15 Celebs We All Thought Would Get Knocked Up Young (But Didn't)

Like it or not, pregnancy can be a risk for ladies in Hollywood. Yes, many would love to be mothers and do a great job with them but others frankly are not mom material. It can affect careers in various ways; Lisa Bonet was never quite the same after a young pregnancy ended her time on The Cosby Show and her own spin-off and other actresses have fared the same. It’s not fair but it happens and that’s especially true when it comes young. While MTV seems to make teen pregnancy look great, the statistics clearly show how damaging it is for both mother and child and causes a lot of problems. Celebrities may be able to back it up with millions but still run the same risks and that continues no matter how hot you may be.

Yet sometimes, it’s surprising how the starlets who seemed likely to fall into pregnancy manage to avoid it. A lot of often wild teen stars are able to recover and go on to have great careers. And even those who don’t are still able to not get pregnant at too young an age. Some do become mothers but when they’re better able to handle it and happy marriages while some have no kids at all. It’s funny to see how many would-be “train wrecks” or rather outgoing ladies never do get themselves with child (and surprising how some do) and proves you can’t always judge by reputation. Here are 15 young starlets many believed would get knocked up early but didn’t to show the “family way” isn’t as obvious as it seems.

15 Mischa Barton

A sad but classic case of a young star who rose high then flamed out. Mischa Barton got attention as a child actress, especially the ghost girl in The Sixth Sense. In 2003, she starred in Fox’s hit The O.C. and instantly a hot starlet. She graced magazine covers, had movie offers, the works. But Barton was soon overcome by addictions to drugs and drinking, showing up late and acting up so they had no choice but to fire her at the end of the third season. Barton’s life unraveled with arrests and trips to rehab amid wild partying. Her would-be comeback, The Beautiful Life, was axed after just two seasons and a later stint on Dancing With the Stars didn’t work either. Barton is still out there on social media but her star has really fallen. Some thought a young motherhood would be a nice thing for her but that was before her collapse and thus many are happy she didn’t drag a kid into her mess of a life. It’s just sad how this woman fell apart and Barton should be grateful she avoided pregnancy on top of it all.

14 Miley Cyrus

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It’s astounding to see how she’s transformed. The daughter of country singer Billy Ray, Miley was just 14 when cast in the Disney Channel series Hannah Montana. It was a stunning success, with concert tours and even a movie and Cyrus was shown as a squeaky clean girl for young fans to enjoy. Which was why it was shocking when she redid her image into a huge sexpot, flaunting her body constantly. That included the now infamous 2013 VMAs with her twerking and dancing that made headlines. Cyrus kept it up with reports of partying and then some very risqué magazine shoots, including several fully nude. She’s thankfully toned it down, her latest album hailed for a better style and her turn of judging on The Voice showing a more serious side. Still, it was easy to believe that at the height of her wilder times, Cyrus could have gotten pregnant amid her various antics. Thankfully, she’s avoided that and grown up better but one imagines a little Hannah easily running around.

13 Kristen Stewart

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A major bit of the Twilight novels (which gets some controversy) is Bella marrying vampire love Edward and having a child with him while just barely out of high school. It’s gotten some heat and that carried to the movie version as well. Kristen Stewart rose to fame for the movies and made her a star while carrying on with Robert Pattinson. It got some hot stuff and Stewart seemed awkward while growing up but still a sexy vibe. Thus, more than a few suggested she’d follow in Bella’s footsteps for an early pregnancy. In 2012, Stewart got in major trouble for having an affair with director Rupert Sanders and there was speculation of a pregnancy but that turned out to be tabloid rumors. Today, of course, Stewart has come out as gay and dating model Stella Maxwell. Thus, the idea of her getting pregnant has lowered but it’s remarkable to think of the irony of a woman who played a teen mom managing to avoid that fate despite her romantic thrills.

12 Vanessa Hudgens

Maybe not as “wild child” as others, it was clear Vanessa Hudgens had a spark to her. She rose to fame in the High School Musical movies with her lovely humor, great voice and nice beauty. She had roles in kid films like Journey 2 but remade herself big time for Spring Breakers. That got her attention for her sexy manner and often some wild stuff (like in trouble for vandalizing a rock at a national park on vacation). Linked to some hot guys, Hudgens was often shown doing some partying and very risqué photo shoots. Thus, the idea of her getting knocked up at an early age seemed a distinct possibility. Hudgens has managed to avoid that and won hails for doing Grease Live just a day after the death of her father, showing her strength. Maybe motherhood is in the cards for her in the future but as it is, Hudgens was able to avoid this in her teen years which can be troublesome.

11 Britney Spears

The irony of this is astounding. When Britney Spears popped up, the idea of her as a young mom seemed obvious. She was steamy from the start with her schoolgirl look for “Hit Me Baby One More Time” and soon getting massive attention for her appeal. Her body was rocking and adorned magazines and posters and her performances were very racy. Throw in some romances like Kevin Federline and the idea of Britney turning into a younger mother seemed so likely, it wasn’t worth talking about. Yet, amazingly, it took until 2005, at the age of 24, for Spears to have her first child with then-husband Kevin Federline. A second later followed and while Spears had her infamous meltdown (including the shot of her son sitting her lap in the driver’s seat), she has mellowed and become a better mom. Shockingly, it was her sister, Jamie Lynn, who became pregnant at only 16. So if you had to bet which Spears was going to be the teen mom, you’d have lost on your pick.

10 Tara Reid

Sometimes, you just feel sad looking at some starlets who seemed so hot and sexy but faded. Tara Reid rose to fame in 1999 with her role in American Pie, an instant hot blonde sex symbol. She added to that with parts in movies like Van Wilder, Josie and the Pussycats and more to get big attention. Sadly, Reid hit a rough patch with flops that had her marked as one of the worst actresses in Hollywood. Then came various drug arrests and other conflicts that marred her more. Worse was how her health fluctuated as the woman shocked people by showing up at parties looking like a skeleton. There was also some horrible plastic surgeries that marred her more. Reid has cleaned up and even gotten some cult fame with the Sharknado movies. It was all too easy to imagine that at the height of her self-destructive phase, Reid could have gotten pregnant, especially with her reported bed-hopping with the party going. It’s a good thing she managed to avoid that to improve her life beyond her messy body issues.

9 Alyssa Milano

Just a kid when she came to fame, Alyssa Milano got attention as the little kid in the classic action flick Commando. That combined with her starring in the hit comedy Who’s the Boss? as a lovely young girl who started as a tomboy. She got more famous afterward for growing into a sexy lady but hit a slow spot in her later teens. Milano changed up with the movie Embrace of the Vampire, baring her body and showing a wilder manner in public. With her going nude a lot and rumors of hard partying, it may have been natural to think Milano could add a young pregnancy to her list. But she rebounded, starring in the long-running hit Charmed to add to her success. Later, Milano starred in Mistresses with the second season of the show having to adjust to her real-life pregnancy at 29. Thus, Milano was good avoiding a teen pregnancy in her younger years yet interesting how she’s become a good one for real.

8 Ariel Winter

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Ariel Winter has definitely grown up before the eyes of viewers. She was a teenager when cast as the wise-beyond-her-years Alex Dunphy on the hit Modern Family. The idea was Alex the genius in the shadow of her much hotter sister. But then Winter hit a growth spurt that massively changed her body. Indeed, she needed a breast reduction to get it more manageable but still looking stacked. Winter also got attention for having to be emancipated from her mother amid talk of abuse. As the years have gone on, Winter has embraced her sexy side, flaunting a very hot body in various social media postings and rumors of some steamy romances. Some were concerned given how fast she was growing up that Winter could get pregnant (which would undoubtedly have affected the show). Thankfully, she’s avoided that and still looking very sexy in her pics yet one wonders how close Winter came to getting a family of her own.

7 Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore would probably joke on how a teen pregnancy was one part of her infamous breakdown she managed to avoid. She came to fame in E.T. and other movies, a cute gal with great talent who looked to have a good career ahead. But then the Barrymore drinking curse hit her big time as she was forced to check into rehab at just 14. Drew is totally up front on how badly she was into drugs, drinking, bed-hopping and far more. She was a complete mess and needed years of rehab to recover. Thankfully, she’s turned into one of Hollywood’s best success stories with hits like Charlie’s Angels, Never Been Kissed and more. She’s also a successful producer and wonderful talking to help other young actresses. Barrymore does have two children but has stated she’s happy it occurred once she was mature enough to handle it rather than her “wild child” years.

6 Amanda Bynes

It’s still shocking how a woman who seemed to have it all together could come apart so fast. Amanda Bynes got attention on Nickelodeon with the sketch series All That and her own show. She earned further attention with the hit sitcom What I Like About You showing off her nice comedic style. Movie stardom followed like What A Girl Wants and other films that showed a fantastic comedic style, charm and growing sex appeal. It looked like Bynes had a great career in front of her…and then it came apart overnight. Before anyone knew it, she’d gotten arrested for DUIs, accused her father of putting a microchip in her brain and tossed in the mental ward. She even claimed to have gotten engaged only for her “fiancée” to claim they’d never met. Bynes’ career was over and she turned into a massive tabloid joke. There were rumors of her being pregnant but she wasn’t and seems to be trying to get her life back on track. Still, it was easy to imagine Bynes adding a baby to that breakdown to make it complete.

5 Bella Thorne

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Currently rocking it on various racy photos, Bella Thorne is another example of a former Disney Channel starlet all grown up. She started off as the quirky CeeCee on the comedy Shake It Up and a few TV movies, showing nice dance moves and humor. Since that show ended, Thorne has gotten into TV roles on Scream and Famous in Love. But bigger is her presence on social media as at least once a week, she shares a photo that threatens to burn down the Internet. She doesn’t go all out but Thorne loves to flaunt her body in very revealing outfits. That includes shifting her usually red hair to a variety of colors, some tattoos and piercings and making out with women. Given all that, one might have expected Thorne to have an early pregnancy but she’s managed to avoid that well. She’s still rather young but at least Thorne is avoiding marring that hot body with a pregnancy too soon to build up her career a bit more first.

4 Lindsay Lohan

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It really just seemed so obvious. In the ranks of people who seemed to have a great career ahead of them only to fall apart, Lindsay Lohan stands rather tall. She became a star with her turn as twins in The Parent Trap, an adorable girl who got good reviews. In 2004, she rose up with Mean Girls and a growth spurt that turned her into a very sexy lady. She seemed to have a great career in front of her but it fell apart. Her partying soon got out of control with drug issues and reports of her acting up on set. A series of flops lowered her standing and before long, she was better known by the tabloids than anything in a movie. That included various arrests and other messes. She was doffing it for Playboy and other magazines but no longer as hot as she seemed.

Amid all her messes, including several relationships, one might have expected Lohan to get pregnant early on but she managed to avoid it. That was probably good as most would agree the woman was hardly mother material with her problems. She’s still single and not a mom but notable how this was one part of her train wreck of a life Lohan managed to avoid.

3 Shannen Doherty

For years, Shannen Doherty was the go to name for the biggest “rhymes with witch” in Hollywood. She had a good career early on and became famous playing Brenda in Beverly Hills 90210. That got her huge attention and boosted her up. But it also gave Doherty a massive ego and clashing constantly with co-stars and directors. The show finally had enough and fired her. In 1998, she returned to TV in Charmed but once more, her ego was an issue with more conflicts and left in a cloud after three seasons. That’s not to mention Doherty partying and bad marriage with clashes with the press and acting up big-time. It’s not at all hard to imagine Doherty getting herself pregnant early on during that wild phase although one shudders to think how the poor kid would have been with her. To be fair, Doherty has seemed to clean herself up and take her life more seriously. Indeed, she’s earned hails for fighting breast cancer and seen in a better light. Her life was already hectic so adding a kid would have made it even crazier.

2 Jessica Biel

Only in Hollywood could Jessica Biel be cast as the older daughter on 7th Heaven despite being younger than “little sister” Beverly Mitchell. Biel was fun as tomboy Mary, showing a good humor and clean-cut. But in 2000, she transformed big time by doing an interview for Gear magazine where she cursed like a sailor and trashed the show’s goody-goody image. She also did a spread with topless photos that caused a massive stir as she was just 17. She was written off the show and soon had a rep for being older in her behavior so the idea of her getting pregnant early on was a distinct possibility. The show even teased it a bit although neither Mary or Biel in real life would end up with child. Biel has gone on for a career for mostly sexy roles and has had a child with husband Justin Timberlake. Right now, Biel is winning massive raves for her role as a troubled mom on the USA drama The Sinner and this showcased how she’d matured thanks to avoiding getting too wild in her past.

1 Danielle Fishel

Maybe she wasn’t as wild as others but something about Danielle Fishel indicated an early motherhood was in the cards. She was just a kid when she got the role of the quirky Topanga on the hit sitcom Boy Meets World. Intended to be a brief role, Fishel rose up majorly and became a regular. Fans loved her charm, her beauty and especially how puberty turned her into a knockout body. Fishel would be popular, including a steamy Maxim photo shoot and various TV movies. She was the host of The Dish to mock popular culture and got attention dating Lance Bass. Fishel returned to her iconic role in Girl Meets World with Topanga now the mom to two kids and raising them well. Yet, surprisingly, Fishel does not have kids for real (she divorced her husband in 2016) despite how many thought she would be good mother material. It’s unique how she wasn’t a crazy gal into drugs or drinking but just seemed likely to be as good a mom in real life as on TV yet hasn’t happened.

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