15 Celebs We Can’t Believe Are Over 40

There are tons of new up and coming young actors trying to make their mark in the profession, and musicians and singers striving to create that one hit song that’ll earn them celebrity status. In today’s day and age, plenty of people acquire celebrity status, and many do so seemingly for not doing very much. With reality TV and the internet, being a celeb is easier than ever. But there are those that many people deem to be true celebs, and then there’s the so-called fraudulent celebs who just want to get in on the action for their five minutes of fame.

Lots of people have taken to idolizing this new talent. But don’t think that the 15 on this list feel threatened. There may be young celebs coming up, but they won’t be taking the places of these celebs any time soon. These 15 are true celebs, who have been in the limelight for a hell of a long time, and have honed their respected crafts to become global superstars. They’ve still got it, and are still getting even better. If anything, they have only gotten better with age. That’s in terms of their talent, and their looks. Look through their resumés, and it’s hard to believe what they’re still doing, and what they’ve achieved. When you look at them, it’s hard to believe that they really are over the age of 40. Those who think 40 is old – forget about it. Here are 15 ageless celebs who look fantastic for their ages, and that we can’t believe are over the age of 40.


15 Victoria Beckham

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Whatever Victoria Beckham says or does creates a stir. She was a member of one of the most popular girl groups of all time, the Spice Girls what seems like only yesterday. Those girls created a craze, received a massive fan following, and Victoria, a.k.a. Posh Spice, was many people’s favorites. It wasn’t because she’s massively entertaining or anything like that. It was mainly because she’s hot and a fashionista. Since the group disbanded, she’s turned her attention to the fashion side of things full time, and has remained in the limelight. Her being one half of a super-couple with David Beckham  has certainly helped her gain a whole heap of fans. Look at Victoria now and look at her as Posh Spice, and it’s hard to believe that there are decades in between. She looks stunning, still has the looks and that famous slim physique – which is amazing, considering her age and the fact she’s popped out four kids – and is as glamorous as ever. Look at her and it seems inconceivable that she’s 43.

14 Cameron Diaz

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Cameron Diaz is an A-lister if ever there was one. Forget about the new crop of actresses, and the new girls on the block. Cameron’s been around for decades and has stolen the show with many memorable performances. She’s sexy, sassy, hot and has become a box office goddess in recent years. Look at her roles and the entire package she brings to our screens, and you wouldn’t think that she’s in her mid-40s at all. Cameron looks at least a decade younger, perhaps more. Marriage has certainly been kind to her, too. She’s been radiating beauty – even more than usual – and has been effervescent since getting hitched in 2015. Cameron’s actually been really quiet over the past few years. She seems to be enjoying some time off, enjoying time with her hubby, and when she returns to films – which we’re all hoping occurs in the not-so-distant future – she’ll return feeling rejuvenated, and will probably look even younger.

13 Jennifer Aniston

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It’s quite often the case that after a hit show of some kind, the stars of that show find it difficult to get back onto the horse and build upon that success. I am of course talking about the sitcom Friends. It’s happened to a few other members of that star cast. But Jennifer Aniston hasn’t had any such worries. In fact, if it was at all possible, her career has continued to improve since the sitcom ended. She’s become one of the biggest stars in the industry, and is a seriously high-profile actress. One of the reasons for this is of course her prowess as an actress. Another is because she’s one of the hottest women in the industry. She’s got a face that just makes you want to watch. She keeps trim and fit, too, by engaging in such activities like yoga and meditation. Jennifer possesses a healthy body and mind, and perhaps that’s the secret to her youth. I say youth, but Jen is actually 48! It’s mind-boggling that she’s going to be 50 soon.

12 Gwen Stefani

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Gwen Stefani’s one of the original divas of the pop world. She’s a massive influential figure, and many of the current crop of singers admire her for her work, as do we and the rest of her fans. Saying that, it makes Gwen Stefani seem like an old lady, but she’s anything but. Well, she certainly doesn’t look old. She’s young at heart, and her creative juices are still in full flow. It’s this creativity that keeps her young and looking fabulous. It really does seem ridiculous that Gwen is fast approaching her 50s. She’s 48, even though it only seems like yesterday that her three successful singles, "What You Waiting For?," "Rich Girl," and "Hollaback Girl" were ruling the charts. Nobody will ever tire of hearing Gwen Stefani’s unique voice. She’s also a fashionista, and it’s all led to her being regarded as being one of the greatest female music artists of all time.

11 Sandra Bullock

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Sandra Bullock is one of those actresses that everyone just loves. Even those who aren’t engrossed in the celeb world, and who perhaps might not watch a lot of movies or keep up to date with celeb gossip, know Sandra Bullock’s name. She’s just that type of woman, and it’s endeared her to millions of adoring fans far and wide. And she’s still going strong at the age 53, and hasn’t taken her foot off the gas at all. By the way, I did just write that she’s 53! Believe me, that’s the truth. There are very few 53-year olds on this planet who look as stunning as Sandra Bullock does. Sandra certainly resembles a sophisticated woman, but a woman in her 50s? That just seems ridiculous. Set your eyes on recent pics of Sandra on her Instagram profile, and you’d think you were looking at a woman in her 30s.

10 Jim Parsons

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It’s fair to say that Jim Parsons was an unknown actor before he achieved superstardom on the sets of The Big Bang Theory. No one, let alone he, could have imagined the massive success of that sitcom. Part of the reason – actually a pretty big reason – for that success was because of the lovable, quirky, and just straight-up whacky character and idiosyncrasies of Sheldon Cooper. Sheldon and the rest of his geeky science squad were initially in their 20s, and we’ve seen them grow up over the years. That’s part of the reason we can’t believe that Jim is actually 44. He’s synonymous with that hit sitcom, and you just expect him to be around the same age as Sheldon. He portrays the character so well, and certainly looks Sheldon’s age on screen. You’ve got to give kudos to all the makeup crew and the camera people, and of course to Jim as an actor.

9 Elle Macpherson

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Elle Macpherson is probably one of the biggest fashionistas in the world today. She’s turned her passion into her business, and she’s had a mightily successful time of things to date. Elle started off in the modelling industry, what seems like many moons ago now. She rose to the top of that industry, and then branched off into other ventures. Today, she’s got a vast and varied portfolio of businesses, is a well-known TV personality, and has tried her hand at acting too. But what’s staggering, is that she looks pretty much the same as she did a couple of decades ago. You’d think all this work would’ve taken its toll, but it’s actually kept her young and vibrant. Her looks haven’t changed, and neither has her body. Elle evidently works hard to maintain her beach body, and because of that, she has to be one of the fittest 53-year-olds around.


8 Johnny Galecki

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And here’s the second member from the cast of The Big Theory. It really is remarkable that two of the lead actors are actually over a decade older than their characters in the show. If you didn’t know that Johnny Galecki  was 42, you certainly wouldn’t have been able to tell simply by watching him on screen and seeing him. He looks his character’s age, which just makes his character Leonard all the more believable, and has helped make him one of the most loved characters in sitcom history. Another reason it might be hard to believe that he’s in his 40s is because he used to date his co-star in real life, Kaley Cuoco. She’s over a decade younger than him – not that it matters of course, but people may have had the perception that they were around the same age. It’s hard to believe that Leonard is actually portrayed by a 42-year-old man.

7 Jennifer Lopez

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Whatever Jennifer Lopez sets her mind too, she inevitably does. Singer, actress, dancer, author, fashionista, producer, and you can add TV personality to that list too – there are so many facets to Jennifer Lopez that it’s no wonder that she’s become one of the most influential women in the world. Seriously, J.Lo’s list of accolades are just never ending. Most celebs, even influential celebs, don’t achieve what she’s already achieved in a lifetime. J.Lo’s created a legacy, and her achievements have had a massive cultural impact too. She’s achieved so much and she’s still only 48. But if we’re going solely on looks, that number seems laughable. J.Lo’s got a rocking physique, and is still as beautiful as ever. It’s staggering that she manages to find the time to keep in such splendid shape considering everything that’s on her plate, not to mention the fact that she’s essentially a single mom raising two kids.

6 Angelina Jolie

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If there is an actress who you could say is an even bigger star than Jen Aniston, it’d be Angelina Jolie. She’s another one who, even if you aren’t up to date with your celeb gossip, would still be familiar to you. You can’t help but know her name, not to mention every move she makes – she’s that big a star. Her movies are massive, her relationships are equally so, and her outspoken nature and her work as a humanitarian has gained her plaudits worldwide in different circles too. All of this has been achieved by a woman who’s 42 years old. We can’t believe she’s in her 40s, not just because of all she’s accomplished, but because of her looks. Every time Angelina is spotted out and about, she just oozes glamor, style and sophistication, and seems to be getting hotter every time her picture is taken. It’s scary to think what she’ll look like at 50!

5 Will Smith

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Will Smith is unlike anyone else in the acting profession. He’s the most down-to-earth guy around. He doesn’t have a different persona for the cameras, and that’s something that’s endeared him to a worldwide audience. His energy, vibrancy, and his enthusiasm for his craft is just staggering. It’s led to plenty of people saying that he’s on something – but it’s just the way Will is. He’s been like that since his Fresh Prince days in the 90s. Yes, he really has been around for that long. But we still can’t believe he’s almost hitting 50. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air is still shown on TV screens around the world. Many people still see Will as the Fresh Prince, and he doesn’t look too dissimilar either, but he’s moved on since those days to even more success and to superstardom. He has become one of the most powerful actors in the industry.

4 Julia Roberts

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In terms of finances, Julia Roberts is one of the biggest and wealthiest actresses of all time. The number of huge hits she’s churned out over the years is just staggering. Her performances resonate with audiences, captivate them, and leave them gagging for more. There’ve been a ton of these films over the years, and she’s showing no signs of slowing down, even though she’s just hit the big 50 mark. Yes, forget about Julia being in her 40s – she’s 50! Julia must have gotten her hands on the magical elixir of life or something, because she seems to be getting younger with age. She’s popped out three kids, has been in this high-pressure industry since the 80s, and yet still looks utterly fabulous. Circumstances haven’t beaten her down, and haven’t affected her looks-wise. She’s tenacious, resilient, and is just an all-round beautiful woman, inside and out.

3 Liz Hurley

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I’ve written this a few times now, but it certainly holds true for Liz Hurley; she has to be the hottest 52-year-old walking the planet today. Some of the steamy pics she posts of herself on Instagram are enough to render even the most talkative fellow speechless. She has that effect, and has had it for decades – it’s the Liz Hurley affect. Seriously, though, her rockin’ body, gorgeous looks, and everything about her is enough to get the pulse racing and get someone to start sweating bullets. Liz has made a career for herself out of being beautiful, being a model, and being a fashion icon. This led on to acting and various other opportunities, which Liz has made full use of. But since she went over the 40 mark, it’s as if something happened and she morphed into a sultry goddess; it’s fair to say by posting the provocative photos she posts, she’s answered the wishes of many people around the world.

2 Bradley Cooper

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Bradley Cooper is like the epitome of youth. Look at the guy, and you wouldn’t think he lives the strenuous life that actors tend to lead. Dodgy filming schedules, long sleepless nights, media appearances: he’s been doing this for so long, that at his age, you’d think he’d look haggard. But the guy’s seemingly always in good spirits. Whenever the paparazzi are out and about, he’s got a smile on his face, and it’s not a fake smile for the cameras – he’s not that good an actor! It’s genuine. He’s loving life, is in a stable relationship, his family life is splendid, and everything is going his way. You can tell by looking at him. It’s as if he’s floating on a cloud, and everything’s fallen into place. It’s something that’s helped keep him looking young. The 42-year-old is in the prime of his career, and it certainly shows.

1 Mark Wahlberg

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This guy has had many different careers, has seemingly been around forever, but nevertheless, is perpetually handsome, in tremendous shape, and looks way younger than his 46 years. In his years, Mark’s been through a lot. As a teenager, Mark was heading down a seriously dark path. It’s a credit to him that he actually managed to get back on track. He was in trouble many times with the law because of drugs and vicious attacks. It was around this time he started to get into music. That was his first brush with stardom. People saw his physique in music videos, and thus his modelling career began. One thing led to another, and he then began his acting career and has never looked back. Considering all he’s gone through, how he’s bounced back from a dark time in his life, it’s amazing he looks as good as he does. Set your eyes on Mark, and you certainly wouldn’t think that he’s pushing 50.


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