15 Celebs Using The Subway Like The Rest Of Us

When you think of how celebs travel around, chances are, you think luxury — private jets, limos or cars with a driver, nothing but the best. However, in reality, things are a little bit different. While there certainly are some celebrities who will only accept the best, there are many others who are a lot more humble. They're willing to simply fly first class, or even economy in some cases, instead of opting for a private jet. And, when they're in a city with a great public transportation system like New York City, they're more than happy to just jump on the subway rather than waiting in traffic in the backseat of a car while their chauffeur navigates the busy streets.

Now, many celebrities don't opt to do things like take public transportation on a regular basis simply because they don't want to run into a situation where they get mobbed by fans. However, in certain cities, like New York, there's a bit of an unspoken rule that you just leave people alone, even if they're famous, even if they've plopped on a subway seat right next to you.

Here are 15 gorgeous celebs who took the subway, just like a regular person.

15 Jessica Chastain, Riding The Subway With Her Whole Crew

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Jessica Chastain is a major heavy hitter in the entertainment industry. She's snagged challenging, meaty roles in countless films, including playing poker princess Molly Bloom in the recently released flick Molly's Game. However, despite all her success, she's not a diva — she's more than willing to head down to the subway with her friends and just hop on the train rather than waiting around for a cab. It would probably be pretty startling to see her, with her gorgeous face and beautiful red locks, in the middle of a regular crowd, but she always seems so humble and gracious, she'd probably happily sign an autograph if you came across her and asked. We kind of love casual, off duty Jessica Chastain, just having fun with her friends as she gets to her next destination.

14 Emma Watson, Book Club Guru

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You might think that Emma Watson would be a huge diva, since she attained a massive amount of fame at such a young age. Not to mention, she's somehow managed to make the switch from being a child star, essentially, to being a respected actress with countless other ventures on the side. She's a major boss. One of the things she's a huge advocate of is reading — no surprise, considering she shot to fame thanks to a film series based on a beloved children's book series — and she took to social media a while back posting shots of herself hiding her book club reading selections around the city. And, it seems Watson has no issue heading down to the underground to hide a few books — given how many people read while in transit, it's actually the perfect place!

13 Jessica Alba, Chilling At The Spring Street Stop

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Jessica Alba definitely spends the majority of her time in Los Angeles, but like many actresses, she gets to New York City every now and then. Some just go to see what the city has to offer, some are there for talk show and late night show appearances, whatever the case. Here, she's pictured with a pal at the Spring Street stop, sipping some kind of beverage and waiting for the train to roll in. If you didn't recognize her, you'd just think this was some regular (albeit totally gorgeous) girl, out with a friend, running around the city. She definitely doesn't have any kind of diva attitude, even though she's both a successful actress and a successful entrepreneur. Hey, everyone takes the subway sometimes — even the gorgeous Jessica Alba.

12 Anne Hathaway And Her Hubby, NYC Style

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Many people think of Anne Hathaway as a little bit unapproachable — not necessarily because she's rude in person, but just because of a certain vibe she gives off. While she's definitely channeling that vibe a little in this shot, it's not necessarily because of anything she's doing — she just has a minor case of RBF. Regardless, anyone who thought she was unapproachable and snobby and definitely not down to mix with her fans would be pretty surprised to see her heading through the subway turnstile to catch the train like every other regular person. She's just like any other New Yorker, out for a date with her hubby, taking the subway to reach their next destination. Although most regular people don't have hair that glossy and gorgeous, but hey — we can't all have everything.

11 Sarah Jessica Parker, Doing Something Carrie Bradshaw Never Did

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Sarah Jessica Parker's most iconic character is, without doubt, Carrie Bradshaw. The shoe-loving relationship columnist was an iconic character in television history, and SJP played her to perfection. And, it doesn't hurt that rather than making her home base Los Angeles, like many actresses do, she and her actor hubby have opted to make NYC their home base. She's kind of the real life Carrie Bradshaw, minus all the relationship issues, plus a few adorable children. However, there is one thing that sets them apart — she's not afraid to take the subway. Despite the fact that she lived in New York City, Carrie Bradshaw virtually always opted to take a cab rather than hopping on the subway line. SJP has no problems navigating the underground public transit system — even in stiletto heels. Respect!

10 Maggie Gyllenhaal, Skimming The Morning Paper

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Okay, we have to admit — Maggie Gyllenhaal is probably one of the few celebs we would believe actually takes the subway on a regular basis. It's not because she's that much less famous than other starlets, although she definitely does a fantastic job of keeping her private life out of the tabloids. It's because she's kind of an indie darling rather than a blockbuster starlet. Sure, she's appeared in many bigger films, but her true fan base comes from her quirkier roles. It seems totally fitting that she would opt to take the subway, and be so comfortable there that she'd just whip out the paper and start reading while in transit. If you weren't a huge fan, chances are your gaze would go straight past her, because she just looks like a regular person.

9 Elizabeth Olsen, Looking Adorable

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One of the reasons the world fell in love with Elizabeth Olsen so quickly is because she just seems like such a breath of fresh air — and seems a world apart from her famous twin sisters. While Mary Kate and Ashley have an air of unapproachability to them, Elizabeth always seems genuinely warm and friendly in interviews, always down to chat with anyone. She's a genuine superstar now, following up a string of indie roles with appearances in huge blockbuster hits, but that doesn't mean she's going to suddenly transform into a diva. She's confessed herself that she lives a fairly boring life, and as we see from this picture, she rather just hop on the subway train than try to flag down a cab or arrange for a driver to take her around the city.

8 Kim and Kourtney Kardashian, Taking The Subway For The First Time Ever, Probably

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The Kardashians are completely, unapologetically Los Angeles. From the way they dress to the way they speak, they scream California. However, they do travel from time to time, including to New York City — and during one of those trips, Kim and Kourtney, for whatever reason, decided to take the subway. We've got to be honest — we didn't think we would ever see a Kardashian family member step foot on public transportation. I mean, can you imagine Kim K perched on a bus as it cruised through Los Angeles? Not in a million years. However, it seems they've taken on the attitude that when in New York, they should do as the New Yorkers do. We shouldn't expect to see any more subway selfies though — although who knows, they could always surprise us.

7 Lindsay Lohan Taking The Subway With Then-GF Samantha Ronson

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We can totally imagine Samantha Ronson taking the subway — from her hat to her 'don't look at me' scowl, she definitely has the unapproachable public transit rider persona down pat. However, we never thought we'd see Lindsay Lohan on a subway train. It seems that back in the day, when she was dating DJ Samantha Ronson, the two of them headed out on some kind of an excursion and just grabbed the subway to get there rather than a cab. Again, this is kind of a case of New York vs. Los Angeles. Lohan has spent so much of her time in Los Angeles, from her child star days to her teen star days to now, that it's no surprise she may not be as familiar with the subway as a native New Yorker would.

6 Zoe Saldana, Looking Fierce

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Zoe Saldana always looks so impossibly chic, and it's hard to remember sometimes that she's originally from New Jersey, and spent a lot of time in and around New York City before making the move to Los Angeles. Unlike some celebs, who seem supremely uncomfortable on the subway, or like it's something totally foreign to them, Saldana fits right in. Of course, she looks way more gorgeous than the average subway rider, but we'd totally believe she was just a regular girl en route to her next destination rather than a famous actress. We love when she plays sassy, street smart characters, so who knows — maybe some of her subway trips will inspire her to take on another meaty, challenging role — she definitely has the chops, and we'd love to see it.

5 Repeat Rider Katie Holmes Looking Chic, As Always

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This is another surprising one. We're not sure why, but we just wouldn't have imagined Katie Holmes taking the subway, period. However, it seems that not only has she taken the subway before, she's also a bit of a repeat rider. It just proves that the gorgeous starlet is definitely a smart cookie — in a city that's so often gridlocked, it's just easier to hop onto public transportation to get to your next destination. Plus, the opportunities for people watching are endless, something that any actress would be smart to capitalize on. Who knows what kind of inspiration for an upcoming role you'll see strutting right past you as you're en route to the next stop? Thanks to the sunglasses, though, she definitely has a chic actress vibe about her.

4 Julianne Moore, Popping Through The Turnstile

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Julianne Moore looks absolutely stunning when she's all glammed up for the red carpet, with her creamy alabaster skin and fiery red hair and toned physique. She's the perfect person to showcase any designer's dress. However, she's also not afraid to dress down a little when she's off duty — in this shot, she's rocking a beanie, no make-up, and a totally casual outfit that seems designed for comfort rather than style. And honestly? We love it. So many actresses seem to look flawless anytime they step outside their front door, and it's kind of nice to get a reminder that celebrities are just normal human beings like the rest of us, hopping on the subway en route to their next destination without worrying about looking glamorous or even bothering with make-up.

3 Olivia Wilde, Looking Absolutely Stunning

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Olivia Wilde is so unbelievably beautiful it's kind of not even fair — her bone structure would make even a supermodel envious. However, one of the reasons the public loves her so much is because she's totally down to earth and hilarious, usually choosing to capitalize on her personality rather than her looks. This photo just proves that. Instead of travelling through the city like the A-List actress she is, she's cool with just hopping on the subway. Now, she might get stopped more than the average person because she's gorgeous and has a really distinctive look, but that's a risk she's willing to take. We wonder if she, hubby Jason Sudeikis and their kids ever hop on the subway when they're in the city together — that would be a majorly cute photo.

2 Helen Mirren, Subway Queen

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Helen Mirren is a big deal. I mean, the woman not only has a hugely successful acting career, she's also a literal Dame. However, she's also hilarious and down to earth, and she's definitely not afraid to hop on the subway. She was pictured by paparazzi in a stunning blue coat, showing fellow celeb Will Smith how to work the subway. Given that Mirren must have spent some time in London in her younger years, public transportation etiquette is probably old news to her. Anyway, we just love that Mirren is content to hop on the subway — she's probably the type who would even strike up a conversation with her fellow passengers, something that would probably make their whole year. I mean, can you imagine having a story about meeting Helen Mirren on the subway?

1 Drew Barrymore Painting Her Nails En Route

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Drew Barrymore has lived an insanely fascinating life. From her years as a child star to her years as a troubled teen to her comeback, from her acting career to her entrepreneurial venture, she's endlessly fascinating. And, despite her stardom, she's always seemed really humble, someone who realizes that she's lucky to be in the position she's in and is grateful for every moment of it. One of the reasons everyone loves her so much is because she's so quirky — and this photo encapsulates her personality perfectly. I mean, the woman is full on painting her nails in the subway, which is kind of amazing. Not to mention, it probably takes a lot of skill — perhaps if she ever decides to hang up her acting hat, she can turn her entrepreneurial focus towards the nail care industry — it wouldn't be a far stretch, considering she already has a beauty line.

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