15 Celebs That We Can't Even Recognize Anymore

People's looks are likely to change as they age. Maybe your features will be different than when you were younger. However, it is not normal to look like an entirely different person after any number of years. Some celebrities have had so much plastic surgery that their faces look entirely new, others have gained or lost a significant amount of weight that makes them appear like a totally different person, or some have just aged so poorly due to issues with drugs and alcohol that you would never guess them to be the celebrity you once knew.

Some of these celebrities got in trouble with their fans after they debuted their new appearances, while others received overwhelming amounts of praise for their transformations. Former athletes, unfortunately, have to deal with the unattractive physical repercussions of injuries from the past. Some were the unfortunate victims of botched surgeries and others actually made their faces look this bad on purpose. A number of celebrities own up to their plastic surgeries if they have made drastic changes to their faces or bodies and others will deny it until the end of time because they are too embarrassed or do not want to admit to having work done.

Celebrities also have a lot of money to spend however they please. To some, it is tempting to continuously make alterations to their appearance just because they can. They are constantly looking to improve themselves but in reality, they are just going overboard and now they are beyond recognition. Here are 15 celebrities who are now unrecognizable.

15 Donatella Versace

donatella versace unrecognizable after plastic surgery
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Donatella Versace is an Italian fashion designer but she is also is a person who comes to mind when people think of plastic surgeries gone wrong. She was once a natural blonde beauty but over time after all of the cosmetic procedures, her face has turned into something unrecognizable.

The first thing that people probably notice about her face now is her overly-plumped lips, which is what surgeons would call a "trout pout." Versace's skin also appears to have a waxy appearance, which is likely the result of too many laser treatments. She has never disclosed exactly what kinds of cosmetic procedures she has had but she has had enough to transform her entire face. It is unfortunate that she paid all this money to look better and she actually ended up looking worse.

14 Kylie Jenner

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Kylie Jenner is often talked about for the dramatic transformation her appearance has made in just a few short years. The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star has only admitted to having her lips injected and that was after over a year of lying to her fans, insisting that she was just "over-lining her lips." Now, the reality star and beauty mogul is known for her puffy pout and has created her brand, Kylie Cosmetics, because of it.

A lot of Jenner's fans have accused her of having many other cosmetic procedures over the years. The 20-year-old whose body was once rail-thin now has a curvy body beyond belief. Some have alleged that Kylie has had a chest augmentation or even butt implants but the reality star has never admitted to any of it. Either way, she looks dramatically different than the young girl who first appeared on her sisters' television show.

13 Heidi Montag

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Heidi Montag is best known for starring on the MTV reality series The Hills with Lauren Conrad. After she got a taste of reality star fame, she began to obsess over her looks and became infatuated with plastic surgery. Montag had over 10 plastic surgeries done in one day, completely altering her appearance in 2010.

She had a brow lift, nose job, two breast enlargements, fat injected into her cheekbones, liposuction on her inner and outer thighs, her back scooped out, chin shaved, and ears pinned. In 2014, the reality star came forward and publicly admitted that she regretted having so many surgeries. She and her husband Spencer Pratt admittedly ran through almost $10 million of their savings in a short amount of time and a lot of that was on plastic surgeries.

12 Lil' Kim

lil kim unrecognizable after plastic surgery
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Lil' Kim was one of the first female rappers to really make a name for herself in the nineties. She infamously dated the Notorious B.I.G., also known as Biggie Smalls, before he was murdered in 1997. Lil' Kim's face has changed more times over the years than a person could count. She has had a countless amount of surgeries and always surprises her fans with a new look when she makes public appearances.

In 2016, it was alleged that the rapper was "addicted to plastic surgeries." Specialists even suggested that she seek "professional help" because it was getting to the point where she was going to "destroy" her face if she continued. That spring, Lil' Kim posted a photo that shocked her 2.1 million Instagram followers. The African-American singer's skin looked extremely pale and she had super light hair. Her fans questioned if it was even her.

11 Jocelyn Wildenstein

jocelyn wildenstein unrecognizable after plastic surgery
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Jocelyn Wildenstein is known as the poster child for plastic surgery gone wrong. She is known on the internet as "Catwoman" and the "Lion Woman of New York." Wildenstein is actually a Swiss-born American socialite best-known for her infamous divorce from the billionaire, Alec Wildenstein. She received a whopping $2.5 billion in the divorce settlement with an additional $100 million each year for 13 years.

Jocelyn reportedly spent at least $4 million on plastic surgeries. She originally intended to make her appearance more "cat-like" for her husband at the time who loved "big cats." Wildenstein has had a brow lift, facelift, lip injections, a chin augmentation, fat grafting, cheek implants, upper and lower eyelid surgery, canthopexy, and additional work on her eyes to make them look more like cats. Despite the criticisms she receives about her appearance, she is apparently happy with the work she has gotten done.

10 Perez Hilton

perez hilton unrecognizable after weight loss
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Perez Hilton is a celebrity blogger and columnist who started a website known for its controversial celebrity coverage. Hilton is open about his s*xuality and his weight loss journey, which was fairly recent. He lost a dramatic amount of weight and looks entirely different than he had in years prior.

After struggling with his weight for practically his entire life, he made a commitment to his health and lost over 70 pounds. To keep his body looking fit, Perez works out seven days a week and eats a very "clean diet." Hilton has said that his fitness idols are David Beckham and Zac Efron. He now has dozens of successful sites, podcasts, and television production company. His reputation among the celebrities in the Hollywood community has also improved over the years.

9 Kim Zolciak-Biermann

kim zolciak biermann unrecognizable after plastic surgery
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Kim Zolciak first graced us with her presence on The Real Housewives of Atlanta in 2008 on Bravo. She was first known for wearing a number of blonde wigs and having a secret sugar daddy who she called "Big Papa." She had two daughters from previous relationships and was married once before. The viewers loved her and she always brought the drama but her appearance has definitely changed over the years.

Kim started dating and eventually married the NFL player, Kroy Biermann. The couple went on to have four more children and allowed Bravo cameras in on their crazy life with the spin-off series, Don't Be Tardy. Kim has not been shy about all of her cosmetic procedures. The reality star has admitted to having botox and fillers, she documented her breast augmentation and tummy tuck on her spin-off series, and proudly displayed her cellulite injections she got in her rear end just last year. Some would say the housewife has undergone an almost complete transformation as she looks nothing like she did just ten years ago.

8 Renee Zellweger

renee zellweger unrecognizable after plastic surgery
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Renee Zellweger is famous for starring in the Bridget Jones movie franchise and Jerry Maguire. The actress shocked everyone when she appeared on the red carpet at Elle magazine's Women in Hollywood Awards with practically a whole new face and a taut, slim body. She has since denied the claims that she has had plastic surgery and blasted those who scrutinized her aging face.

A plastic surgery expert suggested that Renee had Botox, filler in her cheekbones, filler in her lips, and additional modifications. Zellweger has since said that she is "living a different, happy, more fulfilling life and [she's] thrilled that perhaps it shows." She added that her friends thought that she looked “peaceful” and she was “healthy” so it does not seem like she was concerned with fans who missed her old face.

7 Mickey Rourke

mickey rourke unrecognizable after plastic surgery
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Mickey Rourke is known for starring in films like 9 1/2 Weeks, Sin City, The Wrestler, and Angel Heart, but his face has certainly changed over the years. The actor was the victim of multiple botched surgeries after years of boozing and boxing messed up his face and body. Rourke has had over five surgeries on his nose and has had a countless number of injuries to his face.

Mickey has "rebuilt" his face a number of times so the result is that he looks nothing like he used to. Doctors even took parts of his rib bone to reconstruct his nose at one point. He also had bone taken from his hip grafted onto the roof of his mouth to grow teeth implants. People close to the former boxer and actor have said that he was "hooked on surgery."

6 Kelly Clarkson

kelly clarkson unrecognizable after weight gain
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Kelly Clarkson first became famous for winning the original season of the singing competition series, American Idol in 2002. She has become a successful recording artist and touring singer over the years, winning multiple awards for her music. After giving birth to her first child in 2014 and her second child in 2016, Clarkson began getting some hate online for her apparent weight gain.

The singer was noticeably bigger than she had been in the past and many were criticizing her for not losing the weight after she had her two children. The singer came forward and spoke out against the hate and said that she was proud of her body. Clarkson said that she was "miserable" when she was skinny and hated the pressures that the music industry was putting on her to be thin.

5 Meg Ryan

meg ryan unrecognizable plastic surgery
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Meg Ryan is famous for starring in movies like Sleepless In Seattle and You Got Mail. In more recent years, she has been in the news for her changing appearance. The actress has had multiple plastic surgery procedures. Last year, the 55-year-old debuted some plumped cheeks and injected lips at an event in New York.

When she attended the Tony Awards in the spring of 2016, she was attacked by users online accusing her of having had too much plastic surgery. One user said, "I'm old enough to remember when Meg Ryan looked like Meg Ryan," while another accused Ryan and Madonna of having "the same plastic surgeon." Meg has not come forward to discuss her cosmetic procedures or to confirm or deny the rumors.

4 Jennifer Grey

jennifer grey unrecognizable
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Jennifer Grey became famous for her lead role in the hit film Dirty Dancing with Patrick Swayze. The actress's fans were not happy with her when she decided to get a nose job and shave down her prominently pointy nose. It was a distinctive feature she was known for and after changing it with plastic surgery her career was almost destroyed.

Grey has said that she regrets having the surgery. She had even said that friends struggled to recognize her face after the procedure. To this day, Jennifer feels that she will always be known as the "once-famous actress nobody recognizes... because of a nose job." The actress was just trying to remove an imperfection that was bothering her on her own face but as a result, her fans were furious.

3 Janet Jackson

janet jackson unrecognizable
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Janet Jackson has undergone so many transformations it is hard to keep track. The singer has had a number of plastic surgeries and has also been known for her significant weight fluctuations. She has lost and gained over 50 pounds a handful of times in the last ten years or so. Her face is constantly evolving and she continues to shock her fans with new looks.

Jackson also recently gave birth to a son at the age of 50 in January of 2017. She has had so many surgeries on her nose that experts say it appears to be "collapsing” but that is the only cosmetic procedure that the singer has admitted to having. Janet's siblings Michael and La Toya Jackson are also notorious for their ever-changing looks thanks to plastic surgeries.

2 Nick Nolte

nick nolte unrecognizable celebrity
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Nick Nolte was once an attractive actor and model that many women adored but these days he is looking haggard and unkempt. The 76-year-old struggled with a drug and alcohol addiction for many years that really took a toll on his looks. He's been arrested for driving under the influence and even for passing out on the floor of an airport in Hawaii because he was drunk. The star apparently loved to binge on drugs, which he claimed helped him to work out more and elevated his mood.

The booze and drugs did not do him any favors over the years and as a result, the actor has not aged well. He has notoriously said that "real life is hard" for him and refers to himself as a "functioning alcoholic."

1 Priscilla Presley

priscilla presley looks unrecognizable after plastic surgery
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Priscilla Presley was once considered to be one of the most beautiful women in the world. Elvis Presley's former wife has had many plastic surgery procedures over the years but in 2003, she claimed to have been the "victim" of a "botched plastic surgery" that was performed by an "unlicensed doctor."

In 2008, Priscilla came forward after years of people whispering about her face and claimed to have been injected with industrial low-grade silicone, which is basically what mechanics use to grease car parts. The "doctor," Daniel Serrano also reportedly treated Lionel Richie's ex-wife, Diane. He was only a licensed nurse when he performed the cosmetic procedure on Presley. Serrano was later investigated and imprisoned over the matter, however, Priscilla will never get her face back to the way it was.

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