15 Celebs That Were So Thirsty They Seemed Desperate

The newly-popularized term “thirsty” refers to someone who is trying to seek some kind of attention. Let’s say, for example, that there was a woman who simply wanted attention for attention’s sake. She sought to break up relationships and took charge of any room she was in simply because she could. She didn’t care that she was wearing clothing so provocative that it left nothing to the imagination. She wouldn’t think about her reputation at all. We all know at least one person like that. We would categorize these people as "thirsty," the ones that would go to extreme lengths just to get someone’s attention.

To be honest, when you are talking about people who are “thirsty,” the word “desperate” is often thrown into the mix as well. Everyone knows those who are thirsty are also desperate, and it’s easy to see why the following women are known as such. It might not necessarily be their fault, though. Fame and fortune are two things that nearly always change a person, but these ladies still act thirsty for attention pretty much all of the time.

Some of the following women are listed here because of the clothing they wear or the swagger of supreme confidence they carry. Others are here because of the choices they have made, all of which are done to shove them further into the spotlight. Regardless of which celebrity we’re talking about, every one of them can be found parading about social media, often wearing very little clothing. Why would they constantly be putting themselves in such provocative situations? It’s because they are all thirsty for attention.

15 Amber Rose

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The gorgeous Amber Rose is known for three things: her amazing body, her famous baby daddy, and the fact that she has beef with, well, just about everyone. It seems as though no matter what she’s doing or where she’s at in the world, she’s posting pictures that leave absolutely nothing to the imagination. Scrolling through pictures on her social media is equivalent to seeing pretty much everything there is to know about Amber. Being an ex-dancer, Amber isn’t ashamed of her body, and she embraces every curve of it. Since having a body of that caliber must need more worship than us regular folks, we sort of understand why Amber seems to live in the land of thirst. She is well aware of her looks and the effect she has on men and she certainly uses that information to her advantage.

14 Charlotte McKinney

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Even if she wasn’t in Baywatch with an incredible bikini body that looks as though it was specifically designed for the part, Charlotte McKinney would still be in our faces showing off the assets her momma gave her. It seems that no matter what kind of clothing article she’s wearing, it’s revealing more than what would be considered appropriate by most people’s standards. Whether it’s a mini skirt and crop top while she’s out shopping, or any of the lingerie or swimwear she rocks while working, she clearly believes that less is more. Most people refer to her body as “flawless” and they put her up on a pedestal. She is still a young model and if millions of men were panting at your doorstep, you would most likely be acting thirsty too. Even though a lot of women out there definitely set up a lot of "thirst traps," we love to point out the celebrity thirsties more. Life’s just more fun that way.

13 Kylie Jenner

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Kylie may be the first Kardashian/Jenner to grace this article, but she certainly won’t be the last of the clan to do so. The reason we hear so much about this family all the time is because they want us to. They make sure that at least one of them is in the news and is relevant in one way or another. If the Kardashian/Jenners aren’t battling against more theft allegations or fuelling drama against the likes of both Blac Chyna and Amber Rose, they are taking scandalous photos of themselves and posting them on their social media accounts. Although Kylie isn’t the big bad wolf when it comes to being thirsty for attention, she still does her fair share of stirring up trouble. Some people aren’t thrilled with the fact that she went from a regular young lady to a smaller version of Kim once she got older, but we shouldn’t be surprised that some of the younger siblings are falling in line behind the Great Kim K. Depending on how you look at it, Kim seems to have made an entire career out of doing practically nothing. Who wouldn’t want to cash in on that?

12 Lindsay Lohan

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Ever since she stopped being relevant, Lindsay Lohan has been trying to make her way back into the spotlight. She hasn’t met much success, but that certainly hasn’t stopped her from trying in every desperate way that she can. From appearing at functions too trashed to talk, to trying to look sexy by just omitting as much clothing as the public will tolerate, Lindsay has done it all. It seems that Lohan hasn’t managed to get her name back on the map, but she has gotten her name mentioned in just about every one of the “D-list” celeb montages out there. You would think that after being considered an out of control party girl, Lohan would have picked herself up and utilized the many skills she's learned in multiple stints in rehab, but that’s just not the case. However logical that might be to a sane individual, Lindsay clearly hasn’t received the memo; she’s just as thirsty as ever.

11 Kris Jenner

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The monarch of the Kardashian clan made it into this piece for one reason: her desperate thirst for money and fame. If you haven’t noticed by now, Kris has done just about everything in her power to cash in on things the others have done. Yes, since she gave birth to these women, she will always have some sort of claim on them and their fame and fortune, but it wasn’t Kris that made and allegedly leaked an adult film of herself. It was Kim, and Kris just found ways to make money off of it as well. If she isn’t acting as their manager and taking quite a bit right off the top, she’s finding other ways to get her hands on more money. She might not believe that she has a problem when it comes to cashing in on her kids, but it’s been pointed out so much on their show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, that you could make an entire episode out of clips where her and her kids are fighting about her and her thirsty ways.

10 Brandi Glanville

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It’s sort of a given that if you are on a show like The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills, you are thirsty to some extent. Take, for example, Brandi Glanville. She’s beautiful, an author and the host of her very own podcast, yet even though she has it all, she still feels the need to be thirsty for attention. Having a rap sheet like that may make one believe that she is an upstanding citizen, but we’re talking about a woman who has gone walking around in public with pasties on. In the end, she was making sure that everyone saw her chest. She has also had some bad luck. For example, she was the woman married to Eddie Cibrian when LeAnn Rimes decided to hook up with him, but Brandi’s had her own share of drama starting when she began talking about the smell of Joann Krupa’s private areas. Now, that’s what you call a classy chick.

9 Miley Cyrus

When talking about people who are desperate and thirsty for attention, you can’t compile a list and not think to include Miss Cyrus. Although she seems to have toned down quite a bit, it wasn’t all that long ago that Miley didn’t seem to have her head screwed on quite right. She started out her career being the doll face of the Disney Channel, which is a job that doesn’t come without its own woes, and we collectively watched as Miley spiralled out of control after leaving her Hannah Montana persona behind. Her father wasn’t too happy about her choices, but we all watched with bated breath to see just what sort of stunt she would pull next for all the attention she could muster. You may think that those events weren’t really her fault, and that she had just been introduced to fame and fortune at too young an age, but no one chose to wear the revealing ensembles she wore around on stage but her. You don’t wear things like that unless you are trying to get some major attention.

8 Tila Tequila


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This hotshot is known for going around making some noise. Not only is she loud, some say that she’s obnoxious and tries way too hard to get people to like her. Most feel like she didn’t do much to be famous in the first place, but some of the celebs in this article are of the same breed. Although they can all say they didn’t do much to get as famous as they are, Tila could call herself the first to have become famous strictly off her social media presence. No one can forget about her bis*xual dating show that appeared on TV quite a few years back. While the concept of the show was certainly interesting as well as entertaining, one couldn’t help but to think that it was mostly put on for attention.

7 Heidi Montag

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Heidi used to be a relatively normal girl before she made her debut on the trashy reality show, The Hills. Yes, she still continued to retain her natural looks throughout the show but it was the events throughout the show that helped shape her into the person she is today. Some believe that Spencer was the reason for all of the cosmetic surgery she got after The Hills, but she had to have some desire to look that way or she wouldn’t have done it in the first place. It doesn’t matter who you talk to, everyone can pretty much agree that you don’t look that way unless you want attention and Heidi is certainly a woman who fits the bill. If you didn’t have enough proof before that Heidi and Spencer were just out for attention, just know that they both faked a divorce scandal to try to boost her failing career. There are many reasons why the celebs of Hollywood don’t care to tangle with her, and her abundant thirst is just one of them.

6 Jodie Marsh

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You’ll recognize Jodie Marsh from things like her modelling and her bodybuilding physique. She’s certainly not as famous in America as she is in Britain but her name certainly came across the pond as she searched for more worshippers in her quest for fame. While Jodie does have a career that most would call reputable, not everything she’s done has been done with professionalism. In fact, she’s even been called out for making inappropriate comments about Frank Lampard, a professional soccer player. Before that, she was thrown into the spotlight, much to her delight, for the messy divorce she went through. She was called out by her ex for having a horrible drinking problem coupled with poor hygiene. Having a drinking problem is bad enough, but when you throw bad hygiene in the mix, it really just screams desperate.

5 Kim Kardashian

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Kim is the thirstiest Kardashian of them all, and man, does she want that fame and fortune. If she isn’t claiming she didn’t know about a leaked tape, then she’s busy getting married to a certain someone for more attention. Yes, she has taken the time in her show to explain the tape as well as her marriage to Kris Humphries, but we still hold on to the belief that she did it with fame in mind. Even though a lot don’t care for her because they feel like she’s talentless and old news, she still manages to come up constantly and remain relevant. Her appearances in the media over the past few years haven’t totally been because of her; the insane antics of her husband Kanye West have certainly contributed as well. She might be the thirstiest of her clan but she’s not the thirstiest in this piece.

4 Lauren Jauregui

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Some don’t recognize the name Lauren Jauregui, but they’ll recognize her face or the fact that she got her first start in the girl pop group, Fifth Harmony. Even if you don’t care about who she is, you’ve almost definitely heard of the group. Although pretty much everyone in Fifth Harmony could be called trashy for the way they dress and the lifestyle they live, Lauren really takes the cake when it comes to being the worst. She is constantly being shamed by the people of Hollywood, but James McVey, the lead singer of the Vamps, seems to have the most to say about the time “they’d had a go.” You wouldn’t be shamed for your behavior if you weren’t running around thirsting after every man you see.

3 Blac Chyna

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Ever since Blac Chyna has been on the scene, she has been surrounded by drama and thirst. Before she met Tyga, she was an exotic dancer, and we all know just how thirsty exotic dancers are. We heard a lot about her when she became Tyga’s baby mama, but that was really only because of her and Tyga’s ties with the Kardashian family. As Tyga and Kylie’s relationship unfolded, Chyna and Rob became a thing. Now, neither pair is together, but each party, of course, has a lot to say about the other. They might all be going their own separate ways but we’re positive that we’ll hear more about them any day now. Chyna, for one, never seems to stay out of the spotlight for very long; it’s clear she craves the attention.

2 Aubrey O’Day

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This pretty lady was from a musical group called Danity Kane. Even though the group itself is a thing of the past, the woman pictured here made sure that she remained relevant enough to stick around. Last year, Aubrey shacked up with Pauly D from the Jersey Shore cast and they began dating. After splitting briefly, getting back together, breaking up again, and getting back together again, they finally came to realize that this was not a match made in heaven and they just simply weren’t going to work. Other than that, she is always seen being too sexy for her own good. This woman is often caught wearing far too little clothing. Like always, if it looks thirsty and acts thirsty, it’s usually thirsty.

1 Farrah Abraham

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As it should be, we saved the very best, or worst, for last. The award for the thirstiest of thirst could only be given to Farrah Abraham. This is a girl who started off making mistakes at a young age, wound up pregnant, and on MTV’s 16 & Pregnant. She carried her bad choices through to the next show she was in, Teen Mom. After that, however, Ms. Abraham was out of luck. Since she didn’t have any skills or talents to fall back on, she decided to take a page out of Kimmy K’s book and released an inappropriate tape all on her own. Farrah is one woman that is willing to risk everything for just a few more sweet seconds of fame.

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