, but it turns out she's been gifted in that area all along! Anyone that's seen the first season of True Detective knows this is definitely the case. She needs to "show off" a little more often...

13 Fergie

Remember the Black Eye Pea's hit "My Humps"? It was in that song where Fergie referred to her "assets" as her "lovely lady lumps." If we're all honest with ourselves, we know when we hear Fergie's name we don't think about what she's possessed the whole time. Fergie most definitely has back. It's not the "biggest" or the "phattest" but there's no question that she definitely works on her 'money maker." She certainly works on it enough for us to pay more attention to its every move. Other than her group's "asset" praising hit, the most traction Fergie's "Fergalicious" booty got was when that photo was released of her shaking it while it appeared that she was either sweating or flat out pissed herself in her womanly nether regions. Fergie has tried to burst back on to the pop music landscape over the years, taking note of her seasoned existence and coming out with the aptly named song "M.I.L.F. $" back in 2016. Fergie is definitely conscious of her "lady lumps." We should be conscious as well!

12 Kourtney Kardashian


To some, this is might be a stretch, but please allow me to explain myself. These days when it comes to the word "booty," "back," or any synonyms associated with having a nice ass, it's hard not to hear or see the name Kardashian attached to it. However when you think of Kardashian's that have booty you normally think of Kim and Khloe, you rarely even think or hear about the Kardashian who's maybe the most alluring of them all, Kourtney. It's not surprising at all that someone with the last name "Kardashian" has a booty, nor is it that surprising that a Kardashian with an incredibly nice "ASSet" is overshadowed by two sisters with two bigger "ASSets." Whether people want to argue if Kourtney's behind is more natural or enhanced is another thing...No one can deny that this Kardashian has always been gifted from the back, we just haven't paid as much attention as we should have!

11 Hilary Duff

So okay...NOW we know about Hilary Duff's seemingly plump and extremely nice rump, but it's not like it appeared out of nowhere.  Chances are the Lizzie Mcguire star always had a bit of a donk; we just really didn't care until now, because we don't seem to be an ASS-obsessed society.  This is the photo that will indeed go down in the annals (don't go there) of internet booty-history.  Hilary was one of the biggest teen stars of the 2000s, having a successful Disney fueled career via TV and film and a solid music career as well (remember that song "Come Clean"? It was the theme for Laguna Beach? Remember? Come on!  Ya'll know that song was catchy AF). Duff faded into the background of tabloid fodder despite continuing to work post-Disney life, eventually landing a starring role as Kelsey Peters on TV Land's, Younger.  Well, over time people began to notice that Hilary has some serious, serious "back."  This photo was pretty much her coming out party!

10 Jennifer Love Hewitt


Remember the first Scary Movie back in 2000?  It parodied all of the slasher movies of that era, including late 90s horror-franchises Scream and I Know What You Did Last Summer...There was a scene where Shannon Elizabeth referred to Jennifer Love Hewitt as "Jennifer Love Huge T*ts."  There are two incredibly round reasons why that joke was written because Jennifer Love Hewitt is known for having huge t*ts.  That being said, any woman that (supposedly) has a song written about her that celebrates how great her body is bound to have more to offer.  Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Jennifer Love Hewitt has always packed heat in the backside, we just don't notice it nearly as much because of her famous twins. Here's a photo that was taken from the Horrible Bosses premiere where she wears a form fitting red dress that holds in the "wonderland" areas of her body. Fortunately, we can still see her incredibly money makers and so can the creepy dude in the photo walking by next to her.

9 Nathalie Emmanuel

Nathalie Emmanuel is obviously a beautiful woman who has burst on to the scene as of late playing Missandei in the ever-so-popular Game of Thrones series. Emmanuel has also gained immense notoriety playing Ramsey in the blockbuster Fast and Furious franchise and Harriet in the popular Maze Runner films. Nathalie's luscious "bum" was recently featured in a nude scene in the latest season of Game of Thrones. Unfortunately, we can't provide a glimpse of such greatness...So here's a photo of Nathalie's character Ramsey during an awesome scene in Furious 7 where she emerges from the Persian Gulf in slow motion. Director James Wan makes the amazing and proper decision of following Ms. Emmanuel from the back as she walks up the beach. Nathalie is so striking that we are thrilled with her entire frame, neglecting one of its nicest inhabitants...Maybe that's why we haven't paid attention as much as we should have?


8 Rachel McAdams


This moment between Rachel McAdams and Patrick Wilson is from a movie called Morning Glory.  The Mean Girls and Notebook star's "asset" was so nice that people were speculating as to whether or not this particular scene featured a body double.  The answer to that question is an emphatic no.  It turns out that Rachel McAdams always had "back." We just for some reason didn't pay any attention to it until this scene blew up on the interwebs.  Her booty was even featured on Complex's "50 Hottest White Women With Ass" list (she placed 4th).  The media entity managed to provide a pretty insightful quote, placing some pretty definitive commentary about McAdam's incredibly nice derriere:

"We promise that if you catch a glimpse of Rachel's rump-shaker in Morning Wood... we mean Morning Glory, the rest of your day will be bootyfull."

If you don't know, now you know....Or I mean if you didn't know now you know...Ya'll get it.

7 Taraji P. Henson

This shouldn't be a surprise, but yet, it is. Taraji P. Henson has been around for a long time; she's also had a nice booty during this whole time.  She's only gotten hotter over time and her career has been on fire lately, starring on the FOX hit Musical-Drama Empire as Loretha "Cookie" Lyon and starring as legendary mathematician Katherine Johnson in the Oscar-nominated hit Hidden Figures.  Taraji's other notable movies include other Oscar-nominated hits such as The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (where she was nominated for Best Supporting Actress) and Hustle & Flow. Taraji first legitimately made noise in 2001's Baby Boy, playing Yvette.  Boiled down, Ms. Henson has always packed heat where it counts, we just don't go crazy about it for some ridiculous reason.  People who have followed Taraji's career have always known. That said, maybe we should reconsider our booty-loving priorities...We love you Taraji!

6 Jennifer Lawrence


Jennifer Lawrence aka, J-Law's, booty has been under the radar for quite some time. She's been so successful, leading the way for the YA (Young Adult) generation of movies, starring as the iconic Katniss Everdeen in the blockbuster Hunger Games franchise. She won an Oscar for her role as Tiffany Maxwell in Silver Lining's Playbook and has been nominated in other hit movies as well including 2013's American Hustle. The damn woman is only 27 years old. There have been a few chances for society to cite Jennifer Lawrence's shapely behind.  It was put on display during a dance scene with Chris Tucker where she learns how to shake her money maker and we've seen J-Law in her full blue glory as young Mystique in the X-Men films.  I mean obviously perverts worldwide have most likely seen Ms. Lawrence in other forms of imagery but that's a whole other topic for a different list.  Why Jennifer Lawrence's glorious behind isn't talked about more, we'll never know...

5 Lady Gaga

Yup, Mother Monster is definitely blessed with booty. In fact, I'd venture to say Lady Gaga has one of the nicest backsides in the entertainment industry (in terms of just women that is, no disrespect to everyone else who wants to be in this conversation) We don't hear about Gaga's fantastic asset that much in tabloids (at least compared to her other famous counterparts with back). That could be because Gaga dominates the press in so many other ways. Gaga loves to show off her behind, placing emphasis on it in music videos like "Applause" and countless other performances. At her peak, Lady Gaga reached a pop culture zenith that only a certain crop of stars (past and present) could say they reached or surpassed. She's more known for her political and social statements, fashion choices, hit singles, and well, flat out weird s**t, then her butt. However, make no mistake about it, Ms. Gaga's always had junk in the trunk, it just doesn't get the praise or press compared to other aspects of her fame.

4 Demi Lovato


Demi Lovato makes more noise for her "issues" than for what she shows off almost every time she takes the stage, her rather ample "ASSet." Maybe it's because she was attached to the whole Disney Channel image? Lovato started her career on Barney & Friends, on route to being featured in the Disney Channel original movie Camp Rock. She launched a successful music career that continues on to this day, spawning hits such as "Heart Attack." But the (pretty damn hot) star has unfortunately suffered from bouts of depression, bullying, having an eating disorder, and inflicting self-harm. Fortunately, she's been able to overcome all of that and be a positive role model for LGBT rights, anti-bullying, and raising awareness for mental health. When we peel back all of those layers, we perhaps realize that we've been witnessing a blazing hot strong woman the whole time. Oh yeah, she's got back too, a lot of it.

3 Nelly Furtado

Nelly Furtado burst on to the scene in 2000 with the monster hits "I'm Like A Bird" and "Turn Off The Light." She continued her success in the mid-2000s after teaming with super-producer Timbaland to forge "Promiscuous Girl" and "Say It Right,", both of which were number one hits. Now a lot of people felt Nelly Furtado was pretty attractive in her own unique "artsy" way, but to be honest we did ourselves a disservice by never paying attention to the nice round ample feature she possessed all along; her ass. It's been in front of our eyes the whole damn time for years and yet we haven't given it the undivided attention it deserves. When we see photos such as this we are definitely able to to see what Nelly was packin' all along. The phrase "Whoa, Nelly" certainly takes on a whole other meaning. Please, Nelly, don't turn off the light!

2 Lupita Nyong'o


We all know who Lupita is. If you don't know then you've most likely been living under the rock for the last four years. The gorgeous actor burst on to the scene in the best picture Oscar Winning film 12 Years a Slave winning the gold statue for Best Supporting Actress as well. The world became enamored with her beautiful looks. She landed covers of multiple fashion magazines and quickly became known as one of the most beautiful women in all of Hollywood. Lupita is so striking that it's easy to forget that she's packing extreme heat from the back. In fact, the photo above damn near put everyone on notice about her booty capabilities. Lupita's face and overall aura have been so damn amazing that when she turned to the side she made sure to let everyone know that if they weren't paying any attention to what she's packin', they are now.

1 Melissa Joan Hart

Yes ladies and gentlemen, Clarissa of Clarissa Explains It All, Sabrina from Sabrina The Teenage Witch, has always packed in the back; most people just never paid attention. But that's not necessarily their fault...Part of the reason for that is because the big wigs behind the scenes of her TV shows didn't want to draw attention to it (at least that's an old internet conspiracy theory that I'm rolling with for the sake of this entry). Melissa Joan Hart managed to concoct a solid post "90s teen idol" acting career, being featured in shows such as having the lead role in ABC Family's (now Freeform) Melissa & Joey. The show aired for four seasons and ended its run back in 2015. The former Clarissa Explains It All actor now has three kids and has astounded plenty of onlookers in regards to her ability to maintain her subtly curvy frame. Melissa isn't constantly in the headlines due to keeping a relatively low profile but whenever she pops up her exquisite booty definitely take advantage of the moment.


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